Interesting Non-Lethal Mousetraps

Mousetraps could also be interesting gadgets. You don鈥檛 believe? Just check out these conceptual design from Roger Arquer.

Eco-friendly kitchen scale

Put this circle under a bowl, you gonna read the weight from it鈥檚 OLED display. Moreover, this electronic …Continue Reading

Blacket with sleeves

Add two loose, oversized sleeves on this gigantic blanket. You gonna be warmer while reading in winter.

Lifebag saves you from avalanche

Avalanche is a severe natural disaster. Nearly nobody could survive in this kind of event. But, if you …Continue Reading

Freestanding cloth hanger

This cloth hanger is as simple as possible. Its unique structure make it stand by leaning against the …Continue Reading

Exposed shopping bag

Made from non-woven plastic fibers, this bag could reveal what you take inside of it just like X-ray. …Continue Reading

Clean glove

Scotch-Brite Sponge is pretty familiar for housewives. But this glove version might be a good alternative. Just wear …Continue Reading

Burton sleeper Hoodie

This Hoodie must be a good thing for tourist. Its hidden pocket could hold your MP3 player/ ticket/ …Continue Reading

O-Stick with many holes from Reebok

With many holes on the upper part, this hockey shaft could be more powerful than standard ones because …Continue Reading

Foldable stair hidden in wall

By using a simple mechanical hinges and pistons, this stair could be hidden in wall. It could provide …Continue Reading

Fingers laptop stand

This laptop stand won鈥檛 only serves as a stand, but also be a collector of the messy cables. …Continue Reading

Inkless digital pen

Samsung is developing a new concept pen named QUAD, which could let you write on any surface. However, …Continue Reading

New iPod remote control

Holding a control like this, you have a more convenient while running.

Sanyo鈥檚 cellphone powered by single AA battery

Shaped in cylinder, this cellphone could be powered by a single AA battery. In order to last longer …Continue Reading

Sailing boat speaker

Shaped like a sailing boat, this speaker is pretty eye-attractive. It offers 2.1 sound via its 7.5w sails …Continue Reading

Thanko charger bracelet

This charger from Thanko could be weared on your wrist just like bracelet, in which way you won鈥檛 …Continue Reading

Alarm jacket

This jacket will set off a 125db alarm which could be a good way for self-protecting.

Electronic Multilebook

This book is apparently could not be read. It is an alarm to display time and the page …Continue Reading

Bang & Olufsen C-Cap for diabetics

This C-Cap could alarm patient to inject insulin by visual and acoustical signal. By this kind of reminding …Continue Reading

Balloon Telescope

Researchers from NCAR, NASA and other international research organizations are cooperating for a project named Sunrise, which could …Continue Reading

Portable toilet

If you always encounter a traffic jam, you might need this gadget. This toilet is very small to …Continue Reading

Innovative light adjustable Luminaire

With the unique built-in reflect system, this pendant lamp could provide different luminaire by your controlling.

Outlet cable organizer

By addin two sheets of plastic, this outlet could have a extra function of a cable organizer .

Modular sofa

This odd sofa assembled from many L-shaped modules could be changed into any style totally depending on your …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

This is a fabric ball filled with fabric stuff. It鈥檚 not big, but you gonna use it frequently …Continue Reading

Multi-functional steering system based on vein

We have mentioned vein authentication system before. This time, Hitachi used it in steering wheel. But, it鈥檚 not …Continue Reading

Cannon snap

This concept camera could let you take your camera more convenient. Just wear it on the finger, you …Continue Reading

Pillow light

Give your kids a pillow like this, they could have a better pose while reading.

Yamaha鈥檚 omni-directional VoIP Speakerphone

This idea from Yamaha is very good for cyber-meeting. The rotating arms with microphone arrays could capture perfect …Continue Reading

Paper-clip lamp

Put a lamp like this beside your bed, you must have a good dream.

Coffee table with extra surfaces

If you have many thing to be put on a single coffee table, but it is already full, …Continue Reading

Triangle jar opener

With the rubber band inside and the triangle shape, it could fit every type of jars. It could …Continue Reading

Samsung鈥檚 super-thin big screen

Samsung have launched a new big LCD screen which is 40-inch LED-backlit and only 10-mm thin. It’s amazing!!

Brush sofa

A student from BCUC designed this sofa which is shaped like a giant brush. It gonna be a …Continue Reading

New transparent plastic is strong as steel

Researchers from University of Michigan have created a composite plastic which is made from layers of clay nanosheets …Continue Reading

Angel lamp with a desk hidden in it

This is a standard lamp shaped like a reading lamp. But, if you open the chimmey, it gonna …Continue Reading

Marie Louise lamp

This lamp is made from PMMA, and lighted by a fluorescent light. It is actually first cut into …Continue Reading

Static Electricity Powered light bulb

This light bulbcould be powered by static electricity. Next time you wanna reject the static power on your …Continue Reading

Play P-P-S with robot

鈥淜arfe Lady鈥, a humanoid robot developed by Japan鈥檚 Nippon Engineering College could play a game of 鈥淩ock-Paper-Scissors鈥 with …Continue Reading

Bulthaup Faucet: adjust all functions with only one hand one time

With the valve on the head, this brilliant design make you to adjust position , pressure and even …Continue Reading

Glowing purse

It is said that European women spend an average of 14.3 hours per year looking for object in …Continue Reading

Warm for your lover

Add a hand-shaped pocked on your shoulder, your lover鈥檚 hand gonna be warmer. Moreover, you should care yourself. …Continue Reading

Toilet paper rack with extra ones

If you have encounter the embarrassment, you gonna like this design. It could hold some extra ones. So, …Continue Reading

Desk beside the shelf

You gonna immediately enjoy the book you have choose on the desk beside the shelf. Plus, the declining …Continue Reading

Computer Armoire

Put your computer in this armoire, you worry about the mess computer desk.

Pyramid fruit bowl

Arrange fruits on this bowl, you gonna have a fruit pyramid on your coffee table.

360 degree laserball

This laserball could help you make you hang the picture or shelves straight at one time. It could …Continue Reading

The scooter computer desk

With three wheels, this unique scooter could be a good alternative for you to finish some short task.

Toaster-shaped hard disc dock

Just plug your hard disc into this dock just like using toaster; you can use it as a …Continue Reading

Light your bed with blue LED underneath

Put a light like this underneath gonna make your bed full of mystery. Additionally, you can find your …Continue Reading