Napkin Zoo for Dining Table

Napkin rings are small objects but still can represent something more, the animal ears shaped rings feature the …Continue Reading

Tableware with Painted Ants

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Air France’s New Flatware

This set of flatware can be assembled into a model plane is specially designed for Air France and …Continue Reading

Campfire Fishing Rod

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Plants-shaped Tablewares

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Beer Jug Jokki Hour Foam Maker

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Battle Mug

With a M1913 rail built on the surface, this Battle Mug allows its users to mount any accessories- …Continue Reading

DIY Kid Plates

While most parents and teachers are trying to stop kids playing with their food, designer Alexis Birkmeyer is …Continue Reading

Landscape Dinner Set

Clouds, trees, houses and the green lawn as well, almost everything found in a drawing by kids now …Continue Reading

Lunar Crater Plates

There’s always one reason you love the lunar craters: to the scientists, they’re mysterious part of the Moon …Continue Reading

Matterhorn Glass

Matterhorn, a 14,690 foot mountain in the Pennine Alps now becomes part of the transparent glass finished by …Continue Reading

Lunch Book, Lunch Dishes

Sometimes the designers’ ideas are so fantastic but also simple that we really couldn’t stop asking: why nobody …Continue Reading

Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks

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Stay-put Bowls and Spoons

Babies are just naughty, and they never seem to obey what you tell them while still act in …Continue Reading

30-degree Slope Bowl

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HALO Heating Spoon

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Animals in Bowls

Would like to try anything special each morning? Start your unique life with these stunning ceramic bowls by …Continue Reading

Origami Table Placements

After meals, fold these table placements into cute animals and hold an animal-themed party with your kids.

Ashtray Coffee Mugs

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Musical Glasses

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Lickety Spoon

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Re-Paper Chopsticks

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Rabbit Ears Salad Servers

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The Original Shirt Plate

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Take Easy Bowls

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Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife

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Round Round Land Cup

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Bird Salad Bowl And Servers Set

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Face Mug

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Eclipse Steel Fruit Bowls

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9 Cute Cup Mats

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Birdsnest Egg Cup

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Alex Bottle With Separated Bodies

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Minor Miracle Mug

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Crank Coasters

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Four Cups? H2EAU-Carafe-and-Glass!

Seemingly everybody can perform magic for entertainment: these cups can still be filled with water when they’re upside …Continue Reading


Possibly next time you mail a postcard, you’d better have some tasty food along with it, coz these …Continue Reading


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Coffee Cup in Zero Gravity

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Morning Putt Golfers Coffee Mug Gift Set

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Show Off Your Little Hands!

Cute little hands designed for kids鈥 pudgy fingers… what a wonderful idea!

TA脟A Mug For Cookie

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Plates By Entresuelo1a

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Slim Coffee Cup

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In Out Bottle For Sugar

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Spoon Straws

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Edible Glasses

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Mouth Pots

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Knife + Fork = The Knork

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Mood Mugs

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