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Glass-made of Underwater World

The marine life with the water flowing are made by artists with a root glass tube through blowing, …Continue Reading

Delicious Wool Dinner

Designers like knitting have cooked a sumptuous weekend dinner for us with sushi, salmon, burgers, fries, sausage, hot …Continue Reading

Exquisite Pocket Landscape

The artist’s talent is really masterpiece: these pocket paintings on butterfly wings, onion skin, shell back, fruit surface …Continue Reading

Katana Ball-point Pen

The boys are certainly like to watch a variety of martial arts Drama, and they hope they can …Continue Reading

Egg-shaped Urban Scooter

Hyundai has launched an ultra-funny egg-shaped scooter, its most prominent feature is that it uses a hemispherical wheel …Continue Reading

Natural Nutrients of Eggshell Pots

In fact, the eaten raw egg shell is with quite a lot of nutrient solution, and the eggshell …Continue Reading

Whistling iPhone Back Shell

With this iPhone whistle back shell, even in the noisy and hectic place, as long as you take …Continue Reading

Transparent Ripples Vase

If no one pointed out the truth, you must do not know where this so-called vase at first …Continue Reading

Mechanical Dragonfly

The mechanical dragonfly designed by German Festo can achieve almost all actions of the real dragonfly such as …Continue Reading

Sliding Compartment Office

For strain office space, the design of this sliding compartment can be quite considerable, which is similar to …Continue Reading

Calendar Seal

The calendar seal has been developed due to the inspiration of the movable typing, the users can change …Continue Reading

Rubber Barber

With the squareface and innocent eyes, this set of baby face eraser is waiting for you to give …Continue Reading

Customized Puzzles Keyboard

Some certain keys on the keyboard may be not used often even in a lifetime, it鈥檚 essential to …Continue Reading

Moving Inns Hidden in the Case

When you are on travel far away from your home, you can have place to sleep well with …Continue Reading

Zombie Guitar

Travis Stevens has produced the terrible undead guitar, and he has decorated with bullets, grenades, a splash of …Continue Reading

Serration Nails

Have you ever thought your nails can also be designed as a creation? When you are bored, you …Continue Reading

Woven Optimus Prime Helmet

When you do not see this helmet, it will be really difficult for your to link the hard …Continue Reading

Blackboard Makeup

The unique blackboard Nail Manicure Set will make your lips and nails be like a blackboard color, and …Continue Reading

Delicious Fashion Ice-cream Heels

To tell the truth, the first impression of such shoes is a pair of one with repaired heels, …Continue Reading

Colorful Crayons Towel

We have to say that the packaging design of something in Japan is really very beautiful! This towel …Continue Reading

360 掳 Spinning Holder

The 360 掳 spinning holder – Gripster that has been built by Hong Kong Design Team Native Union …Continue Reading

Paper Plate

This plate is formed by ten layers of paper plate, after enjoying the food for each time, the …Continue Reading

Toy Food

These foods seem very delicious, however, they are actually the toy food for the appreciation. Those people in …Continue Reading

Beer Pants

Whenever the men drink and eat too much, their first thought must be to loose the belts. But …Continue Reading

Shoes for Snow Shoveling

This design of the shoes is really fun, you won鈥檛 be afraid of falling down when walking on …Continue Reading

Tool for Delicious Food

Those females that like to eat chicken wings and pig feet may hate at the hands getting sticky! …Continue Reading

Sweet Butter Biscuits Cushion

Put a few freshly baked pastry biscuits in the bedroom, together with a few pieces of butter cheeses. …Continue Reading

Rainbow Pasta

Just have a bowl of rainbow pasta for breakfast, lunch, you will never be afraid of boring and …Continue Reading

Tongue Brushing Cover

Someone has invented a tongue brushing cover, and placed it on the tongue to paint with some toothpaste. …Continue Reading

A Line of Simple Virtual Keyboard

The single-dimension virtual keyboard will reduce the mobile phone screen to a short line instead of occupying half …Continue Reading

Bubble Fruit Set

Just have a look at bubble fruit set that will not break at any time, you may think …Continue Reading

Unique Phone Underwear

Although, there鈥檚 no hidden modesty parts of mobile phone, some of its physical buttons really need meticulous care. …Continue Reading

Shield Fan for Privacy Protection

Abri-boca has equipped with a wooden protective shield fan, which can be used for rest without being disturbed …Continue Reading

Baggins Miniature Tree

This is a miniature replica from the house of Baggins in The Lord of the Rings. This miniature …Continue Reading

BB Billosaur Notes Piggy Bank

The inspiration of this cute piggy bank comes from the hairstyle of Mohawk, there鈥檚 only the middle row, …Continue Reading

Food Story

The photographer of Food Story Vanessa Dualib has made a sequel to food shooting accordingly. mymodernmet锛宨n the new …Continue Reading

Convenient & Removable Hanger Kit

The combined furniture for easy removal are favored very much by renters. The designers have provided us with …Continue Reading

Charming Lightning Photo

The lightning is beautiful and dangerous, however, when you see these beautiful pictures of different styles of lightning, …Continue Reading

Handshaking Charger

This is a handshaking charger by burning calories,you can get the emergency power supply of 30seconds by shaking …Continue Reading

Paintball Bow Gun

If you think that paintball bow gun has lost its function, let’s take a look at the paintball …Continue Reading

Portable Fitness Disc

This portable fitness disc, relying on 18 powerful suctions, it can be used at any time on smooth …Continue Reading

Transparent Ceramic Washbasins

The pure white wash basin will suddenly become a light luminous jade exuding a warm and charming! Thanks …Continue Reading

Exquisite Book Carving

The techniques of woodcarving artists have a full play of soft and toughness of the books of paper …Continue Reading

Fly A Kite Indoor

Do not think that the kite can only be flied outside on a sunny day with the kids, …Continue Reading

Gravity Chair

This cool chair always seems to have to go down at any time, but in fact, such kind …Continue Reading

Seaboard Soft Piano

ROLI has designed a new musical instrument to break the steady shape of the piano for so many …Continue Reading

Folding Portable Kettle

Although, there鈥檚 kettles at hotels, those kettles are often not cleaned very well. The designer Stanislav Sabo has …Continue Reading

Simple Corn Peeler

The corn is nutritious and is so loved by many people, however, it will be a hard task …Continue Reading

A Space Tourism at Home

The designer Jade Doel has used a bunch of LED bulbs to preset some modes, so that you …Continue Reading

The World’s Smallest Automatic Umbrella

This is the world’s smallest automatic umbrella, it can even be folded up and put in your pocket …Continue Reading