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Miscea touchless faucet

This touchless faucet is an omnipotence one. It could provide soap, disinfectant and even temperature-adjustment which are all …Continue Reading

30 years continuous battery

US Air Force Research Laboratory aims to develop a new battery whose juice could last 30 years. This …Continue Reading

Interactive game cube

This could be adjust to control the walker. And the views could be different based on different surfaces. …Continue Reading

Lounge bathtub

This bathtub has a lounge submerged in the water. You could have more relaxation by sitting on it.

Floating fountains

This is a unique design from Isamu Noguchi, it seems like that they are floating in air. Actually …Continue Reading

Shelf with chairs hidden in it

This shelf has extra chairs hidden in it. So you could have more chairs for your friends.

Pistol handle umbrella

This umbrella could collect rain to fill the squirt gun. Therefore, you can play water with your friends …Continue Reading

Water-powered cellphone

Samsung has just released a new micro-fuel cell and hydrogen generator that runs on water. What you should …Continue Reading

Around view system from Nissan

Nissan has just launched a new system which could provide bird鈥檚-eye-view of your car鈥檚 position on the road …Continue Reading

Unstable shelf

In order to stabilize the shelf you should put your books more regularly.

Bird light

Install some light like this, your house gonna be more natural.

Funny bird feeder

This set of funny feeder could let a dog to feed birds. You can just attach them on …Continue Reading

Virtual friend from Japan

This weird green guy is actually a sensor-laden robot. It could react based on your action. Plus, you …Continue Reading

Bandages for Diabetics

This new bandage could accelerate healing by using electric fields. This field prevents infection in the surrounding tissues …Continue Reading

Constructive eating utensils

If your kids still have obstacle to eat at the table, you might like this set of utensils. …Continue Reading

Stylish nut cracker

This gadget could help you easily crack nuts of different sizes. Just put nut in it and then …Continue Reading

Robot concept for house using

Besides engineering using, robots could also be used in household. These robots from buylarge could make your dailylife …Continue Reading

Fantastic decorative tiles

Put some beautiful things into your tiles, your house gonna be more beautiful.

Portable windpower generator

This fan-shaped gadget is not for cooling but for power. Just take it with your while walking or …Continue Reading

Digital anti-snore

Daryoush Bazargani from University of Rostock developed a new pillow which could prevent your snoring by connecting to …Continue Reading

Play Second Life with your brain

Professor Jun鈥檌chi Ushiba from Keio University and his team have developed a new system which let you control …Continue Reading

Portable Ball-speaker from Sony Ericsson

This is a cute design which will take music with you and your friends.

A weird circle?

This weird circle is made from metal. You know what is it used for?

Binibottle gives you extra convenience

With the extra bottle hold, your process of filling water gonna be easier. Believe it or not, this …Continue Reading

Back-to-back bike

This bike is designed for tow persons, but the two on the bike should ride back-to-back. It鈥檚 a …Continue Reading

Omni-directional speaker

With the help of planet ball, this omni-directional speaker could averagely reflects the sound to any direction. Therefore, …Continue Reading

Twisting Jar opener

This is a good gadget for those not strong enough to open a jar. It could fit different …Continue Reading

Ahrend 75 furniture with digital height adjustment

This office desk gives everybody a separated desk which makes you to have a personal space. In addition, …Continue Reading

One chair for two seasons

This unique chair allows you to sit on it both in summer and winter. You gotta like the …Continue Reading

Shelf for your fewer books

If you don鈥檛 have enough books, you might need this shelf. It could push your books more compact. …Continue Reading

Self-rebuilding Robotic chair

After being damaged this robotic chair could rebuild itself with the help of the robot part hidden in …Continue Reading

Webcam knows your age and gender

This new webcam which is based on face-recognition software could tell you the age and gender of the …Continue Reading

Energy bucket

Put this solar bucket outdoor in daytime and then take it back at night. You can have a …Continue Reading

PC mounted at the back of your display

This super-thin PC could be mounted at the back of your LCD display. It鈥檚 a cool thing. You …Continue Reading

Wing dish

Put some chicken in this dish, it gonna be more delicious. However, in order to receive this kind …Continue Reading

World鈥檚 first tsunami generator

You still remember the tsunami devastating of India Ocean? In order to prevent this kind of extreme thing, …Continue Reading

Kitchen hiding a secret

You think this is a standard kitchen? No! It hide many things you need in it.

Wi-Fi detecting T-shirt

Wanna know whether there is Wi-Fi signal? You don鈥檛 need to start your laptop, just check it out …Continue Reading

Bathroom mirror with wiper blade

With the extra wiper blade, you can clean your mirror just like cleaning car.

Punch the lighting

You want light? Then punch the lamp. The more you punch it, the lighter it is. After a …Continue Reading

3D stabilize robot

This robot from UC San Diego could be stable in any direction. Videos after the jump

Time is Money Clock

Put your coin into this clock, you gonna know time is money.

Swoop scooper

This weird gadget could pick up your pet鈥檚 poop with its built-in claw which could let you avoid …Continue Reading

Wind-up lamp

Just turn the spring, your lamp gonna be light up for a little while. Your kids gonna like …Continue Reading

Waterfall faucet

This faucet is shaped in gutter which could let water dropping like waterfall. It鈥檚 an elegant design.

S_UPPORT: a fashionable crutch

This new crutch must give your more comfortable by its unique design. In addition, it鈥檚 made of plastic, …Continue Reading

Margarine like a glue stick

Hey, it鈥檚 not a glue stick; you can spread it on your bread, because it is margarine. It鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Bucket organizer

Constructed of durable, rip-proof fabric, the new 56-pocket organizer from Bucket Boss improves on what was already a …Continue Reading

Heat sensitive wallpaper

The flowers of the pattern will be blooming when the radiator is on, just like the real flowers. …Continue Reading

Drawer hanging on the wall

Hang your drawer on the wall? It might be a good idea for those whose space is limited. …Continue Reading