Trunki case

Give your kids a case like this, she/he gotta be happy.

Bendable Interior Object

You can assemble these objects just like tangram. It鈥檚 a good idea.

Umbrella pot

Put your wringing umbrella into this pot. It could provide extra water for the plants.

Teeth controller

This device from Osaka University allows you to control electronic devices by the movements of your back teeth. …Continue Reading

Yamaha鈥檚 music touchscreen

This weird LED touch screen gives you a new chance to make music. You can just press the …Continue Reading

Lobster media player

You can assemble these modules totally depending on your need. Therefore, your media player will not have the …Continue Reading

Travel pillow

With this pillow, you can have enough rest on the plane.

Adjustable wall hook

This hook uses an L-shaped stick and a metal box to give you two ways of hooking clothes.

Fabric draft guard

This fabric draft offers double draft protection to prevent cold drafts from entering your house.

Shank stock

This pair of weird stocks could reveal your shank and point.

Prosthetic hand drives blue feeling away

You feel lonely? You feel blue? Just hold this prosthetic hand. It might give you some happiness.

Super storage from IBM

IBM Almaden research center claims that they have developed a new storage technology which could hold 1 bit …Continue Reading

Formable furniture

Made of interlocking pieces, this furniture could be changed into any shape totally depending on your favor.

The cart bike

By assembling shopping cart onto a bike, you gonna have a better shopping experience. Plus, you can be …Continue Reading

Eye test watch

This design is apparently based on the eye test. Therefore, in order to use this watch, you should …Continue Reading

Spin cargo

This gadget could replace parachute to drop things from plane.

What鈥檚 this?

You think it鈥檚 a baseball thing? Sure it isn鈥檛. Then, what is it used for?

Antennas blanket

With many flexible antennas around, this blanket could be in any shape depending on your favor.

Plate with a wine holder

This plate allows you to hold your wine glass without any inconvenience. It鈥檚 a smart design.

Tongue sucker

This sucker could help people to suck others鈥 tongue while they鈥檙e in coma to prevent they are strangle …Continue Reading

Hold toothpick with tooth

Shaped like a tooth, this toothpick could remind you of your dental chores.

Stylish rocking chair

This rocking chair is pretty cool. It must feel fantastic to sit on it.

Fruit stack

If you have this fruit stack, you can say goodbye to the fruit bowl. This gadget could save …Continue Reading

Rolling shelf

This shelf could give you extra height while you have higher things.

Flower light

This lamp could open and close like a flower. IN the evening the lamp gives feeling of safety …Continue Reading

LED cork

With a LED powered by battery hidden in it, the cork could make your wine more elegant. It鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Shelf light

By plugging in the socket, this shelf could also be a light at night.

Cycloc bike hook

This is really a smart design, you could hook your bike by its own weight. Additionally, it鈥檚 very …Continue Reading

Zen garden sink

This sink could be your garden with a extra channel. In this way, water could be used thoroughly.

Live your temperature on the chair

The surface of this chair is made from thermochromatic material. Therefore, you can leave your mark on it …Continue Reading

Transparent outdoor thermometer

This thermometer from Danish design company Rosendahl could be mounted on the glass. You could know the outdoor …Continue Reading

Sexy wine bottle

Just look at this picture, you gonna be attracted by this bottle. It鈥檚 pretty sexy.

World鈥檚 first in-ear RF receiver

This tiny in-ear RF receiver seems invisible while wearing. It is the world鈥檚 first in-ear RF receiver.

Cheap artificial leg

This is a winner of INDEX AWARD 2007, it support your move just by its own elasticity. Plus, …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

Weird stick with some branch. You know what is it used for?

Laser beam rifle

This laser beam rifle from TRW could be used like a normal rifle. It would burn a ratal, …Continue Reading

Emergency Money Box

Put your money in this box, you shouldn鈥檛 take them out if not in emergency.

Boozy lamp

You can have extra light while holding your wine.

Tie clip MP3 player

If you are in a suit, it seems not a good idea to wear a normal MP3 player. …Continue Reading

Mirror lamp

With the help of the mirror your lamp gonna be multi-faces.

Angled measuring cup

This cup could indicate the measurement while it鈥檚 inclined.

Semi-transparent touchscreen

Researchers from Microsoft and Mitsubishi are working on a semi-transparent touchscreen which allows you to operate computer by …Continue Reading

Lift car

You feel bad in traffic jam? This car jeep gonna give you broader view with the help of …Continue Reading

Hole punched picture

Steven Nicholson who is a 2yr student at Plymouth University invented this new picture which is punched by …Continue Reading

New pineapple slicer

Jut plug this slicer into the pineapple and twist it like a using screw. You gonna have delicious …Continue Reading

Geek clock

Can you read the time from this clock fulfilled with 9?

Abacus magnetic watches

This watch does not have any hand; it uses a single steel sphere inside the watch to indicate …Continue Reading

Billboard apartment

Hey, this billboard gives you a chance to live in a single apartment. It might that you could …Continue Reading

Bug gun

You wanna shoot the bug? NO, not a real gun. You can suck the bug into this gun …Continue Reading

Garlic Pro Dicer

If you are going to chop garlic, what will you do? Knife? No, forget about it. This gadget …Continue Reading