Cute Kitty-shaped Hair Accessory

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A Upside-down House Lets You Experience Zero Gravity

In the city of Krasnoyarsk,Russia, there’ a big upside-down house letting visitors to experience a different view of …Continue Reading

Your Own Light Drone

“Walkalight” combines a drone, smart sensors and LEDs to form a personal illumination system that will follow your …Continue Reading

Optical Illusion Painting

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An Easy Trick to Make Glass Invisible

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An iPhone Case That Sends Smoke Signals

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Pizza-scented Perfume

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Coffin Art

Giana’s coffin art dates up to 1945, which is a relatively new custom that making colorful and figurative …Continue Reading

Hovering Tree Illusion

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Funny T-Rex Illusion

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Wineglass Ring

Creative wine glass is married to a lovely ring! This fashion jewelry is a good representation of your …Continue Reading

Rare Two-headed Turtle

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Fiber Optic Neon LED Shoelaces

The world鈥檚 only fiber optic neon LED shoelaces coming up with three modes of glowing, will certainly add …Continue Reading

USB Powered Cooling Strap

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“Rugbeer” Vending Machine

Nobody can stop the Argentines to love football, because even the vending machines in Argentina are now inviting …Continue Reading

Red Wine Dress

Red Wine Dress is definitely something Lady Gaga would love to own: its fabric was grown and formed …Continue Reading

Brain Phone Booth

That day when you used a phone booth in street, I saw your outstanding brain directly鈥 That’s not …Continue Reading

Floating Restaurant

Have you already gotten a wonderful plan for your summer vacation? Whether yes or not, please don’t forget …Continue Reading

World’s First Lick-able Wall Paper

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Basement Finished by Remote-controlled Toys

A Canadian farmer named Joe has built a basement that costs him almost 7 years鈥hat’s really a long …Continue Reading

Pudding Machine that Yells at Kids

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Money To Burn Candle

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Pizza Sleeping Bag

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Heart Carafe

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Mommy Tummy Invites Users to Experience a Real-life Fetus.

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Weird Vending Machines Around The World

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Big Ear Mobile Case

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No Smoking Pencil

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Kissing Mask

Wear a mask to kiss? What a stupid idea that may sound… But wait, wait, Didier Faustino’s Doppelganger …Continue Reading

Baby Head Masks

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The Devil’s Pet Candles

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The Original Shirt Plate

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Weird Cat’s Eyes For Your Ears

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Who Is Looking At You?

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Your Face, Or Realistic Mask?

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Bloody Red Water Fountain

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Weird High Heels, Not For Your Feet

You know, these high heels are on earth not designed for use. They may just look all right …Continue Reading

Melted Food As Seat Servers

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Weird Motorcycle Helmets

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Weird Cannon That Blows Smoke Rings

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The Rudest Umbrella On the Earth

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Soft Bottles

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“I’m sorry” Cards

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Socks Anatomy

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‘Delicious’ T-shirt

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Who wants to enjoy your coffee? The Ants!

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Explosion Cabinet from Opulent Items

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3D Stiletto Police Heels

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SoundBite System Worn in the Mouth

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Weird Chair

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