Muscle hands from Shadow

This artificial hand could be operated by 40 independent air muscles. It鈥檚 just like real hand. Video after …Continue Reading

Colorful fabric dimmers

Woven electric fiber in it,this dimmer allows users turn on/off just by soft touching rather than any extra …Continue Reading

Folding travel hanger

This unique hanger is very useful while traveling. It鈥檚 only cost you $ 6.99.

Robot walking on water

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University plan to develop a odd robot which could walking on water just like …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

This is a wood board hanging on the wall. You know what is it used for?

Tweezing with light

While pressing this tweezers, its legs will be lighted by the built-in LEDs. Made from hatterproof polycarbonate, this …Continue Reading

Long eggs

This weird egg is produced by Texas Long Hens. These chickens lay one long one every three days, …Continue Reading

8-legged robot

Chiba Institute of Technology has unveiled this Halluc II robot. With eight legs and eight wheels, it could …Continue Reading

Sport car racer totally made from plants

Can you image a car racer is so eco-friendly that it is all made from plants. Just take …Continue Reading

MIT plans to steal power from walkers

This is an exiting idea from two MIT graduate students. They plan to install system generating power driven …Continue Reading

Hidden your knob in the door

If you don鈥檛 wanna anyone to disturb you, you might hang a signal on the doorknob to tell …Continue Reading

Weighting ashtray tell you the death time

This is the first design which could weight ashtray. Its internal weighting system could calculate you smoking habitat …Continue Reading

Sweet notebook

Take notes in this notebook must be soooo sweety!

Control artificial hand by your mind

Researchers from John Hopkins University claim that they have develop new system allowing artificial hand being controlled by …Continue Reading

Corn Stripper

This weird thing shaped like a mouse is actually a corn stripper. You can strip corn easily with …Continue Reading

Motorola plans to unveil projector cellphone

In order to develop new cellphone with built-in projector, Motorola has made an agreement to Microvision which is …Continue Reading

Clock powerd by fruit

Hey, wanna clock? Just plug the two ends into some fresh fruits. Your digital clock will start working. …Continue Reading

Your book house

This is a laser cut artwork based on Olafur Eliasson’s house. It engraves a house in the book …Continue Reading

Moller 200G flying car

Dr. Paul Moller have developed a new production. It could hover in the air just like UFO. Just …Continue Reading

The Tight-Rope Twister

With the help of this gadget, it gonna be easier for you to make some strong knots. The …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

A weird thing amounting on the wall. You know what is it?

Modular shoes for personalization

This new type of shoe allows you to assemble three parts of it totally depends on yourself. And …Continue Reading

Cellphone for the blind

This concept cellphone from Samsung is enables the visually impaired users to send and receive Braille text messages. …Continue Reading

Denture soap

Hey, if you don鈥檛 think your soap is good enough, you can try this one. It鈥檚 pretty weird.

Nintendo Mouse

This is a DIY Nintendo Mouse. Using this kind of mouse to operate your computer, you gonna have …Continue Reading

Eureka magenet

This magnet is very humorous. He always looking for something.

Naked mug

The more you drink, the more you see the naked man or woman in your mug. So, drink …Continue Reading

Moon on the wall

You can control its brightness. Plenilune, crescent or any kind of moon all belong to you if you …Continue Reading

Roller Printer

With the help of the roller design, this printer could help you to print as long as your …Continue Reading


Put some fuzz around your flashlight, it gonna be magic.

Portable Planetarium

This unique device could provide the information about many thousands stars. You can choose a given one from …Continue Reading

Hand power chainsaw

Just like using wrap this chain around the thing you gonna cut, and then pull the two ends …Continue Reading

Portable sailboat

This MIniCat sailboat is based on 2 inflatable pontoons. It could be assembled by one person within 30 …Continue Reading

Anti-shutter device

Shutter symptom could be reduced or eliminated while the shutter person speaks unison with others. This phenomena is …Continue Reading

Waboba Ball

Besides floating on the water, this Waboda Ball could even bounce on the water. So, you gonna enjoy …Continue Reading

Alarm clock with train schedule

Attach the train schedule on the dial plate, you will receive extra remind. Plus, its alarm is really …Continue Reading

2-in-1 bed

By separating, this bed could be changed into 4 sofas and 1 coffee table. It鈥檚 a good furniture …Continue Reading

Turntable makes your house cleaner

Just overturn the table surface, all the rubbish will be collected into a bundle. So your mass table …Continue Reading

SMS mirror

This mirror allows you to read your SMS messages while dressing up. Since there are only twenty mirrors …Continue Reading

LED Teeth

Open your mouth, show your flashing teeth, everybody joining the party gonna be surprised.

Tiger paw trap

Generally speaking, a cellphone trap just looks nice without any other using. But, this tiger paw could clean …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

A bone shaped thing. It鈥檚 soft. So, do you think what it really is?

Arriva iPod shuffle dock

Hey, this is a weird iPod dock. You can wear it while placing it at the back of …Continue Reading

Aqus Toilet System

With this unique water saving system, you can use the water from sink to flush your toilet. Just …Continue Reading

Cute stick match

Just paint some cute picture, these match gonna be cuter.

Skateboard with six wheels

This concept skateboard has two primary wheels and four assistant wheels for turning, which allow you to take …Continue Reading

Virtual soccer ball

The LCD on the this soccer ball could tell you how long you can keep the ball in …Continue Reading

Reverse Peephole

Attach this gadget on the peephole from outside, you gonna receive a clear view of inside just like …Continue Reading

Robotic flying bug

This tiny robot like housefly from Harvard is the first flying micro-robot in the world. Unfortunately, it could …Continue Reading

MP3 player with a projector

This MP3 player is not only a music player, its built-in project allow you to watch video from …Continue Reading