Rolling-up Light

This tape is light? Oh,please, it鈥檚 sooo weird. While you wanna some light, just stretch it and then …Continue Reading

AA battery powered car from Panasonic

Panasonic just show their new car which could run at the speed up to 100km/hr. Last year, some …Continue Reading

Flashlight for cop

Next time you join any parade, remember if any cop aiming flashlight at you, close your eyes, because …Continue Reading

Cellphone with 3 touchscreens

Are you still crazy with iPhone? Please take a look at this better cell. It has three touch …Continue Reading

Chair booster for kids

Put this four-leg gadget under the chair, your baby gonna have a better sitting experience.

Unique T-shirt

This is an AD T-shirt from Power House. It intends to tell you, losing weight is sooo easy, …Continue Reading

Climbing wall for Lilliput

This weird climbing wall is constructed of daily stuff. You can receive some extra experience while climbing鈥 just …Continue Reading

Collapsed Bookcase

It seems like this bookcase is collapsed. It鈥檚 totally a personal furniture.

Catch Back baseball game

Catch Back baseball game This unique game could help you training your baseball skill better. Video after the …Continue Reading

Human Battery charged by body heat

Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) is not a new concept. Because of the requirement of huge degree difference, it is …Continue Reading

Double displays in one watch

It seems like this is just a standard watch. But, if you press the button on the side …Continue Reading

Pendulum Pen holder

This weird gadget holds your ballpoint pen like a pendulum. Plus, its clock and notebook are all very …Continue Reading

Cute staple-free staplers

This cute thing is actually a stapler without using any staple. It cuts a small flap and a …Continue Reading

Carry your puppy around waist

Hey, have you considered taking your doggy in this funny away?

Flower lamp

Plug this lamp in your socket, its lighting filament is going to be shining like a colorful flower …Continue Reading

Your personal moon

This light makes you have a personal moon all belongs to you. It鈥檚 just like in a magic …Continue Reading

Inflate Chair skirt

Joo Youn Paek, the designer of Polite Umbrella, gives us another surprise. This skirt is made up of …Continue Reading

Animal envelop

Johnson Bank plants to sell these postage-paid air-mail envelopes in British. It鈥檚 just like standard envelopes while folding. …Continue Reading

Cute USB stick

Recently, CharacterKorea has presented its ‘Kambu’ character USB memory drive during Seoul Character Fair 2007. It鈥檚 sooooo cute.

Soft bowls

Made from outmoded hat blocks and 100% molded wool, these soft bowls could be good adornment.


This concept car is merely 4 meters long, which is easy to park. Although a little shorter, it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Polite Umbrella

This odd umbrella could avoid hitting others by pulling the handle. Video after the jump

Quarter clock

With the cutout number design, your clock could reveal the same color as the wall. Plus, it only …Continue Reading

Touching clock

This unique design is actually a clock. You can know the approximate time by touching the distance between …Continue Reading

Flexible flashlight with magnet

The wide stable base make sure this flashlight could stand on any flat surface, and its magnet base …Continue Reading

Separated LED alarm

You could put this (or these) LED alarm(s) freely based on its separated design.

Hand vein ID

Siemens and Fujitsu are working together on a biometric authentication. This system could recognize HAND VEIN PATTERNS as …Continue Reading

Small speaker generates big sound

Panasonic launched a new technology named Nano Bass Exciter, which could make small speakers create rich low-frequency sounds. …Continue Reading

Self-inflating solar airship

This weird airship could be inflated by solar within several minutes. It could even take you up to …Continue Reading

Egg-shaped label printer

This label printer from Casio is so convenient and cute. It鈥檒l print any TrueType font in your computer.

GPS watch for golfers

This GPS watch could display the green, bunker, hazard of each hall and yardage, which will be helpful …Continue Reading

Money monster

Feed this monster some money, it gonna be happy by moving eyes and ears. It鈥檚 sooo funny.

Marrakesh pendant lamp

This lamp could be assembled by many lattice depend on your preference. It is said that this design …Continue Reading

Depth-adjustable sink

By rolled up and down, the depth of this sink could be changed.

Rollerblades powered by gasoline

Driving this rollerblades, you can easily get a speed up to 20mph within seconds. Unfortunately, since there鈥檚 no …Continue Reading

Grow Gasoline from bacteria

LS9, a California-based company, claims that they could produce hydrocarbon chains from bacteria, including E. coli, which could …Continue Reading

Nauti Fan

Shaped like a nautilus shell, this light weight Nauti Fan is fairly fashionable. Its leggs allow it to …Continue Reading

Calculator mouse

This mouse allows you to calculate while operating computer. It鈥檚 a good idea.

Disable digital clock

How could a digital clock be disabled? Actually this clock could not stand by itself before you put …Continue Reading

Two ways Nightlighter

This nightlighter could give you extra light by using two down LEDs. In this way, you do not …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

A plastic bottle? But, why does it have this weird shape?

Suits for displays

This Tucano PJ Mac Screen Protection Cover is just like a suit for computer display, it鈥檚 handsome.

Flat light

At the first glare, this is a standard lamp. However, after seeing another picture, you gonna be surprised.

Crack nuts by twisting a tube

Put nuts in this tube and then twist it. The nuts gonna be cracked. This is the sexiest …Continue Reading

The Luigi spoon rest

Put your spoon in his hand, it鈥檚 elegant and full of poetry.

Weighting stool

This stool will display different color depending on the pressure. In other words, the color gonna be vary …Continue Reading

2-in-1 mouse

EzKEY launched this 2-in-1 mouse on TAITRONICS BANGKOK 2007. It will make it more convenient while input numbers.

Switcher hook

While you hang your coat on it, your switcher must be turned off.

Closet hooks

The hooks are hidden in the door while closing. Only when you open the door, they gonna be …Continue Reading

USB hub toy

You can change this USB hub into any shape you like. It鈥檚 not only a digital tool but …Continue Reading