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Branching Umbrella Handle

The umbrella with branching umbrella handle has solved the problem for the two men to share an umbrella. …Continue Reading

The Torn Hotel Apartment

This modular apartment with a unique “tear” shape is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The “cracks” in …Continue Reading

Studio with Bubble Theme

The French architect has designed such set of studio with bubble theme for a company, in order to …Continue Reading

Concave Pillow for Cervical Rest

The central location of this memory pillow is depression, so that the people with cervical problem to keep …Continue Reading

Super Electric Car

The lightweight trolley car sponsored by the German Evonik Company heads for Sydney, which is 5,000 kilometers away …Continue Reading

U-shaped Plastic Bags

The designers have updated style of reel plastic bags by letting them show U-shaped at connects. In this …Continue Reading

“9″ Shape of Tape Base

The “9″ shape tape base can facilitate your hand to grasp the base when tearing the tape, but …Continue Reading

Creative Blocks

These fantastic blocks are turned out to be the creative GIF from New York street artists Aakash Nihalani! …Continue Reading

Sofa of Sleeping Bag

Stephanie Horning has designed this simple and practical sofa from the aspiration of yearning for outdoor camping life. …Continue Reading

Weird iPhone Holder

Vyne is a weird accessory, it looks like a snake, but it is with super plasticity to totally …Continue Reading

LED Crystal Earrings

Perhaps you do not imagine that the small earrings can be used as LED lights, the battery and …Continue Reading

Hanging Ladder Lamp

The strip LED lamp with glowing golden light is connected to each other by the delicate belt, which …Continue Reading

Bubble Brush for Shaving

When a man is in the shaving, a manly bubble brush is essential in addition to use high …Continue Reading

Hidden Wooden Drawers

When you open the drawer of this cabinet, you can find a knob and lock in the inside, …Continue Reading

The Container Bridge in National Park

This bridge with the length of 525 feet is made of the recycled containers. It can support the …Continue Reading

Guess What It Is

This is not the terrible tentacle of octopus in the movie Deep Cold! As a toilet bowl with …Continue Reading

Strong Bottle Opener

Looking at the following pictures, you can hardly imagine that this hammer is actually a bottle opener. This …Continue Reading

Convenient Clip of Notebook without Nails

This kind of the paper clip makes draft papers become a neat durable notebook immediately, regardless of the …Continue Reading

The Shark Sushi Plate

It is sure to make you think feeding sharks when taking first look at these images! In fact, …Continue Reading

Laptop Stand Made of Pizza Box

The notebook bracket is DIY item made of Pizza box. The originally tend to be abandoned Pizza box …Continue Reading

Flowing Back-taping for iPhone

Among the design of iPhone back-taping or mobile phone shell, this soft back-taping sealed with liquid paraffin lets …Continue Reading

Annihilator with Built-in Oxygen Mask

Any kind of the fire not only requires a large amount of carbon dioxide to extinguishing, more precious …Continue Reading

Combined Tobacco Bottle

When open the above lids of this item, you will find this tool with the lighter appearance is …Continue Reading

Illusion Hanger

It’s the works from a German designer Tina Schmid, the hanger similar to the Rubik’s cube toy is …Continue Reading

Interesting Pencil Shavings

In fact, life is full of fun if you would like to discover with your eyes! You can …Continue Reading

Creative Origami

Previously, there were a lot of variety of origami (Click to view), all show the appreciation to the …Continue Reading

Bird Cap

You鈥檒l buy a bottle of water when feeling thirsty for window shopping or doing other matters, it is …Continue Reading

Network Popular Joke of Japanese Running Radish for Publicity

A specialty Association has made theme posters and calendars of running radish, which have been sold in souvenir …Continue Reading

Simple and Practical Airer

It鈥檚 really troublesome to dry clothes in a room without a balcony, this airer can directly hang on …Continue Reading

Lamp Chandelier on Ceiling

Humor designers have brought such an interesting design to our lives. This chandelier has a different shape from …Continue Reading

Bird’s Nest of Google Icon

The well-known logo is the icon of Google Map, it is used to mark the destination location and …Continue Reading

Dripping of Water Painting

Drops of pigment is dripping into the water to form a field of beautiful scenery underwater. These colorful …Continue Reading

Convenient Shoe Shields

If you are used to wear home shoes at home, it is really troublesome to change your shoes …Continue Reading

Reflective Projection Floor

The projection floor developed by German scientists is named as “gravity space”. In addition to use pressure-sensitive film …Continue Reading

Ten Spacial Street Paintings

The spacial street painting arts risen recently in foreign countries have received positive response and participation of the …Continue Reading

Superhero Lips

In fact, these seemingly messy lips have their specific meanings. These creations are from the inspiration of Avengers …Continue Reading

Bedroom of Beer Cask

The name of beer cask suggests it is used to contain beer, but the over-sized beer cask in …Continue Reading

New Strap Easy to Cut

The invention of the strap make it easy for us to sort out the messy wires around us, …Continue Reading

All-terrain Training Shoes of Reebok Octopus

This pair of training shoes with bold styling and weird shape has been issued by training shoes by …Continue Reading

Cupholder with Phone Shell

With the development of society, people are more and more likely to enjoy lives, and they pay attention …Continue Reading

Limp Butterflies Tea Bag

The tea has many functions, it can help us to quench thirst and also clear the bowel. Especially …Continue Reading

Camera Bracket of Third Person Perspective

For game fans, they may prefer the so-called third-person perspective. This set of camera bracket strapped at the …Continue Reading

New Design of Umbrella Handle

With this perforated handle, we can hold the umbrella while using hands to type comfortably in the rain …Continue Reading

Full Range of Cat Eye

With frequent thefts, more and more people would like to install the cat eye in the room for …Continue Reading

Exquisite Gardens Attic

The compact residential of this 4-floor designed by renowned Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa is located in a bustling …Continue Reading

Suicide Paradise

The chalk cliffs of beachy head in the south of England will make you feel like being in …Continue Reading

Touching Photos of Mother and Daughter

The North Carolina photographer Carra Sykes has recently released a new series of photographs – touching photos of …Continue Reading

A Push Button Home

The push button home made from the transform of the shipping crate is really handsome! One button to …Continue Reading

The Wall Folding Chairs

Portland has designed a foldable seat for a bookstore in Taipei that can be folded to hang on …Continue Reading

Shark Socks

This pair of shark socks is super cute, it will make you be simply cool when wearing! If …Continue Reading