World鈥檚 first in-ear RF receiver

This tiny in-ear RF receiver seems invisible while wearing. It is the world鈥檚 first in-ear RF receiver.

Cheap artificial leg

This is a winner of INDEX AWARD 2007, it support your move just by its own elasticity. Plus, …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

Weird stick with some branch. You know what is it used for?

Laser beam rifle

This laser beam rifle from TRW could be used like a normal rifle. It would burn a ratal, …Continue Reading

Emergency Money Box

Put your money in this box, you shouldn鈥檛 take them out if not in emergency.

Boozy lamp

You can have extra light while holding your wine.

Tie clip MP3 player

If you are in a suit, it seems not a good idea to wear a normal MP3 player. …Continue Reading

Mirror lamp

With the help of the mirror your lamp gonna be multi-faces.

Angled measuring cup

This cup could indicate the measurement while it鈥檚 inclined.

Semi-transparent touchscreen

Researchers from Microsoft and Mitsubishi are working on a semi-transparent touchscreen which allows you to operate computer by …Continue Reading

Lift car

You feel bad in traffic jam? This car jeep gonna give you broader view with the help of …Continue Reading

Hole punched picture

Steven Nicholson who is a 2yr student at Plymouth University invented this new picture which is punched by …Continue Reading

New pineapple slicer

Jut plug this slicer into the pineapple and twist it like a using screw. You gonna have delicious …Continue Reading

Geek clock

Can you read the time from this clock fulfilled with 9?

Abacus magnetic watches

This watch does not have any hand; it uses a single steel sphere inside the watch to indicate …Continue Reading

Billboard apartment

Hey, this billboard gives you a chance to live in a single apartment. It might that you could …Continue Reading

Bug gun

You wanna shoot the bug? NO, not a real gun. You can suck the bug into this gun …Continue Reading

Garlic Pro Dicer

If you are going to chop garlic, what will you do? Knife? No, forget about it. This gadget …Continue Reading

Life size Paper boat

The vessel is made from a 1884 sq. ft. sheet of Tetrapak (the stuff milk cartons are made …Continue Reading

Dali clock

Hey, dude, can you read the time from this weird clock? It鈥檚 really innovative.

Lap mug

This mug allows you to hold it in the middle of your lap with your legs.

Dragging table

Want have a nice meal? You should be stronger than your partner, because all your dishware is connect …Continue Reading

Bulb lamp

Make a lamp of twenty bulbs, it must be attractive for most people.

Robots remember you

What will you feel when you know the robot could remember you and recognize you as a repeat …Continue Reading

Digital recycling bin

The TMPO connects via Bluetooth to your Mac or PC and automatically stores backup copoies of files as …Continue Reading

Table for bedroom security

Having this table in your bedroom, you can be have more security while sleeping.

Stylish CD shelf

You can store your CDs just by plugging them into the slot. Its underside could also be a …Continue Reading

Sony 鈥榮 new sugar battery

This is a high efficient sugar battery from sony. It could provide juice for some portable devices. Video …Continue Reading

Separated sink

This sink allows you to take the bucket away. And its revolving stool could help kids using faucet. …Continue Reading

Wallpaper light

While swtching off, this 2D light will just be a normal wallpaper. But it could really provide light …Continue Reading

Caterpillar stretcher

This stretcher allows paramedics to carry it easily even going to upstairs. Plus, it could even be changed …Continue Reading

Clip with expiry date

You can easily know when you should eat the food just with the help of this kind of …Continue Reading

Bear claw leaf scoops

This is really a high efficient tool for leaf-cleaning. Plus, your children might enjoy this kind of work …Continue Reading

Window pot

Attach this transparent pot onto your window, the plants gonna enjoy enough sunshine.

Samsung鈥檚 self-cradling cellphone

Because of unique design, this cellphone could be supported by its own battery.

Leonardo Single Bike Hook

Hang a bike in your apartment with this Leonardo Single Bike Hook, you bike gonna be safer.

Supercompact bathroom

This set of bathroom furniture give you shower, sink and even bathtub within limited space.

Drink’ tray

Everybody could hold this tray in perfect level, it鈥檚 very funny.

Waterless washing machine

This waterless washing machine concept designed by two Singapore鈥檚 students Gabriel Tan & Wendy Chua is one of …Continue Reading

Water-cadging vase

This vase will bow down automatically for water while lacking in water.

Subway鈥檚 sunlight

This project from Parsons student Caroline Pham could channel sunlight by fiber. Plus, because of combing with urban …Continue Reading

World鈥檚 smallest camera

This MO-R803 camera is just 4.4mm in diameter and 15mm in length, which might be the world鈥檚 smallest …Continue Reading

Self-cleaning table

If your table is always mass, you might need this table. Its two powerful conveyor belts moving in …Continue Reading

M-toy MP3 player

Wanna play music, please first spin the interface OLED display to correct the distorted images, OR you can鈥檛 …Continue Reading

Pieces of coffee table

This coffee table is separated into six part, you can re-assemble them depends on your favor. It鈥檚 very …Continue Reading

Bionic arm powered by rocket motor

Researchers from Vanderbilt University have developed this new bionic arm which is powered by a miniature rocket motor. …Continue Reading

Fruit light

You can pick off bulbs just like fruit from this lamp tree.

Wobble clock

This clock could wobble like a kid鈥檚 toy. It could also express mood by different wobbling frequency.

Enter password by looking

Stanford University researcher Manu Kumar and his colleagues developed a new password entering system which is based on …Continue Reading

Big head coaster

This coaster could stand when not in use. If you wanna use it, just push him down, and …Continue Reading