Side Table Transforms into A Rowing Machine

If you have to work out at home, and your apartment happens to be space limited. Having this …Continue Reading

An Efficient Running Shoe

The shoe’s innovative shock absorption system provides a smoother landing in a stride, making your running more comfortable, …Continue Reading

Free & Comfortable Bindings for Snowboard

This flexible snowboarding accessory allows you to make shifts easier and have more control in your ride, providing …Continue Reading

Playful Street Ping-pong Interactive Traffic Light

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An Extreme Relax Net over Cliffs

A Utah-based group of athletes recently set up a spider web net over a canyon at a height …Continue Reading

Quadrofoil-the supercar on water

Quadrofoil , the supercar surfing on water, is a thrilling, sustainable electric watercraft that lets you fly over …Continue Reading

Hendo hoverboard

The 鈥榟endo鈥 hoverboard uses four disc-shaped hover engines, a special magnetic field pushing against itself to generate the …Continue Reading

Surfboard Exercise Machine

An exercise machine that simulates the movements of a surfer out on the waves trains the muscle strength …Continue Reading

Electric Powered Wakeboard controlled by a wireless switch

You can surf on the water now with this electric powered wakeboard, even if you don’t live on …Continue Reading

World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

Having a maximum depth of 40 meters, the world’s deepest swimming pool designed for the Hotel Terme Millepini …Continue Reading

World’s First Touch-sensitive LED Basketball Court

In Shanghai, China, Nike has created a huge touch-sensitive LCD basketball court with built-in motion sensors tracking every …Continue Reading

Smart Workout Garment

A collection of smart workout clothing that analyzing muscle activity, effort, heart and breathing rates in real-time seamlessly …Continue Reading

Hilarious Bubble Soccer

A hilarious, crazy soccer game that can be played by anyone is quite popular out there. Thanks to …Continue Reading

Quirky Facial Fitness Device

You may often take exercise, however, there’s one area of your body that has been neglected, the facial …Continue Reading

Water Powered Hoverboard

This water powered board allows you to surf the sky, making the summer vacation even more exciting!

The World’s First RC Running Robot

OutRunner is the world’s first remotely controlled legged robot that runs up to 20 mph on various terrain …Continue Reading

Fastest Robot in The World

“Not the best in table tennis, but probably the best in robots.” The engineers in KUKA( keller und …Continue Reading

The World’s First Knitted Football Boot

Adidas has launched the world’s first knitted football boot so that the wearer can regain the comfort and …Continue Reading

Sochi Olympics Pin-up Calendar

A Russian illustrator designed a collection of pin-up calendar to celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympic Game and the …Continue Reading

A Device That Converts An iPhone into An GPS

Have an outdoor mapping GPS device converted from your iPhone when hiking, taking a field trip or simply …Continue Reading

Rollerblade/Scooter Hybrid

A new means of transportation and exercise, this hybrid rollerblade and scooter thing works just as roller sports, …Continue Reading

Skateboard with Only One Wheel

It is a self-balancing electric skateboard with only one wheel which will make the ride feel like flying. …Continue Reading

Thumb Sumo

When American thumb wrestling meets the Japanese sumo, it turns out to be a humorous kit that includes …Continue Reading

Shark Deterrent Wetsuits

With an increased number of shark sightings and fatalities, researchers have made shark deterrent wetsuits and watersport products …Continue Reading

Kangaroo Jumps Boots

How about jump to jog like kangaroos? Try them on, and you shall love it!

Treadwall for climbing at home

Treadwall for climbing at home How do you like the idea of climbing at home? Treadwall makes it …Continue Reading

Super cool Oru Origami Kayak

San Francisco-based designer Anton Willis comes up with this super cool Oru Origami Kayak! Measuring 12 feet long …Continue Reading

The London Booster-big red bus that does push-ups

Exhibited outside the Czech Olympic headquarters, the London Booster is a big red bus that has gigantic arms …Continue Reading

Tilting Ping-Pong table extra fun

Playing Ping-Pong is popular in many cultures. But this Ping-Pong table is unusual. It can tilt on a …Continue Reading

Flashing protective helmet used at night

There is danger to ride a bike at night, and flashing protective helmet used at night is good …Continue Reading

Tentsile Tent

How could you get away from bugs or other crawling creatures when having a trip in the nature? …Continue Reading

Nike Shoes for Prosthetic Running Blades

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Descender Skateboard

“Descender”, announced as “the very first of its kind”, is an innovative piece of sport equipment that’s really …Continue Reading

North Face Avalanche Airbag Apparel

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Dual Snowboards

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Electric Skateboard Driven By Kinect

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Four Player Ping Pang Table

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Foldable Snowshoes

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Motorized Skates

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Louis Garneau Carbon Pro Team Shoes

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Sexy Pixel Swimsuit

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Adjustable Rowing Shoes

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Troika Workout Towel Sweat-Trap

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Alice’s Climbing Wall

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3D Basketball Court

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Skateboard House

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Polara Ultimate Straight Self Correcting Golf Balls

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MtEverClimb : Continuous Rope Climbing System

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33-In-1 Golf Club

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Razor eSpark Electric Scooter

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