Ears for The Surface Tablets

The shape of auricles notably amplify sound coming out of the Surface tablets once they are attached to …Continue Reading

Ultrathin Boom-box

Thinner, thinner and thinner, nowadays people are really concentrated in designing and owning items that are thin enough, …Continue Reading

Palate MP3 Player

What’s the weirdest way you can think of to listen to music? Quite recently a student at Parson …Continue Reading

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What, what music is your iPad now playing? Sometimes the sound of iPad is so low that you …Continue Reading

“Years” Tree Ring Record Player

What would a tree sound like, if the trees can eventually sing a song? If you’re curious about …Continue Reading

iShower Bluetooth-enabled Shower Speaker

Announced to debut at CES 2012, the iShower is a Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker that can connect to iPad, …Continue Reading

Wireless Speaker Light Bulbs

Why are designers so innovative? Almost every time I met some new designs I would ask myself that …Continue Reading

MegaPhone for iPhone

MegaPhone by Ene&is is an amplifier made of ceramic for iPhone. Except for the ceramic piece that helps …Continue Reading

Ear MIKI Earphone Concept

If you’re looking for something smart to help you manage your earbuds, the Ear MIKI Earphone is rightly …Continue Reading

Player & Tape Concept

What a bundle of contradictions is a man! Surely we’re all pursuing modern products with high technology, but …Continue Reading

Angry Birds Speakers

Angry Birds are here again. This time they come with a new function, and that’s to work as …Continue Reading

Self-inflating Earbuds

Stephen Ambrose’s Self-inflating Earbuds is a clever solution to help the wearers hear sounds clearly while not hurting …Continue Reading

Alarm Earphone

Earphone, also an alarm clock! Specially designed for music lovers who are used to wearing earphones to enjoy …Continue Reading

Plug and Player

Well, MP3 devices do need some change, and we’re quite happy to see Giha Woo and his “Plug …Continue Reading

USB Phonograph

Hey all you music lovers, divert your attention from digital players or speakers! Let me show you something …Continue Reading

An Awesome Collection of Speakers

One piece of equipment that most boys and girls may be interested in is of course the speakers, …Continue Reading

Sweatband Headphones

Any athletes would wanna such a creative headphone that attaches firmly onto their heads and therefore ensures them …Continue Reading

Robot Headphone Splitter

Obviously the Robot Headphone Splitter is another gift you need to get for your friends. It comes with …Continue Reading

Graveyard Shift Headphone

Michael Jackson’s album Thriller has affected many people. It also inspires Johnny Lighthands to create the Graveyard Shift …Continue Reading

Union Political Table Radio

Complicated political situations in Lebanon haven’t kept their designers away from creativity and we’re just so glad to …Continue Reading

Audio Equipment Made From Old Stove

The play of imagination gives a new life to an old cooking stove, which now turns into a …Continue Reading

Play Button

Why do we always keep players in pockets but not consider wearing them just like wearing a badge? …Continue Reading

Creative Suitcase Speakers

Seriously I’ve always thought that traditional radios looked like suitcases: they both had a handle and they could …Continue Reading

Glass Speakers

What if your glass windows can work as speakers? That sounds really amazing, right? But before that, you …Continue Reading

Panasonic Earphone Note

“Panasonic earphones, made for music!” The new packaging designed for the Stereo Earphones RP-HJE 130 has utilized the …Continue Reading

i-sound Transformable Earphones

“i-sound” is an earbud-style earphone? Well, you are only half-right, because the “i-sound” Transformable Earphone is not designed …Continue Reading

Thank You For Your Attention!

Apparently the road signs are designed to call your attention when you walk through the roads or driving …Continue Reading

DIY Player

Just as its name implied, the concept put forward by Shao Wen is a simple player that can …Continue Reading

“flOw” Interactive Wireless Speakers

Charm your buddies with the “flOw” Interactive Wireless Speakers. How does it work?! Well, you’ll get the answer …Continue Reading

Whom Will You Listen To- The Angel or The Devil?

What’s the angel and devil respectively whispering to you? The secret of the heaven and that of the …Continue Reading

A Coffee Cup, Or?

It’s a CD player! The Drip with Song concept comes from Jongmin Kim, pointing us an interesting way …Continue Reading

Cardboard Record Player

The packaging cardboard also acts as a record player? Though it’s hard to believe, the video after the …Continue Reading

White Fruit Radio

The White Fruit Radio by Swann Bourotte could be another option in that you can find great convenience …Continue Reading

Shakeable MP3 Player from Samsung

Announced during Samsung’s CES press conference, the TicToc is believed a perfect alternative to Apple鈥檚 iPod Shuffle. Based …Continue Reading

Water-powered WaveTower Speaker

Can the water tower be used for any other purpose? Just come in and check it out鈥

Vibration Earphone ‘BS-80HD’ from VIBEBS

Korean VIBEBS will launch their latest project- an open type vibration earphone ‘BS-80HD’ two months later. The innovative …Continue Reading

Music Drop MP3 Player

The designers always know clearly what we鈥檒l want, and they鈥檝e come up with the products already before we …Continue Reading

Share the Music!

The music is for sharing, for example, you could enjoy the same music with your friends by using …Continue Reading

鈥楻adio Active鈥 by erez bar am

Erez Bar Am is a recent graduate from the Shenkar College and his latest piece of work is …Continue Reading

Zip up your earphones.

Though MP3 players guide me to the world of music times and again, the earphones, or rather the …Continue Reading

Rad Blaster, a boom box that is small and light.

The further we move on, the more acutely we feel that we kids born in the 80s are …Continue Reading

Melody Balloon

Liberate your hands! That鈥檚 not a female emancipation鈥檚 slogan, but actually what a player asks you to do. …Continue Reading

Disney Speaker

Disney is romantic, pink is romantic, prince is romantic and the speaker is ultra romantic as it comes …Continue Reading

Flexio Solar FM Radio

How long haven鈥檛 you seen a radio? One year, two years, or even longer? God, it is so …Continue Reading

Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece

Felt the FBI so cool? Wanna an amazing earphone they wear? Well, you鈥檒l get an earphone cooler than …Continue Reading

Dancepants Kinetic Music Player

If I were you, I would feel hesitant to wear the Dancepants Kinetic Music Player. Not that it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

MP3 Player in a Capsule

The core component of the MP3 player has finally been sneakily combined into this capsule by Qianru Zhang. …Continue Reading

Tripod MP3 Player

Well, forgive my ignorance, but who can tell me how could such a big OLED screen be hidden …Continue Reading

MP3 Micro Sport & Headphone

Not for sport use only, but also featuring a perfect lightweight for daily use. That鈥檚 the MP3 Micro …Continue Reading

FM-AM USB Radio Tuner

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been on trip with a heavy luggage including your …Continue Reading