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Miniature Makeup Dressers

The photography creates beautiful scenes and landscapes directly onto the face of a model using miniature figures that …Continue Reading

Fantastic House Built for Cats

The owner spent a whopping US$35,000 to rebuild his house into a feline wonderland for his 18 pet …Continue Reading

Turn Your iPhone into a 3D Camera&Viewer

This lens uses mirrors to capture two photos at slightly different angles and your eyes each see different …Continue Reading

Shortcuts Photoshop Keyboard

It’s a keyboard for Photoshop, with 319 keys and 372 functions, it covers almost every shortcut and normal …Continue Reading

Cat Furniture

If there were a planet ruled by cats, it would be built like this. Climbing poles, suspended platforms …Continue Reading

Movable Wireless LED

This interactive, transparent low voltage lighting unit can be moved around within a transparent panel which allows it …Continue Reading

Kinetic Sculptural Orrery

This mechanical model of the solar system with a clear, acrylic orb representing the sun and several “planets” …Continue Reading

Scented Breakfast Necklaces

A mouth-watering display of breakfast, these necklaces look and smell like the food they appear to be. Perfect …Continue Reading

Robotic Termite Workers

Termites are the best construction works, they are born to complete their colony without any training, organizations or …Continue Reading

Landscapes within Alphabet

A 19th century lithographer transforms alphabet into a series of beautiful landscapes and the original files are buried …Continue Reading

Incredible Animal Sculptures Made of Hair

A Japanese pop artist uses hair weaves and wire in addition to the models’ mane to create vivid …Continue Reading

Animated Pixel GIFs of Scenes from Iconic Movies

Interesting 8-bit pixel gifs reproduce familiar scenes from iconic movies are cute!

An iPhone Case That Sends Smoke Signals

Get prepared to embrace a new way of communication using iPhone out of old technology that’s been around …Continue Reading

NANOTIPS for Common Gloves

It is a “nail enamel” integrated with nanotechnology for common gloves which are transformed into styluses when the …Continue Reading

Bizarre Toy Parts Made Portraits

Amused or disturbed, how do you feel about these bizarre portraits at the first glance? Using dismembered plastic …Continue Reading

Multi-panel Door That Flips over to Open/Close

A brand new outlook of something we call “a door”, its multi-panel structure allows itself to flip over …Continue Reading

Food Earrings

Polymer clay made jewelries that appears as sweet desserts which look good enough to eat!

Cucumber Spiral Slicer

Interesting and fun, this gadget cuts thin and spiral slices of cucumber or zucchini in no minute with …Continue Reading

Imaginative Fruit&Vegetable Alphabet Illustrations

Inspired by the first letter of the English word of fruits and vegetables, the artist draws adorable Fruit&Vegetable …Continue Reading

3D Printed Roses for The Valentine’s Day

Any ideas for the coming Valentine’s Day? A bundle of custom 3D printed roses which never wilt may …Continue Reading

Hack A 3D Printer into An Air Hockey Robot

If you are bored of your repeatedly-printing 3D printer, you may spend some time to follow the instructions …Continue Reading

Rechargeable LED Cork

A rechargeable LED cork that turns empty bottles into lamp that shows the beauty of simplicity. The tail …Continue Reading

Gold Nanomesh That Makes Transparent Flexible Electronics

Newly created material gold nano mesh made of nanowire may be perfect for transparent flexible electronic devices such …Continue Reading

Creative Small Drawings

An artist draws a series of creative and interesting pictures that integrates with small and common everyday objects, …Continue Reading

Drum Pants

It’s cool to have your pants work as an instrument, this wearable drum kit can be attached to …Continue Reading

Kungfu Breakfast made by Bruce Lee

Jump kicking the cap off a carton of milk, karate chopping a banana in half, stomping cereal out …Continue Reading

Colorized old photos

Old famous black & white photos have been colorized by artist to restore a true and interesting history. …Continue Reading

Pizza-scented Perfume

Demeter has released a pizza-scented perfume for people who love smelling pizza and gives them “tomato sauce, creamy …Continue Reading

Fast Food Kitchen Carved from Wood

You may often dinner at a fast food restaurant and be familiar with the outlay of its kitchen, …Continue Reading

Illustrations on Stones&Skulls

A French graphic designer uses river stones and a found skull to create these innovative illustrations that are …Continue Reading

A Bicycle&Table Hybrid That Generates Power

By pedaling the bicycle, an adult can generate 100 watt electricity that is enough to power one’s laptop. …Continue Reading

Cool Functional Garments

To combat with the extreme climate, a fashion designer has designed a collection of five garments with individual …Continue Reading

Rollerblade/Scooter Hybrid

A new means of transportation and exercise, this hybrid rollerblade and scooter thing works just as roller sports, …Continue Reading

iMac Beds for Pets

Recycled iMac computers have been transformed into comfortable colorful beds for pets like kittens, small dogs and cats. …Continue Reading

Remarkably Colored Tattoos

Vibrant colors have been used onto the skins to create these beautiful colored tattoos. Themed with animals, flowers …Continue Reading

Coffin Art

Giana’s coffin art dates up to 1945, which is a relatively new custom that making colorful and figurative …Continue Reading

Work Bed

Wooden desk that can be flipped into a comfortable bed may save space and help you to relax …Continue Reading

Makeup Drawings

A Chinese artist and architect draws beautiful and poetic landscapes, portraits and small scenes on paper to celebrate …Continue Reading

Weight-loss Balloon

A new weight-loss device which decreases the patients’ appetite by swallowed into one’s stomach and inflated to form …Continue Reading

Blink to Change Channels

Designed for quadriplegic patients or people who love to add some magic to their life, it’s a type …Continue Reading

Adorable Power Outlets Bunkers

This collection of miniature Japanese Screen Doors perfectly hides power outlets on the wall, leaving it beautiful and …Continue Reading

Guinea Pig’s Armor

Isn’t lovely to a arm your adorable guinea pig with this helmet and armor?

Kinetic Sculpture with An Illusion of Rotating Head

A Swiss artist uses metal panel silhouettes to create a kinetic sculpture that form an illusion of rotating …Continue Reading

Old Books’ New Lookings

An artist adds twisted wires as the old book’s limbs and puts the little book guy into amusing …Continue Reading

An Ancient Book That Can Be Read in Six Ways

Even at nowadays, it is still hard to imagine that a book has six completely different ways to …Continue Reading

Incredible Skull Carved from A Geode

This life-size skull is entirely carved from amethyst and agate crystals that glow in blues and purples and …Continue Reading

New Ridiculously Imaginative Playgrounds

This Danish design firm keeps constructing new playgrounds that appear in dramatic and fantastic ways for kids. You …Continue Reading

The Story Pages Turned into Book Sculptures

Inspired by the materials themselves, an artist turns the paper pages into 3D dimensional sculptures that tell the …Continue Reading

A Watch with An Entire Planetarium

Integrated with a miniature solar system, the six planets actually rotate around the sun in real time. This …Continue Reading

Sugar-fueled Battery

Researchers at Virginia Tech University have found a way to use sweet sugar as the fuel to generate …Continue Reading