Cities Illustrated by Food Artworks

Beautiful travel destinations are presented by food artworks that are carefully arranged to specify each city’s unique feature.

Bioluminescent Forest

Two artists spent six weeks in a forest, together with a projector and computer, to create surreal graphics …Continue Reading

Gifs Show How Mushrooms Grow

Mushrooms are fast-growing organisms that quickly pop up after the rain. These mesmerizing time-lapse gifs record the mushroom …Continue Reading

A Lamp Inspired by Moon Craters

A ceramic desktop lamp whose surface is dotted with corked “craters” mimics the pockmarked surface of the moon. …Continue Reading

A Upside-down House Lets You Experience Zero Gravity

In the city of Krasnoyarsk,Russia, there’ a big upside-down house letting visitors to experience a different view of …Continue Reading

If Men Were Social Media Networks

What it feels like to be a social master, Busy? Proud? Boring or changing the world? Maybe it’s …Continue Reading

The Orbits Clock

Three carbon fiber circles mark hours, minutes and seconds, much like a standard clock.

Memo Bank

The memo bank’s top half is a sticky note pad that has a coin slot in the middle …Continue Reading

Easy Camping Tents

The Camping Doughnut is easier to setup whilst promotes individual space, providing you a better camping experience.

Missile Drinks Cabinet

The 1970s missile fuselage drinks cabinet stands over eight feet tall and weighs 600 pounds, inside whose mirror-polished …Continue Reading

Precarious Point-balanced Rocks

Only those who have a profound understanding in gravity and contact forces, great patience in adjusting different poses …Continue Reading

Doctor Who Themed Feeder for Squirrels

A funny squirrel feeder turns the cute ones into characters in Doctor Who. The designer packed a sticky …Continue Reading

Animal Paintings on Human Bodies

The fact that these animals are painted on human bodies makes them even more breathtaking. The models are …Continue Reading

Conceptual Urban Railroad Surfing Vehicle

The solar-powered electric vehicle explores the possibility of personal transportation on urban railway tracks. It provides a light, …Continue Reading

Mechanical Diagrams in Traditional Oil Paintings

These mechanical diagrams of engines, lenses, and other complex contraptions are actually oil paintings, amazing!

Puzzle iPhone Case

Clip-on lenses improve the capability of the smartphone’s primary camera, this iPhone case provides five different lenses whose …Continue Reading

Intricate Paper Cut Artworks

Super thin white paper lines are cut to form beautiful illustrations together with its negative space. It requires …Continue Reading

Magnetic Modular Lighting System

This modular lighting system uses magnets to adjust its illumination amount. It can be easily assembled or removed …Continue Reading

This Cloak Can Be Used as A Backpack

This versatile, waterproof cloak is for unpredictable weather changes and portability thanks to its three-layer fabric and ability …Continue Reading

Amazing Skills of Cooking Rice Paper Roll Sheets

Practice makes perfects, this woman cooks rice paper roll sheets with her perfect skill.

A LED Matrix Reveals Facial Emotions Beneath The Mask

The LED matrix attached to the mask’s air filter detects and uncovers facial expressions like plain, smile, surprise …Continue Reading

The First Complete Prototype of Google’s Self-Driving Car

Google has recently released the first complete working prototype of its self driving car. This cute vehicle has …Continue Reading

Dog-shaped Shelf

The life-sized dog-shaped cardboard organizer is easy to assemble and beautiful in appearance.

Fun Fairy Tale Glassware

The glassware has classic fairy tales printed on it. The characters on the opposite side appear larger due …Continue Reading

3D Printed Prosthetic Leg

By combining 3D scanner, printer and modeling software, an affordable, beautiful custom 3D printed artificial limb that intimately …Continue Reading

Venus Flytrap Get Dressed up for Christmas

A Venus flytrap is wishing everyone a merry Christmas by dressing itself up as Santa. It also smokes …Continue Reading

A Dog’s Cosplay for Christmas

The photographer dresses up his dog as different Christmas-themed characters for the annual family photo shoot every year …Continue Reading

A See-through Smartphone

Openness is the essence of Firefox OS, the latest Firefox smartphone expresses that by showing off the inner …Continue Reading

An Instant Camera That Prints Images on Receipt Paper

The high price of instant film hinders the freedom of shooting, so an electrical engineer has designed an …Continue Reading

Man Handcrafts Pliers in Just 10 Cuts

With a simple pocket knife and a solid wood, it takes him only 10 cuts to make pliers …Continue Reading

Ghost Ship Hologram along Amsterdam Canal

Hoses sprayed water at angles create screens for projection where the ghost ship is presented. The ship is …Continue Reading

Mr.Incredibeard with his funny beard

Isaiah Webb, known as Mr.Incredibeard, is famous for his impressive crop of facial hair, he has created many …Continue Reading

Cute Costumes for Pets

The hot dog costume is for dogs while the heated table one for cats, they will keep your …Continue Reading

Replace Rear-view Mirrors with Video Feedback

Cadillac intends to replace the rear-view mirror with a HD video feedback which increases the field of vision …Continue Reading

Ghost Car Navigation

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a virtual ghost car in front of the windscreen to lead your way, …Continue Reading

Negative Space Illustrations Carved Out Of Knives

A knife鈥檚 sharp metal blade has been carved into a detailed nature-themed scene, such as animals or trees, …Continue Reading

Animated Illustrations Show How Things Work

The animated illustrations reveals the inner workings of objects like handguns, speakers and others with great detail.

Sign Languages in Cute Illustrations

The adorable illustrations shows us the sign language version of letters by drawings cute cartoon figures whose name’s …Continue Reading

Adorable Illustrated Characters Play With Real Objects

Simple drawings creates more has created a collection of incredibly adorable illustrated characters who are portrayed as interacting …Continue Reading

Inflatable Outwear

A built-in pump forces air into the inflatable chambers dotted around the outwear that captures body heat to …Continue Reading

Hubcap Scraps Turned into Animal Sculptures

The artist transforms abandoned hubcaps into amazing animal sculptures that are just in the right scale to fully …Continue Reading

Injure Free Bionic Trainer

This injure free fitness equipment removes the impact of jogging on hard surfaces with its bicycle and cross-trainer …Continue Reading

Your Own Light Drone

“Walkalight” combines a drone, smart sensors and LEDs to form a personal illumination system that will follow your …Continue Reading

Beard Ornaments for Christmas

Your beard needs its own decoration in festival season, how about miniature-sized Christmas ornaments?

Free & Comfortable Bindings for Snowboard

This flexible snowboarding accessory allows you to make shifts easier and have more control in your ride, providing …Continue Reading

Teleprompter That Reflects Scripts on Camera Lens

Acting becomes easier by having the camera’s lens displaying the script, especially for those who have bad memories …Continue Reading

Smart Sun Light

As we spend more time indoors in winter, we are eager for the sunshine. This smart LED wall …Continue Reading

Golden Bicycle

Gold, as a symbol of wealth, apart from its common usage as a currency, has been applied into …Continue Reading

Optical Illusion Distortion Tableware Mat

This tableware mat creates an optical illusion of a distorted space where the fork and spoon is put …Continue Reading