Personal Submarine

Wanna be close to the fairy creatures like dolphins or whales, admire the fantastic view such as volcanoes …Continue Reading

World’s First Luminous Car

Nissan launched a vehicle with a high-tech organic coat that will last up to 25 years, which glows …Continue Reading

A Folding Sled

Traditional sled is bulky while this modern design has changed its construction into a folded flat one. It …Continue Reading

Connected Pedal Against Theft

The bicycle pedal will notify the owner if their vehicle has been moved. Its built-in GPS protects it …Continue Reading

Conceptual Urban Railroad Surfing Vehicle

The solar-powered electric vehicle explores the possibility of personal transportation on urban railway tracks. It provides a light, …Continue Reading

The First Complete Prototype of Google’s Self-Driving Car

Google has recently released the first complete working prototype of its self driving car. This cute vehicle has …Continue Reading

Replace Rear-view Mirrors with Video Feedback

Cadillac intends to replace the rear-view mirror with a HD video feedback which increases the field of vision …Continue Reading

Ghost Car Navigation

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a virtual ghost car in front of the windscreen to lead your way, …Continue Reading

Golden Bicycle

Gold, as a symbol of wealth, apart from its common usage as a currency, has been applied into …Continue Reading

Warm & Steady Grip

Grippoz are innovative push-rim covers which make it easier for wheelchair users especially in cold winter, they will …Continue Reading

A Folding Bicycle That Fits into A Backpack

This electric bicycle weighs less than 5kg for its main material of carbon fiber, has a maximum speed …Continue Reading

Wearable Transport: Collapsible Belt-scooter

This portable vehicle is so efficient that it takes minimal space because it is wearable around the user’s …Continue Reading

World’s First 3D-printed Car

The world’s first fully functional electric 3d printed car reaches a top speed of 40mph and takes only …Continue Reading

All-Terrain Wheelchair

Electric motor powered, joystick controlled, this all-terrain wheelchair allows users to safely access beautiful countryside and areas that …Continue Reading

360掳Panoramic View Under The Sea

A Transparent sphere made of 360 degree fully acrylic pressure hull provides unparalleled panoramic view under the sea …Continue Reading

Luxury Yacht with A Floating Garage

The Italian company CRN’s luxury yacht named the J鈥橝de owns a floating garage that can store a 26-foot …Continue Reading

Scooter, Skateboard, Backpack, 3 in 1

Every day, commuters wear backpacks, cruise on skateboards or scooters, moving constantly through pavements, cycle paths. This three-in-one …Continue Reading

Kinetic Board That Charges Your Phone

When you’re cruising with this skateboard, it actually at the same time generates electricity through two dynamo’s and …Continue Reading

Vespa Scooter

This adorable self-balancing electric personal vehicle looks like the super snail ‘Turbo’, don’t you think.

Self-balancing Electric Unicycle

A mini-sized body, a total weight of only 260 pounds, together with a speed up to 10MPH and …Continue Reading

Collapsible Flying Car

As a fully working prototype of the 3rd generation of ‘aeromobil’, the hybrid aircraft which combines the existing …Continue Reading

Upgraded Water Bike for Aquatic Cycling

This is a further development of the ‘water bike’ project, with a bicycle attached onto an inflated base …Continue Reading

LED Paddleboards for Launching out at Night

By lining the paddleboards with a strip of LED lights, one can see the route better with the …Continue Reading

A Flying Motorcycle

‘Hoverbike’ combines a helicopter and a motorbike together to create a stable, inexpensive and free vehicle for goods …Continue Reading

Adorable Dream Cars Designed by Kids

Toyota invited kids to draw their dream vehicles and then brought the ideas to life in a tiny …Continue Reading

Wooden Motorcycle

Detailed wooden replica of IZH-49 motorcycle’s every part was carved out of wood and then assembled into this …Continue Reading

Inflatable Sailing Dinghy

It’s terrific to play with water in summer, especially go boating. Despite the fact that you couldn’t have …Continue Reading

World’s First Smart Electric Skates

It’s a pair of wearable mobility with smart functions such as speed control, route tracking and wireless control. …Continue Reading

Amphibious Camper

Being either attached or detached to a vehicle, this camper allows you to travel on both land and …Continue Reading

Self-driving Assistant Mounted on Top of A Car

With the help of cameras, sensors and advanced computer vision algorithms, this kit brings self-driving abilities to your …Continue Reading

A Luxury Amphibious RV

A recreational vehicle that doubles as a boat makes you have fun in lakes. The vehicle runs by …Continue Reading

1,000mph Rocket Car

The vehicle with carbon-fiber monocoque, aluminium frame and wheels will attempt to hit speeds of 1,000 mph sometime …Continue Reading

Self-driving Car

This adorable mini autonomous car has no steering wheel or gas/brake pedals, it is entirely controlled by computer …Continue Reading

A Lovely Bus

What a lovely bus with so many adorable vantage windows, it’s perfect for a summer trip along the …Continue Reading

A Volkswagen Beetle Made of Oak

This fully functional DIY replica of a VW beetle made by 50,000 small pieces of wooden oak is …Continue Reading

Compact Bicycle That Folds Smaller Than An Umbrella

This compact foldable bicycle with hubless wheels that is smaller than an umbrella when folded may be an …Continue Reading

Spider-man Helmet

Custom Painted motorcycle helmet of superhero Spider Man, with eye-catching color and beautiful color, it will definitely make …Continue Reading

World’s First Self-cleaning Car

Nissan’s self-cleaning car wears a super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coating developed by UltraTech International. The nano-scale geometric shapes of …Continue Reading

Formidable Bionic Conceptual Airplanes

Formidable and awesome transportation vehicles are usually seen in movies, so are these bionic conceptual airplanes. Despite their …Continue Reading

Cool Snail-shaped Electric Motorcycle

In the movie Turbo, the snail runs rather fast, so is this snail-shaped electric motorcycle. Being the first …Continue Reading

Reflective Bicycle

The frame and fork of this bicycle will glow white under direct lights at night, while remains dark …Continue Reading

A Bike That Can Rides on Soft Surfaces

With an additional wheel on the front wheel, this unique bike rides smoothly on soft surfaces like sand …Continue Reading

An Electric Motorcycle with Large Storage Space

Instead of having a backpack or a front basket, this electric motor has a 23 liters of storage …Continue Reading

Compact Halfbike

Halfbike is compact enough for riders to commute or travel on busy city streets. With its small size, …Continue Reading

The World’s Most Compact E-vehicle

Being foldable makes the URB-E a compact and portable electric bike, with a 20 mile range on a …Continue Reading

Wheelchair with Caterpillars

This wheelchair is powerful enough to proceed in all types of terrains and extreme weather conditions with its …Continue Reading

Elaborate Paper Plane Model

It took the artist five years to build this very refined paper plane model with every single part …Continue Reading

Skateboard with Only One Wheel

It is a self-balancing electric skateboard with only one wheel which will make the ride feel like flying. …Continue Reading

Travel Tent Hiding in Tire

A combination of biking and camping, the bike seamlessly integrates a travel tent into its front wheel, weight …Continue Reading

Drivable Ice Truck

A Canadian automotive parts retailer and manufacturer has constructed a completely drivable truck on the frame of a …Continue Reading