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Angel lamp with a desk hidden in it

This is a standard lamp shaped like a reading lamp. But, if you open the chimmey, it gonna …Continue Reading

Marie Louise lamp

This lamp is made from PMMA, and lighted by a fluorescent light. It is actually first cut into …Continue Reading

Static Electricity Powered light bulb

This light bulbcould be powered by static electricity. Next time you wanna reject the static power on your …Continue Reading

Play P-P-S with robot

鈥淜arfe Lady鈥, a humanoid robot developed by Japan鈥檚 Nippon Engineering College could play a game of 鈥淩ock-Paper-Scissors鈥 with …Continue Reading

Bulthaup Faucet: adjust all functions with only one hand one time

With the valve on the head, this brilliant design make you to adjust position , pressure and even …Continue Reading

Glowing purse

It is said that European women spend an average of 14.3 hours per year looking for object in …Continue Reading

Warm for your lover

Add a hand-shaped pocked on your shoulder, your lover鈥檚 hand gonna be warmer. Moreover, you should care yourself. …Continue Reading

Toilet paper rack with extra ones

If you have encounter the embarrassment, you gonna like this design. It could hold some extra ones. So, …Continue Reading

Desk beside the shelf

You gonna immediately enjoy the book you have choose on the desk beside the shelf. Plus, the declining …Continue Reading

Computer Armoire

Put your computer in this armoire, you worry about the mess computer desk.

Pyramid fruit bowl

Arrange fruits on this bowl, you gonna have a fruit pyramid on your coffee table.

360 degree laserball

This laserball could help you make you hang the picture or shelves straight at one time. It could …Continue Reading

The scooter computer desk

With three wheels, this unique scooter could be a good alternative for you to finish some short task.

Toaster-shaped hard disc dock

Just plug your hard disc into this dock just like using toaster; you can use it as a …Continue Reading

Light your bed with blue LED underneath

Put a light like this underneath gonna make your bed full of mystery. Additionally, you can find your …Continue Reading

Vampire 2 Wingsuit

By wearing this weird suit, your free-fall speed could be slowed to 37-59 mph from 111-139 mph. But, …Continue Reading

Hand controlled motor skateboard

This skateboard could make your riding easily, because of its built-in motor. In addition, you could adjust the …Continue Reading

400Mps Powerline Ethernet

DS2 announced that it is capable of transferring data at a theoretical speed of 400Mbps, which is twice …Continue Reading

Phone for elder

Although you could setting speed dial, it鈥檚 not enough for elders. This new concept could be a good …Continue Reading

The Hug Shirt

You still wanna hug your lovers although not staying with her/him? This Hug Shirt gonna be a good …Continue Reading

Funny Mr.P lamp

Mr.P could always make us laugh. This time it changed into a lamp. Wanna turn it on? Just鈥 …Continue Reading

Quicksilver Cellphone concept

Just separate the two parts of the phone, another part of the LCD gonna be revealed. Maybe it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Razor with a LED

With the added LED, you gonna see your face clearer while razing. But 150 dollar may be not …Continue Reading

Mercury Lamps

This lamp could make all the room within our view. Plus, it gonna be brighter.

Audi multi-media remote controller

This gadget from Audi looks like a cellphone with touch screen. However, its function is much more beyond …Continue Reading

Memo Pad phone

The frame of this phone is actually a Memo Pad. You do not need any extra notepaper beside.

WWF paper dispenser

With a South America map on it, this dispenser could remind you to save paper. There鈥檚 another innovative …Continue Reading

Fridge Herb saver

This herb-saver is just like a garden pot. After adding some water in it, it could guarantee that …Continue Reading

Self-powered Silicon nanowire

Researchers from Harvard University have developed a new silicon wire which looks much like a typical coaxial cable, …Continue Reading

Rainfall boot with scale

This rainfall could be a measure the height of rainfall with its scale outside.

Eatmecrunchy give you better cereal

This innovative bowl have a shelf which covered its 70% surface, in this way, you could fill the …Continue Reading

Innnovative pack

This is a hearing aid, but we don鈥檛 wanna mention its function, but its pack. Why? Just watch …Continue Reading

Folding bowl

This fruit bowl is obviously inspired from China鈥檚 folding fan. It鈥檚 really a good idea.

Stylish concept projection phone concept

After TI releasing their first projection cellphone, some new concepts have been designed. This have a display …Continue Reading

Interactive RFID mirror system

Developed by Paxar, this mirror system could be a good guider for shopping. If you are wearing the …Continue Reading

Paperclip lamp

A paperclip could make your lamp adjust to any most heigh. You like it?

Washable RFID chip

Recently shown at CEATEC Japan 2007, the durable, soft linen RFID tags from Fujitsu are built into the …Continue Reading

Trampoline house

If your kids always be reluctant to leave the trampoline, why not just change the trampoline into a …Continue Reading

Mixed number clock

Many clocks have numbers, but this one has too many numbers.

Vice Versa Digital Clock has two hands, only

This is a fantastic concept from China鈥檚 designer Yiran Qian. It will reveal time only by two dials. …Continue Reading

Fruit goblet

This gadget could change the pericarp in to a goblet. Pictures could illustrate you the innovative idea.

Transparent LucidTouch from Microsoft

In order to give you a better touch experience, Microsoft have developed a new touch technology which allows …Continue Reading

Stylish 8-shaped sofa

This sofa is inspired from 8. It could give you a good relax experience.

Paster to prevent dope

Stick this paster at the neck of bottle, you gonna be surprise by this innovative idea. You bottle …Continue Reading

Smart bra

While breast cancer has be the most severe threat of women, ladies need a better way to prevent …Continue Reading

MP3 clock

Do you wanna some new sound to wake you up in the morning instead of the standard boring …Continue Reading

Face massage robot

Professors Atsuo Takanishi of Waseda University and Akitoshi Katsumata of Asahi University unveiled this robot which could give …Continue Reading

Miscea touchless faucet

This touchless faucet is an omnipotence one. It could provide soap, disinfectant and even temperature-adjustment which are all …Continue Reading

30 years continuous battery

US Air Force Research Laboratory aims to develop a new battery whose juice could last 30 years. This …Continue Reading

Interactive game cube

This could be adjust to control the walker. And the views could be different based on different surfaces. …Continue Reading