Full-scale LEGO Model Hot-rod

Apart from the tires, wheel base and chassis, this full-scale model hot-rod built by 500,000 Lego bricks is …Continue Reading

A Shirt That 鈥淎voids鈥 Stains

The built-in hydrophobic nanotechnology in the soft, breathable fabric can help the clothing avoid water based liquids by …Continue Reading

West vs East

A Chinese artist used her personal experiences from her own life in both China and Germany to create …Continue Reading

Spherical Solar Energy Generator

A transparent solar energy generator made of betaray spherical glass. It鈥檚 unique geometrical structure raises the energy efficiency …Continue Reading

Gorgeous Eye Makeup 鈪

After last collection of Gorgeous Eye Makeuphttp://www.inewidea.com/2013/10/22/57619.html, the artist shows us more beautiful artworks painted on eyelids. Gorgeous …Continue Reading

Book Hive

To celebrate Bristol Central Library鈥檚 400th anniversary, the library built a new living sculpture that consists of 400 …Continue Reading

Delectable Dessert Paintings

The Italian artist created these extreme realistic dessert paintings under the guidance of the still-life tradition from the …Continue Reading

Stockwerk Shelf

Foldable wooden Stockwerk Shelf can be easily pulled into shape with the need of assembly.

Interesting Bone-shaped Bread Mold

So original that it鈥檚 hard to define exactly what it is. A big white ceramic bone made for …Continue Reading

Say Bye-bye to Floppy Collars!

Simple, nightweight and innovative, this unisex collar adjust gadget starch your collar by bending and twisting it to …Continue Reading

Adorable Food Art

Malaysian mother Samantha Lee has been creating adorable meals for her two daughters using cut-up rice, bread, vegetables, …Continue Reading

Crescent Moon-shaped Crib

Crescent moon-shaped wooden crib with several stars dotted on it would definitely add spicy to your fantastic fairtale-themed …Continue Reading

Hobbit Dollhouse

If you are so desired to live in a tranquil, leisurely and luxurious hole for primitive nature, here鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Superhero TeaBags

Have a nice cup of tea with your favorite superhero dipping in a funny manner!

Lime Pocket for Cocktails

It鈥檚 an accessory made of silicon and works as a pocket for a slice of citrus which keeps …Continue Reading

Surgical 3D Printing BioPen

As 3D printing鈥檚 widely use in vast areas, scientists in University of Wollongong in Australia invented a surgical …Continue Reading

Creative 3D Drawings

A Belgian artist and photographer created these amazing 3D drawings with his delicate skills in shadows, angles, depth …Continue Reading

Skateboard that Stores Your Belongings

What do you do with laptops, wallets and other handheld items while you cruise? A skateboard with a …Continue Reading

Handbag Looks Like Balls

Maybe it鈥檚 the world鈥檚 strangest and boldest handbag because of its similarity to male genitals.

Tortilla Swaddle Blanket

Knowing how to make a burrito may coach new parents to swaddle their baby, of course, with this …Continue Reading

A Simple 3d Scanner for Small Objects

This 3d scanner is simple and cost-effective, by taking pictures of the object on the turntable with two …Continue Reading

Cafe Latte Art in Color

It is amazing and original to draw on cafe latte using colored bartender syrups, Blue Hawaii syrup for …Continue Reading

Adorable Radish Art

The cutest and most creative radish art popped up when someone posted a collection of pictures with those …Continue Reading

3D Printed Spherical Gear System Sculpture

Feature an elaborate network of 64 interlocking gears, the miniature sculpture is the first in a series of …Continue Reading

Lamps Made from Real Bread

A Japanese company produced a collection of bread lamps made out of real bread. After the usual processes …Continue Reading

Prosthetic Hands with The Sense of Feeling

Most prosthetic hands are not sending back any sensory information to the wears, leaving them crushing or losing …Continue Reading

Animated Objects

Artist Sabine Timm turned everyday things into awesome animated objects and they look so interesting!

Adorable Porcelain Dog Jewelry

Cute and delicate, this collection of hand-painted porcelain dog jewelry features several breeds and is the perfect gift …Continue Reading

Edible 3D-printed Pizza

Isn鈥檛 it wonderful when 3D printers鈥 being the chef that make tasty pizzas, patties or crackers? Barcelona-based start-up …Continue Reading

鈥12 shoes for 12 lovers鈥

The designer presents us 12 shoe sculptures which reflects the personalities and idiosyncrasies for the 12 former lovers …Continue Reading

Smartphone Case with An Airbag

Honda came up with the idea of a bulky smartphone case with an emergency airbag to protect one …Continue Reading

Baby Shark Costume

With the baby shark costume your little kid will appears as a vicious yet funny creature barely landing …Continue Reading

Solar Powered Lights on Clothespins

Isn鈥檛 it exciting to pin several colorful LEDs on your clothesline with these tiny clothespin? With LED, night …Continue Reading

Giant Cat Couch

The giant cat couch could be a substitution of any cozy house items such sofas, beds, armchairs or …Continue Reading

Bunny Alarm Clock

A classic alarm clock wearing a pair of cute bunny ears, whimsical and funny, don鈥檛 you think.

Dog Birds

Heads of cute dogs were placed onto the bodies of various birds to form unusual photo manipulations of …Continue Reading

Tape Art

Tape is out of date in audio world, however, artistically, it鈥檚 still inzone. An artist created unique portraits …Continue Reading

Sleeping Mushroom Fairy

This collection of tiny woodland mushroom fairies are made of moss and polymer clay, all handmade and appear …Continue Reading

Shirts with Embroidered Neko Pockets

Japanese Embroidery artist creates a collection of shirts with embroidered cats close to the pockets, making it seems …Continue Reading

Smart Piggy Bank

Adorable and smart, the piggy bank connects with your smartphone via Wifi, which helps to trace the changes …Continue Reading

Killer Animal Staple Removers

A masculine way to remove staples by these formidable animals, take a bite and rip off your staplers.

Sushi Trucks

Japanese artists made these miniature food trucks that can deliver delicious sushi. Adorable and interesting, aren鈥檛 they?

25 kitchen tools for a better cooking experience

Got a Christmas gift for your dear friends? Come and look at these beautiful kitchen tools, less money, …Continue Reading

E-Volo 18-Rotor Volocopter

A giant version of quadcopter drones? Call E-Volo VC200, this 18-rotor electric volocopter has recently succeeded in his …Continue Reading

Delicious Food Stickers

Mouth-watering adhesive memo pads that look like real food are perfect for fooling your friends, and of cousre, …Continue Reading

Fried Chicken Candle

The most delectable creations to date, the Kentucky fried chicken candle made with real chicken will send the …Continue Reading

Superheroes鈥 Part Time Jobs

Superheroes in comic books are usually quite omnipotent, however, in real life, not so much. An Malaysian artist …Continue Reading

Driftwood Sculptures

An American artist transformed driftwood found on the Washington coast into creative furniture and life-size animal sculptures.

Sophisticated Mechanical Insects

French artist Edouard Martinet has created this collection of sophisticated mechanical insects using discarded parts of automobiles, bicycles, …Continue Reading

Grenade-shaped Mug

Of course grenades are not for daily use, however, grenade-shaped mugs are. Made of ceramics, even attached a …Continue Reading