Fish Cups & Heat Pads

Cups with fish-shaped metal stamps at the bottom create what looks like a zen Koi pond on the …Continue Reading

Hidden Animal Teacup

We鈥檇 like to share with you this beautiful teacup that hides an adorable animal! Sip your tea and …Continue Reading

Handbag Mug

Don鈥檛 get it wrong, it just a tricky mug!

Cup Enliving Your Mouth

It鈥檚 a very cool cup shaped in gun. Also, it鈥檚 not too simple because the ink flower adds …Continue Reading

Leaning Tower Tea Set

There’re at least two (or more) Leaning Towers in the world, one is the famous building away in …Continue Reading

Nasty Tea Set

Different from most tea sets that emphasize a luxury or exquisite style, the Nasty Set by Jos茅 Paulo …Continue Reading

T猫o Tea Spoon

Yaps I love tea very much, but I never imagined squeezing tea bags to enjoy the ever last …Continue Reading

Blooming Cuppa Tea

We all have our own purposes: some drinks tea for fun, some drinks for leisure and some merely …Continue Reading

Moon Bowls

The Moon Bowls, which are cleverly designed with a small crescent-shaped shelf inside, can indicate changing shapes of …Continue Reading

Special Teatime Braille Thermos

Instead of making a cup of tea for the blind, you may do something more meaningful- give them …Continue Reading

Heat Water With A Light Bulb

Designed by Estelle Sauvage, a graduate from Ecole Nationale sup茅rieure d鈥橝rt et de Design de Saint-Etienne, the new …Continue Reading

Teapot Frame

Thanks to Betina Piqueras for sending these pics of the teapot frame, which is designed to bring much …Continue Reading

Rotary Kettle for hand impaired People

The Rotary Kettle fits in perfect to the handicapped, and those who are really too lazy to pick …Continue Reading

Emotive Teapot features an interesting tea serving.

Originated from聽Asia, drinking tea is believed as a wonderful way to strengthen the social ties, because people would …Continue Reading

Tea Set for Lovers

This tea set fits lovers quite well. It features several ‘couple’: the ‘couple’ spouts of the tea pot …Continue Reading

‘Dear Van Gogh’ Mug

Frankly, the mug has nothing to do with Van Gogh but the concept is rather intriguing. The Dear …Continue Reading

Shark Fin Tea Infuser

The Shark Fin Tea Infuser will surely ensure you a funny time during the tea-making process! And similar …Continue Reading

Conjoined Twin Cups

Even the most masterful waitress聽still couldn鈥檛 carry up to 8 cups at the same time, and 5 to …Continue Reading

鈥楩all鈥 Tea Maker

Someone likes strong tea聽while others may prefer weak tea, so how could a family with different tastes share …Continue Reading

A New Dimension To Tea Drinking

Although it is an extremely elaborate ritual to brew a perfect cup of tea, you may now simplify …Continue Reading

Tea Kettle

With a filter pipe over the spout, the tea kettle is quite different from others, which will send …Continue Reading

Heat-variable Kettle

With heat-variable material on the surface, the color of the kettle gradually changes as the water temperature increases, …Continue Reading

Heat-sensitive kettles

In order to tell you the temperature of the kettle in a more intuitionistic way, this product can …Continue Reading

Flower saucer

Flower tea is very famous in China, and of course very beautiful. However, for those prefering green tea …Continue Reading

The Pouch Mug

The pouch of this mug could hold tea bag for you, so that you could enjoy tea anytime …Continue Reading

Terra Aqua

This weird teapot is made from ceramic material. The evaporation effect of earthenware could be used for filtering …Continue Reading


With the unique design, you could toast break while boiling water. Its heating coils drill through the cover …Continue Reading

Ceramic For Mix

In order to have a better taste, we usually use spoon or something to stir the coffee with …Continue Reading

Magic self-bend teaspoon

You might have heard a lot of stories about Bermuda Triangle. The spoon gonna be bend in that …Continue Reading

Sexy sorapot teapot

By using a teapot like this, you could watch the shadow of your tealeaves. It鈥檚 an elegant one!

Penguin Teaboy for lazy ones

You can hang teabag on this bird, it will hold the bad up and down to make your …Continue Reading

Homuncule mug

Just make a little change, your mug gonna be like a man. It seems like that they all …Continue Reading

Tea stick Infuser

This is a clever design from German. Jut put some tea in it and stir in hot water, …Continue Reading