BBQ-donut Boat

How about a BBQ on the lake? With this donut-shaped barbeque boat you can enjoy happy hours when …Continue Reading

Hot Tub Boat

What if we could take a bath in the open ocean, not directly in the sea water but …Continue Reading

Guiness Submarine Bar

London-based Jump Studios has transformed a tourist submarine into a deep-sea bar to commemorate Guinness Company’s Sea Experience …Continue Reading

Luxury Floating Hotel

Fantastic and romantic! The cruise ship that travels along the Amazon River in Peru comes with 16 hotel …Continue Reading

Seabird Personal Submarine

Claimed “the world’s fastest personal submarine”, the Seabird from AquaVenture features a quite different approach of moving: it …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Of course it seems like a handbag, but what could this be, if it is something else? Exert …Continue Reading

Foldable Canoe

Surely we don’t need to take a canoe all the time, but if we could do that, why …Continue Reading

Sinking Boat?!

Please do not search for any on-line news about recent shipwrecks before you finish with the article, because …Continue Reading

The Largest Solar-Powered Boat on the Earth

Created at the Knierim Yacht Club in northern Germany, PlanetSolar is the world’s largest solar-powered boat, measuring 31 …Continue Reading

House On the Water

Though claimed as a yacht, the design is more like a house on the water, cruising at a …Continue Reading

Remote Control Chum-Dumping Boat

Measuring 1.96 feet long and weighing 8.2 pounds, the remote control chum-dumping boat is not a toy but …Continue Reading

Dolphin submarine

Submarine is very useful. It is capable to take us down to the underwater. While compared with real …Continue Reading

Rinspeed Slash

This innovative sport car is pretty cool; it could not only run both in water and on the …Continue Reading

Kite-draft sailing yacht

Different from standart sailing ones, this sailing yacht is actually powered by a kit.

Proteus boat

This weird boat gonna attract your eyeballs. It just like a spider walking on the water. Actually, it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Life size Paper boat

The vessel is made from a 1884 sq. ft. sheet of Tetrapak (the stuff milk cartons are made …Continue Reading

Portable sailboat

This MIniCat sailboat is based on 2 inflatable pontoons. It could be assembled by one person within 30 …Continue Reading

Transparent canoe

The Canoe-Kayak named boat is made from a transparent polymer hull. In addition, aluminum frame make it firm. …Continue Reading

Solar sailing boat

Hybrid boat is not unique, but a sailing boat whose sail could also be a solar panel might …Continue Reading