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Bicycle Wheel Display System

How cool to hybrid animation to bicycle wheels! Download any formats of pictures into its chip, and you鈥檒l …Continue Reading

Hidden Animal Teacup

We鈥檇 like to share with you this beautiful teacup that hides an adorable animal! Sip your tea and …Continue Reading

Elaborate Mechanical Insects

An enthusiasm mechanical artist in Chicago has assembled these elaborate mechanical insects using old watch components. So complicated …Continue Reading

Heart-shaped Pen Bag

Perfect gift for her/him with this implicit heart-shaped pen bag.

Albino Animals

Isn鈥檛 the world miraculous with these mesmerising albino animals? Their bodies鈥 absence of melanin renders them an esthetical …Continue Reading

Porsche Sculpture of Speed

Porsche, as the theme of this year鈥檚 Goodwood Festival of Speed, displays a sculpture of three epoch-making roadsters …Continue Reading

A Foldable Stand for Laptop

Elevating the laptop screen to the correct height for your sight and posture, its extremely lightweight, strong and …Continue Reading

Collection of Creative Sand Art

People tend to create exquisite art when playing, specially with common materials like sands. Appreciation of these creative …Continue Reading

Hietama-chan Egg

A small and smart gadget that sings to remind you of closing refrigerator so as to save ernergy …Continue Reading

NIKE Projection Playground

In Madrid, NIKE provides laser-projected basketball playgrounds on streets by a crane, with its fluorescence green light extremely …Continue Reading

Wave Shoes

Curved wave adds soft and light peculiarity to this pair of clog, just try them on and enjoy …Continue Reading

Illuminated Dog Leash

Made from reinforced nylon, this illuminated dog leash is visible from one-quarter mile away in the dark. Great …Continue Reading

Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

It鈥檚 really idyllic to have a butterfly flittering around in a jar, not a real one of course. …Continue Reading

Consistent-motion Ruler

A ruler with a slidder and a slot play a trick of drawing lines that lasts forever!(Assuming the …Continue Reading

Nest for Plants

Novelty and vitality is the annotation of the nest planters, with plants grown in the nest and nutrition …Continue Reading

Landscape Paper-cuts

鈥淰ertical Landscape鈥 is a paper-cut work taking advantage of the variation of paper鈥檚 shadows and colors. Fairly tranquil, …Continue Reading

Fiber Optic Neon LED Shoelaces

The world鈥檚 only fiber optic neon LED shoelaces coming up with three modes of glowing, will certainly add …Continue Reading

Lion Hat for Cats

Lionhearted cats with a lion hat on it, a hilarious moment for pets.

Solar Charging Kit

Just take a solar charging kit for mobile devices when traveling, free your mind from power issues and …Continue Reading

Solar Powered Mechanical Cockroach

When exposed to sunlight, this little oddity will start wiggling to activate its motor through solar power, just …Continue Reading

Hanging Cliff Cabana

Enjoy the romantic sunset by resting on this cabana which surprises your love when hanging from the cliff!

鈥淚ce Cube鈥 Fish Tank

Is it really a cool and dramatic summer reteat for your beloved fish pet?

Birds of Flower Petals

The colorful birds with their fur of African daisies are created by the gifted artist, Hong Yi, who …Continue Reading

Dual-wheeled Ferris Wheel

A cable-car characterized ferris wheel which presents a broader scope of scenery is absolutely stood out among others.

鈥淪oft鈥 Architecture

It is to some extent innovotory to have the roof of the architecture 鈥渢wisting鈥 as the sun goes …Continue Reading

Kangaroo Jumps Boots

How about jump to jog like kangaroos? Try them on, and you shall love it!

Electronic Pet Fish

Don鈥檛 you think it鈥檚 a pretty nice idea to have pets that never die? The electronic fish would …Continue Reading

Sakura Vinegar plate

Serve yourself a dish of sakura using this one and only vinegar plate!

Bladeless Wind Generator

With the help of Electrostatic Wind Energy Converter, scholars have evented this bladeless wind generator whose wire grids …Continue Reading

Glowing Star Map

Try a galactic makeover for your bedroom using the glowing star map! A wonderful art that is genuinely …Continue Reading

Etch Pendant Light

What can mathematics brings to you? How about a digitally manufactured pendant which allows light to cast intricate …Continue Reading

Creative Bicycle Accessories

Students of ECAL presented their creative bicycle accessories such as brake lever&bell, splash-proof tire brush, etc. These tiny …Continue Reading

Stunning Wooden Sculpture

鈥淎 matter of time鈥 is a giant wooden sculpture themed of 鈥淢an and Nature鈥, in which delicate skills …Continue Reading

Interesting Food Pasteup

Hongyi, a very maverick artist, has created these interesting food pasetups using various vegetables and fruits. So lively …Continue Reading

Peanut Eraser

An adorable eraser shaped like peanuts. Quiet explicit, don鈥檛 you think.

Retro Coca-Cola Bottle Fridge

This unique Coca-Cola bottle shaped mini fridge is really 鈥渃ool鈥! It cools 15 cans of soda up to …Continue Reading

Amazing 3D Printing Pen

It鈥檚 a pen that can draw in the air! Extruding heated plastic as it draws, which quickly cools …Continue Reading

Handbag Mug

Don鈥檛 get it wrong, it just a tricky mug!

Hair-cut Eraser

The designer Chen Lu Wei has designed a series of interesting erasers for Megawing, the positive square side …Continue Reading

Big-face-animals T-shirts

These 100% cotton T-shirts are portrayed by the artists with amazing shadow images of animals, mice, orangutan, owl …Continue Reading

World’s First Algae Energy House

The world’s first algae energy house in Hamburg, Germany has been officially put into use, residential sunny facade …Continue Reading

Male鈥檚 Unilateral Underwear

French lingerie brand Inderwear has launched a subversion of traditional concept of unilateral underwear. According to users, this …Continue Reading

Cute Paper Animals

Newly hatched chicks, sly fox, kind hearted deer etc., these cute origami-based animals will greatly enrich after-school life …Continue Reading

Humorous Sticker on Belly Bulge

Men do not necessary to have eight abdominal in order to be handsome, even if some men have …Continue Reading

Elegant Wooden Bike

The whole bicycle is carved from wood by a graduate of Japan Musashino Art University except for the …Continue Reading

Glass-made of Underwater World

The marine life with the water flowing are made by artists with a root glass tube through blowing, …Continue Reading

Delicious Wool Dinner

Designers like knitting have cooked a sumptuous weekend dinner for us with sushi, salmon, burgers, fries, sausage, hot …Continue Reading

Exquisite Pocket Landscape

The artist’s talent is really masterpiece: these pocket paintings on butterfly wings, onion skin, shell back, fruit surface …Continue Reading

Katana Ball-point Pen

The boys are certainly like to watch a variety of martial arts Drama, and they hope they can …Continue Reading