Kam Kam mobile alert

These two cute guy could wag their tail after detecting the incoming mobile phone call within five feet.

MP3 player just like a credit card

This super thin MP3 player is a cool gadget which is only thin in 4.3 mm. Oh, my …Continue Reading

Mygo interactive cane

This cane with a wheel could make the blind feel like touching the road and it鈥檚 camera and …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

Sure, it鈥檚 a rug, but this rug have another use. Do you know what is it?

Spy camera hidden in seed

If you hid a camera in a maple seed, it will never been find. In addition it also …Continue Reading

Flash drive let you know its memory

The built-in display of the flash drive could reveal the how much data you鈥檝e already used by the …Continue Reading

Keyboard purse

This is really a odd purse which is totally made from a bunch of keys.

Eco bag from Benetton

This eco bag could be stored in a cylinder while not using. Plus, it could be attached on …Continue Reading

Lenovo鈥檚 interactive water wall

This interactive device from Lenovo makes your screen just like a new water wall.

Solar road

Scott Brusaw, a American electrical engineer have developed a system which could generate power by the built-in solar …Continue Reading

Funny straw

With this kind of straws, you party gonna be more funny.

Projector screen hidden in shelf

Hide a projector screen in a shelf gonna be a good idea. It鈥檚 a convenient way to have …Continue Reading

Savage Chickens Go animated!

This innovative Savage Chicken stop-motion animation is amazing!

Rotating socket

This socket could give you more space for plugs by 360 degree self-rotating.

Speaking Robot

This robot from Japan could mimic the speaking way of human by its silicone tongue and a motorized …Continue Reading

No exercise, NO game

In order to play game, you should exercise at the same time. This gadget might be a alternative …Continue Reading

Cartoon mug

This mug will sure make you more attractive.

Animated Disco Coaster

This coaster could change your cup into a disco light.

Virtual world for the blind

IBM have developed a new software which could indicate the position of the users in some virtual game …Continue Reading

World鈥檚 brightest LED

Seoul semiconductors have developed a new kind of single LED whose lightness could be up to 400 lumens.

Crystal Milky Way

This crystal art stand could be a good choice for some astronomy fans.

Sight system gives you many eyes around your body

Researchers from Ishikawa-Namiki Komuro Laboratory are workingon a device that could detecting the objects around and then inform …Continue Reading

Kinetic thing

Actually, many devices in our ordinary could be the power source. The series of gadget could give you …Continue Reading

Vertical walking robot

This funny robot could walking on vertical surface such as glass or mirror. Kidds gotta like it.

Crutch Tote

Attaching some pocket at the side of crutch, disabled persona gonna receive more convenience.

Ultra-portable DVD player

This concept DVD player could be a good idea. You can put DVD at outside and watch video …Continue Reading

HumanCar鈥攎an powered car

This weird car has four drivers and is powered totally by the drivers鈥 arms.

World鈥檚 first Vitamin E cigarette

Germany Tobacco Group AG launches the world鈥檚 first Vitamin E cigarette. While smoking, you gonna receive some Vitamin …Continue Reading

Free ride pen

It is said this is the most comfortable ballpen in the world? Plus, it鈥檚 really expensive, which cost …Continue Reading

Simple wire collector

This small gadget is actually a weir collector. It鈥檚 a good idea to give you a clear desk.

Load-bearing exoskeleton from MIT

This is a MIT project funded by DARPA, which could help soldiers to carry more device with less …Continue Reading

Laptop wallet

This wallet gonna make your laptop safer.

Video of Cellphone Projector

Recently Texas Instrument have release their first cellphone projector which could be a good device for business man. …Continue Reading

Fruit bowl like a bud

Put your fruit on the top of this bud-shaped bowl. You house gonna be more more lively.

Japanese face-shifter

Researchers from Waseda University in Japan have developed this incredible face-shifter. Because of 56 degree of freedom, it …Continue Reading

Real Laptop cooler

This is a real cooler for your laptop. Its miniature compressor could provide cold air.

Simple flashlight

It鈥檚 a simple flashlight, but it鈥檚 still a nifty one. You can even do it by yourself.

LittleDog robot

This robot is invented by Professor Stefan Schaal from USC. It is a project sponsored by DARPA which …Continue Reading

Bonaldo Poltrona Chaise Lounge

You can be more comfortable with this lounge, it could be change into a nomal sofa with the …Continue Reading

Balance device for camera

This device made of gyro could help you take a better photo from RC plane.

Read your handwriting from normal paper

This device could read you handwriting while you鈥檙e writing on any paper with real ink.

Mobile circle

This is a funny vehicle; you should sit in the center of the wheel. You gonna like it. …Continue Reading

Gigantic transparent speaker

This gigantic speaker must be a good device for music. However, it鈥檚 price is not beautiful. $ 19,916 …Continue Reading

Weird tube

You must be giddy while watching this bathtub. You gonna be more giddy while listning the price. It …Continue Reading

DIY Pigeon Deterrent

This device could detect the motion of bird and then drives them away by sprinkler. Although it鈥檚 not …Continue Reading

Transparent VAIO

This concept design allows the screen to be transparent while turned off. It鈥檚 a good idea. Unfortunately, there鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Metal jacket for MacBook

Give you lovely MacBook a metal jacket, it gotta be saver. You can also take it like a …Continue Reading

Tripos Digital Camera

This camera could give you panorama photos with the help of three fish-eye lens. Plus, this camera could …Continue Reading

Stylish squeezer

You can just put this stainless steel squeezer into the lemon to gain juice.

Be The Bike

If you think riding is not so interesting for you, you might enjoy this one. It changes yourself …Continue Reading