The World’s Smallest Drone

The world’s smallest helicopter is highly flexible and fast, features three modes of flight and incredibly responsive controls. …Continue Reading

Robot Scribes Letters in Your Handwriting

Bond’s new robot writes notes in your own handwriting using a fountain pen. Cool! The robot’s hand uses …Continue Reading

Disney Robot Sketches on Beach

A Disney research team develops a robot “artist” that draws giant sketches on beach. This “artist” uses the …Continue Reading

Wearable Exoskeleton Hand Connects Digital & Rreal World

The wearable exoskeleton hand captures the wearer’s motion, gives forceful feedback to connect the digital and real world. …Continue Reading

Wheeled Robotic 3D Printer

Small, light in weight, and movable with four wheels installed, this 3D printer robot holds no limitations in …Continue Reading

A Peaceful Post-futuristic World

This series of sci-fi paintings shows a calm and tranquil everyday life in post-futuristic world, unlike the cold …Continue Reading

An Extra Set of Arms

Now you can strap an extra set of smart robotic arms that only weighs 10 pounds on your …Continue Reading

Fast Robot Arm Catches Flying Objects

Fast-moving objects are hard to catch even for humans, while this robot arm manages to catch both balanced …Continue Reading

The World’s First RC Running Robot

OutRunner is the world’s first remotely controlled legged robot that runs up to 20 mph on various terrain …Continue Reading

A Pocket-size Portable Robotic Printer

Devices around us have changed a lot during these years, but not the printer. Thanks to this Kickstarter …Continue Reading

Robotic Termite Workers

Termites are the best construction works, they are born to complete their colony without any training, organizations or …Continue Reading

Robotic Cube That Can 鈥淲alk鈥

This cube is able to 鈥渨alk鈥 with its jumping up, balancing and controller falling skills thanks to its …Continue Reading

鈥楰URATAS鈥欌攔obot that you can ride and battle in

Have you ever dreamed about riding a robot? Japanese robotics expert Wataru Yoshizaki of Suidobashi Heavy Industry and …Continue Reading

Super cool Romo

Romo is your smartphone embedded robot friend. Created by Romotive, it uses your smartphone as its head and …Continue Reading

Rock-paper-scissors robot that beats human beings 100% of the time

This is a robot that can win rock-paper-scissors with a 100 percent winning rate. Human being plays one …Continue Reading

1000lbs Transformer-style Wine Rack

This 6-feet Transformer can load 1000lbs wines. It was designed as wine rack and was made out of …Continue Reading

Big Eye Robotic Rings

Cute and smart, these new rings developed by Keio University from Japan are robotic, capable of moving automatically …Continue Reading

Bandai Smartpet Robot Dog

Congratulations guys, your iPhones are no longer merely a smartphone from now on, as they can turn into …Continue Reading

Robot Baby

Undoubtedly we’ve already met many robot babies in movies and TV shows, but this one, who mimics a …Continue Reading

DARPA’S Nano Robot Spy Hummingbird

Sponsored by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), AeroVironment has created a tiny mechanical flying robot that can …Continue Reading

World’s First Elastic USB Cables

It’s never impossible to see robots act as flexibly as human beings, because there’re many more techniques created …Continue Reading

Flexible Squid-Inspired Robot

Robots are no more solid and cold machines as we’ve ever known. From Harvard University, the new robot …Continue Reading

Flying Robots will assemble a Tower in France.

Next month at the FRAC Centre in Orl茅ans, France, there will be a six meter high and 3.5 …Continue Reading

Robotic Bear Pillow Prevents Snoring

Snoring is something like smoking, as it not only destroys the health of the person who makes it, …Continue Reading

The World’s First Personal Robot

Welcome to a new time with your personal robots Luna. It is the world’s first personal robot, which …Continue Reading

DLR’s Anthropomorphic Hand-Arm-System

How dexterous a hand can a robot have? Probably we would get an answer from the DLR’s Anthropomorphic …Continue Reading

Plant Robot

Plant Robot, designed by Japan-based Akira Nakayasu, gets its name not only from the same shape as real …Continue Reading

Floor Washing Robot

We’ll all become a lazy person… I mean, who would ever want to do the cleaning any more, …Continue Reading

S.Korea Schools Get Robot English Teachers.

A special English teacher, a robot, was invited to work at an elementary school in Daegu, southeast of …Continue Reading

DreamBots, WheeMe Away.

For anybody who dreams of a cozy life, they need a “DreamBots – WheeMe”. It is a palm …Continue Reading

[Video] Robotic Bicycle Partner

With more and more people wishing to journey round the world on bikes, it was only a matter …Continue Reading

Snackbot from Carnegie Mellon University

Coming from Carnegie Mellon University, Snackbot takes the very name from one of its main jobs: to serve …Continue Reading

Nyago Rolling Cat Robot

Hello, everyone, we鈥檇 like to introduce you our new friend, the Nyago Cats, creative robotic toys from Japan鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Robovie-II, making the grocery shopping easier

Recently, a robot designed by Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) is being tested in Kyoto-area supermarket. His …Continue Reading

Twin Robots

Let me see 鈥ell, the twin robots are just like the two sides of a coin, one is …Continue Reading

Christmas Robots, dancing for the festival.

Robobuilder is the creator of the 5720t ‘Huno’ robotics kit with a special capability of dancing. And even …Continue Reading

Insbot, a capable assistant of doctors

Researchers from Israel聽have developed the mini robot that is expected to be widely used in the medical field. …Continue Reading

Bathroom Cleaning Robot

The Bathroom Cleaning Robot, from Russia, is an innovative techie assistant to clean and tidy up your bathrooms …Continue Reading

Robotic Hands Clock

Well, I believe you have also noticed that clock is a favorite to all designers. But different from …Continue Reading

iPhone Robot

Robot is no longer a fanciful gadget, but what about one that has an iPhone for head and …Continue Reading

Solar-powered Robotic Pool Skimmer

This pool skimmer is driven by the solar power and lets you keep your swimming pool clean in …Continue Reading

Transformer Robot

A car then, a robot now, and then a car again, has transformer Optimus Prime come out of …Continue Reading

Dishwashing robot

Developed by Panasonic and Japan鈥檚 IRT Research Institute, this dishwashing robot which is called KAR (Kitchen Assistant Robot) …Continue Reading

Soda robot that can jump

Some human like robot can walk like a real person or even clime stairs, but jumping stairs seems …Continue Reading

Hokey-playing robot

Playing hokey game is not an easy job for people, but how could a robot do it? A …Continue Reading

Robotic hand with eyes?

How can a robotic hand see the object before touching it? May be built-in camera is an acceptable …Continue Reading

Six-legged robotic climber

RiSe is a new robot developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA in conjunction with several universities. …Continue Reading


If this robot has an extra turtle shaped cover, I bet you cannot tell the difference between it …Continue Reading

G-Dog 鈥 a robotic dog toy

I bet you you will like this cute dog, although it is a robot.

Funny trashcan robot

This trashcan-shaped robot can walk like a crab. Plus, its action is very funny. When you are bored, …Continue Reading