Auto Overdue Tablet Package

As time goes by, the printing ink on the multilayered permeable layers of the tablet package will permeate …Continue Reading

Pot for Big Seeds

This tripod pot is specially designed for big seeds such as avocado kernels that need to be water …Continue Reading

Muffin Tops Cupcake Mold

Feed yourself too much muffins may result in a belly like the cake batter in these adorable jean-style …Continue Reading

Cardboard Cathedral Built for Earthquakes

An architect, also a professional cardboard fort builder, Shigeru Ban, has built this cathedral made of cardboard tubes. …Continue Reading

Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air

Disney Research has invented a non-contact tactile system which uses some cameras, sensors and a ring of vortex …Continue Reading

Abyss Table Lamp

The Abyss, a modular-structured opal polycarbonate lamp which can be reshaped into various positions, may refresh your room …Continue Reading

Pocketable Suspended Tripod Convertor

Just wear this portable and pocketable convertor on your waist and simply build an easy-to-control suspended tripod to …Continue Reading

Grassshopper Stapler

You must be familiar with lively creatures like grassshoppers, this pine wood and iron made stapler will rejuvenate …Continue Reading

19 Futuristic Cell Phone Concepts

Weather Cell Phone Concept by Seunghan Song. Mobile Phone has become a part of life, and here鈥檚 19 …Continue Reading

Cotton鈥檚 Fun

Everything has its beautiful side, even as petty as cotton. When elaborately designed, it turns into lovely clouds …Continue Reading

Decorative Playwood Desk

The decorative playwood desk is designed by the Japanese architects. It鈥檚 a mini apartment which features magnets to …Continue Reading

ECO Washing Ball

Are you still using the abstergent to clean your fruits or vegetables? It seems to be a little …Continue Reading

Nutrition-oriented Fruit Game

Hot game “Fruit Ninja” is so popular that everyone starts to try kinds of fruit. However, rather than …Continue Reading

Mirror Two

One mirror for two person, this #180 angled mirror is cut by half, so each piece is facing …Continue Reading

Clounds Coffee Cap

The hot-gas of a cup of coffee is something like clouds? Designer offers people with this cloud cap …Continue Reading

Ice Ball Glass

If you like put some ice cubes in your whiskeys, you must drink it up quickly before too …Continue Reading

Wineglass Ring

Creative wine glass is married to a lovely ring! This fashion jewelry is a good representation of your …Continue Reading

Sand-free Mat

What’s the most uncomfortable and “disgusting” thing when you are to have good time on beach?Sand, of course! …Continue Reading

Watermelon Candles

It鈥檚 wonderful to have watermelon at hand to cool you off. If not, some similarities, say watermelon-shaped candles, …Continue Reading

Light Up Bra

Need for some passion on nightclub? Want to feel burning when dancing with disco? Try this glowing bikini …Continue Reading

LED Ultrasonic Diffuser

An aroma atomized and air humidifier will rejuvenate your living space, ease your breathing and promotes better sleep. …Continue Reading

Watch Lighter

Cool and surprising, this very unique watch conceals a refillable butane lighter which makes it a great gift …Continue Reading

鈥淥ver the Cloud鈥 Apartment

The cold and hot air is distributed in the apartment to form clouds which decorate the transparent architecture …Continue Reading

Distributed Flight Array

Each individual vehicle has its own CPU and accelerator that eads to a erratic and uncontrolled flight. However, …Continue Reading

Hemisphere Cake Molds

Use these different sized hemispheres to make colorful ball cakes! Manufactured from durable aluminum, it features easier release …Continue Reading

Campfire Fishing Rod

To be far away from the oily fume and to enjoy a relaxed experience of 鈥渇ishing鈥 during BBQ, …Continue Reading

Exquisite Punk Sculptures

These sculptures are quite a meticulous construction, the arrtist collects daily gadgets like machine parts to create sophisticated …Continue Reading

Wireless Bed Fan

It circulates air under the sheets to disperse built-up body heat and keep you comfortable all night long, …Continue Reading

Plants-shaped Tablewares

The bright metal tablewares may terrify people who are not used to western cuisines. So you may be …Continue Reading

Trinity Hammock

Three giant rings circles to form this peculiar hammock, which stands for the beauty of mathematics and is …Continue Reading

Innovative Edible Crafts

Orange peels, popcorns, red peppers,etc. Edible things have been changed into everyday things, such as cameras, tapes and …Continue Reading

Sandwich Book

It鈥檚 not a textbook on how to make sandwiches, it鈥檚 a book with its pages printed as exactly …Continue Reading

Color Changing Umbrella

This umbrella is printed with special ink that is white when dry and comes to life when in …Continue Reading

Music Postcards

Each postcard has a prestored song in its printed circuit, it plays music when inserted into the special …Continue Reading

Flower Ruler

A row of lovely petty flowers and weeds forms a unique and creative ruler! One centimeter between two …Continue Reading

StyleShoots Workbench

Say goodbye to the bored and time-consuming cutouts using this innovative workbench! This system is consisted of a …Continue Reading

Potato Colony

鈥淢ore water and sunshine!鈥 Potatoes are tanning, striking, skiing,etc. Why not use everyday things to do something interesting …Continue Reading

iConvert Scanner for iPad&iPhone devices

A quick and simple way to scan documents to crisp JPEG files with high-resolution, with this innovative iPad&iPhone …Continue Reading

IKEA Augmented Reality App

Just like the printed IKEA catalog, this application presents you a 360掳room sets and the stories behind the …Continue Reading

Cooling&Heating Mattress Pad

This mattress pad cools or heats your bed just the way you like, it uses a unique water …Continue Reading

Garden on Air-conditioner

Wear your air-conditioner with this tiny blooming garden dotted with flourishing flowers and white fences to have a …Continue Reading

Shark Deterrent Wetsuits

With an increased number of shark sightings and fatalities, researchers have made shark deterrent wetsuits and watersport products …Continue Reading

Wire Art

Rather than trying hard to hide wires, why not beautify them to decorate your apartment? Here鈥檚 some instances …Continue Reading

Princess Duvet

A sleeping beauty in a perfect princess dress, we know you want this, a princess duvet shows the …Continue Reading

Secret Agent Alarm Clock

Simply take aim and fire to project the time onto any surface you like, this unique alarm clock …Continue Reading

Zipper Repair Kit

Just simply clicks this zipper pull on to replace broken or missing pulls. A brilliant solution for broken …Continue Reading

Clutter Lines Fresco

Strong, powerful street arts composed of numerous clutter lines, can you feel the restless vitality in them?

Tongue Dog Toy

An awesome fetch toy that looks like a stretched tongue, with a ball and a tongue made of …Continue Reading

Home First Aid Kit

Divided by injuries and every injury is described in steps, this first aid kit efficiently guides the casualty …Continue Reading

Separable Camera

A separable camera with synchronised triggers for you to capture yourself! It gives fun by allowing you to …Continue Reading