A Bracelet That Features 25 Usage

This wearable tool has 25 tools built in, each link includes two or three different tools like a …Continue Reading

Surreal Hybrid Creature Paintings

By fusing animals with natural landscapes and industry inventions, the artist creates whimsical creatures that inhabits worlds filled …Continue Reading

Side Table Transforms into A Rowing Machine

If you have to work out at home, and your apartment happens to be space limited. Having this …Continue Reading

Napkin Zoo for Dining Table

Napkin rings are small objects but still can represent something more, the animal ears shaped rings feature the …Continue Reading

Water Bounce off This Hydrophobic Metal!

A new water repellent hydrophobic metal causes water droplets to bounce off like magic. Laser etches microscopic structures …Continue Reading

Build Your Own Bat House

The DIY house features an upside-down bat signal, demonstrating that having bats around is beneficial for they actually …Continue Reading

Mind-blending Optical Illusion Paintings

A painting looks like two images with similar boundaries merging into each other, telling an absurd yet reasonable …Continue Reading

Robots Made of Drinking Straws

Kids can build animated robot toys with a few electronic components and plastic drinking straws. A starfish-shaped controller …Continue Reading

Canada’s Passport Reveals Colorful Patterns Under UV Light

The pages of the Canada’s passports are covered with ink that can be viewed beneath the black light, …Continue Reading

Tiny Paper Model City Animations

The artist creates a tiny, glorious little model city each day, and it looks more adorable in animation.

This Vintage Vending Machine is Actually A Door into A Speakeasy in Shanghai

Behind this vintage Coca-Cola vending machine, there’s a stylish up-scale speakeasy called 鈥淔lask.鈥 The bar hides behind a …Continue Reading

Mathematically Precise Kinetic Sculptures

The optical illusion kinetic sculptures are created with excruciatingly precise laser-cut wood and internal mechanisms, giving the sculptures …Continue Reading

A Rollator Doubles as A Portable Seat

An ambulatory designed for the elderly and those who have a walking disability, a rollator that can be …Continue Reading

This Gorgeous Spa Hotel is A Piece of Artwork

The Rogner Bad Blumau located in the heart of Austria鈥檚 Styria thermal region, is totally a piece of …Continue Reading

Futuristic World Illustrations

Futuristic graphic illustrations combine real life and imagination to show you a world in science fictions. They come …Continue Reading

Robot Scribes Letters in Your Handwriting

Bond’s new robot writes notes in your own handwriting using a fountain pen. Cool! The robot’s hand uses …Continue Reading

A Sticker Calendar That Peels Days off for Changing Seasons

The sticker calendar consists of 12 pages of stickers, each for one month. Peel a sticker a day …Continue Reading

Recycled T-shirt Hammock for Pets

A dog recognizes its master’s scent, and is happiest and most comfortable on its master’s clothes, this piece …Continue Reading

An Upside-down Bed Desk

Want to keep on using your computer while you lie in bed? This nifty invention can be used …Continue Reading

“Textblade”, The Slimmest Keyboard

Textblade is so lightweight and compact in size for a keyboard, however, the experience of typing won’t be …Continue Reading

Front-loading Washer DIY Fluorescent Aquarium

A front-loading washing machine has been transformed into a fully functioning, well-lit aquarium that can be viewed through …Continue Reading

Light-shaped Bookmark

A solid ray of light will 鈥榮hed light on your last read page鈥, smart!

An Efficient Running Shoe

The shoe’s innovative shock absorption system provides a smoother landing in a stride, making your running more comfortable, …Continue Reading

Glowing UV Paint Murals

These blank bedroom walls suddenly transform into gorgeous murals in the darkness. So fantastic and unreal that you’ll …Continue Reading

Portable Washing Machine

An amazing portable washing machine ensures you a quick and efficient washing of clothes in travel with its …Continue Reading

Curved Shower Rod

Curved shower rod is able to expand the showering space by adding a convex shape into common straight …Continue Reading

3-D Printed Interactive Robotic Exoskeletal Dress

The dress uses Intel Edison technology to act as a defense system if someone gets too close. It’s …Continue Reading

Connected Pedal Against Theft

The bicycle pedal will notify the owner if their vehicle has been moved. Its built-in GPS protects it …Continue Reading

Adorable Winter Scarves

Beautiful scarves are eye-catching, those knitting and crochet ones will keep you warm and creative in winter!

Beautiful Outdoor Pianos

The project “Play me, I鈥榤 yours” aims to encourage strangers’ communication. The artist began to place brightly painted …Continue Reading

Stretchy Electrodes Could Let Paralyzed People Walk Again

The e-Dura, a long-lasting stretchy electrode that is designed to be implanted on the spinal cord or cortex, …Continue Reading

Disney Robot Sketches on Beach

A Disney research team develops a robot “artist” that draws giant sketches on beach. This “artist” uses the …Continue Reading

Compression Suits for Camels

To help camels get the most out of its every movement, a camel and horse luxury products company …Continue Reading

A Hotel Made Almost Entirely from Salt

This hotel locates in the world鈥檚 largest salt flat in southwest Bolivia, whose structure, interior and furnishings are …Continue Reading

E-Ink’s Prism Lets Architecture Change Its Color!

The E-Ink Prism is going to make your walls “alive” by adding an element of dynamism to the …Continue Reading

Excellent Animal Camouflage

Lots of animals are masters of disguise that almost seamlessly blend into their environment. Who is the best …Continue Reading

1,000 Lattes Telling A Story of Love

The stop motion animation tells a story of “when a man loves a woman”, they fall in love, …Continue Reading

Latte Art Maker

Foam sculptures on top of coffees are cute, this latte art maker lets you create awesome artworks by …Continue Reading

Cities Illustrated by Food Artworks

Beautiful travel destinations are presented by food artworks that are carefully arranged to specify each city’s unique feature.

Bioluminescent Forest

Two artists spent six weeks in a forest, together with a projector and computer, to create surreal graphics …Continue Reading

Gifs Show How Mushrooms Grow

Mushrooms are fast-growing organisms that quickly pop up after the rain. These mesmerizing time-lapse gifs record the mushroom …Continue Reading

A Lamp Inspired by Moon Craters

A ceramic desktop lamp whose surface is dotted with corked “craters” mimics the pockmarked surface of the moon. …Continue Reading

A Upside-down House Lets You Experience Zero Gravity

In the city of Krasnoyarsk,Russia, there’ a big upside-down house letting visitors to experience a different view of …Continue Reading

If Men Were Social Media Networks

What it feels like to be a social master, Busy? Proud? Boring or changing the world? Maybe it’s …Continue Reading

The Orbits Clock

Three carbon fiber circles mark hours, minutes and seconds, much like a standard clock.

Memo Bank

The memo bank’s top half is a sticky note pad that has a coin slot in the middle …Continue Reading

Easy Camping Tents

The Camping Doughnut is easier to setup whilst promotes individual space, providing you a better camping experience.

Missile Drinks Cabinet

The 1970s missile fuselage drinks cabinet stands over eight feet tall and weighs 600 pounds, inside whose mirror-polished …Continue Reading

Precarious Point-balanced Rocks

Only those who have a profound understanding in gravity and contact forces, great patience in adjusting different poses …Continue Reading

Doctor Who Themed Feeder for Squirrels

A funny squirrel feeder turns the cute ones into characters in Doctor Who. The designer packed a sticky …Continue Reading