Recycled T-shirt Hammock for Pets

A dog recognizes its master’s scent, and is happiest and most comfortable on its master’s clothes, this piece …Continue Reading

Cute Costumes for Pets

The hot dog costume is for dogs while the heated table one for cats, they will keep your …Continue Reading

Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

This electrical robotic mouse will please your beloved cat and train its natural ability of prey. Artificial intelligence …Continue Reading

A Suit for Dogs with Hip Problems

Hip problems such as dysplasia caused by gender, poor diet, and a lack of exercise make dogs suffer …Continue Reading

Wooden Fishbone Pet House

An array of parallel contours forms an aesthetic fishbone-like house for cats or dogs, it lets in cool …Continue Reading

An Adorable Bulldog

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15 Lovely Charts Show How to Pet Animals

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Table Doubles as A Playground for Cats

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Beautiful 3D-printed Crab Shells

Miniature 3d printed transparent architecture designed for hermit crabs are extremely beautiful.

Adorable Marshmallow Cats

An adorable package of floating marshmallow cats, of course they are more than sweet! Drop one or two …Continue Reading

the Flying Hedgehog

Playful photographs of cute interactions of a cute hedgehog with everyday things are so imaginative and adorable.

An Adorable Hedgehog Wears Illustrated Masks

This pygmy hedgehog named Marutaro owes an adorable face and is good at making funny expressions. Look at …Continue Reading

Adorable Fluffy Cows

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Pin-Up Cats

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Crocheted Sweaters for Tortoises

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A Unicorn Mask for Your Dog

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The Cat King of Escape

This cat is able to open any lock of this veterinary clinic in Marseilles, France. Absolutely it’s the …Continue Reading

Adorable Hamburger Cattery

Cats will love this cattery in both texture and appearance. Soft wool capsule with a button at one …Continue Reading

Pet Costume Spray

With the help of a stencil, you can paint on your pet’s fur and the paint is totally …Continue Reading

Architecture for Dogs

13 structures specially designed for your pets will bring both you and your dog satisfaction and numerous joy.

Lifelike Giant Hedgehog Sculpture

It took a team of artist two months to craft this giant hedgehog using 2,000 soft wood spikes …Continue Reading

Fantastic House Built for Cats

The owner spent a whopping US$35,000 to rebuild his house into a feline wonderland for his 18 pet …Continue Reading

Cat Furniture

If there were a planet ruled by cats, it would be built like this. Climbing poles, suspended platforms …Continue Reading

iMac Beds for Pets

Recycled iMac computers have been transformed into comfortable colorful beds for pets like kittens, small dogs and cats. …Continue Reading

Guinea Pig’s Armor

Isn’t lovely to a arm your adorable guinea pig with this helmet and armor?

Cat Battle Armor Costume

If the Dargon Lady in Game of Thrones had a cat, it would be wearing this, a beautiful …Continue Reading

Dog Birds

Heads of cute dogs were placed onto the bodies of various birds to form unusual photo manipulations of …Continue Reading

Dog With Eyebrows

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Painting Like Bird Feeding Shelf

It鈥檚 a tranquil and peaceful picture to have a bird or two standing on the easel-shaped bird feeding …Continue Reading

Portable Fishbowls

Prepare your beloved fishes a backpack or handbag with a built-in fishbowl and take them around for a …Continue Reading

Star Wars Yoda Dog Headband

Dress up your pup in authentic Star Wars Yoda headband and have this mighty wise doggy go around …Continue Reading

Lobster Paws Costume

Wear a lobster costume on your puppy and make it the cutest baby for all time!

Tongue Dog Toy

An awesome fetch toy that looks like a stretched tongue, with a ball and a tongue made of …Continue Reading

The Dogbrella

This clear umbrella is specially built in leash and pushed to form a dome shape over your pet …Continue Reading

Rare Two-headed Turtle

A two-headed turtle has hatched at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas which is no stranger to two-headed …Continue Reading

Sausage Link Dog Leash

鈥淗ot and juicy鈥 sausage-shaped dog leash may improve your popularity among doggys and seduce them to beg to …Continue Reading

Illuminated Dog Leash

Made from reinforced nylon, this illuminated dog leash is visible from one-quarter mile away in the dark. Great …Continue Reading

Lion Hat for Cats

Lionhearted cats with a lion hat on it, a hilarious moment for pets.

Q-Ring:teeth cleaning for your dog

At first glance, Q-Ring is a chew toy. But it is specially designed to clean your dog鈥檚 teeth. …Continue Reading

Kitty superheroes

Please meet Cooper and Pancake-kitty Dark Knight and kitty Man of Steel! Aren鈥檛 they adorable? Also check out …Continue Reading

Evaporative Dog Cooling Mats

With this revolutionary new self-cooling pet cushion, you are now free of worrying about cooling down your pet …Continue Reading

Map Fishbowl

An interesting bowl for fish, which wanna to help them go around the world, with the help of …Continue Reading

Doggy Stairlift

Stair lifts for dogs??? That may sound like a crazy idea, but that’s rightly something for real. Called …Continue Reading

Escape Preventing Dog Harness

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Tagg Pet Tracker

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“Watpack” Pet Shelter

“Watpack” is a pet shelter concept that can be molded into various desired shapes to offer your pets …Continue Reading

NoClean Aquariums

Hard to raise fish, but what’s much harder is to clean the fish bowl, because cleaning the tanks …Continue Reading

eSleeper for Cats

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Portable Aquarium Fish Bowl

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AshPoopie Pet Waste Picker-Upper

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