Robots with Four Legs That Moves like Animals

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A Contact Lens with A Telescope Built-in

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Next Generation Lightweight Armor Inspired by Animal Scales

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Spherical Rescue Drone

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Robots Who Make Balloon Animals

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Auto-zipping Zippers

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Hear with Your Tongue

Those with substantial hearing loss may regain the sense of sound with a new technology that let them …Continue Reading

The World’s Smallest Drone

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Water Bounce off This Hydrophobic Metal!

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3-D Printed Interactive Robotic Exoskeletal Dress

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Stretchy Electrodes Could Let Paralyzed People Walk Again

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E-Ink’s Prism Lets Architecture Change Its Color!

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Bracelet Projects A Touch Screen onto Your Skin

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A Data Receiving Device That Provides An Open Access to Knowledge

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Surreal 2D/3D Manipulations

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An Aerial Laser Display That Projecs 3D Objects in Mid-Air

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Smart Shaker with An App to Help Mix Perfect Cocktails

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Flexible Transparent Overlay Sheet

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A Wearable Drone & Camera

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Transparent Solar Collectors

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Wind Reactive Color-changing Ink

This form of ink is integrated into layers of fabric and reacts to the different fluctuations in the …Continue Reading

Synthetic Leaf

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Smart Projection Watch

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Morphing Skin to Make Super Aerodynamic Future Vehicles

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New Material That Hides Objects from Touch

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A Pen Captures Colors in The World

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Floating Wind Turbines

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Holograms Coming to Smartphones

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Solar Roadways

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Fast Running Robot Inspired by Velociraptor

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AR Touchscreen Generated by Thermal Touch

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All Foam Headphones

‘Headfoams’ are world’s first all foam, mono-body set of headphones crafted from a single piece of EVA foam, …Continue Reading

Fiber-like Supercapacitors Could Be Woven into Clothing

By looking into the structures graphene and carbon nanotubes could build, researchers has developed a fiber-like supercapacitor that …Continue Reading

Self-healing Plastic

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Color-Changing Fabric

The textile allows a fabric to change its color based on its surroundings, transform you into a chameleon! …Continue Reading

Drinkable Book

Scientists create this “drinkable book” for a commonweal organization called “Water is Life”. It purifies the collected local …Continue Reading

Cassette Tape That Holds 185TB Data

Sony just developed a new magnetic tape material that holds 185 terabytes worth of data with a kind …Continue Reading

This 3D Printing Tech Enables Objects to “Talk”

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An Ergonomic 3D Printing Pen

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World’s First Self-cleaning Car

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Nimble Micro Robots

Usually it’s hard to manipulate more than one magnetically controlled robots for the interplay of individual magnetic field, …Continue Reading

Wearable Thermo-power Strip

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A Compact Consumer 3D Printer

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This Kangaroo Robot is Cute!

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Solar Powered Cumulus Parasol

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Edible Water Bottle

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Crystal Clear Putty

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3D Sketching Pad & Pen

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A Microscopic Sensor Turns Anything into A Camera

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Fastest Robot in The World

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