A Contact Lens with A Telescope Built-in

The wink of right eye leads to a magnification of your vision, while the left one brings the …Continue Reading

Smartphone-powered Blood Test for HIV in 15 Minutes

The inexpensive and lightweight device which gets its power through smartphone’s audio jack, contains reagents and enzyme that …Continue Reading

Hear with Your Tongue

Those with substantial hearing loss may regain the sense of sound with a new technology that let them …Continue Reading

A Rollator Doubles as A Portable Seat

An ambulatory designed for the elderly and those who have a walking disability, a rollator that can be …Continue Reading

Stretchy Electrodes Could Let Paralyzed People Walk Again

The e-Dura, a long-lasting stretchy electrode that is designed to be implanted on the spinal cord or cortex, …Continue Reading

3D Printed Prosthetic Leg

By combining 3D scanner, printer and modeling software, an affordable, beautiful custom 3D printed artificial limb that intimately …Continue Reading

A Sitting Device That Relieves Back Pain

Back pain appears if you spend long hours at an office desk, it can be alleviated using this …Continue Reading

Bionic Pants Let You Wear A Chair at Work

A pair of mechanical pants act as a chair that you can wear all the time to ease …Continue Reading

The Tube Glows When The Drip-solution Runs out

For those transparent and hard-to-spot IV fluids, it’s nice to have a specially designed dropper that lights up …Continue Reading

A Prosthetic Leg for Climbers

A prosthetic leg for rock climbers designed after carefully examining how climbers’ legs move features an elastic pivot …Continue Reading

Laser Therapy For Teeth

This laser therapy may replace dental drills and filling forever by utilizing infrared laser light to stimulate natural …Continue Reading

An Efficient 3D-printed Ultrasound Cast

This is a concept idea that combines science and design, a good-looking cast which allows a low-intensity pulsed …Continue Reading

Weight-loss Balloon

A new weight-loss device which decreases the patients’ appetite by swallowed into one’s stomach and inflated to form …Continue Reading

Blink to Change Channels

Designed for quadriplegic patients or people who love to add some magic to their life, it’s a type …Continue Reading

Insulin Implants That Control Blood Glucose Levels Automatically

Once the wristwatch-size device were planted into the abdomen, it would release its built-in insulin when the blood …Continue Reading

Implantable Piezoelectric Nano-ribbon Device

Researchers have produced an implantable piezoelectric nano-ribbon device that can generate enough power to run a pacemaker or …Continue Reading

Contact Lens to Detect Glucose Level

Smart sensors and a slim antenna that can detect and calculate glucose level in human tears are clamped …Continue Reading

Surgical 3D Printing BioPen

As 3D printing鈥檚 widely use in vast areas, scientists in University of Wollongong in Australia invented a surgical …Continue Reading

Prosthetic Hands with The Sense of Feeling

Most prosthetic hands are not sending back any sensory information to the wears, leaving them crushing or losing …Continue Reading

Side by Side Handle Extension for Wheelchairs

This is a wheelchair attachment that enables caregiver to walk alongside the child or patient so they can …Continue Reading

Auto Overdue Tablet Package

As time goes by, the printing ink on the multilayered permeable layers of the tablet package will permeate …Continue Reading

Home First Aid Kit

Divided by injuries and every injury is described in steps, this first aid kit efficiently guides the casualty …Continue Reading

Mosquito Patch

A small, powerful patch that makes you 鈥渋nvisible鈥 to mosquitoes by up to 48 hours! It contains breakthrough …Continue Reading

ITRI MediRobot

Here’s a smart solution for lifting and transferring patients in a better way: Named as ITRI MediRobot, the …Continue Reading

ITClamp Skin Stapler

Obviously we always need something professional but also simple to help solve difficult problems like a heavy bleeding. …Continue Reading

Skin Gun that can Heal Severe Burns within Days

Good news to those people who are suffering from severe burns is that they can get their skins …Continue Reading

3D Printed Jaw

Believe me, even when you’re 83 years old, you can still have a solid jaw as that of …Continue Reading

Head Patch Stroke Monitors

Stroke is one disease that ranks top on the list of “most dangerous threats to human health”, but …Continue Reading

Biomask that Treats Burned Faces

How to effectively treat burns with fewer efforts? It seems that scientists from all over the world are …Continue Reading

Bass-powered Medical Implants

Researchers from the Purdue University have created a Bass-powered medical implant that can utilize sound waves as an …Continue Reading

Hydrogen-powered Microrockets can Deliver Drugs inside Your Stomach.

There’s an exponentially increasing demand for a newer and better way to deliver drugs inside the stomach, and …Continue Reading

New Capsule Camera Wirelessly Guided by MRI

The next generation of capsule camera is already here: a little cam developed by scientists from the Brigham …Continue Reading

“Sono” Wireless Sonography System

Coming from Hannes Harms, the “Sono” is a concept of a mobile and wireless sonography system. It enables …Continue Reading

Tear-Stimulating Goggles can Relive Your Dry Eyes.

After a whole day spending with the computers, our eyes usually get dry and tired, but fortunately that …Continue Reading

Microsoft Electronic Diabetic Contact Lens

Electronic diabetic contact lens is a development collaborated by scientist from University of Washington and Microsoft Research, which …Continue Reading

Medical Tricorder

“Medical Tricorder” is a medical diagnostic scanner invented by Tech startup Scanadu, which not only allows people to …Continue Reading

Bandage that Promotes and Guides Vessel Formation

Recently, an intelligent smart bandage is developed by researchers at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign that can promote angiogenesis …Continue Reading

Painless Plasma Toothbrush

The Plasma Toothbrush invented by scientists at the University of Missouri is a new type that disinfects and …Continue Reading

World’s First Swimmable Waterproof Cochlear Implants

America-based Advanced Bionics has recently launched Neptune, “the world’s first and only swimmable, waterproof sound processor” that will …Continue Reading

Spider-style Kinesiology Tapes

Kinesiology tape is announced to be especially designed and produced for athletes to help stabilize joints, prevent injuries …Continue Reading

UP by Jawbone

Wanna to get a better control of your physical condition? Jawbone’s UP wrist is the ever best capable …Continue Reading

Reusable Fabric that Administers Drugs through Skin

Technology changes the life, and quite soon you’ll see fabric that can convey therapeutic treatments through the skin. …Continue Reading

Luxury Bandages

It’s a pity that not everybody can get something from Gucci, Chanel, Burberry or Louis Vuitton? Now things …Continue Reading

Portable Ultrasound Machine

Time again the MobiUS SP1 proves smaller is better, but also more expensive. Wearing a surprising high price …Continue Reading

Wearable Blood-Flow Sensor

The ultra-compact wearable blood flow sensor is an invention of a research group from Kyushu and Tokyo Universities. …Continue Reading

3D Printer Can Manufacture Artificial Blood Vessels

With 3D technology processing by big steps, now 3D printers can manufacture many more amazing things than we …Continue Reading

Strong Artificial Bone Made from Fish Scales

A research group from Tokyo Institute of Technology have recently developed artificial bone using fish scales. In early …Continue Reading

Electronic Skin

Researchers from the University of Illinois have exhibited their latest achievement – the Electronic Skin via the Internet. …Continue Reading

Koala HUG Lumbar Support

Did back discomfort ever annoy you when you just sat before computers to visit the I New Idea? …Continue Reading

Cotton Candy-like Nano Glass Fibers Can Speed Healing.

History has proved that every short step of technology can result in great changes of our daily life, …Continue Reading