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Creative Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder

Inspired by the special instant camera, this toilet paper holder is a pretty cool gadget to add your …Continue Reading

Charger&Stand All in One!

A multifunctional phone charger integrated with a 16GB USB drive, phone stand and charge connectors may be suitable …Continue Reading

A New Generation of Fabric

It is not always necessary to make textile products out of weaving machine, it could be in this …Continue Reading

The Swing at The End of The World

At the top of a mountain of 2,666 meters high in Ecuador, there is this thrill and exciting …Continue Reading

Pull-out Bookshelf

Made of natural poplar wood, you can draw and push the seperated five parts of this stylish bookshelf …Continue Reading

A Smart Color Detector

You may want a device to record the true colors of nature, then SwatchMate Cube, a smart color …Continue Reading

Milk Soap Popsicle

Aimed to reduce children鈥檚 dislike of taking a shower, a Korean and Germany-based company produces stitch milk soap …Continue Reading

Magic Cupcake Hats

A set of silicone cupcake mold that contains a magician鈥檚 hat and a rabbit-ear fork will certainly pull …Continue Reading

One Pillow With Endless Possibilities

Soft and portable, this stylish pillow appears as a fluffy M枚bius strip with its 100 percent bamboo fabric …Continue Reading

Reading Net in Mid-air

It鈥檚 a lively design that encourages children learning through playing. The reading net hangs in the mid-air of …Continue Reading

Handcarved Needle-sized Wooden Sculptures

An Indonesian artist has handmade this collection of needle-sized wooden sculptures, each of them features with unique posture …Continue Reading

Zig Zag Ruler

A regular ruler with twists on its surface can easy the process of drawing frequently-used angles like 30掳, …Continue Reading

Rings With Wings

With its precise yet concise structure, the feather attched on the ring will flap when you bend and …Continue Reading

Tiny Sticky Phone Mount

It鈥檚 a multi-purpose gadget to keep your iPhone right within your viewport by sticking it onto car windows …Continue Reading

Portable Card USB Cable

No more bulky cables, no more annoying clutters, this innovative card USB cable sets the charge no limitations. …Continue Reading

Glow in The Dark Ice Cream

Using a synthesized version of luminescent proteins that cause jellyfish to glow when agitated, this gleaming frozen treat …Continue Reading

Anti-rape Shorts for Women

A wearable protection that makes women or girls feel safer when being alone, it gives them more power …Continue Reading

Baby Seal

This playful full-body suit is a great idea to keep your lively and active baby warm, and adds …Continue Reading

Metal Aesthetic Volkswagen Beetle

Three Croatian artists spent 3,500 hours on this Volkswagen beetle by applying extremely sophisticated traditional metal art to …Continue Reading

Mysterious Miniature City in The Forests

Is there really a mysterious miniature city deep in the forests? Mixed by several architecture and woods images, …Continue Reading

Realistic Sculptures

Made out of silicone, resin, fabric, rubber and hair, these incredible sculptures are extremely detailed and look like …Continue Reading

Upside Down Umbrella

It鈥檚 really a reflective level design of this umbrella turning the usual structure totally upside down. With its …Continue Reading

Heart-shaped Glove for Playing with Smartphones

In the coming cold winter, we hope you鈥檝e prepared suitable items to keep you warm. This heart-shaped glove …Continue Reading

Embedded UPS for Plugs and Sockets

You may have suffered the unpleasant experience of a sudden power lost when using a desktop. To get …Continue Reading

Animated Street Art

Serbian gif artist ABVH refreshes the wellknown Banksy鈥檚 street art by animating them. Undoubtedly the gifs give more …Continue Reading

Cute Bear Cub in Donut

Coming in five flavors, these bear cub-baked goods are so cute and special because each panda face is …Continue Reading

Ten Cool Inventive Beds

A tight sleep requires a comfortable bed, it would be even more sound if the bed happens to …Continue Reading

Luxurious Burger Feast

A duo of French graphic designers came up with an idea of creating a delectable series of goodlooking …Continue Reading

Touch Board

A London-based design studio innovates a PCB that can generates audio by simple touches or gestures once be …Continue Reading

Uniquely Shaped Towel

This stylish Icelandic towel has a convinient scrub glove at one end and is extremely wearable around swimming …Continue Reading

Creative Photos of Fish Heads

As heroes of the miniature stages, a bunch of small dolls wearing real fish heads are put in …Continue Reading

Minnie Outfit for Babies

Dress your baby with adorable minnie mouse hat with red bow diaper cover and shoes for photo shooting …Continue Reading

Terrifying Watermelon Carvings

Artist Clive Cooper carved a collection of terrifying 3D faces watermelon sculptures that will freak you out!

Interesting MixMatch Illustrations

Artist Javier P茅rez draws simple lines beside everyday things to mixmatch a series of interesting illustrations. Cute and …Continue Reading

Remote Controlled Flying Witch

Add spice to Halloween with a couple of realistic flying wizards and witches on broomsticks! They are radio …Continue Reading

Cool! Light-painting Pen for iPhone&iPad

Takara Tomy has introduced a light-painting art pen that works with a special iPhone or iPad app to …Continue Reading

Lovely Orange Fruit Juicer

This fun and novel orange mikan-shaped juicer creates refreshing fruit drinks for you by simply adding peeled fruit …Continue Reading

The Best Underwear Ever Made

A NASA temperature controlling technology that cares for your butt鈥檚 well and a utility pocket that stores your …Continue Reading

The World鈥檚 Thinnest Key Holder

This stainless steel key hold weighs only 1.2 oz and is compact and pratical enough to hold and …Continue Reading

Smart Wallet That Can Move Around

Interesting as well as functional, once paired with a smartphone, this four-wheeled wallet can move around according to …Continue Reading

The Tweeting Bra

The tweeting bra features a tweet bird right on its hooks, it posts a tweet every time it …Continue Reading

Creative Sexy Food Halloween Costumes

Looks like delicious food and refreshing beverages, this collection of sexy dresses will make you shine on the …Continue Reading

Travel into Outspace via Giant Balloon!

A world view company can bring you travel into outerspace in a capsule lifted by a high-altitude Helium …Continue Reading

Wireless EV Charging Stations Hiding as Manhole Covers

A New York-based company has introduced a whole new kind of EV charging station for the trendency that …Continue Reading

Pig Couch

An adorable sculpture as well as a fully functional one person chair, pig couch is fairly comfortable with …Continue Reading

Lamborghini Desk

Looks like a Lamborghini Murcielago sports car, this creative and eye-catching office desk will make a great addition …Continue Reading

Halloween Cupcake Decorating Kits

Dress up your cupcakes in fun costumes for Halloween! These decorating kits include everything you need to create …Continue Reading

A Floating Agricultural System

A modular hydroponic floating agricultural system for costal urban areas is perfect to deal with the expenses and …Continue Reading

Flatulence Filtering Underwear

British Underwear company Shreddies has put a set of flatulence filtering underwear on market recently which uses high …Continue Reading