Sexy sorapot teapot

By using a teapot like this, you could watch the shadow of your tealeaves. It鈥檚 an elegant one!


With the rolling design, this solar cell gonna be more portable. Moreover, it could receive more light with …Continue Reading


If you like to buy many heavy staff from supermarket, you gotta like this.

Laptop guitar

This weird guitar is made by musician/geek Ben. He combines a laptop with a electric guitar. Video after …Continue Reading

Several animal robot

These robots are all bionic ones. They could mimic animal to finish some unique tasks. Video after the …Continue Reading

Transparent LED cylinder display

This transparent device is from the Inter BEE 2007.It could display image by the rotating of built-in LED …Continue Reading

Switch cruet

You could switch between salt and pepper by pressing the button. It鈥檚 a perfect idea!

Cooling mouse

After longtime using mouse, your hand might be moist. Just turn on the mouse鈥檚 fan, you gonna have …Continue Reading

Cat鈥檚 bathroom

This bathroom allows you to collect cat鈥檚 poop easily. You could click here to watch the Flash.

Disc-shaped Office gadgets set

With the built-in magnet, you could lock these gadget together, just like a disc.

MC mallet

By cutting the wooden flat into many pieces, this mallet could be a good toy for your kids.

Two innovative cups

The first one is actually a pair cups for lovers. They could be combined into one espresso.

Napkin Notebook

This is actually a two-in-one notebook which allows you to write your idea any time without taking a …Continue Reading

Emotional lamps

These two lamps could express emotion just like human by detecting the surroundings. In this video they are …Continue Reading

Dancing flower

Just plug your music device into this flower, it gonna dance with the tone of the built-in speaker. …Continue Reading

Nail cushion

With this cushion which could fit for various nail diameters, your working gonna be easier and your fingers …Continue Reading


This is a romantic wetness indicator. Just plug it into the soil, it could test the wetness every …Continue Reading

Sliding double chair

These two chairs could be separated sliding on the base. It鈥檚 a interesting design.

Glowing chair

While in the dark, this chair could be glowing to indicate its position.

TIWE watch

You might think this watch is also read by counting the white dots. But it has a smarter …Continue Reading

Cruet floating in the air

By using balloons, the cruets could float in the air. In this way, you could get salt and …Continue Reading

Fart-absorbing pad

If you鈥檙e afraid of embarrassed by your fart in public area, you gonna need this. Just put this …Continue Reading

Strange voice-controlled blender from MIT

You think MIT is always preparing to resolve the most difficult technology problem in the world? You are …Continue Reading

Hanging cup

If you always worry about the bacteria in your cup, you might like this gadget. With a separated …Continue Reading

I call me keychain

This keychain could exchange signal with your cellphone. It means that you could send signal to it when …Continue Reading

I-O DATA waterproof portable HDD

Although it is named of HDD, it store your data by a 16GB flash memory. Oh, the point …Continue Reading

One glass with two faces

With the 360 degree rotating frame and 180 rotating bows, this glass could be a Jekyll And Hyde.

Hand saw with a laser guider

Because of the laser guider, you gonna be more professional of sawing.

Amazon鈥檚 Kindle e-reader

Amazon has unveiled this e-reader named Kindle, which could read e-book, e-paper and even posts of blogs. With …Continue Reading

Waterbuoy–guarder of your keys

After submerged in water, the built-in balloon gonna be filled to make your keys floating on the water. …Continue Reading

Eco-friendly cake box

By using packed like this, you don鈥檛 need any small plastic gadget anymore.

Interactive virtual tutor

Scientist from Massey University has developed a new tutor which could react to the students by watching their …Continue Reading

R/C Vampire Bat

This gadget is really a good thing for kids. It is not only a R/C plane. It flaps …Continue Reading

NEC released world’s Thinnest Magnetic Sensor

As a important part of power and backlight switches in folding mobile pohnes and notebook computers, this world鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Sliding Welter Wall

With sliding c-wall this door could be a better way to hidden the inside room. It鈥檚 a perfect …Continue Reading

Cake USB hub

This must be the sweetest USB hub in the world.

Booksnap, scanning 500-pages per hour

The normal scanner is a good thing for transforming a standard book into a electronic one. But, you …Continue Reading

Toilet tunes

If you always get embarrassed when things get a little too loud in the bathroom, you might like …Continue Reading

Modular chair

You don鈥檛 need any hardware for assembly, just snap it together the chair gonna be OK.

Flying carpet chair

With a hidden supporter, this chair seems like flying in the air.

Egg-shaped shaker

This half egg is actually a shaker, the yolk is for pepper and the egg white is for …Continue Reading

Music comb

With different length, you can create the melody just by strumming the teeth of this comb.

Magic ring watch

Ring watch is not a innovation, but this one have a unique display manner. It has 1,400 metal …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

This is a set of plastic blocks. Although you don鈥檛 need to use them all at the same …Continue Reading

Using Chopping board like dustpan

With an extra handle and the latest technology in polypropylene living hinges, this chopping board could be folded …Continue Reading

Blowing umbrella

With the built-in LEDs, this umbrella is full of poetry.

Throwzini knife holder

This knife holder seems like a circus. But, be careful, don鈥檛 hurt the red guy!

LED jellyfish mood lamp

If you are bored of standard mood lamp, this one might be a good alternative. It has three …Continue Reading

Portable workstation

With this portable workstation, you could work anywhere with a foldable desk.