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W.O.W鈥擬inivan for dog

This new W.O.W is actually better one for dogs. Its front and rear sliding doors on the either …Continue Reading

Shadow cup

Are there two shadows of the cup? NO, what you see is not what you get. Actually the …Continue Reading

Wall clock remind you of Global Warming

Just change the standard dial hand into the words of 鈥淚t鈥檚 about time, you did something aobut Global …Continue Reading

Dual-resolution touch display

Microsoft鈥檚 Surface is a fantastic computer, except for its price. But, recently, researchers from National Taiwan University have …Continue Reading

Pocket screwdriver

This gonna be a good alternative for standard screwdriver. At least, it鈥檚 better than coin.

DARPA鈥檚 urban challenge finished

IN this year鈥檚 challenge, Carnegie Mellon is the final winner who won the $2 million, Stanford finished second …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

Obviously from the picture, this human-shaped thing is a gadget used for kitchen. You know what is it …Continue Reading

Foldable mini car for rental

MIT researchers are developing a new stylish mini CITY CAR. Six to eight folded and stacked City Cars …Continue Reading

Secret code clock

It seems like that there are many mysterious words on the dial plate. When the hour hand come …Continue Reading

Aircraft mouse

This aircraft mouse is pretty cool.

Line chair

This chair from Brodie Neill is just like a curve line, which makes it looks elegant.

Underwater plane?

DARPA have developed this new fin which could simulate the swimming way dolphin. It is said that, by …Continue Reading

Label Mouse Printer from Casio

If you like the Egg-shaped printer, but do not have more space for extra device, you might like …Continue Reading

Flamless USB lighter

This lighter do not generate any flame. But, it could still create heat by resistance coils. Just, it …Continue Reading

Y-shaped pen

This Y shaped pen is a ergonomic one. The unique design allows the pen to support the weight …Continue Reading

Eclipse Office Partitioning System

With several odd foldable hoods, you could have a personal space. The hoods could even change different color …Continue Reading

Rotating skate

The odd rotating wheels allow users to ride more freely. For instance, you can have a crab-style sideway …Continue Reading

Robotic sheep

This robotic sheep of Edogawa Kyotei boat race course in Tokyo is actually a ticket eater. With the …Continue Reading

Airboard snow boyboard

Bend over the airboard which could be inflated in 2 minutes, you could swoop down just like a …Continue Reading

Piano CD

Play CD with a piano? It is a brilliant idea. I like it.

3D elastic digital clock

This is actually a kinetic sculpture, showing the times as relief impression on stretchy fabric.

Flip-flop tells DO NOT FOLLOW ME

Engrave some words under the shoe, then, when you walking on the beach, you gonna leave footprints which …Continue Reading

Bathmat with 鈥榙rips鈥

As is known, bathmat is prepared for wet floor. But, what about a bathmat with so many drips …Continue Reading

Ceramic memo board

This elegant design is more eco-friendly than normal memo board. You write anything you like on it.

Angled shelf

If you wanna put other thing on the bookshelf, you might need bookends. But with the unique angled …Continue Reading

USB Ferris Wheel Phone Stand

If you鈥檙e boring of the phong ring, you might like this cute gadget. It could start rotating while …Continue Reading

Gun camera

Newburgh Police department is going to seick cameras on the barrels of cops鈥檚 guns. They gonna record audio …Continue Reading

Dog clip

Actually paper clips could be any form you like except for the normal shape. Look, this is one …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

I can tell you, it鈥檚 a fingertip. But what about the weird nick? What do you think?

Interactive dynamic window

This is good idea for you to deal with jet lag. It could be adjust to change the …Continue Reading

Zen dolphin

This animated dolphin lighted by blue LED could relax you better in darkness. Plus, it鈥檚 natural ocean and …Continue Reading

Illuminous wheel

This wired gadget could make your car more attractive, it could display preloaded images while rotating.

Umbrella coat

This rain protector is apparently the combination of umbrella and raincoat. Although it is not a good idea …Continue Reading

Real levitating lamp

Designed by Angela Jansen, the top of this levitating lamp could be floating in the air. You don鈥檛鈥 …Continue Reading

Multi-legs rocking chair

As is known, rocking chair has no supporting leg. But, this weird one has ten legs but could …Continue Reading

Charger holder

Just hang it on the plug, you can have a surface to hold your device.

Vegetable solar lamp

Absorbing sunshine at the daytime, and then release light at night, this lamp is not just shaped in …Continue Reading

Glacier melted on a cup

The glacier picture at the out layer of the mug is created with heat sensitive ink. So, when …Continue Reading

Plastic Bottles hanger

Plug two plastic bottles into the hanger, it gonna be a recyclable gadget. In addition, the wide surface …Continue Reading

Hole towel

Just a simple hole in a towel gonna give you extra convenience, especially for women.

Use your car as a game controller

With the unique Park to Play system, all the button and steer wheel gonna be game controller. How …Continue Reading

Hand-shaped holder

This flexible arm is actually a gadget holder. All the fingers are flexible to adjust different gadgets.

Yang sofa

This sofa is combined by four parts. Each part is totally the same to others. They could be …Continue Reading

Bat cloth-peg

This bat-shaped cloth-peg must be a good gadget to hang your Halloween clothes.

Egg scoop

Sure, it鈥檚 a odd scoop with a bend handle. But, it gonna be a good thing for cooking …Continue Reading

Blocks calendar

Assembling these blocks in the right way, you gonna be manual calendar. If you wanna have the same …Continue Reading

Get power from shirt

Austrilia鈥檚 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is working on a new project aiming to generate power …Continue Reading

Rocking stool

You might like a rocking chair, so, what about a rocking stool without the back? I think this …Continue Reading

5 o’clock clock

With a single 5 on it, this clock might be more elegant than a normal one.

USB blender alarm clock

This blender-shaped clock could wake you up by its odd noise. I don鈥檛 know whether it could be …Continue Reading