Lumir light

This light could be mounted on the glass to enlight you room and balcony.

Hyposurface dancing display

Made from fabric and plastic, this display could give you magic image. It is driven by mechanical pistons …Continue Reading

Auto cellphone

This phone allows you to call your friends with a car. It鈥檚 really funny.

Corner pot

Put a pot at the corner, you and your flowers could get more space.

Multi-functional shelf

This shelf could be used as desk or bookshelf totally depend on you favor.

Claw glove

You can have more happiness by using this glove while digging.

Interactive apeture mirror

Designed by fr茅d茅ric eyl and gunnar green from the University of the Arts Berlin, this weird wall is …Continue Reading

Oasis Portable Humidifier

This humidifier could give you a comfortable environment without any power. Plus, it could also filter air by …Continue Reading

Crush mat

Hey, what happened? Why is this guy crushed under the glass? It鈥檚 a funny mat.

Weird Plastic frog

Hey, you know what is this frog use for? Just come in鈥

Hillary nutcracker

Just put the nut in the middle of Hillary鈥檚 two legs, and then press, you gonna have delicious …Continue Reading

USB stone

Implanting flash memory into a real stone, you gonna have the coolest stone storage.

Clock drain

Put a clock into the drain to stop water, you can feel time while washing. [source]

UNI concept PC

This concept PC allows you to change any unit easily. You can assemble a computer just by plugging …Continue Reading

Le Arc Wine holder

This wine holder uses a single curve to support a bottle of wine and its balance is exiting.

SIGGRAPH 2007 Emerging Technologies

As the most important CG conference in the world, SIGGRAPH always give us surprise especially in it鈥檚 Emerging …Continue Reading

I love U photo frame

This frame could be the best expression of your love. Putting the picture of you tow, it gonna …Continue Reading

Mr. Lick mug

Hey, this guy like to lick your mug. It鈥檚 really funny.

Eyeball telescope

The smallest telescope invented by Dr. Isaac Lipshitz could be embedded in eyeball to fix some vision problems.

Robotic Flea

This robot, which is 10cm long and 8g weight, could jump like a flea. With the mercury-deteting sensors …Continue Reading

Sandglass nightlight

If you need light before sleeping, but still afraid of power waste, you gonna like this light. It …Continue Reading

Link Mugs

These mugs could easily be linked by the grooves. In this way, you can take many mugs with …Continue Reading

Fire-fighting robotic bug

This bug named OLE could fight and report forest fire. When it sense danger, it will retract legs …Continue Reading

Clip pencil

Clipping graphite in it, this pencil could save much wood.

FourFour PizzaGrills

This beautiful grill has 4 mini pans which allow you to cook four pizza at once. Plus, the …Continue Reading

3D display in the mid-air

By heating up the oxygen and nitrogen molecules: up to 1,000 brilliant dots per second, this new display …Continue Reading

Flexible battery

Researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute claim that they have developed a flexible battery. It could use paper embedded …Continue Reading

Watercone 鈥攅asily get freshwater from ocean

This weird gadget gonna help you get some freshwater by evaporating salt or brackish water.

Bike vending system

If you wanna take bike to riding on country road, but do not have any bike with you, …Continue Reading

Display your expensive high-heels on the wall

Just plug the heels into the holes you can still display your expensive shoes on the wall. It鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Foggy flower

This humidifier could make your house more beautiful and while you adding water it just like a plant.

Transparent toilet?

You can see others from inside of the restroom, but others won鈥檛 see you from outside, so don鈥檛 …Continue Reading

Cima ladder

Actually ,any daily gadget could be innovative just like this cima ladder. It鈥檚 pretty beautiful. Plus, made from …Continue Reading

Cellphone for spiderman

Hey, you can answer you cellphone just by flicking your wrist. The people seeing your action might think …Continue Reading

Bent board into bowl

This bowl is transformed from a small sheet of birch plywood. You can take it easily.

Omni-directional treadmill

Thanks to the sensor, we can walk in any direction rather than one way on this treadmill. Although …Continue Reading

Thekla plate

While not using this plate could serve as a table cloth. If you wanna take it? Just carry …Continue Reading

Bruce barbecue grill

This grill could be used in balcony, it very convenient.

Book vase

Grow plants at the back of your book, it will be greener.

Ceramic concept mouse

This mouse is manufactured with an ABS body covered in a thin ceramic veneer. Plus, it鈥檚 bud-shaped button …Continue Reading

Omni-directional wheels

This wheel could let you drive in any direction within 360 degree.

Upside-down book holder

Lazy men gonna like this gadget. But I think they gonna be lazier.


You can drive this hoverboard just like skateboard. The board can support a 250lb fat ass, up to …Continue Reading

Mountain hook

You can hook your coat on mountains. It鈥檚 pretty cool.

Chair suitcase

Taking a suitcase like this, you can sit on it wherever you are.

Circle melon cutter

You can cut melon into many average pieces jut by one cut. It鈥檚 very helpful.

Gun comb

Hey, use a gun to do up your hair, it鈥檚 pretty cool.

Frame with real fruits

This bowl has a extra frame which could make it like a real photo.

Scarf with a hat

With the help of the hidden hat, this scarf gives you extra protection in wind.

Rainbow projector

This gadget could project rainbow on your wall, so that you gonna feel like in a magic world.