Volcano Lets Smoke Rings

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Magnet Magic

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Flying Houses

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Origami beer label

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Fun watermelon rain

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Thing Thong keeps you covered

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Beer glass reveals scannable code when filled with Guinness

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Paper Dish Pizza Box

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Cute Cherry Chomper

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Creative MacBook Stickers

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Hotel suit in an airplane

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Glider inspired gravity bike

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Creepy skull carved out of fruits and vegetables

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Interesting street art

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Translucent ants with colorful stomachs

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Shoe Pants

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Yoga Chair

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Pencil vs Camera

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The Zipmark Bookmark Seals in a Good Story Until You’re Ready to Read Next

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Hairy Stuff

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Tree-Inspired Train Station

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Necomimi – Mind-Controlled Cat Ears

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Glowing Gummy Bugs

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AmoeBAND-better band aid

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Cool Mr. Chocolate

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An Invisible Bridge in The Netherlands

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Every University should have Giant Slides

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Ramen Spoon & Fork

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Diva Washing-up Sponge

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2004 Block 42-world鈥檚 most expensive bottle of wine

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Power switch and light two in one

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Deconstructing the buildings

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