A Lamp Inspired by Moon Craters

A ceramic desktop lamp whose surface is dotted with corked “craters” mimics the pockmarked surface of the moon. …Continue Reading

Magnetic Modular Lighting System

This modular lighting system uses magnets to adjust its illumination amount. It can be easily assembled or removed …Continue Reading

Ghost Ship Hologram along Amsterdam Canal

Hoses sprayed water at angles create screens for projection where the ghost ship is presented. The ship is …Continue Reading

Your Own Light Drone

“Walkalight” combines a drone, smart sensors and LEDs to form a personal illumination system that will follow your …Continue Reading

Smart Sun Light

As we spend more time indoors in winter, we are eager for the sunshine. This smart LED wall …Continue Reading

Eclipse Clock

The clock displays the passing of a day by mimicking the process of eclipse. The light totally fades …Continue Reading

3 in 1 Lamp

Just change the positions of the aluminum leafs, the lamp will provide 3 different types of light. You …Continue Reading

Innovative Lamp Design Whose Bulb Looks Like A Water Bucket of A Well

An inspiring lamp design uses a simple wooden handle to submerge the bulb into the deep inside of …Continue Reading

Water Condensation Lamps

The lamp creates an azure ambiance with its condensation of water with ‘atoms’, resulting in an effect that …Continue Reading

Bird-shaped Interactive Light

A gentle touch or wind will activate the originally sedentary bird, which comes alive and begins to rock …Continue Reading

Color Picking Lamp

Color affects one’s emotion, a soft lamp made of silicone that squeezes to pick up the hues and …Continue Reading

Giant Anglepoise Lamp

A humorous scaled-up lamp reaches 8 feet at its maximum height, cool!

Flexible Lamp for The Bottom of Bags

The same studio that designed the Ostrich Pillow now has created a flexible and portable lamp for your …Continue Reading

Inflatable Lamps

The Blow lamps would emit a comfortable ambient light only if your blow it into a “floating balloon”. …Continue Reading

2D Lamps Appears to Be 3D

Three-dimensional wire frame images are painted onto a thin transparent acrylic glass, with some laser machining process, our …Continue Reading

Reflective Bicycle

The frame and fork of this bicycle will glow white under direct lights at night, while remains dark …Continue Reading

Gorgeous Papercut Light Boxes

A collection of beautiful paper cut landscapes within simple white light boxes is exhibited at this year’s SCOPE …Continue Reading

A Guidelight That Replaces Regular Outlet Cover Plate

It’s a compact guidelight that replaces regular outlet cover plate, turns on/off automatically during night/daylight, installs just in …Continue Reading

Movable Wireless LED

This interactive, transparent low voltage lighting unit can be moved around within a transparent panel which allows it …Continue Reading

Sliding Ring-shaped Lamp

Unlike typical lamps, it has a slim and serpentine track that enable the ring-shaped lamp to slide up …Continue Reading

Stained Glass Octopus Chandelier

With detachable, light-up tentacles, the cephalopod chandelier measures around 4 feet across, its body and tentacles can be …Continue Reading

Soft Pillow Light

Looks like a melon vegetable hanging on an electric wire, this soft pillow emits gentle and warm ambient …Continue Reading

Abyss Table Lamp

The Abyss, a modular-structured opal polycarbonate lamp which can be reshaped into various positions, may refresh your room …Continue Reading

Slim Mellow Wooden Lamp

Steam has made the wood as pliable as silk, so they can be twisted and processed into beautiful …Continue Reading

Cloud: an interactive installation made from 6000 lights bulbs (5000 new and 1000burnt out)

How you would like joining them? They were pulling the chains to make the 鈥榗loud鈥 shimmering and flickering. …Continue Reading

Hypnotized lighting

Now relax and take a look at this hypnotized lamp. You will be amazed at the three dimensional …Continue Reading

Hug Light

A warm hug is the best gift we can ever get from others 鈥 your parents, kids, friends, …Continue Reading

“Wood” Bulb

Based on traditional Japanese technique “ROKURO”, artist Ryosuke Fukusada has created this unusual bulb that features a covering …Continue Reading

Wall Lamp or Table Lamp?

With half of its body built into the wall, this lamp created by Hareide design has not only …Continue Reading

String Lamp

Distinctive and interactive, this lamp from Co.Design is completely different from regular pedant lamps, as it comes with …Continue Reading

Light Bubble

Turn on a bulb, to display the interesting process of a bubble getting bigger and then disappearing… Really …Continue Reading

Tokio Lighting Unit

Surrounded by dull concrete every day, people nowadays are always looking for something special, bright, smart or weird …Continue Reading

‘Citylight’ Concept

Exercise to power, the ‘Citylight’ Concept is an innovative design that attaches exercise equipment to streetlights and thus …Continue Reading

Crane Light

Why does designer Charlie Davidson place a huge crane inside his home? You won’t find the answer until …Continue Reading

Retractable Levity LED Lamp

Taking mini-sized table lamps to a new level, designer Peter Stathis鈥 Levity LED lamp is one that can …Continue Reading

“Daddy Long Legs” Lamp

Daddy Long Legs in the famous novel is obviously different from this table lamp put forward by Produkt …Continue Reading

Rooftop Ceiling Lights

Yes, yes, my house is very charming, with bright white walls, good-colored floors, well-designed furniture, and Rooftop Ceiling …Continue Reading

LED Light Strips

Although LED technology has already been widely used in our daily life, there’re still some LED related products …Continue Reading

Transformable Tube Chandelier

Chemistry and art are two separate words that seemingly would never have any connections, but designer Pani Jurek’s …Continue Reading

Skirting Board Sunset Lighting

Yes, here comes the dark night, but the sun has never gone away: actually the sunshine is turned …Continue Reading

“Switch” Energy-efficient LED Light Bulbs

“Switch” is a liquid cooled lightbulb that combines analog and digital technology to bring light into your home. …Continue Reading

World’s First Cloud-based LED Lighting System

The world’s first cloud-based LED lighting system was recently launched by Japan-based Net LED Technology Company. It’s called …Continue Reading

Solar Pills

Ever felt that you’re in lack of sunshine? If so, you may have a try of Sunset Laboratories’s …Continue Reading

Flaca Lamp

Flaca, which is Spanish for skinny, is an ultra-thin foldable lamp completely laser-cut from a piece of stainless …Continue Reading

Ultra Flexible Task Light

Work smarter, not merely harder. FLEXiT is an ultra-flexible light that can be wrapped around tubes, bent into …Continue Reading

Beautifully Hollowed Lamps

While human’s love for light resulted in the invention of bulbs and lamps, Calabarte’s love for beautiful light …Continue Reading

Expandable Tube Light

What will the next-generation fluorescent lights be like? “D’Light” from H_Design can offer us a possible answer. Made …Continue Reading

Adjustable Radiation Flashlight

Apparently the 2011 Red Dot Design Concept has brought us with many innovative designs, except for those we’ve …Continue Reading

Wireless Speaker Light Bulbs

Why are designers so innovative? Almost every time I met some new designs I would ask myself that …Continue Reading

Interactive OLED Mirror

Cleverly combining light and shadow together, the giant OLED mirror collaborated by rAndom International and Chris O鈥橲hea would …Continue Reading