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Pumpkin Carvings

These pumpkin carvings are so incredible that they may be the most claptrap Halloween decoration on Earth!

Wearable Exoskeleton Hand Connects Digital & Rreal World

The wearable exoskeleton hand captures the wearer’s motion, gives forceful feedback to connect the digital and real world. …Continue Reading

Wearable Transport: Collapsible Belt-scooter

This portable vehicle is so efficient that it takes minimal space because it is wearable around the user’s …Continue Reading

Kid Heroes

A series of superhero portraits imagines what they look like in their childhood, and it turns out they …Continue Reading

Bird-shaped Interactive Light

A gentle touch or wind will activate the originally sedentary bird, which comes alive and begins to rock …Continue Reading

Skull Mold for Boiled Eggs

Egg whites are turned into adorable grinning skull by this mold that welcome a brand new day at …Continue Reading

A Compact Device That Condenses Humid Air into Drinking Water

The device is small and compact enough to be installed on a bicycle and collects the aqua molecules …Continue Reading

A Cardboard “Periscope” That Changes Your Regular View

We can explore the views beyond our regular field of vision by wearing this whimsical cardboard periscope-like device. …Continue Reading

Bat Skeleton Necklace

Unique bat skeleton necklace made out of silver, is for costume parties and fashion photography.

A Spider Fixing a Leaf

A tiny spider constructing its web inside a leaf with a giant hole, and this is no photoshop. …Continue Reading

Hendo hoverboard

The 鈥榟endo鈥 hoverboard uses four disc-shaped hover engines, a special magnetic field pushing against itself to generate the …Continue Reading

PhotoMath solves math problems instantly by using a phone’s camera

PhotoMath is an application that scans an equation on paper by using your smartphone鈥檚 camera, and then proceeds …Continue Reading

Heel Clicking Being A Phone Call Trigger

You wish a timely phone call to help you out in some awkward or dangerous situation. Good for …Continue Reading

World’s First Smart Suitcase

A carry-on suitcase that is controlled by smartphone, locked or unlocked, weighed or being tracked, in whichever condition, …Continue Reading

Inexpensive Geometrical Masks Made of Cardboard

To give your Halloween costume a hint, you can download, print and color a beautiful geometric mask all …Continue Reading

Piston Canister That Keeps Food Fresh

A clever canister with a piston as its lid pushes the stale air away to keep your dried …Continue Reading

Animated Street Art

The street doodles are “acting”! The movements might be slight, but they are actually moving, in a whimsical …Continue Reading

Four Paintings in One Rotating Glass Sculpture

160 glass strips constructed into one rotating sculpture that hides four different images when viewing in the right …Continue Reading

Magnetic Strip for Beers’ Storage

Bottles of beers take much space in fridge, this magnetic strip that clips onto the ceiling of the …Continue Reading

Realistic Tattoos

Tattoos are often black and white, and also abstract in appearance. However, a Russian artist tattoos hyper realistic …Continue Reading

Urban Farming Machines Mounted on Neon Ads of Hong Kong

The dynamic Asian metropolis Hong Kong features multiply layers of neon ads which light and warm the city …Continue Reading

Stool with A Handle

“Moving stool” is designed for both indoor and outdoor use for its handle provides an easy transportation.

Burning Matche Art

The artist bends matches into the desired shapes as they burn, and blends the fire and other items …Continue Reading

Two-legged Chair

The chair requires some physical activity to maintain a balanced seat as it explores a constant awareness of …Continue Reading

Glass Made Knitted Sculptures

Knitted sculptures made out of glass feature crystal texture and colorful semi-transparent beauty. The soft, warm wool recreated …Continue Reading

Easy Pin

Sometimes you wanna decorate your space with your cherished memories, namely, posters, postcards or photos. However, ordinary pins …Continue Reading

“Mobile” Geometric Inflatable Tent

A “mobile architecture”, i.e, an inflatable tent packed in a small track can travels around the city and …Continue Reading

DIY Moss Graffiti

Here’s a recipe of how to make your own moss graffiti. The key is to mix a nutrinent …Continue Reading

Transparent Home Brewing Set-up

If you’re wondering where and how beer comes from, this transparent beer tree set is there for you, …Continue Reading

Doodles on Starbucks Coffee Cups

A Korean artist illustrates Starbucks’ mermaid logo into an ordinary person who takes the crowded subway, works as …Continue Reading

Air Umbrella

There are many brilliant idea about the air umbrella, while this one is really going to reality. This …Continue Reading

Sumo Eggs Holder

Two egg sumo wrestlers’ fight, and the winner breaks it all! Very clever holder, isn’t it?

Creative Halloween Treats

Halloween’s coming, time for inspirations! These treats are not only mouth-watering and a feast for eyes, they may …Continue Reading

Translucent Inflatable Armchair

A flat package inflates to be a translucent armchair composed of wood and plastic whose structure unrevealed clearly …Continue Reading

Flexible Transparent Overlay Sheet

An acetate overlay embedded with thin sensors seemlessly translate physical deformations into digital signals, which enables the user …Continue Reading

Paper Occlusion Stapler

Besides its adorable apperance, this stapler occludes paper together tightly without any stitching needles, which is really environmental …Continue Reading

Radishes Made Animal Sculptures

Cute animal sculptures made out of Japanese grates daikon radishes, you can check out the recipes on CookPad.

Anime Inspired Cat Ear Headphones

The pair of cat ears of this headphone is not only a color-changing LED decoration controlled by an …Continue Reading

World’s First 3D-printed Car

The world’s first fully functional electric 3d printed car reaches a top speed of 40mph and takes only …Continue Reading

A Cozy Sofa, Bed & Cabin Furniture

This hybrid furniture integrates a sofa, a bed and a cabin, providing you an unparalleled cozy private space. …Continue Reading

Origami Umbrella

The Origami-based umbrella improves efficiency and recycle ability and refreshes the common look of umbrellas with its new …Continue Reading

Pyrography Draws by Sunlight

The artist uses a convex lens to concentrate the rays of light to etch the wood, form darker …Continue Reading

Color Picking Lamp

Color affects one’s emotion, a soft lamp made of silicone that squeezes to pick up the hues and …Continue Reading

Refold Cardboard Desk

Refold cardboard desk has increased the mobility of workplaces, you can build up a work desk anywhere and …Continue Reading

Specialty for Autumn

In Japan, a delicious tempura snack with a real maple leaf in it is a specialty for autumn …Continue Reading

Bowl That Filters Popcorn Kernels

A sieve at the bottom of this bowl filters the kernels of popcorn so that you can enjoy …Continue Reading

A Suit for Dogs with Hip Problems

Hip problems such as dysplasia caused by gender, poor diet, and a lack of exercise make dogs suffer …Continue Reading

Rolling Pins for Adorable Cookies

Wooden rolling pins engraved with adorable custom patterns will highlight your cookies among ordinary ones.

All-Terrain Wheelchair

Electric motor powered, joystick controlled, this all-terrain wheelchair allows users to safely access beautiful countryside and areas that …Continue Reading

Magnetic Privacy Shield for Laptop Lens

A simple and elegant way to cover your devices’ lens, make you feel safe, protect your privacy from …Continue Reading