Pull to Sit

Everything has its personality even to a chair. It asks for an interactivity and allows you to sit …Continue Reading

Disney Villain Perfume Bottles

It only takes one look at a bottle to figure out what character it is. A Japanese artist …Continue Reading

Hello Kitty-themed Pearl Jewelry

Hello Kitty is not just a cartoon character related to kids and teens, it can be for adults …Continue Reading

Cabbage Patch Kids-inspired Knit Hats

A hat that gives your baby an adorable Cabbage Patch Kid look!

Absurd Animated Portraits

A New York-based photography creates an absurd animated portrait every week since Last September to temporarily break free …Continue Reading

Cat Battle Armor Costume

If the Dargon Lady in Game of Thrones had a cat, it would be wearing this, a beautiful …Continue Reading

Parisian Cityscape Carved in Icehotel

Icehotel, located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in Jukkasj盲rvi, Sweden, is the largest hotel made of …Continue Reading

Cool Sketch Furnitures

Can you figure it out that the left picture above is a sketch while the other a real …Continue Reading

Travel Tent Hiding in Tire

A combination of biking and camping, the bike seamlessly integrates a travel tent into its front wheel, weight …Continue Reading

Drivable Ice Truck

A Canadian automotive parts retailer and manufacturer has constructed a completely drivable truck on the frame of a …Continue Reading

3D-printed Confectionery

Food is an incredible platform for creativity, say this candy printer, for instance. It is able to print …Continue Reading

Books Telling 360掳Visual Stories

Created by a Japanese artist, every book has its own theme and dioramas, from the Christmas, a sweet …Continue Reading

Cloud Clothes Hanger

Adorable and decorative, these fresh clothes hangers will refresh your home or closet in no minute.

Hidden Furniture

Creative space-saving bookcase that contains a whole set of dinner table and chairs may fit perfectly in tiny …Continue Reading

Stained Glass Octopus Chandelier

With detachable, light-up tentacles, the cephalopod chandelier measures around 4 feet across, its body and tentacles can be …Continue Reading

Tableware with Painted Ants

Very little people can bear a crowd of ants crawling on teapots or plates. A German artist designs …Continue Reading

Hovering Tree Illusion

A tree in Potsdam, Germany is wrapped out to present an illusion of hovering transparency which integrates into …Continue Reading

Frozen Soap Bubbles

Soap bubbles become frozen in cold weather and melt during sunrise, the critical state between frozen and melted …Continue Reading

Adorable Monster Rocking-chair

Kids always wanna become superheroes who battle with monsters. This collection of rocking-chairs appear as leviathans to be …Continue Reading

iPhone Laser

Works as a small and clever upgrade for your iPhone, it simply add a laser pointer to the …Continue Reading

Egyptian Style Drawings of Superheroes

Creative drawings that combine the features of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and superheroes from modern comics and movies are …Continue Reading

Landscape Rings

Laser-cut rings form birch will form a landscape when wearing together. Why not wear nature on your finger?

Decorative Burning on Pieces of Wood

An artist uses a soldering iron to create pyrography on pieces of wood. Can you feel a wonder …Continue Reading

Disco Ball Pizza Oven

This beautiful pizza oven at a restaurant in Vienna looks really like a giant disco ball.

Sound Wave Technology that Forces Things Fly in 3D Space

Japanese scientists have invented the very first technology that makes particles fly in 3D space using sound wave. …Continue Reading

Desk with Cushion Layers

A Russian designer slotted two layers of foam into a plywood sheets with curved edges to make this …Continue Reading

Moveable Metal Sculptures

Isn’t it interesting to get metals moving by carving them into some windmill-shaped sculptures? These kinetic sculptures are …Continue Reading

Paper Folding Fashion Collection

A particular folding technique is applied in the collection, making the dress change its shape along with the …Continue Reading

Realistic Resin Sculptures of Noodles

A Korean artist recreates common Korean noodle dishes with resin chopsticks that float 12-feet-high dangling resin noodles flowing …Continue Reading

Hand Warmer Mug

The ceramic mug鈥檚 ergonomic handle will keep your hands warm while drinking coffee, isn鈥檛 it wonderful in the …Continue Reading

Flexible Paper Sculptures

Beijing artist Li Hongbo create delicate works built of thousands of layers of soft white paper that are …Continue Reading

Harmless Plant Weapons

Artist put together the specimen of plant roots, leaves and pedals to create beautiful and harmless weapons to …Continue Reading

Funny T-Rex Illusion

This mind-boggling T-Rex illusion won鈥檛 stop staring at you once you鈥檙e in its view! It鈥檚 a cutout that …Continue Reading

Bendable Hand-shaped Salt&Peper Mills

With articulating joints, the hand-shaped salt and pepper mills are fully bendable and capable of grabbing on to …Continue Reading

Incredible Battle-torn PC Case Mod

A Japanese designer created a mecha-themed case mod inspired by anime such as Macross and Gundam. Despite the …Continue Reading

Creative Drawings between Father and Kids

Loving father colors his kids drawings during his travels on a plane and gives them back to the …Continue Reading

Landscapes Painted on Excel Spreadsheets

Other than Photoshop or Painter, the 73-year-old Japanese artist prefers to create beautiful landscape artworks using Microsoft Excel. …Continue Reading

Sugru&Magnets Kit

Sugru is a powerful and reliable gelatinous plasticene which becomes omnipotent together with magnets for they can be …Continue Reading

Camera Remote Controller

With this gadget combining your iPhone and camera through an app, you needn鈥檛 be behind the camera to …Continue Reading

6 Amazing Logo Artworks

Legos will always be an unforgettable childhood toy, however, they can be attractive to adults as well. Aren鈥檛 …Continue Reading

Interesting Food Art

Playing with food is lots of fun, creating unique arts out of them entertains even more.

Rubber Band Machine Gun

http://www.patent-cn.com/2013/12/24/97209.shtml A fully automatic machine gun will fire its 672 shots of rubber bands rapidly when you pull …Continue Reading

Gingerbread Optimus Prime

Edible Optimus Prime made of over 700 individual pieces of gingerbread maybe a perfect decoration for the Christmas …Continue Reading

Blossom Clip Holder

Lively flower shaped magnetic paper clip holder can hold up any notes or photos on any metal surface …Continue Reading

DIY Bokeh Shaped Camera Lens Cover

Use ordinary thick black paper and cut it into a lens-size strip with a central hole in whatever …Continue Reading

Augmented Fairy Tale on Bedsheets

A Netherlands-based startup has introduced this awesome system that augments children鈥檚 bedtime stories by displaying realistic cartoon characters …Continue Reading

Robotic Cube That Can 鈥淲alk鈥

This cube is able to 鈥渨alk鈥 with its jumping up, balancing and controller falling skills thanks to its …Continue Reading

Thumbtacks FLY

Elaborate plastic fly thumbtacks are so annoying to stick on even more annoying schedules!