LED Anti-aging Mask

The fields in which LED is applied are far more than what we’ve ever expected, but it’s still …Continue Reading

Fossil Soap

While professional archaeologists are concerned about finding fossil dinosaurs, we unprofessional people are just enjoying the fun of …Continue Reading

Tooth Guardian

As a 2011 red dot design concept winner, the Tooth Guardian offers us a good and convenient way …Continue Reading

Rotating Soap

Why do we need a Rotating Soap? The reason is obvious: as the soap rotates, it not only …Continue Reading

Magnetic Polish

London-based Nails inc. has launched these magnet polish products that can create a stereo image on your finger …Continue Reading

Bana Bender

Anywhere you want to clean, get the “Bana Bender” close to that. Anytime you need to exercise, do …Continue Reading

Creative Toilet Paper

See how toilet rolls would change your life鈥 They make your boring time pass quickly; bring some innovative …Continue Reading

FunBath For Kids

The famous American Standard brand has recently issued their “Funbath”, a new series that lets kids get more …Continue Reading

Pond-Washing Aid

Undoubtedlly hand-washing is always the best way to make your clothes clean, and we believe more people will …Continue Reading

Cleanwater Baby Bathtub

To keep a baby clean and fresh is something much more difficult than we can imagine, as they’re …Continue Reading

Bath Boat

Wieki Somers’s wooden bathtub has finally come into my life. Whenever we’re bathing with it, we’ll feel that …Continue Reading

Cooling Foam

Pity that the summer makes you hot but happy that this unique foam from Japan will cool you …Continue Reading

Waterfall Soap Saver

Clever soap saver that effectively lets water run off so that the soap can be kept dry. That …Continue Reading

Facial Lift At Once

Facial Lift At Once promises that you can have your cheeks, chin, lips, mouth and nose get enough …Continue Reading

Misoka toothbrush锛歄nce-A-Day Teeth Cleaner

Really good news! Yumeshokunin’s Misoka Toothbrush will save us out of the annoying work to brush our teeth …Continue Reading

Hair Brush For Bald Men

Even though it is usually thought of as impossible to sell any combs to bald men, somebody still …Continue Reading

Bathtub Plug Joe the Hippo

Of course nobody would ever feel like to have a bath with real hippo, but they would never …Continue Reading

Woolen Soap

Woolen Soap is here! It is handmade and intended for gentle massage and skeen peel. Whenever moisten with …Continue Reading

Tree Toothbrush Holder

Your kids will love these Tree Toothbrush Holders very much. Coming with enough room to hold four toothbrushes, …Continue Reading

Delicious Toothpaste

Bacon, cupcake, pickle… all those things are usually found on a dinner table, but this time you’ll find …Continue Reading

Electric Nose Lift

Everyday you need to spare only three minutes with the Beauty Lift High Nose and the handy beauty …Continue Reading

1鈩搃mit Faucet Saves Water.

Many of my friends have frequently complained that they couldn’t mange to save water simply because they cannot …Continue Reading

Ring Shaver

Small and cute, the Ring Shaver is a smart device that allows the users to easily take everywhere. …Continue Reading

Soap Sharpener

This machine is designed to cut soap into small fractions for you to use. It holds the same …Continue Reading

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

Completely made from carbon fiber, these neatly-shaped toilet seats are expected to offer you a unique experience. But …Continue Reading

Parent-child Sprinkle

Welcome to Parent-Child Sprinkle. It is a creative gadget that ensures the newborn babies a suitable water temperature …Continue Reading

“Hulk” Print Ads For Band-aid Plasters

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Hooking Toothbrush

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Turn Your Family Bath Into Your Baby’s Bath

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New Bathtub That Hides Storage Systems

When an ordinary bathtub is built with extra storage systems on sides, we bet you would feel rather …Continue Reading

Breaksoap by Dave Hakkens

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6 Interesting Soaps

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Dews Toothbrush

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Beer Soap

Special soap, smells like beer…Perfect enough for those who love beer, but it must be cautiously used when …Continue Reading

Mirror On A Roll

The Mirror On A Roll, manufactured in quality vinyl with a protected coating, looks more like creative wallpaper …Continue Reading

How to keep smart sideburns? This razor knows!

You could guess why the razor can help keep smart sideburns already from the picture. Yap, it features …Continue Reading

Clean the hands using Bacteria?

Of course every piece of soap is inevitably covered with bacteria, but who has ever seen soaps made …Continue Reading

Two-way Toothpaste

Though the Two-way Toothpaste is announced to be designed for those who usually “get angry with their partner …Continue Reading

Folding Razor

It could be an ideal razor for those who are on a business trip聽frequently. The Foldable Razor mainly …Continue Reading

Peanut Soaps

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A creative collection of soaps

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Carzor: A Card-shaped Razor

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Mint Stick can do more for you.

Females always bring a lip balm along, constantly relieving their dry lips. What鈥檚 more interesting is that they鈥檙e …Continue Reading

鈥榃ash One鈥 Pills

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Retractable toothbrush

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Toothbrush with a Hole

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Pet Heads Toothpaste Caps

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Energy Bracelet

Have you ever realized your skin can generate electricity? The Dyson energy bracelet gives you a definite answer. …Continue Reading

Portable Razor

Have you ever been bothered by the large baggage when you are on a travel? Then you should …Continue Reading