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Mini laptop desk

If you need a small space for you laptop and extra room for other gadgets, you gonna like …Continue Reading

Get extra power from engine

Clemson University physicist Terry Tritt aimed to built a system which could capture and convert the hot of …Continue Reading

Flat pack shelf

This bookshelf is made from a single sheet of laser-cut steel. You can hang it on the wall …Continue Reading

Bookcase with a bed frame

If the space of your house is not big enough, you might like this. It divided a bed …Continue Reading

Straw glasses

This straw is shaped into a set of spectacles. You gonna be the focus of party by wearing …Continue Reading

Dance shoes for two persons

You wanna dance with your little daughter? So, you can鈥檛 ignore this pair of funny shoes. By wearing …Continue Reading

Dream door: a hidden bed

This bed is designed for those limited space. If you don鈥檛 need a bed, just push it back …Continue Reading

Spy clock

The surface of this clock is a convex glass mirror, just like those seen in the back corners …Continue Reading


These chairs could be assembled into a bookshelf. It鈥檚 a good idea for small space. But, as a …Continue Reading

Cylinder-shaped Nailing helper

You insert the nail inside the guide tube. Position the tube where you want the nail to be. …Continue Reading

Collapsible dish Rack

You don鈥檛 have enough space for dishes? Try this rack. While in need, it could hold many dishes …Continue Reading

Baguette wrist rest

Rest your wrist on the break, you might be more comfortable.

Display battle on CEATEC

A 12.1 inch model at 2.88 mm width from Sharp and an 11 inch model at 3 mm …Continue Reading

Cookies for you cellphone

Attaching these cookies on your cellphone not only your cellphone but also yourself gonna be sweeter.

TransPlastic chairs

This abnormal shape chair is made from nature fiber. This kind of design could give you different feeling …Continue Reading

Cobra lamp

This weird lamp is inspired from a cobra. But, don鈥檛 worry it鈥檚 not a dangerous animal.

Desktop 鈥淪trandbeest鈥 walker

This gadget is just like the Strandbeest we鈥檝e mentioned before. But this one is much smaller which could …Continue Reading

Strolli Rider

This stroller with a extra bike could give happiness to both of your two kids.

Separate yolk with a cup

This cup is actually a egg separator, you could pour yok and egg whites separately.

Frog bot

This weird robot from Tokyo University could jump like a frog. It鈥檚 jumping way is vividly, just like …Continue Reading

Hang your cellphone

This concept design gives you a better way to charge your cellphone. You can just hang it on …Continue Reading

Animal corn holder

Holding corn with a pig/cow, it鈥檚 a cute design. But, please remember, you won鈥檛 have any pork.

Bird in fishtank

This fishtank has a built-in bird cage, so you can keep birds and fish in the same container. …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

A metal stick with a red fabric on the top. You know what is it used for?

Chair for prayer

This is really a funny gadget which could let you more relax while praying.

Bug eyes for satellite

This weird camera looks like a bug eye is develop from a research team of Sony and the …Continue Reading

Ocean tubes make the earth cooler

James Lovelock, the originator of Gaia hypothesis,and Chris Rapley, a space physicist and director of London’s Science Museum …Continue Reading

Interactive LED coffee table

The LEDs of this coffee table could be light up following the motion of the object above it.

Robot playing chess with you

If you can鈥檛 find anybody to play chess with you, you might like this robot. It could play …Continue Reading

Gutter cleaning robot from iRobot

iRobot just launched this cleaner robot. It could throw all the defoliation in the gutter by the rotating …Continue Reading

Cool drainage system from Germany

This is a house from Dresden Germany. It has a cool drainage system. You like it?

Side-by-side tandem bicycle

This weird bike is designed for two persons. But you two should sit side by side, so it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Radar watch

Well, while looking at the this watch, what are you thinking? A radar? Hey, dude, you got it. …Continue Reading

Speaker/headphone combo

This gadget from Jabra looks like a ordinary headphone, but you could use it as a speaker.

Indoor rainbow

This rainbow projector made from LEDs could give you fantastic feeling although in your room without raining. The …Continue Reading

Infobars 2 cellphone launched in Japan

This Infobars 2 cellphone is a fairly cool phone. It looks like a balloon. But it won鈥檛 be …Continue Reading

Use your credit card with your voice

With the built-in voice recognition chip, this credit card named Beepcard could be admitted by your voice. But, …Continue Reading

Stylish Kitchen scale

This weird gadget is actually a scale. If you wanna weight ingredient, just put it in the container …Continue Reading

Table or chair?

These two chairs look normal. But you could assemble them into a single table. It鈥檚 a good idea.

Two in one shaker

This is a cool gadget for cooking. It has two shakers for pepper and salt. Moreover, it鈥檚 really …Continue Reading

Porsche for baby

This cool thing must make your baby be the coolest one. But you should pay $2,500 for it.

Box or lamp?

This odd lamp is made from box. You could carve it into any shape.

Melting snow in winter with summer heat

Researchers from Fukui Snow Management and Construction Technology Research Center have developed a magic way to melt snow …Continue Reading

DIY battery-less dice

This LED dice could light up randomly without any extra juice. Actually, it鈥檚 based on the Faraday principle.

Kam Kam mobile alert

These two cute guy could wag their tail after detecting the incoming mobile phone call within five feet.

MP3 player just like a credit card

This super thin MP3 player is a cool gadget which is only thin in 4.3 mm. Oh, my …Continue Reading

Mygo interactive cane

This cane with a wheel could make the blind feel like touching the road and it鈥檚 camera and …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

Sure, it鈥檚 a rug, but this rug have another use. Do you know what is it?

Spy camera hidden in seed

If you hid a camera in a maple seed, it will never been find. In addition it also …Continue Reading

Flash drive let you know its memory

The built-in display of the flash drive could reveal the how much data you鈥檝e already used by the …Continue Reading