Toilet tunes

If you always get embarrassed when things get a little too loud in the bathroom, you might like …Continue Reading

Modular chair

You don鈥檛 need any hardware for assembly, just snap it together the chair gonna be OK.

Flying carpet chair

With a hidden supporter, this chair seems like flying in the air.

Egg-shaped shaker

This half egg is actually a shaker, the yolk is for pepper and the egg white is for …Continue Reading

Music comb

With different length, you can create the melody just by strumming the teeth of this comb.

Magic ring watch

Ring watch is not a innovation, but this one have a unique display manner. It has 1,400 metal …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

This is a set of plastic blocks. Although you don鈥檛 need to use them all at the same …Continue Reading

Using Chopping board like dustpan

With an extra handle and the latest technology in polypropylene living hinges, this chopping board could be folded …Continue Reading

Blowing umbrella

With the built-in LEDs, this umbrella is full of poetry.

Throwzini knife holder

This knife holder seems like a circus. But, be careful, don鈥檛 hurt the red guy!

LED jellyfish mood lamp

If you are bored of standard mood lamp, this one might be a good alternative. It has three …Continue Reading

Portable workstation

With this portable workstation, you could work anywhere with a foldable desk.

Using chopsticks with ease

If you always have trouble in using chopsticks, you might like this gadget. Just call the chopsticks kids …Continue Reading

Turkey cannon

Inject the liquid receipt into the cannon and then plug it into the turkey鈥檚 ass. You gonna have …Continue Reading

Cheap solar power from Nanosolar

Nanosolar, a Silicon Valley based company, has developed a new technology which could make the solar power much …Continue Reading

Pyramid clock

This clock is shaped like a pyramid. You could read time from its rotating.

Control computer with your mouse blowing

A student from Georgia Tech developed this system which allows you to control your computer just by blowing …Continue Reading

Shoe heater

Shaped like standard shoes, this device could make your shoes have a better smell in winter.

Equation bookshelf

It鈥檚 a interesting design. All the separators are shaped like parentheses, square brackets and braces.

In car PC

If you wanna your family to have a better travel experience, you might like this system. The company …Continue Reading

Bud clock

In order the read the time, you should take a bird鈥檚-eye view of this clock. Plus, it could …Continue Reading

Auto projection calibration which could track the display

Carnegie Mellon Univerisity鈥檚 Ph.D student Johnny Lee has working on this interesting project. It could project the same …Continue Reading

Concept wireless charger

The glowing ripples actually indicate the charger status. It gonna be OK once the light hit the birds …Continue Reading

Wireless pet doorbell

You could put these cute doorbelsl anywhere in your house. Once the button is pressed, they could sound …Continue Reading

Portable Supercooler

A 22-year-old student has developed this new cooling device whose cooilng capability is four times than normal ones. …Continue Reading

[Video] Earthrise& Earthset

This video reveal the earthrise and earthset on the moon. It is provided by the Japan Aerospace Exploration …Continue Reading

4D Holograms

Researchers from University of Calgary in Alberta created a 4-D hologram generated by a new medical research tool …Continue Reading

Tok Tak Plug MP3 player

You gotta think someone is really crazy by just wearing a earphone. But she/he might be using this …Continue Reading

Baked annual report

As is known, annual report is boring for most people. But if you could first bake it in …Continue Reading

LED candle

If you don鈥檛 like the flavor of normal candles, this LED one might be better for you. It …Continue Reading

USB hut alarm clock

This is actually a two-in-one clock which could also be a alarm clock while adding USB port.

Besom chair

With a besom-shaped chair, this must be an eyeball-attractive one.

Gloves for lovers

By wearing this pair of gloves, lovers could always hold hand with each other.

Robotic suitcase

This suitcase could always follow the user with the help of built-in detector. What you should do is …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

This gadget is made from stainless steel. Different from standard board, it has several slots. Do you know …Continue Reading

Magnetix I-coaster

The Magnetix I-coaster combines speed, high-tech design and magnetism into one package. With the magnetic track, all the …Continue Reading

Robotic guitar from Gibson

This is a fantastic guitar, which could turn the tuning by itself. What you should do it to …Continue Reading

Wall hanger

This hanger could be hidden in the wall while not using. So, you could save more spaces.

TV packaging stand

This must be the most eco-friendly package which could be reassembled into a TV stand. Video demonstration after …Continue Reading

Melody road in Japan

Do you believe that a road could play music? This road in Japan which is cut into several …Continue Reading

Heat-sensitive flower for bath tub

The color of this flower could be changed from a light pink to deep purple according to the …Continue Reading

Music pillow

With a built-in speaker, this pillow could provide music for the dozer. In this way you won鈥檛 be …Continue Reading

Volkswagen Viseo

With a large glass surface area completely covered in a flexible OLED film, this concept car could provide …Continue Reading

Easy grip spatula

With this gadget you could flip, turn and easily grab whatever you鈥檙e cooking, especially for omelettes.

Funny toothpick set

These funny animals could hold tooth pick for you with their teeth.

Best jewelry for wemen

Hey ladies, you wanna men to yield to you? Then you must like these jewelries.

Timer for chicken

Shaped like cheeseburger, redeye and Coca Cola, these timer is the best timer for chicken.

Dustpan with a built-in vacuum

After sweeping the larger debris onboard, the built-in vacuum could suck the dirt in. In this way, your …Continue Reading

Roller suit with 31 wheels

Designed by a French student Jean-Yves Blondeau,this suit must be the craziest roller gadget. With 31 wheels around …Continue Reading

Sport Bin

You wanna some happiness while working, so you gonna like this bin. It鈥檚 unique L-shaped design allows you …Continue Reading