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Intricate 3D-printed “Desk Toys”

The miniature version of the Dutch artist Theo Jansen’s large beasts with multiple legs that automatically move around …Continue Reading

Adorable Backup Battery with Changeable Expressions

When it loses its power, the battery guy will turn its lovely smiling face into a frowning sad …Continue Reading

Innovative Pot with An Interlayer

The inter-layer between the protective pot and the basic pot holds up any picture printed, giving the pot …Continue Reading

Formidable Bionic Conceptual Airplanes

Formidable and awesome transportation vehicles are usually seen in movies, so are these bionic conceptual airplanes. Despite their …Continue Reading

An ArmChair with A Red Hood

If you love to take a nap in a warm and cozy sofa with a soft blanket wrapping …Continue Reading

A Pocket-size Portable Robotic Printer

Devices around us have changed a lot during these years, but not the printer. Thanks to this Kickstarter …Continue Reading

Folding Knife and Spork

This colorful plastic folding knife and spoon & fork is flimsy and multi-functional, very convenient a carry-on cutlery.

Cool Snail-shaped Electric Motorcycle

In the movie Turbo, the snail runs rather fast, so is this snail-shaped electric motorcycle. Being the first …Continue Reading

3D-printed Eyeglasses for Intuitive Bookmarking

Three students of the RCA and Imperial College’s joint Innovation Design Engineering course have designed a 3d-printed eyeglasses …Continue Reading

the Flying Hedgehog

Playful photographs of cute interactions of a cute hedgehog with everyday things are so imaginative and adorable.

Wearable Thermo-power Strip

Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have developed a fiberglass strip that can …Continue Reading

A Watch Designed for Blind People

There are no numbers on the watch, only two metal balls that are embedded in two circular grooves …Continue Reading

An Adorable Hedgehog Wears Illustrated Masks

This pygmy hedgehog named Marutaro owes an adorable face and is good at making funny expressions. Look at …Continue Reading

Inflatable Pillow That Looks Like An Accordion

A remote-controlled inflatable pillow that allows the chest or legs or neck to be raised in a cozy …Continue Reading

Ears for The Surface Tablets

The shape of auricles notably amplify sound coming out of the Surface tablets once they are attached to …Continue Reading

A Compact Consumer 3D Printer

This tiny hollow cubic shaped machine is an easy-to-use and affordable consumer 3D printer that saves the space …Continue Reading

Smartphone Batteries That Recharges in 30 Seconds

This newly developed smartphone battery recharges in only 30 seconds thanks to its primer compound of chemically synthesized …Continue Reading

An Umbrella with A Cup on Top

A slight optimization to get rid of the fuss when rainwater flowing along the umbrella to the floor …Continue Reading

Flying Fire-breathing Dragon

For Game of Thrones or The Hobbits fans, this flying fire-breathing R/C dragon has a nine-foot wingspan, with …Continue Reading

Wine Packaged in Paint Bucket

Cool wine package for a batch of new red wines produced annually by the Beaujolais region of France …Continue Reading

Famous Paintings’ Pop Style Make-over

The artist reproduces famous fine art paintings in a pop culture way by inserting characters such as Marge …Continue Reading

Dragon Hoodie

Stylish hoodie with its detachable tail and escape claws will transform you into a Dragon immediately.

Keep Your Glasses in Place!

If you wear glasses, you must know how distracting and frequency it slides down your nose, specially when …Continue Reading

Cute Animation Shot with Regular Office Objects

The artist uses regular office objects thumbtacks and rubber bands to create this cute stop-motion tells a short …Continue Reading

Anti-falling Balance Shoes

Specially designed for elders or people who may easily lose their balance, B-Shoe automatically drive itself back using …Continue Reading

This Kangaroo Robot is Cute!

The German group Festo has been secretly working on a robotic kangaroo for the past two years, emulating …Continue Reading

‘Magic Hand’ for Operating Touchscreens

If you’re wearing gloves or have long nails, it is just not convenient to operate touchscreens. Google Japan …Continue Reading

Canvas Furniture

Appearing to be paintings leaning against the wall, these sofa, chair and armchair made of wood, metal and …Continue Reading

Adorable Fluffy Cows

Stylish cows with groomed and styled hair that live on Lautner Farms are cuter than pets, aren’t they? …Continue Reading

Matchstick Globe Sculpture

It took the sculptor two years to reproduce the world using individually-painted matchsticks. Every piece of “earth” as …Continue Reading

Solar Powered Cumulus Parasol

A Netherlands-based studio has introduced this unique cumulus parasol that self-inflates in sunshine and self-deflates in dim light …Continue Reading

Castles Etched on Single Grains of Sand

We see lots of castles built with countless grains of sand, however, a castle on a single grain …Continue Reading

Edible Water Bottle

“Ooho” is a simple and inexpensive blob-like edible water bottle that could replace the regular plastic packaging. Inspired …Continue Reading

Pin-Up Cats

Photography of adorable cats in sexy poses that look like beautiful pin-up girls may be a wonderful substitution …Continue Reading

Reflective Bicycle

The frame and fork of this bicycle will glow white under direct lights at night, while remains dark …Continue Reading

Crystal Clear Putty

Crystal clear putty that one can play with during the break time looks really like liquid glass and …Continue Reading

3D Sketching Pad & Pen

The collaboration of this pad and pen, together with augmented reality glasses enable you to sketch in three …Continue Reading

Crocheted Sweaters for Tortoises

An Australian artist knits adorable crocheted sweaters for tortoises to keep them warm and cozy and let them …Continue Reading

A Microscopic Sensor Turns Anything into A Camera

Anything and everything around you could be capable of capturing images with the help of this microscopic lens-free …Continue Reading

Pen Cases Appear to Be Three Dimensional

Bold and eye-catching, with a little illustrations, the usually boring pen cases are turned into “fake” three dimensional …Continue Reading

Paper Architecture

These magnificent three-dimensional paper architectures are miniature replicas of famous buildings, towers, bridge, etc. The integration of complex …Continue Reading

Famous Quotes’ Illustrations

A Toronto-based web and graphic designer turns inspirational and wisdom quotes from famous figures into beautiful, minimalist and …Continue Reading

A Bike That Can Rides on Soft Surfaces

With an additional wheel on the front wheel, this unique bike rides smoothly on soft surfaces like sand …Continue Reading

3D-printed Adapter to Make An Easy-clean Whisk

A whisk is a small gadget that one use to blend powders and eggs or milk or other …Continue Reading

A Unicorn Mask for Your Dog

Adorable accessory for your dog that wanna be a unicorn or for you who wish to have a …Continue Reading

A Caf茅 That Looks Like A Giant Vintage Camera

“Dreaming Camera Coffee Shop” in the Yangpyeong County, east of Seoul is built by a former air-force helicopter …Continue Reading

16 Examples of Japanese Lovely Stuff

Lovely stuff make people happy, here’re 16 examples of Japanese lovely stuff selected out by Kaboomi Studio, representing …Continue Reading

Miniature Wooden Figures Playing around The Streets

The bigger isn’t always the better. These small sculptures of wooden figures are cut out and painted to …Continue Reading

Healthy Food Art Creations

The artist spent 4 hours to create seven lovely images made of healthy vegetables that depict the start …Continue Reading