Ten Stunning Beach Sculptures

Going, Going..Gone, Sculpture by the Sea 2006: Art by Stuart Clipston In the end of summer, it may …Continue Reading

Hello Kitty Caterpillar

It鈥檚 the larval form of the Chinese Bush Brown butterfly, namely, the Mycalesis gotama, isn鈥檛 it surprises you …Continue Reading

3D-printed Flexible Filament Dress

On the New York Fashion Week, there鈥檚 a sophisticated dress which is made of 鈥淔lexible Filament鈥, a biodegradable, …Continue Reading

Amazing Digital Art Flowers

Giant digital flowers that emits fantastic incredible light will refresh your eyes!

DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls

How about picking up several color changing golden leaves to preserve this autumn for DIY decor? Prepare materials …Continue Reading

Dial-less Watch

Instead of using minute and hour hands, the device uses LEDs to light up the outer ring of …Continue Reading

Superhero Gloves

Wanna be a superhero? Now you can have it with creative football gloves that feature with iconic logos …Continue Reading

Architecture Sketches in Embroidery

An artist in Utah sews a series of quiet and tranquil needlework of architecture sketches, touch it and …Continue Reading

Sushi 鈥楶aintings鈥

A sushi chef in Tokyo embedded some visualization into this delicious Japanese food with common ingredients. When slicing …Continue Reading

Portable Fishbowls

Prepare your beloved fishes a backpack or handbag with a built-in fishbowl and take them around for a …Continue Reading

Fish Cups & Heat Pads

Cups with fish-shaped metal stamps at the bottom create what looks like a zen Koi pond on the …Continue Reading

Phonebloks Conceptual Cell Phone

This conceptual cell phone consists of a single main board whose modular components can be upgraded by replacing …Continue Reading

Mermaid Swimming School

In the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy in Manila, you can cost US $62 to go on a two-hours …Continue Reading

Hyperrealistic Drawings for Everyday Things

It’s amazing that the artist reproduces everyday items with a standard set of art supplies, including anything from …Continue Reading

Snack Pillows for Movie Night

Snacks and pillows are indispensable gadgets for movie night, what if we combine both together into unique and …Continue Reading

Whispering With Your Fingertips

Researchers of Disney Research in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has presented a magic show of whispering with fingertips at the …Continue Reading

Air Touch Screen

A Russian company has invented an air-made touch screen. It is a pedestal which sprays up stable and …Continue Reading

Sound Activated Clothing

A fashion designer presents two new kinetic garments that react to sound. It features aesthetic details covered in …Continue Reading

Messenger Helicopter

The messenger helicopter can display one word at a time when it hovers in midair to pass on …Continue Reading

World鈥檚 Thinnest Wireless Keyboard

Recently, a British company Cambridge Silicon Radia has published a super thin wireless keyboard that is only 0.5mm …Continue Reading

Hidden Pencil Notebook

A clever and deceptive notebook featuring with a pencil-filled cover that hides a real pencil in its built-in …Continue Reading

Star Wars Yoda Dog Headband

Dress up your pup in authentic Star Wars Yoda headband and have this mighty wise doggy go around …Continue Reading

Scary Body Painting

A talented Japanese artist painted eyes, lips, zippers and faces on human body to create these terrifying body …Continue Reading

鈥楤ook on Book鈥 Bookmark

Works as a paperweight to keep the page stay exactly where it is, this transparent book-shaped bookmark is …Continue Reading

Lens-shaped Camera

As conenient as smartphone cameras are, Sony鈥檚 new wireless lens-shaped cameras augmented smartphones and give them even better …Continue Reading

Bracelet Turns Your Heartbeat into Keys and Passwords

Apart from the common function of most heart monitors that just report heart rate, this bracelet actually furthers …Continue Reading

Secret Fore-Edge Paintings

On the fore-edge of a four volume set of scientific books which are divided by season are painted …Continue Reading

Rainbow Pencils

Pencils are fundamental tools for adults and children and for creativity and learning. Rainbow pencils are made from …Continue Reading

the Smallest Folding Bicycle in the World

Kwiggle Bike is a German-made folding bicycle which is only 50*40*25cm in size and weighs 8kg at most …Continue Reading

Adorable Sandwich Bags

These adorable sandwich bags are drawn by a loving dad and talented illustrator who started drawing on sandwich …Continue Reading

Chalkboard Birthday Cake

If you wish to write something to the birthday girl or boy in a unique way, you can …Continue Reading

Creative Playgrounds

Eye-catching playground structures looks like various animals, airplanes, ships and buildings that are designed by Danish company Monstrum. …Continue Reading

Wearable Robot Suit for Paraplegics

The hardest deprivation mentioned by paraplegics is the inability to stand up. As a response, this wearable robot …Continue Reading

Mount Himalaya Spice Containers

A set of 4 glass spice containers (2 big and 2 small) which shapes like Mount Himalaya with …Continue Reading

Art Painted on Cows

A talented Australian body paint artist creates beautiful artworks painted on real cows! This collection raises public鈥檚 awareness …Continue Reading

A Playful Intelligent Ruler

Researchers in the Fluid Interfaces Group of MIT Media Lab has recently developed an intelligent ruler wih an …Continue Reading

Braille Book for Everybody

Braille alphabet is a blessing for blind people while an obscure for others. Thailand鈥檚 association of the blind …Continue Reading

National Flags Created by Each Country鈥檚 Native Food

Australia鈥檚 flag made from meat pie and sauce. Food photography created by Australian advertising agency WHYBIN\TBWA to promote …Continue Reading

The Ultimate MacBook Pro Cooling Solution

Designers has renovated the ventilation channel by redesigning the air duct of notebook cooler into a shape of …Continue Reading

鈥淏igger Harvest鈥 Creative Packaging

Other than mandarin oranges鈥 and carrots鈥 symbolic significance of 鈥榞old鈥 and 鈥榟arvest鈥 for Chinese people, this packaging itself …Continue Reading

Sweet Bread Cushion

These deliberately designed cushions are shaped as toasts, rolls and croissants, pile them up and refresh your lovely …Continue Reading

Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal

Whimsical kitty who is either happy or grumpy is specially for rear window wipers. Just stick down the …Continue Reading

Ring Clock

If you are looking for a gadegt of accessory and clock in one, this stainless ring, with its …Continue Reading

Swan Napkin Holders

Swan-shaped napkin holders would add an elegant touch to your dining table!

Fairy Tale Houses

Here are 15 odd yet fantastic looking houses around the world that remind your of fairy tales! They …Continue Reading

Lobster Paws Costume

Wear a lobster costume on your puppy and make it the cutest baby for all time!

Eggs in Haymow

A brandnew packing concept for eggs by storing them in hay drawpieces which is cheap and easily manufactured …Continue Reading

Sparkle Cocktail Table

A magnificent cocktail table composed of elegantly cut glass crystals will highlight your room with numerous beautiful rainbows …Continue Reading

Printer Placed on A4 Paper Stack

A compact inkjet printer placed on the top of a paper pile which will swallow papers beneath it …Continue Reading

3D Playing Cards

A set of hexagonal cards designed for tranditional poker or other card games with an added bonus of …Continue Reading