Skating bike

Hey, if you like to riding bike, you gonna like this weird thing. It give you chance to …Continue Reading

Power plant on you back

This weird backpack strap could transform the stress between your back and pack into power by the help …Continue Reading

Make your photo moving

This program named MotionPortrait could transform a regular 2D picture into a 3D one and let it move …Continue Reading

Urban cup holder

Hey, if you are too lazy to hold a cup, you might need this odd gadget. You can …Continue Reading

Floating words

Just speak to the microphone, you gonna see some words floating in the water. It鈥檚 a magic thing. …Continue Reading

Nosepound鈥攎ake you more elegant while blowing

This handkerchief has an extra pocket in the middle, so you will still be a handsome guy even …Continue Reading

Impression Crockery

This bowl have a extra surface for spoon or something else. But, I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 a good …Continue Reading

HANG hooks

After seeing these hooks, you gotta know where to hang your coat.

Bullet Proof baby stroller

You know what? This stroller could protect your baby from shooting. You don鈥檛 believe? Video after the jump

Brain word puzzle

You should work hard on this word puzzle, because it is related to brain.

Mr. P notepaper

Hey, you know whatm, I don鈥檛 know what to say, but Mr.P is always funny. Plug a pen …Continue Reading

Twin bookshelf

This bookshelf is inspired from the two sides of Istanbul, Asian and European, and the bridges connecting them.

108 time box

This time box is actually a calendar. You can use it just like tissues. Moreover, every sheet is …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

A weird black funnel-shaped gadget? Do you know what is it used for?

Miracle tube which could create energy

As is shown in the picture below, this miracle tube from US based company Ecowatts could give you …Continue Reading

Book hanger

Hang your book on this rack, your books and magazines gonna be like floating in the air.

Arc calendar

Slide the slipping part to fit for date. This gadget could also be a stylish adornment.

Zeno robot

David. Hanson and his group of engineers have developed this robot which could engage in conversation and convey …Continue Reading

Flowerpot need no water care

This flowerpot could suck water from the laver underneath.

Snail-shaped coffee machine

This stylish coffee machine could give you more happiness while cooking. All functionality issues aside, this product looks …Continue Reading

Interactive Fire Extinguisher

This interactive uses a LED screen and a Laser extinguisher to simulate the real fire. It gonna be …Continue Reading

Giant LED skyscreen in Beijing

This gigantic LED skyscreen is located in a retail center in Beijing. It is 250m long and 30m …Continue Reading

Better school desk

You molded desk could be a better alternative for school. You can change any part easily.

Storage elevator

You can storage sundries on this platform without using any extra space.

Teapot toaster

This toaster gonna give hot tea/milk/coffee at the same time.

Wave cabinet

This cabinet must attract you by its unique design. You can also put your little gadgets in the …Continue Reading

Portable speaker without using power source

You can just plug your earbuds into this speaker to have a better sound. It could enlarge the …Continue Reading

Mikado bookshelf

This shelf is made of several sticks. Although not a regular one, it is still attractive.

Street surfer bike

Replace the single front wheel with a four wheels base, your riding experience gonna be more stable. And …Continue Reading

Mouse for presentation

If you ofen prepare for presentations, you gonna like this mouse. This mouse with a number pad could …Continue Reading

Looking for octopus legs

This weird design forces you to find empty plastic bottles for the octopus. Your kids gonna have more …Continue Reading

Another music touch panel

This music touch panel could give you more pleasure. It just like a electronic game.

Control robot by your sound via internet

Robert Oschler has post a video of his system for controlling robot by sound. Plus, you can even …Continue Reading

Super Mario toy

You still remember super Mario? Then you might like these two sound toy.

Linking furniture

This series of furniture could be assembled totally depending on your favor. You can have your personal house …Continue Reading

Robot powered by rat heart

South Korean researchers from Nano/Micro System Laboratory at Seoul National University have developed a new robot which is …Continue Reading

Velvet sofa

This unique design is made of single curve wood and is covered with a thin layer of polyurethane.

What鈥檚 this?

This is a weird palm with several holes. You know what is it used for?

Ice candle

Using this kind of candle, what you gonna feel? Cold or warm?

Slinky desk lamp

Two bulbs are connected by a spring. Both the base and the lamp light up for use as …Continue Reading

Thanko laptop stand

The new laptop fan stand could be adjusted to adapt your pose.

Light-detecting Insect Robot

This is a insect robot which could follow light source. This kind of robot is not weird, but …Continue Reading

DIY floating laptop dock

After using this floating dock, if you don鈥檛 want use your laptop, you can let it away by …Continue Reading

Ladder up to your bookcase

This ladder could be a decoration of your bookcase. Each step is a small shelf; you can display …Continue Reading

Cocoon tent

This weird gadget could hang you on the tree just like a cocoon. If you encounter extreme conditions …Continue Reading

Stylish SIXIXIS furniture

You think wood furniture is too boring? You won鈥檛 think so after checking out these ones.

DIY multi-touch screen

You like Surface from Microsoft? You can鈥檛 afford it? Then you might like this one. It only cost …Continue Reading

ReactOgon harmonic table

Hey, with this weird gadget, you might be the next Beethoven. Video after the jump

Sony Rolly

Can you image your digital player could dance? The new player from Sony might make you surprised. It …Continue Reading

Pet bottle

You can drink directly with a bottle. But, what about your pets? You can use this bottle with …Continue Reading