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Child Shoulder Carrier

It’s a safe and comfortable child shoulder carrier that enables parents to carry their children directly on their …Continue Reading

Creative Children Face Paintings

The artist transforms children’s face into life-like animals including giraffes, kittens and popular characters like Super Mario, E.T…the …Continue Reading

Cute Sketches Interacting with Simple Objects

With just several strokes and a random object, the German-based illustrator cleverly creates simple and adorable images.

Cassette Tape That Holds 185TB Data

Sony just developed a new magnetic tape material that holds 185 terabytes worth of data with a kind …Continue Reading

Minimalist Table with A Replica of Goldfish in It

The table called “Up in the air” looks like a hollow cylinder fish tank, with one or two …Continue Reading

3D Sand Drawings

Having seen lots of 3D sand sculptures, how about a series of 3D sand drawings? They are less …Continue Reading

Inflatable Lamps

The Blow lamps would emit a comfortable ambient light only if your blow it into a “floating balloon”. …Continue Reading

Bright & Vibrant Murals in Tehran

The Iranian artist and his coworkers transform blank, gray walls into amazing bright, vibrant large-scale murals. These colorful …Continue Reading

Absurd Animated Portraits II

To break free from the pressure of commercial work, the photographer creates an amusing animated portrait each week. …Continue Reading

This 3D Printing Tech Enables Objects to “Talk”

Disney’s newly developed 3D-printing technology makes objects that can “talk”, whose “voice” does not emit from a sound-emitting …Continue Reading

Spider-man Helmet

Custom Painted motorcycle helmet of superhero Spider Man, with eye-catching color and beautiful color, it will definitely make …Continue Reading

Dazzling Eyelid Paintings 鈪

Artist Tal Peleg cleverly works withthe face to craft miniature scenes that reminds us of our favorite tales …Continue Reading

Detailed Drawings Created by Ballpoint Pens

Drawing requires numerous patience and skills, especially those created by tools so ordinary such as ballpoint pens. The …Continue Reading

Fresh & Delicate Illustrations of Flower Dresses

A lovely series of 3D watercolor illustrations of delicate silhouettes of girls wearing real flower dresses, creating a …Continue Reading

A Bench with A Built-in Chess Set

This is no ordinary bench, the squares outside the chessboard secretly contain a whole set of chess pieces, …Continue Reading

An Ergonomic 3D Printing Pen

A small smart, comfortable-to-use 3D printing pen allows you to draw in the air, it is much sleeker …Continue Reading

World’s First Self-cleaning Car

Nissan’s self-cleaning car wears a super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coating developed by UltraTech International. The nano-scale geometric shapes of …Continue Reading

Smart Vibrating Shoes for Navigation

Instead of staring at smartphone navigation apps and having missed beautiful city scenery, you may wear a pair …Continue Reading

A Simple&Cheap Home Security Device

The Korner detects movements when the window is being opened, sends notes to the smartphones. A cheap and …Continue Reading

Hilarious Knee Horsey

Instead of having a cold hard wooden rocking horse in the living room, why not let your toddler …Continue Reading

Retro Technology LEGO Kits

Minimalist Lego models for outdated yet aesthetic technology such as TVs, desktops, video game controllers, analog phones and …Continue Reading

Space-saving Pulley Plant Holder

For anyone who lives in small apartment where no more space for gardening, the pulley plant holder system …Continue Reading

Simple & Portable Holder for Lens Cap

A simple but brilliant idea for camera lens caps, the very first magnetic lens cap holder in the …Continue Reading

2D Lamps Appears to Be 3D

Three-dimensional wire frame images are painted onto a thin transparent acrylic glass, with some laser machining process, our …Continue Reading

Kinetic Sculpture of Bird Swings

A design student builds simple mechanical structures using popsicle sticks to replicate a bird flapping its swings. The …Continue Reading

Wool Knitted Comfort Food

Artists redefines the meaning of “comfort food” by replicating real food vividly in knitted lambswool.

Wild Flower Spring Rings

The spring rings enable you twine flower stems through the holes in them to make your own wearable …Continue Reading

An Efficient 3D-printed Ultrasound Cast

This is a concept idea that combines science and design, a good-looking cast which allows a low-intensity pulsed …Continue Reading

Portable Wind Turbine Charger

When folded, it’s a portable 12″ cylinder, when stretched, it becomes a wind turbine charger with three blades. …Continue Reading

Table Doubles as A Playground for Cats

Cats will love this stylish table with built-in tunnels that can play in! It is also a regular …Continue Reading

Beautiful Mechanical Insects

An artist composes beautiful and intricate machinery insects out of discarded old watches, they may be botchy when …Continue Reading

Gadget That Scrambles A Whole Egg

A hand-powered kitchen gadget that scrambles a whole egg without penetrating or breaking the shell, almost naturally produces …Continue Reading

Wearable Finger Reader for Blind People

It’s basically an over-sized index finger ring whose built-in camera recognizes the word and reads it aloud when …Continue Reading

Creative Baby Helmets

Babies with flat head syndrome usually wear medical head shaping helmets which are eye-catching after painted with beautiful …Continue Reading

A Highway without Streetlights

The highway located in Oss, Netherlands, features only glow-in-the-dark road markings made of a photo-luminescent powder integrated into …Continue Reading

Short Clips about Inflated Animals

A set of hilarious clips that were first created as official trailers for animated film festivals ITFS 2013 …Continue Reading

Illustrations in The Sky

Vacant skies filled with imaginative drawings form a series of fantastic urban scenes with real buildings being the …Continue Reading

Beautiful 3D-printed Crab Shells

Miniature 3d printed transparent architecture designed for hermit crabs are extremely beautiful.

Adorable Marshmallow Cats

An adorable package of floating marshmallow cats, of course they are more than sweet! Drop one or two …Continue Reading

A Book about Amazing Tree Houses

Tree houses often stands for frolic, leisure or privacy, and also means incredible buildings that hang high above …Continue Reading

Nimble Micro Robots

Usually it’s hard to manipulate more than one magnetically controlled robots for the interplay of individual magnetic field, …Continue Reading

Intricate 3D-printed “Desk Toys”

The miniature version of the Dutch artist Theo Jansen’s large beasts with multiple legs that automatically move around …Continue Reading

Adorable Backup Battery with Changeable Expressions

When it loses its power, the battery guy will turn its lovely smiling face into a frowning sad …Continue Reading

Innovative Pot with An Interlayer

The inter-layer between the protective pot and the basic pot holds up any picture printed, giving the pot …Continue Reading

Formidable Bionic Conceptual Airplanes

Formidable and awesome transportation vehicles are usually seen in movies, so are these bionic conceptual airplanes. Despite their …Continue Reading

An ArmChair with A Red Hood

If you love to take a nap in a warm and cozy sofa with a soft blanket wrapping …Continue Reading

A Pocket-size Portable Robotic Printer

Devices around us have changed a lot during these years, but not the printer. Thanks to this Kickstarter …Continue Reading

Folding Knife and Spork

This colorful plastic folding knife and spoon & fork is flimsy and multi-functional, very convenient a carry-on cutlery.

Cool Snail-shaped Electric Motorcycle

In the movie Turbo, the snail runs rather fast, so is this snail-shaped electric motorcycle. Being the first …Continue Reading