Hexagonal ZEBag for Wine Bottles

On the list of those who love wines, there must be a portable and functional bottle storage bag …Continue Reading

Heart Carafe

Surely people would seem undecided whether to drink or not, if they’re using a weird carafe like this …Continue Reading

Cin Cin Glasses

In China, the bride and groom are expected to drink “cross-cupped wine” from one another’s glasses on their …Continue Reading

iPhone Flask

iPhone? Of course they are, however they’re not real cellphones but iPhone-shaped flasks. Its power switch is actually …Continue Reading

Animal Wine Stopper

The animal wine stoppers? What a strange idea! But admittedly it is great too. Any animals here love …Continue Reading

Old Bottles, New Cups

Old wine bottles now have their new brighter future, and soon you’ll find them back with the same …Continue Reading

Frenchmen Wine Head

One more reason for you to unscrew the cap of a wine bottle is that the Frenchmen Wine …Continue Reading

Skybar Wine Glow Cover

Aesthetically shaped and fabricated, the transparent Skybar is an innovative accessory specially made for wine bottles. It keeps …Continue Reading

WineOmeter Glass

Similar to the wine sets designed by A/R Studio, the WineOmeter Glass also aims to warn you not …Continue Reading

Golf Club Balancing Wine Bottle Holder

With the wine rack designs pushing towards “magic”, we’ve met many bottle holders that feature a single bar …Continue Reading

“Wine & Bar” Cork Stoppers

Doing away with those ugly arms found on the top parts of traditional cork stoppers, the Wine & …Continue Reading

Beer Savers

As the name implies, the silicone bottle caps are created to keep the beer fresh after the bottles …Continue Reading

Wine Rack Flask Bra

Say goodbye to those monotonous parties, ladies! Now you have the Wine Rack Flask Bra! Designed with dual …Continue Reading

Bottoms Up Shot Glass

I bet you’ll聽 love the perfect concept behind the Bottoms Up Shot Glass: drink up, drunk down. Simply …Continue Reading

DesignBridge created wine glasses that are difficult to smash.

Since every year over 87,000 fights in Britain are caused by drinking, the local聽designers have been committed to …Continue Reading

One glass? Or three glasses?

Change happens all the time and nothing stays the same for long. Maybe that鈥檚 also a key principle …Continue Reading

The bottle and the glass come together.

We鈥檝e featured some creative wine bottles on the site before, but none of them would still be that …Continue Reading

A beer cup=A cup of beer

The idea behind the ordinary-looking cups will impress you a lot. A full cup of beer, that answer …Continue Reading

Unique Wineglass

Uh鈥ho would ever suppose that the odd item is actually a wineglass? And what is more surprising is …Continue Reading

Drink less, live better.

Drunken driving has long been a hard nut to crack in the management of traffic, and to solve …Continue Reading

Look, what is the set of glasses telling you.

Don鈥檛 take these colorful dots merely as decorations, what they really do would astonish you a lot. You …Continue Reading

Double Cup

Hey, man, don鈥檛 rejoice too soon, the Double Cup is not the same as you may have imagined. …Continue Reading

Wine Accessory Gift Set

Aren鈥檛 we just fed up with those miscellaneous tools that are too messy聽in the drawer for us to …Continue Reading

Ox Horn-shaped Wineglass

Made in the shape of an ox horn, the porcelain wineglass cannot stand on table unless it is …Continue Reading

Apple Wine Glass

If you鈥檝e been tired of the traditional wine glasses, why not try the latest apple glasses? Carve a …Continue Reading

A glass of beer

If you like beer, I bet you gotta like this interesting thing. It seems like a glass of …Continue Reading

Elegant carafe

This carafe is inspired from water droplet. In order to express the idea, it comes transparent glass without …Continue Reading

Helter Skelter Drinks Chiller

Fridge is absolutely the best way to serve a cup of cold drink, but what if you just …Continue Reading

Veuve Globalight champagne cooler

With a elegent champagne cooler like this, you gotta have a romantic date.

Glass with a cone base

Because of the cone base, this Rotario Glass designed by Agelika R眉mmele is full of motion.

Color-changing goblet

The color of this goblet is going to change with the temperature of the beverage. Even you fingerprint …Continue Reading

Decanters inspired from birds

This series of decanter is inspired from birds. The long neck makes it convenient to pour out wine.

Multi-functional fruit bowl

Goblet tower is one of the most attractive shows in a party, but it is hard to have …Continue Reading

Unique goblet set

Actually this so-called goblet does not have the high-heel fountain like normal ones, but it could still stand …Continue Reading

Branch carafes

Shaped like branches, these carafes must be the most eyeball-attractive wine container.

Self-filling glasses

This set of six flutes is a smart design. Just pour champagne in the tallest one, other gonna …Continue Reading

Fruit goblet

This gadget could change the pericarp in to a goblet. Pictures could illustrate you the innovative idea.

Sexy wine bottle

Just look at this picture, you gonna be attracted by this bottle. It鈥檚 pretty sexy.

Le Arc Wine holder

This wine holder uses a single curve to support a bottle of wine and its balance is exiting.

Weird wine glass

While you open a wine, you can have glass at the same time. It鈥檚 a cool, weird, funny …Continue Reading

Zippered wine glass

A wine glass with a zipper? It鈥檚 so sexy鈥

YO-YO martini shaker

You like martini? You don鈥檛 know how to make perfect shake? OK, this martini shaker using yo-yo way …Continue Reading