DIY leaf print

I am always fascinated with DIY crafts. This time I want to show you a fall leaf print …Continue Reading

Bobine: a phone charging cable and flexible tripod

Let鈥檚 meet Bobine鈥攁 phone charging cable and tripod. As a tripod, it can stand on its own so …Continue Reading

Unique Pipe Glass

Created by London-based Sebastian Bergne, this glass is shaped like a pipe. And the good thing about it …Continue Reading

Get comfy with the Leaning Rocker

Made of laminated wood and spring steel, the Leaning Rocker is designed to help people lean back and …Continue Reading

鈥楢pple Macbook鈥

Here鈥檚 a computer with a real apple taped on it. I guess apple computers are so desirable around …Continue Reading

Backpack couch with pockets

This couch is like your backpack. It has a lot of pockets to put your staff like magazines, …Continue Reading

Amazing pencil shaving art

Let鈥檚 enjoy a series of Marta Altes鈥檚 work with pencil shavings. They look simple but a lot of …Continue Reading

Autographer: the first intelligent, wearable camera

Autographer offers a hand-free approach to capture the images when you鈥檙e travelling. It is smart enough to know …Continue Reading

The ice cream moon cake

The moon shaped ice cream looks so delicious! I can鈥檛 tell you how much I would enjoy eating …Continue Reading

Super Cool All-over Spike Design Bra

Here鈥檚 a bra covered with spikes. It looks so cool that you can wear it on the outside. …Continue Reading

Flossis climbing over the Roggendorf House

Here in Duesseldorf, Germany, a climbing contest is taking place. And the contestants are called Flossis and designed …Continue Reading

Creative billboard Ad

Amusing billboards that use electric wires to represent nose hair! You need Panasonic nose hair trimmer because 鈥榯rimming …Continue Reading

Light up this brain candle

Have you seen a brain in a jar? Here is one! But instead of a laboratory specimen, it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Expressive fingers

Fingers can be so much fun! Check out this collection of finger icons, which I am confident will …Continue Reading

Keyless with Lockitron

Lockitron is an Internet connected lock that allows you to lock or unlock your door form your phone. …Continue Reading

Bicymple: bicycle or unicycle?

Bicymple looks like a bicycle with the chain removed. But it is actually a unicycle driven by the …Continue Reading

鈥楾he Statue of Apple鈥

We all know about the Statue of Liberty. Now let鈥檚 meet the Statue of Apple, who is holding …Continue Reading

Let鈥檚 enjoy music with DJ Pump

Southern California based artist and sculptor Andy Bergholtz brings life to a pumpkin. He calls it DJ pump. …Continue Reading

Oversized Hula Hoop Bag by Chanel

An oversized bag with hula hoop as its handle! It is different but still looks like Chanel鈥攃asual and …Continue Reading

鈥楢rmed key cover鈥

With these gun-shaped key covers, opening the door could be fun! Pretend you鈥檙e ready to shoot every time …Continue Reading

Decompression Chair by Matali Crasset

Inflating the back of this chair turns it into an armchair. Awesome! Called Decompression Chair, it was designed …Continue Reading

Treadwall for climbing at home

Treadwall for climbing at home How do you like the idea of climbing at home? Treadwall makes it …Continue Reading


Plugtail is more than a socket cover. It is designed to look like a squirrel to make your …Continue Reading

Magic wall maximizes kitchen spaces

Magic wall is a powerful magnetic panel that allows you to stick your knives, pots, pans, and tools …Continue Reading

Flat Life Clock by Finn Magee

What? This is a functioning digital clock. Measuring 23.5 x 16.5 x .25 inches, it looks more like …Continue Reading

Super rockin spoons

Awesome set of two wooden spoons shaped like guitars. Made from durable beechwood. Approximately 3.25 by 10.5-inch.Hope you …Continue Reading

Dissolving electronics that help fight infection

A new class of programmable electronics can be used with the implanted devices and helps prevent infection at …Continue Reading

Amazing retractable printer

Now start to imagine a printer that can extend/retract to fit the sizes of paper you鈥檙e printing. Imagine …Continue Reading

鈥楲iving Typography鈥

Guess what they are. They are wooden alphabets that function as bird houses. Having seen the decrease in …Continue Reading

The tree shadow umbrella

This umbrella provides more than protection from the sun. Due to its unique pattern, holding it is like …Continue Reading

PostPump 2.0鈥攑ump hidden inside the seatpost

PostPump 2.0 is designed to make cycling more convenient. It is a high-performance floor pump built inside the …Continue Reading

Nostalgic TV set memo pad

I am always fascinated with creative stationery that keeps popping up. Now we have a memo pad that …Continue Reading

iExpander- a multifunctional expansion device for your iPhone

Check out what iExpander can do for us. It helps taking great images when the light is low. …Continue Reading

Hoocap: lens cap and hood 2 in 1

If you are a fan of photography, you would love Hoocap. It can transform the lens cap into …Continue Reading

A giant chandelier consists of 665 radiometers

As the glass radiometers transform the solar energy to kinetic energy and the vanes turn in the sunlight, …Continue Reading

This glass has a hole

The uniquely designed glass tries to tell you something鈥攕ometimes it鈥檚 too much to get all you want. There …Continue Reading

Colorful Tree Rings

Can you believe that these tree rings glow in the dark? They are lights shining through the mirrored …Continue Reading

Spiral container by LASZLO TOMPA

Unique design for storage! Open it up and discover its spiral structure inside. I like it simply because …Continue Reading

Re-Feed transforms food waste into instant liquid plant food

Re-Feed is your smart choice for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It transforms food waste into liquid plant food. …Continue Reading

Smarter socks can communicate with your iPhone

Each Smarter Sock is fitted with a communication button-a NFC chip. Simply scan it with the Sock Sorter, …Continue Reading

Putting your finger into the coffee mix package to make it a stirring tool

This is a unique coffee mix package design. Simply cut it open, put your finger at the bottom …Continue Reading

Table with playful feet

Is the table stable? The answer is yes. The illusion is created through careful design. And depending on …Continue Reading

Amazing Rotating Bend Bench

The possibilities are endless when it comes to furniture building. This rotating bench is another great example. It …Continue Reading

Unique 3D business card

It鈥檚 more than a business card. It is a piece of art. Its delicacy and uniqueness will definitely …Continue Reading

A belt buckle that can hold your beer

BevBuckle is a fun design! Next time when you鈥檙e at a bar, impress your friends by putting your …Continue Reading

Lingerie lamps by Kelly Kerrigan

Let鈥檚 enjoy a series of lamps that made out of women’s lingerie. It鈥檚 a great, forward-thinking concept that …Continue Reading

Super cool Oru Origami Kayak

San Francisco-based designer Anton Willis comes up with this super cool Oru Origami Kayak! Measuring 12 feet long …Continue Reading

Amazing bear tank

Beer boxes stacked together to make a tank? Cool! Just wondering if it is sturdy enough and how …Continue Reading

Carriages decorated with views of the palace of Versailles

These are probably the most beautiful carriages in the world! They feature views of the palaces and gardens …Continue Reading

A quartz glass plate can store data almost forever

Developed by Hitachi, this quartz glass plate is believed to be able to store digital information almost forever! …Continue Reading