Google’s Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset

The Google cardboard headset allows anyone to DIY a virtual reality experience by holding a smartphone in front …Continue Reading

Activate This Tag via A Phone Call

The all-printed electronic tag powers itself by harvesting cellphone signals and then reveals its images. That means an …Continue Reading

Portable Solar Sound System

A portable solar panel that generates enough power to play music on you devices even provides another 8 …Continue Reading

Old Bottles Filled with Intricate Sand Images

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Barcode Cable Winder

Everyday objects can be fun if added with some design, this small accessory that clean up the clutter …Continue Reading

Transforming Tea Bags

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Attach Anything onto This Silicone Pad

Once you adhere this silicone pad to any vertical surface, you can attach anything from a pencil, keys …Continue Reading

Cube Transformers

Magical cubes transform into various different geometrical shapes and patterns, awesome transformers in the origami world!

Modern Style Push Mower

Small in size, easy to use, and modern in style, this lovely push mower is no similar to …Continue Reading

Optical Illusion Painting

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How to Make An Entire Watermelon Jell-O

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Realistic Miniature Clay Food

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Tiny Figures’ Big Adventures

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Play Tetris on Your Chest Wearing This T-shirt

This T-shirt integrates a playable Tetris that is powered by four AA batteries and fitted with 128 LEDs …Continue Reading

Cookie Monsters

Disgusting creature cookies made from caramel, strawberry, syrup and pastries.

Tool Pen

A versatile pen features a couple of regular tools in it, helping you to get rid of those …Continue Reading

Amphibious Camper

Being either attached or detached to a vehicle, this camper allows you to travel on both land and …Continue Reading

Colorful Shoes Made from Plastic Trash

Three guys utilize washed up plastic rubbish along the banks of Thames river to reproduce new pairs of …Continue Reading

A Tool to Draw Ellipses

An ellipse is more geometrically complex than a circle or a line, so the designer combines a compass, …Continue Reading

Murals That Interacting with Objects in The Streets

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An Unexpected Artwork Coming from A pile of Trash

A random steaming pile of trash is actually an elaborately arranged portrait when seeing from a certain angle …Continue Reading

Morphing Skin to Make Super Aerodynamic Future Vehicles

This morphing material uses the alive-looking dimpled on its surface to cut air resistance, thus is able to …Continue Reading

Beautiful Surreal Worlds

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Powerful Sculpture Created by Scrap Metal

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Self-driving Assistant Mounted on Top of A Car

With the help of cameras, sensors and advanced computer vision algorithms, this kit brings self-driving abilities to your …Continue Reading

Billboards Turned into Houses for Homelessness

Billboards are popular along the highways of cities, the inner space of them can be turned into shelters, …Continue Reading

Landscaping That Bounces Plane Noise Back into The Sky

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the fourth-busiest airport in Europe, and the cold, wide-open flatland around allows the noise …Continue Reading

New Material That Hides Objects from Touch

A thin layer of this nano-material will make anything under it from being perceived by your sense of …Continue Reading

A Luxury Amphibious RV

A recreational vehicle that doubles as a boat makes you have fun in lakes. The vehicle runs by …Continue Reading

Truth Facts

This collection of hilarious info graphics on diets, dating and other aspects of everyday life really make sense.

The Coolest Bamboo Rocket

In Thailand, bamboo rockets take off to celebrate festivals. Its wheels spin around the central rod, dashing all …Continue Reading

An Easy Trick to Make Glass Invisible

The small trick that makes glass disappear right before your eyes uses glycerol whose refractive index is similar …Continue Reading

Smartphone-controlled Microfarming System

Students at MIT develops a soil-free smart micro farming system that spray a nutrient mist periodically based on …Continue Reading

Artworks Painted out of Smoke in Empty Bottles

The artist uses cotton buds to create beautiful and intricate images by sweeping the layer of soot on …Continue Reading

Insanely Detailed Paintings on Tiny Pieces of Food

A Turkish artist draws incredibly detailed and beautiful scenery of his Istanbul home on tiny pieces of food …Continue Reading

Power-storing Wires

Bulky batteries have been stand in the way of developing small lightweight electronic devices, so getting rid of …Continue Reading

Field Hammock

A nice place to watch the world cup and feel free with its slight sways, just like a …Continue Reading

Amusing Characters “Hiding” in Everyday Objects

Have you ever imagined that every object around you is actually a character? A French artist reveals the …Continue Reading

Iron Man Cardboard Sculpture

Cardboard-made life-size iron man and other characters made by a student are astonishingly intricate.

Tilt Tableware

After tapering the bottom of tableware, the designer adds a good looking cross-axis-shaped steel cable and cork to …Continue Reading

Doctor Fish for Clothes

A crowd of ‘doctor’ fish eats the dead skin of your feet, so does this washing machine clean …Continue Reading

The Tube Glows When The Drip-solution Runs out

For those transparent and hard-to-spot IV fluids, it’s nice to have a specially designed dropper that lights up …Continue Reading

Surreal Illustration Peels Cities off Earth’s Crust

Artistic and surreal illustrations peeling coats off a dog, a cat and even the earth, digging mines on …Continue Reading

1,000mph Rocket Car

The vehicle with carbon-fiber monocoque, aluminium frame and wheels will attempt to hit speeds of 1,000 mph sometime …Continue Reading

Self-cleaning Water-repelling Spray

The chemical and aerosol free spray transforms fabric into waterproof and self-cleaning texture and remains the clothing’s breathability, …Continue Reading

Embroidered Landscapes & Plants

Beautiful landscapes and plants artworks that are created using embroidery, yarn and wool, appear to have the texture …Continue Reading

Creepy Coin Eating Bank

Instead of those still, dull coin banks, the Face Bank gobbles the coin when it’s close to it. …Continue Reading

Banana-shaped Caution Cones

It’s a common view that banana peels are slippery and we couldn’t be more careful when coming across …Continue Reading

Water Powered Hoverboard

This water powered board allows you to surf the sky, making the summer vacation even more exciting!