A Sticker Calendar That Peels Days off for Changing Seasons

The sticker calendar consists of 12 pages of stickers, each for one month. Peel a sticker a day …Continue Reading

The Orbits Clock

Three carbon fiber circles mark hours, minutes and seconds, much like a standard clock.

Eclipse Clock

The clock displays the passing of a day by mimicking the process of eclipse. The light totally fades …Continue Reading

Ballet Dancer Clock

This creative clock’s hours and minutes are shown by the movement of a ballet dancer, very elegant and …Continue Reading

Bomb Kitchen Timer

A fine dish cannot be cooked without a good sense of timing, so why not prepare a timer …Continue Reading

Coffee Making Alarm Clock

Instead of the rude loud noise making by an ordinary alarm, this coffee making alarm clock will gently …Continue Reading

Smart Projection Watch

A wristwatch that projects not only dial, but also notifications or updates of Facebook, Twitter, reminder, weather or …Continue Reading

Color-Changing Clock

Time is always ticking, just as a color steadily changes its hues. You can read the time not …Continue Reading

A Watch Designed for Blind People

There are no numbers on the watch, only two metal balls that are embedded in two circular grooves …Continue Reading

Pin-Up Cats

Photography of adorable cats in sexy poses that look like beautiful pin-up girls may be a wonderful substitution …Continue Reading

A Watch with An Entire Planetarium

Integrated with a miniature solar system, the six planets actually rotate around the sun in real time. This …Continue Reading

Bunny Alarm Clock

A classic alarm clock wearing a pair of cute bunny ears, whimsical and funny, don鈥檛 you think.

Milky Calendar 2014

Beautiful ladies dressing in dynamic milk dresses, a London-based digital artist has created this collection of milk ladies …Continue Reading

Charming Bird Watch

The wellknown watch manufacturer, Jaquet Droz, has come out with this sophisticated timer in memory of its 275th …Continue Reading

Secret Agent Alarm Clock

Simply take aim and fire to project the time onto any surface you like, this unique alarm clock …Continue Reading

Ceramic clocks in the shape of straw hats

These ceramic clocks are so cute! They look like straw hats and come in a number of different …Continue Reading

New Citizen Watch syncs your iPhone via Bluetooth

The second hand of this new Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity can inform you calls, texts or emails by connecting …Continue Reading

Sealed Watch

To seal your wonderful moments, to make them vivid forever, that’s rightly the main idea this Sealed Watch …Continue Reading

Romantic Awaglass

Romance is one thing that almost all humans are pursuing in their life, and that鈥檚 why this Awaglass …Continue Reading

Wall Switch Watch

To make a watch unique, possibly we could transform it into a switch, which means you can click …Continue Reading

Line忙r Clock

No more mechanical or digital clocks, designer Audun Ask Blaker now brings us with the Line忙r Clock, the …Continue Reading

Your Clock, Your Time

You’re rightly the person that controls your own time, no matter how fast or slow the real time …Continue Reading

Clever LEGO Clock

Time is a mystery, while Hans Andersson’s LEGO Clock makes time more complex and mystical. Named as “Time …Continue Reading

Motorola Motoactv

Good ideas in, good ideas out. After Motorola has been “married” to Google, the company is seemingly to …Continue Reading

Guitar Alarm

Annoying mornings again, with continuous cacophony of alarm clocks鈥 Why couldn’t we wake up with something more intriguing? …Continue Reading

Chirp Alarm

Chirp is here to pull you up from your warm bed. The alarm clock comes with two separate …Continue Reading

Monthly Measure Calendar

Monthly Measure Calendar is a simple but practical hand-operated calendar, which uses a seven-angle star and a ruler …Continue Reading

Measure Calendar

Japanese designer Hiroyuki Miyake has put forward this Measure Calendar that features one centimeter for each day of …Continue Reading

Tank Watch

Designed as a water-proof wrist watch, the new accessory here shapes just like a solid tank. It includes …Continue Reading

IQ Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are wonderful devices, and among them Oliver Sha’s IQ Alarm Clock is obviously the best. It …Continue Reading

A Clock That Kills Flies.

In the nature there’re many eccentric plants like pitcher plants that live on small insects, and now there’s …Continue Reading

ORBO Watches, Cute Fat Watches.

A series of watches designed by Zach Weiss to indicate time, temperature, weather and other information with eye-catching …Continue Reading

Melting Clock

In the famous painting “Eternal Memory”, Salvador Dali has demonstrated us a weird world with melting clocks hanging …Continue Reading

Edison Alarm Clock

The Edison Alarm Clock, although involves the great scientist Thomas A. Edison, actually is an innovative work by …Continue Reading

An Alarm Watch

Even though we’ve already had cellphones with built-in alarms, we seldom have a watch that doubles an alarm. …Continue Reading

World’s First Mechanical Cellphone

Celsius X VI II treasures every moment as much as you do. That’s why the French company designed …Continue Reading

Domino Clock

Modern clock designers try to arouse us from deep sleep in a way that will give the users …Continue Reading

Life Calendar

Nearly all the calendars we see nowadays are creative, and obviously the Life Calendar is among them too. …Continue Reading

Clock for an Architect

In form the clock designed by Daniel Weil of Pentagram is something like a spinning-wheel, but it’s actually …Continue Reading

Manifold Clock

Who says hour hand and minute hand of one same clock must be seperated? They can have certain …Continue Reading

Flower Clock

Compared with regular wall clocks that are named as “Flower Clock”, the new one from Rafael Assandri seems …Continue Reading

The World’s First Biodegradable Paper Watch

Apparently Geneva-based Altanus has resulted in a world-wide revolution of timepieces after they announced to own the world’s …Continue Reading

Farmland Alarm Clock

Another day waking up on the farmland, with the shrill cry of a cock… But actually I’m still …Continue Reading

Off-Axis Watch

You must have noticed that people usually bend at the elbow to read the time, but do you …Continue Reading

Marionette Clock By Jongchul Kim

From Robotic Hands Clock to Bungee Jumping Mint Clock, Korean designer Jongchul Kim has surprised us with really …Continue Reading

Vinyl Record Clocks

The invention and application of the digital players marks that the mankind have entered the Digital Age, during …Continue Reading

Front & Back Clock

Since batteries are important parts of most clocks, why not just take them out of the back boxes …Continue Reading

Swing Clock

The designers never cease to bring forth new ideas. The latest invention is the Swing Clock, the dial …Continue Reading

Re-clock Clock Concept

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west everyday to indicate the changes of light; …Continue Reading

Vertical Clock

When asked how the time passes away, different people have different opinions. Some of them insist that time …Continue Reading