Magnetic iPad Sound Enhancer

This compact designed magnetic, power-free iPad amplifier can instantly improve iPad sound and clarity, try it once and …Continue Reading

Dynamic Beer Labels

These interesting dynamic beer labels are created by a video editor in Boston using subtle movement technology, don鈥檛 …Continue Reading

Binary Prints

Illustrator Alex Trochut creates a series of unique portraits using binary prints, they turn out to be totally …Continue Reading

Ball for Thumbtacks

This weird but innovative uneven dotted ball easily collects thumbtacks which would be a nice decor for your …Continue Reading

Butterfly Cup&Saucer

A Japanese tea set is always elegant and subtle, the butterfly cup and saucer presents you an exquisite …Continue Reading

Lonely City USB Hub

A lonely city USB hub, a miniature of lonely world, a perfect desk piece for lonely people.

Sticky-free Sand

If you鈥檙e fond of sand sculptures but hate the mess, here鈥檚 a nice recommendation for you. Special properties …Continue Reading

Enjoy Paper Cup

This set of paper cups have various emotion faces hidden beneath the surface which can be tear off …Continue Reading

Tablet Knife Block

Knife block with shelf for your tablet or cookbook provides an ideal angle for easy viewing, convenient and …Continue Reading

World鈥檚 First Open Ear Earphones

Discreet and practically invisible, this pair of earphones allow you to hear the world around you by its …Continue Reading

Steak Wrapping Paper

An innovative steak wrapping paper comes up for a highly unique gifting experience!

Stacked Glass Beverage Server

Clear glass beverage server with three separate sections to diversify your refreshments choice. Nice for daily life.

Interactive Wallpaper

Featured googly eyes in every direction, this interactive wallpaper enables drawing comics in anyway you like.

Cleaver Ring

Wear a chopper-shaped ring plus some haw jam on your finger, you鈥檇 have a pretty cool accesory for …Continue Reading

LEGO Microscope

It is no decoration, it is a real pratical microscope in LEGO bricks! To some extent, science is …Continue Reading

Colorful Pattern Calendar

Colorful and dynamic, isn鈥檛 the pattern calendar dazzling? Made of paper-cuts, each monch has its own pattern and …Continue Reading

Plant-Based Air Purifier

A stylish purifier transforms any household plant into an effective air cleaner by metabolizes noxious waste into ozone. …Continue Reading

Cable-shaped Sound

By combining up to 32 segments, this cable-shaped sound can reach as long as 64m that is long …Continue Reading

White Reef

As the global warm goes, plenty of colorful coral reefs are gone. This piece of hand-crafted paper dress …Continue Reading

Expressive Eyes for Interactive Characters

Expressive eyes is so essential in face-to-face communications that researchers have found a way to vividly present them …Continue Reading

The Dogbrella

This clear umbrella is specially built in leash and pushed to form a dome shape over your pet …Continue Reading

Grassy Page Markers

Stick these lovely grass-shaped markers on your page and see if your knowledge would grow and spread faster …Continue Reading

Cypress Wood Eco-humidifier

Carved out of Japanese Cypress, along with its natural lemony-scent, the wooden humidifier simply absorbs water from the …Continue Reading

Robotic Icons

Sexy and cutting-edge, would these robotic-coated celebrities give a sign of future robots?

Wine Pumper

Just like a pump, this gadget saves the trouble of unscrewing its cock when tasting wine. An impalpable …Continue Reading

Foldable Beach Wagon

A portable and rugged wagon for carrying things over sand or any cragged fields, it is an ideal …Continue Reading

Birds Under Your Table

The under-table cage not only provides a larger room for your birds but also adds some picturesque poetry …Continue Reading

Ocean Fishes in Pictures

Portraits for ocean fishes! The artist have drawed pictures for every fish he encountered and binded them together …Continue Reading

Multi-functional Sensor for Android & iOS

This gadget is a bluetooth sensor platform that integrates a bunch of sensors for Android and iOS apps. …Continue Reading

Interesting 3D Sketches

These sketches are in deceptive visual effects with their carefully planned layouts and design. Rough but interesting, don鈥檛 …Continue Reading

S.E.W. for Saving Endangered Wildlife

By completing sewing the patterns of wild animals, it is hoped that kids would learn hand-sewing as well …Continue Reading

Angel Wings Cookie Cutters

Get two angel wings cookies and hang them from your favorite teacup. Enjoy the teatime!

Rare Two-headed Turtle

A two-headed turtle has hatched at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas which is no stranger to two-headed …Continue Reading

BBQ-donut Boat

How about a BBQ on the lake? With this donut-shaped barbeque boat you can enjoy happy hours when …Continue Reading

Store Keys In The Cloud

Scan and store your keys in the cloud to get an access of digital keychains with KeyMe, a …Continue Reading

Amazing Painted Wooden Sculptures

Formed entirely of wood and then painted, Tom Eckert鈥檚 work is full of wonder and magic. Fine and …Continue Reading

The Narrow House

The narrow house reminds people of housing issues and the possible negative effects caused by restriction of living …Continue Reading

Multi-functional Pillow

You can always try to figure out new ways of using this multi-functional pillow, a smaller pollow and …Continue Reading

Page Illuminating Magnifier

This tabletop magnifier provides 3X magnification of an entire page of magazines or books with its extra large …Continue Reading

Slim Mellow Wooden Lamp

Steam has made the wood as pliable as silk, so they can be twisted and processed into beautiful …Continue Reading

Bear Shelves

Isn鈥檛 the bear shelf a fun and pratical piece of furniture as well as a decoration for your …Continue Reading

Odd Aircrafts in History

Inventors have created numerous brilliant yet odd aircrafts, how many of these have you heard of?

SunOven: An Effective Outdoor Kitchen

An easy and portable way of cooking, SunOven provides cooked meals without electricity, which means effective cooking just …Continue Reading

Moss Pencil

A wooden pencil covered with green flocking, cute, don鈥檛 you think.

Mosquito Patch

A small, powerful patch that makes you 鈥渋nvisible鈥 to mosquitoes by up to 48 hours! It contains breakthrough …Continue Reading

Self-built Puzzle Furniture

To stimulate the rational thinking from the user, Praktrik has invented puzzle furnitures with an interlocking wooden structure …Continue Reading

Viper In-Ear Headphone

Quarkie Vipers are unusual looking headphones with superb sound quality. Wearing a headphone featuring a Viper snake鈥檚 head …Continue Reading


Real dandelion seeds are sophisticated arranged surrounding an LED to fuse a whimsical lamp that is handcrafted with …Continue Reading

Comic Home

Sketching, coupled with linear perspective may lead to a peculiar comic home that creates illusions of fairy world. …Continue Reading

Juice Up Your Phone

Juice-up is a cable that transfers battery life from one phone to another, though at a concept stage, …Continue Reading