Fun Lamps in Two Separate Places

The housing lamp is the best gift to take care of your parents. After being accessed to network, …Continue Reading

French Fries Box won鈥檛 Left Squeezed Ketchup

This new french fries box provides users with folding nips, breaking mouth of sealed sauce packet by putting …Continue Reading

Voice of Forest

You can hear nature sound from deep forests by sitting in this wooden chair! The manufacturer of wooden …Continue Reading

Fish Lamps with Shredded Paper

The fish lamp made by the famous master of deconstruction Frank Gehry, hundreds of small bits of paper …Continue Reading

Fun Climbing Wooden Chair

The father designer has made a fun climbing chair to draw the currish children鈥檚 attention: there are sturdy …Continue Reading

Packing Advertising of Creative Lozenges

What should we do with speechless voice hoarse? Relax your speechless throat with cool lozenges to turn sound! …Continue Reading

The Unwet Bike Seat

The bike seat is made of hole-like material of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), allowing the falling rain to drain …Continue Reading

Annular Bridge Leading to Obsession

Will you have various obsessions by seeing this annular bridge? Both sides of the river are school buildings …Continue Reading

Glow Thread Shirts

It will be attractive to wear a fluorescent clothes with special patterns for parties. This laser pointer allows …Continue Reading

Kitchen Ideas for 2020

As world-famous electrical appliance manufacturer Whirlpool has proposed two ideas for kitchen in 2020, one is the open …Continue Reading

Solar Airbag Lamp

The solar airbag lamp is made by soft, but uneasily broken plastic, users can expand or compress plastic …Continue Reading

Smart Assistant for Probing Growth Environment of Plants

The smart probing rod helps you know about the plants. The probing rod inserted in the soil will …Continue Reading

Cute Tank Base of iPhone

Most of iPhone bases are hoped to be blended with iPhone through delicate and simple design, the best …Continue Reading

Rainbow Pencil and Cloud Rubber

Insert the color pencils into rubber clouds, you鈥檒l see beautiful five-color rainbow! However, it鈥檚 take a long time …Continue Reading

Fluorescent Bike

The risk coefficient of night bike travel is still high with even the front and rear lights or …Continue Reading

The Dual-lens Camera In-taking also the Photographer

When there鈥檚 class activities for outdoor tourism, the person holding a camera also needs to take the trouble …Continue Reading

Seal Balloon for Wine Fresh

This fresh air balloon can continue to keep wine flavor with bottle open, putting wine deflated balloon close …Continue Reading

Invisible Cloak

A military technology company in Canada has developed a tactical cloak allowing soldiers to be completely invisible. It …Continue Reading

Stretched and Contracted Lamp of Wooden Structure

10 years ago, New Yorkers Chuck Hoberman created the most famous Hoberman Sphere, namely, a sphere structure can …Continue Reading

Convenient Paper U Disk

A storage technology company has developed a paper U disk by printing the storage chip in cracks of …Continue Reading

Multi-stretchable Liquid Metal Wires without Breaking

Scientists from North Carolina State University have successfully developed a wire with length stretching several times but not …Continue Reading

Exclusive Bike Trailer

The small trailer is designed for those rental bikes with no baskets in the city. It can be …Continue Reading

Feeder Allows Cats to Eat Food Alone

Too many pets at home will lead some pets snatch food of other pets inevitably. The smart feeder …Continue Reading

Wonderful Woodcarving

The schoolbag from Taiwan artist Ms. Mary Leu is originally a piece of solid wood, it now has …Continue Reading

Guess What It is

Perhaps you can immediately guess this is actually a handlebar set of flashlight, as it is too similar …Continue Reading

Elaborate Geometric Origami Works

The elaborate origami works are done improvise by an artist without digitized final draft for reference, reflecting mathematics …Continue Reading

Tactile PC Keyboard

U.S. Synaptics Company Synopsys has launched a laptop product with capacitive touch keyboard at CES. Since each key …Continue Reading

Fun Animal Seat

With big ears, plush cushion and cute tiny paws, this male rabbit seat will make you extremely cute. …Continue Reading

Homemade Rocket Aerobat

With two queen-size Coke bottles, some hard cloth or cardboard, and some color painting, there鈥檚 a domineering backpack-style …Continue Reading

Vector Decoding Technology Maybe a Revolution of Film Media

The researchers of The University of Bath have developed the movie-induced vector decoding technology for film, television and …Continue Reading

360 掳 Perspective of Helmet Set

The Sony’-base head-mounted 3D glasses,with the installation of spire panoramic helmet set can offer users 360 掳circular vision …Continue Reading

Reap What We Sow, Reap Flower by Sowing Coin

Some people wrap all kinds of flowers and seeds in paper coins, different denominations represent various categories of …Continue Reading

Teapot Coin Bank

It鈥檚 not necessary to break a coin bank to withdraw money from it! This coin bank offers users …Continue Reading

Romper-suit to Alert Sudden Infant Death

Most of SIDS are caused by prone sleep way of infants, a German Institute has produced a zebra …Continue Reading

Flexible PC

Intel Corporation, United Kingdom Plastic Logic company etc. have jointly launched a PC with flexible paper-like screen, the …Continue Reading

The Most Green Street in U.S.A

The Cermak Road in Chicago has recently named as the most green street in U.S.A by Chicago Department …Continue Reading

Air Umbrella without Canvas

This umbrella used high-pressure air to replace traditional canvas is designed by a French designer. His launched strong …Continue Reading

Convenient Yolk Protein Separator

In fact, there are many dishes need to be separated from yolk and protein of eggs, by only …Continue Reading

Stick-note Liked Soft Solar Cells

The traditional solar cell requires a rigid glass substrate, and some high-tech flexible battery plates have a high …Continue Reading

Magic Carpet

This unsupported carpet held by 90 elastic rods seems to let people see figure of King Solomon in …Continue Reading

Bathtub Faucet Lock

The huge bathtub won鈥檛 be filled with water till a long time, the faucet with lock is to …Continue Reading

Using a Mobile-phone to Play Texas Poker

Since Apple introduced Game Center, Apple users can play online games from desktop computers, laptops, PCs. It鈥檚 a …Continue Reading

Dog’s New , Made by Discarded Clothes

How should we do if there were discarded clothes at home, and the dog lacks a new toy? …Continue Reading

Fluorescent Bag

It would be very interesting if you shopping wearing shiny fluorescent vest sewn. The vest sewn can be …Continue Reading

Hut with Rainbow Ice Bricks

A mother in Canada gave her son-in-law a homework to test his loyalty and ability , namely, to …Continue Reading

The Tensed Outlet

The conceptual outlet can adjust its own shape based on use. When nearly all vacancies are filled, it …Continue Reading

The Arbitrarily Set Electromechanical Polymeric Materials

The electromechanical polymeric materials can be used to make various deformations, partition vibration and sound etc when it …Continue Reading

Unique Headphones for Studying Birds Hearing

Such headphones are designed by researchers at Emory University to study how bird adjust its intone. It will …Continue Reading

Clapping Bubble Film Jersey

Some angry people will feel good by eating, while others may be calm down by destroying some things. …Continue Reading

New Wireless Bone Conduct Headphones

The bone conduct headphones are new headset transmitted sound wave through cheekbone to user’s ears. Its unique design …Continue Reading