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Food Art

What is your first reaction towards food? Please pull your cellphone to have food disinfection or directly let …Continue Reading

Ink & Water Blend

It is the creative works done by Cl茅ment Beauvais, you鈥檒l be amazing to find that water & ink …Continue Reading

Hidden Buckle for Shoelaces

The shoes tie is really a super time-wasting, sometimes you are running excited but have to stop to …Continue Reading

A Sexy 3D Printing Gown

This sexy gown on lady Dita Von Teese is designed by New York designer and finished by using …Continue Reading

Inverted Goblet of Condiment Bottles

Is the picture upside down? Of course not, the two reversed goblet are actually the bottles used to …Continue Reading

Paper Money

We all say that money is the root of all evils! However, the Canadian artist Kristi Malakoff let …Continue Reading

Eye on Lips

When you first look at the following pictures, you might think that they are the eyes of beauty! …Continue Reading

Green Lamp Powered by Playing Football

This football lamp is actually a football with built-in lamp! It is 30g heavier than normal football, there鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Awesome Dots Painting

This surrealistic painting is drawn by an artist in Florida, we can hardly imagine a painting can be …Continue Reading

V-shape of Toaster Set

This V-shape toaster is easy for you to hold a slice of bread with one hand, making bread …Continue Reading

Faucet Charger

Is Your mobile power off? Please just open the faucets for complement of power! Unscrew the valve, the …Continue Reading

Wood Spliced Lights with Changing Shapes

This decorative lamp beside your bed consists of a number of different sizes of woods with gaps, and …Continue Reading

Multipurpose of Silicone Food Bag

Whether it is cooking, microwave, or chilled, sealed, this silicone food bags are your choice, compared to the …Continue Reading

Pregnant women seat belt

Stephen Weston of the University of Bolton designed for pregnant women The new seat belts, reduce seat belt …Continue Reading

Airport Multi-functional Public Chairs

The basic modules of new public chairs are connected together through a connecting shaft. Passengers can combine the …Continue Reading

Magic Pen

Cerkahegyzo is really like a God, as he can play tricks on such bothering matter of sharpening pencils …Continue Reading

Life Rescue Tool

With this tool, you won鈥檛 be afraid of accidentsin case of emergency! Please just bring the ring when …Continue Reading

Torike Incarnations

The artist Chris Maynard uses the individual feathers to create a large number of birds with the assistance …Continue Reading

LED Cap Lamp

The BrimLit LED cap lamp is a convenient and simple device that can be installed on any edge …Continue Reading

Leaf Silicone Cup

The leaf-shaped silicone cup is suitable for package or pocket to carry around. However, if it was put …Continue Reading

Rotting Tree Arts

German artist Zonenkinder created this project in 2006, they always travel all over the world, and to paint …Continue Reading


The Lilicopt猫re is artist Joana Vasconcelos based on a Bell 47 helicopter, and also with the use of …Continue Reading

Belt for Keeping Money

The belt entrance has an extra inner pocket that is good for hiding coins, or even other contrabands. …Continue Reading


At first glance of these pictures, they really worth nothing of concern, but the works of artist Oscar …Continue Reading

World’s First Glass Skis

A group of hot geeks ran to Italian glass factories to consult experts about glass skis and supervise …Continue Reading

Photography of Cute Cartoon Paper Person

The 22-year-old young designer from France has migrated his own creative ideas to the daily life. In this …Continue Reading

Egg Carving Art

Wen Fuliang, He is called the first egg carving person in China, he can sculpture the scenic spots …Continue Reading

Cute Hedgehog

The toothpicks location is important when handing on the fruit plate, no matter the toothpicks are placed next …Continue Reading

U-shaped Ring Plug

The U-shaped ring plug is user-friendly pulled out by single finger, and rear open architecture makes it possible …Continue Reading

Astronaut Quilt

The astronauts quilt will make people lying in bed like to wear spacesuits, if wearing the astronaut hat, …Continue Reading

Secure Projector Navigation

It is very dangerous to bow and view navigation information when cycling, especially in the busy downtown neighborhoods. …Continue Reading

Fun and Practical Rubber Ring

The elastic rubber ring with 2-hole, 3-hole or 4-hole can quickly twist twigs or sticks together for setting …Continue Reading

Bucket with 20 掳 Angle

The cutaway bucket designs a 20-degree angle specially in the bottom, therefore, it can run out of the …Continue Reading

Telescopic Hairbrush

The dry hair is extremely easy wrapped around the hairbrush, the designer has presented a seemingly viable solution: …Continue Reading

Star Candy Cups

These seemed mysterious transparent cup with star pattern is actually made from sugar. The sugar is melted into …Continue Reading

Ultra-ever Dry Coating

An international technology company has developed the ultra-ever dry nano-coating, it can be sprayed on any surface, such …Continue Reading

Brass Shoe Bottle Opener

This fine work of British metal shoe looks like a gold diamond shoe for a prince in fairy …Continue Reading

Custom-capacity Bag

This amazing custom-capacity bag can be exactly called as the network sets, and its changing shapes can meet …Continue Reading

Zipper Tie

This zipper tie is to be used at times of emergency, although it is a bit simple, it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Vase with Simple Framework

The set of utensils made by bending crossing wires expanded 2D graphics into 3D space, giving an indescribably …Continue Reading

Vicissitudes Suitcase

It is the rich memories recording the story along all the way that allow travelers to smile. Designer …Continue Reading

Cute Folding Electric Cars

Attractive styling of the cute electric car makes people can not help but want to own. The streamline …Continue Reading

Comfortable Sofa Bag for Sleeping

With this bed of sleeping sofa bag, you can always go to sleep or get up as you …Continue Reading

Realistic Glass Animal Sculptures

These animal sculptures made of shards of glass stuck are from the hands of a Polish artist, such …Continue Reading

Fur Ball of Floor Cleaner

The fluffy clean cloth cover on the lovely lion can be used to absorb the hair and debris …Continue Reading

Fun Tree of Toilet Paper

You must no longer feel boring when going to the toilet if you saw a tree full of …Continue Reading

Mechanical Animal Park

The show of mechanical version of the animal world on Barbican stage had a variety of lifelike mechanical …Continue Reading

Underwater Flight Suit

Aqua Lung has introduced a set of underwater flight suit. The diving suit allows people to wander free …Continue Reading

Pulsating Percussion

The designers have taken advantages of the sensor to transfer the vibration of the pulse as well as …Continue Reading

Screen Cleaning Robot for Dawdler Only

Japanese toy manufacturers have launched small robot with seven centimeters in diameter, which can automatic clean the mobile …Continue Reading