Control robot by your sound via internet

Robert Oschler has post a video of his system for controlling robot by sound. Plus, you can even …Continue Reading

Super Mario toy

You still remember super Mario? Then you might like these two sound toy.

Linking furniture

This series of furniture could be assembled totally depending on your favor. You can have your personal house …Continue Reading

Robot powered by rat heart

South Korean researchers from Nano/Micro System Laboratory at Seoul National University have developed a new robot which is …Continue Reading

Velvet sofa

This unique design is made of single curve wood and is covered with a thin layer of polyurethane.

What鈥檚 this?

This is a weird palm with several holes. You know what is it used for?

Ice candle

Using this kind of candle, what you gonna feel? Cold or warm?

Slinky desk lamp

Two bulbs are connected by a spring. Both the base and the lamp light up for use as …Continue Reading

Thanko laptop stand

The new laptop fan stand could be adjusted to adapt your pose.

Light-detecting Insect Robot

This is a insect robot which could follow light source. This kind of robot is not weird, but …Continue Reading

DIY floating laptop dock

After using this floating dock, if you don鈥檛 want use your laptop, you can let it away by …Continue Reading

Ladder up to your bookcase

This ladder could be a decoration of your bookcase. Each step is a small shelf; you can display …Continue Reading

Cocoon tent

This weird gadget could hang you on the tree just like a cocoon. If you encounter extreme conditions …Continue Reading

Stylish SIXIXIS furniture

You think wood furniture is too boring? You won鈥檛 think so after checking out these ones.

DIY multi-touch screen

You like Surface from Microsoft? You can鈥檛 afford it? Then you might like this one. It only cost …Continue Reading

ReactOgon harmonic table

Hey, with this weird gadget, you might be the next Beethoven. Video after the jump

Sony Rolly

Can you image your digital player could dance? The new player from Sony might make you surprised. It …Continue Reading

Pet bottle

You can drink directly with a bottle. But, what about your pets? You can use this bottle with …Continue Reading

Sitting with books

This design allows you to read a book more convenient.

Pee powered batteries is available now in JapanJ

If you are lack of juice (I mean battery), what would you do? Whatever! But you gonna have …Continue Reading

0.08mm thick PCB from Samsung

I鈥檓 not sure whether it could be a world record, but it鈥檚 really unbelievable. For comparison, the average …Continue Reading

Cassette bag

Walking on the road by wearing this bag, you gotta be the focus.

Proteus boat

This weird boat gonna attract your eyeballs. It just like a spider walking on the water. Actually, it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

NOKIA MD-6 mini speaker

This stylish mini speaker is a new accessory for the XpressMusic line of mobile phones from the Finnish …Continue Reading

Rip Roar creation station

This gadget could give you a chance to be a director/producer or even a player. You don鈥檛 believe? …Continue Reading

Criss Angel鈥檚 floating show

Just watch the video, it鈥檚 unbelievable.

Think a word to control wheelchair

This system allows you to control wheelchair by a given words. Moreover, it is based on your larynx …Continue Reading

12-sided subwoofer

This 12-sided subwoofer have is not only stylish, it pumps out 600 watts per drivers for an impressive …Continue Reading

Weird skateboard

Because of the new connecting way, this skateboard give you chances to show more skating skill.

What鈥檚 this?

A weird ring? You know what is it use for?

Robotic cop

You still remember Patlabor? But we are not talking about the cartoon. It鈥檚 a real robotic cop from …Continue Reading

Mr.P ash bin

Throw garbage into the mouth of Mr.P. He is still laughing.

Fruit tray cellphone

This concept cellphone makes your touch experience totally different.

Smile measurement system

Omron released their new software which could measure your smile on the scale of 0 to 100%.


This weird skeleton is made of plastic yellow tube, it is driven by wind. I have to say, …Continue Reading

Toast note on bread

This concept design allows you to leave message on the bread. It鈥檚 really romantic.

Flying boat

This cool boat from Brio could give you a totally new experience. However, it鈥檚 a little dangerous.

Auto card management wallet

This clever design could make your massive wallet clearer. Wanna a visa card, just push the corresponding button.

Pasta twirling plate

Put spaghetti in this circle part in the center of this plate. You can have a better twirling …Continue Reading

Universal toilet

This toilet design allows disable persons to use it without too much obstacle.

Baseball batting robot

Hey, if I tell you robot could also play baseball, what would you think? Just watch the video, …Continue Reading

Robotic mule

This is a project sponsored by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It is used to …Continue Reading

Fruit skin Opener

With this weird ring, you could open fruit easily.

Flexible robotic joint

These two videos show you how flexible could a robotic be.


This disc has a double-LED hub and sends light out across their surface along fiber optic lines. You …Continue Reading

Full body sleeping bag

You can wear this sleeping bag just like coat.

Eva solo smiley bowl

Open your mouse, give us a smile, you gonna be happier. This bowl allows you to store nuts …Continue Reading

Man-shaped USB hub

Hey, dude, this must be the cutest USB hub I鈥檝e ever seen.

801 table lamp

This lamp seems like floating in the air and project light onto the table. Actually, it is supported …Continue Reading