Nimble Micro Robots

Usually it’s hard to manipulate more than one magnetically controlled robots for the interplay of individual magnetic field, …Continue Reading

Wearable Thermo-power Strip

Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have developed a fiberglass strip that can …Continue Reading

A Compact Consumer 3D Printer

This tiny hollow cubic shaped machine is an easy-to-use and affordable consumer 3D printer that saves the space …Continue Reading

This Kangaroo Robot is Cute!

The German group Festo has been secretly working on a robotic kangaroo for the past two years, emulating …Continue Reading

Solar Powered Cumulus Parasol

A Netherlands-based studio has introduced this unique cumulus parasol that self-inflates in sunshine and self-deflates in dim light …Continue Reading

Edible Water Bottle

“Ooho” is a simple and inexpensive blob-like edible water bottle that could replace the regular plastic packaging. Inspired …Continue Reading

Crystal Clear Putty

Crystal clear putty that one can play with during the break time looks really like liquid glass and …Continue Reading

3D Sketching Pad & Pen

The collaboration of this pad and pen, together with augmented reality glasses enable you to sketch in three …Continue Reading

A Microscopic Sensor Turns Anything into A Camera

Anything and everything around you could be capable of capturing images with the help of this microscopic lens-free …Continue Reading

Fastest Robot in The World

“Not the best in table tennis, but probably the best in robots.” The engineers in KUKA( keller und …Continue Reading

Soft Robotic Fish That Moves Vividly

MIT scientists have made robotic fishes that moves like real thing, with the inspiration of blowing up a …Continue Reading

NANOTIPS for Common Gloves

It is a “nail enamel” integrated with nanotechnology for common gloves which are transformed into styluses when the …Continue Reading

Blink to Change Channels

Designed for quadriplegic patients or people who love to add some magic to their life, it’s a type …Continue Reading

Sugar-fueled Battery

Researchers at Virginia Tech University have found a way to use sweet sugar as the fuel to generate …Continue Reading

Inflatable 3D-printed Flower

Using a soft rubber-like material as the ink of 3D print, a student at Victoria University of Wellington’s …Continue Reading

Implantable Piezoelectric Nano-ribbon Device

Researchers have produced an implantable piezoelectric nano-ribbon device that can generate enough power to run a pacemaker or …Continue Reading

3D-printed Fetus

Often,people watch the images of their unborn babies through black and white ultrasound pictures. However, now they are …Continue Reading

Contact Lens to Detect Glucose Level

Smart sensors and a slim antenna that can detect and calculate glucose level in human tears are clamped …Continue Reading

Micro-windmill Charger

Where there is the wind, there is the power. Researchers in University of Texas Arlington have designed a …Continue Reading

Ultra-thin Silver Nanowire Sensor

A team of North Carolina State University researchers created a clear, bandage-like sensor that could make everything smart. …Continue Reading

Sound Wave Technology that Forces Things Fly in 3D Space

Japanese scientists have invented the very first technology that makes particles fly in 3D space using sound wave. …Continue Reading

Robotic Cube That Can 鈥淲alk鈥

This cube is able to 鈥渨alk鈥 with its jumping up, balancing and controller falling skills thanks to its …Continue Reading

A Shirt That 鈥淎voids鈥 Stains

The built-in hydrophobic nanotechnology in the soft, breathable fabric can help the clothing avoid water based liquids by …Continue Reading

A Simple 3d Scanner for Small Objects

This 3d scanner is simple and cost-effective, by taking pictures of the object on the turntable with two …Continue Reading

3D Printed Spherical Gear System Sculpture

Feature an elaborate network of 64 interlocking gears, the miniature sculpture is the first in a series of …Continue Reading

Portable Tactile Device in Personal Audio

A silent and wearable device that makes you feel the sound anywhere, just attach it to your clothes …Continue Reading

Custom Molded Earphones

Be active as well as listen to music via mobile devices with this custom molded earphones which use …Continue Reading

Tangible Bits

The tangible media group in MIT proposes the concept of Tangible User Interface that is based on physical …Continue Reading

A New Generation of Fabric

It is not always necessary to make textile products out of weaving machine, it could be in this …Continue Reading

Touch Board

A London-based design studio innovates a PCB that can generates audio by simple touches or gestures once be …Continue Reading

Travel into Outspace via Giant Balloon!

A world view company can bring you travel into outerspace in a capsule lifted by a high-altitude Helium …Continue Reading

Walking on Sunshine

Several students from George Washington University have made the world鈥檚 first solar panel pavement in campus recently. The …Continue Reading

Music Player Embedded Earbuds That Controlled by A Bite

As the world鈥檚 only music player embedded earbuds, they have several unique features. Both earbuds are magnetically matched, …Continue Reading

Amazingly Affordable Laser 3D Printer

This small, lightweight and unique 3D printer has successfully lowered the cost and difficulty of the regular ones. …Continue Reading

Carbon Nanotube Computer

The tightness of the traditional silicon semiconductor has led to heat radiation and efficiency problems. The researchers in …Continue Reading

Voice Activated 3D Printer

Yahoo Japan has developed a voice activated 3D printer with the combination of a search engine and the …Continue Reading

3D-printed Flexible Filament Dress

On the New York Fashion Week, there鈥檚 a sophisticated dress which is made of 鈥淔lexible Filament鈥, a biodegradable, …Continue Reading

Whispering With Your Fingertips

Researchers of Disney Research in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has presented a magic show of whispering with fingertips at the …Continue Reading

Air Touch Screen

A Russian company has invented an air-made touch screen. It is a pedestal which sprays up stable and …Continue Reading

Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air

Disney Research has invented a non-contact tactile system which uses some cameras, sensors and a ring of vortex …Continue Reading

Solar Charging Kit

Just take a solar charging kit for mobile devices when traveling, free your mind from power issues and …Continue Reading

Bladeless Wind Generator

With the help of Electrostatic Wind Energy Converter, scholars have evented this bladeless wind generator whose wire grids …Continue Reading

IBM augmented reality (AR) shopping app

IBM is developing a new augmented reality(AR) shopping app which will make in-store shopping much easier. Instead of …Continue Reading

End of Life Care Machine

At the end of life, a caressing action from the family or friends may support people to go …Continue Reading

Vacuum Backpack Climbing Assistant Device

Don’t let your imagination run away from you, no matter how ridiculous it may sound鈥 Just have a …Continue Reading

Underwater Solar Panels

The blue water in sea, which absorbs the red part of the solar spectrum, has long time been …Continue Reading

Physical Buttons for Touchscreens

Not long ago, we were busy creating touchscreens to offer phone users a new experience; still not long …Continue Reading

Corning’s New Flexible Glass

Corning company has recently released their new product, an ultra-thin and flexible glass that can bend and roll …Continue Reading

Satellites that can Dock Together in Space

UK-based Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) Company is now working with University of Surrey to develop a revolutionary …Continue Reading

Water-resistant Coating for Mobile Phone Circuit Boards

Coming from Daikin Industries, the innovative coating developed for cellphone circuit boards is resistant to water and moisture …Continue Reading