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Elegant Multi-purpose Dome Light

The famous lighting supplier iGuzzini designs various wonderful lights together with architect. The dome light was created by …Continue Reading

Ice Record

As the most sparkling rock band in Sweden, Shout Out Louds launched their latest single Blue Ice after …Continue Reading

Disappeared T-shirt

You鈥檒l scare many people by putting on this explicit T-shirt on dark night, and it is ideal for …Continue Reading

The Organic Biological Concrete for Algae Growth

Walls covered with vines will be particularly beautiful in summer and autumn, but the wall gaps become pest …Continue Reading

Folded Power Scooter

This scooter is designed for white-collar workers with environmentally conscious. It uses electric drive and more delicate than …Continue Reading

Safety Tire with Built-in Color Interlayers

Many traffic accidents each year are for tire damage and car crash, and this mainly because car owners …Continue Reading

Novel Pump Umbrella

Your wet umbrella lining is difficult to dry? It鈥檚 inconvenient to use folding umbrella? All these stubborns will …Continue Reading

Pin Button

Thread needles, sew clothing is indeed a technique not everyone can handle it smoothly, especially in a hurry. …Continue Reading

Folded Trailer Tail with Fuel Reduction

The universal large container truck has a fatal drawback of enormous fuel consumption. Do not look down those …Continue Reading

Time Postmark

Stamp a time postmark to your diary, of course to include corresponding weather, temperature, etc., and send it …Continue Reading

Realistic 3D Sketches

Just add appropriate shadow relationship to show 3D objects, and the seemingly simple lighting is essential for embodying …Continue Reading

Wonderful Jellyfish Chandeliers

The jellyfish chandeliers is best for your restaurant with blue theme color! It is cut by ordinary plastic …Continue Reading

Spiral Fruit Knife

There鈥檚 neither long handle nor easily injured long blade of the fruit knife, disc shape allows users to …Continue Reading

Highly Efficient Thermoelectric Materials Developed by Panasonic

The thermoelectric material relies on temperature difference to transfer thermal energy directly into electricity, but it is with …Continue Reading

3D Printer for Special Customized Wound Bandage

The universal 3D print makes our life become customized and more convenient, the 3D bandage printer is a …Continue Reading

Segment Folded Headphone Cable

It’s better for the doer to undo what he has done is nonsense for headphone cable, as one …Continue Reading

鈥 Drink Like a Fish鈥

Here鈥檚 a playful straw. Use it to enjoy a sip of your drinks or simply breathe like a …Continue Reading

A full cob of candy corn

Treat yourself to a full cob of candy corn! Here is how you can make it. Buy a …Continue Reading

Cool cupcake ideas

There鈥檙e so many cute cupcake ideas floating around the Internet. The iPhone Cup Cake is one of my …Continue Reading

Panda soy sauce saucer

What a cute soy sauce saucer! Fill it up with soy sauce and the panda looks like it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

鈥楽uper Killer Whale鈥

Is it a killer whale coming out of water? No, it is a submarine that looks like a …Continue Reading

T-rex Walnut

Cool idea! A walnut can be made into a T-rex. Without sharp teeth, this T-rex is not scary …Continue Reading

Fun Cook Turkey Mask

Put this mask on and pretend that a turkey got stuck on your head. It would be a …Continue Reading

Sexy bra with a side pocket

The sexy Original JoeyBra is unique! It has a pocket on the sides that allows you to put …Continue Reading

Shoes with tooth soles

This pair of shoes probably has the most teeth ever! 1050, if you would like know the exact …Continue Reading

Top 50 wall clock ideas

[1] The most important thing of the day is to come up with what to eat. Price: $34.65

Hop: suitcase that follows you

Hop is a smart suitcase-it follows you! It is equipped with three receivers to locate its user by …Continue Reading

Q-Ring:teeth cleaning for your dog

At first glance, Q-Ring is a chew toy. But it is specially designed to clean your dog鈥檚 teeth. …Continue Reading

Ferris Spice Rack

Ferris Spice Rack offers an interesting way to organize your herbs and spices. It is shaped like a …Continue Reading

FitWet aquasizes your body

FitWet introduces an innovative way to burn calories without pain. It combines the benefits of workout with the …Continue Reading

Cleaning Hangers

These hangers can freshen up clothes that don鈥檛 require a full wash. Each of them is equipped with …Continue Reading

The spooky Gue(ho)st House building

First of all, what is Gue(ho)st? A Guest + A Host = A Ghost. Created by Berdaguer & …Continue Reading

DIY leaf print

I am always fascinated with DIY crafts. This time I want to show you a fall leaf print …Continue Reading

Bobine: a phone charging cable and flexible tripod

Let鈥檚 meet Bobine鈥攁 phone charging cable and tripod. As a tripod, it can stand on its own so …Continue Reading

Unique Pipe Glass

Created by London-based Sebastian Bergne, this glass is shaped like a pipe. And the good thing about it …Continue Reading

Get comfy with the Leaning Rocker

Made of laminated wood and spring steel, the Leaning Rocker is designed to help people lean back and …Continue Reading

鈥楢pple Macbook鈥

Here鈥檚 a computer with a real apple taped on it. I guess apple computers are so desirable around …Continue Reading

Backpack couch with pockets

This couch is like your backpack. It has a lot of pockets to put your staff like magazines, …Continue Reading

Amazing pencil shaving art

Let鈥檚 enjoy a series of Marta Altes鈥檚 work with pencil shavings. They look simple but a lot of …Continue Reading

Autographer: the first intelligent, wearable camera

Autographer offers a hand-free approach to capture the images when you鈥檙e travelling. It is smart enough to know …Continue Reading

The ice cream moon cake

The moon shaped ice cream looks so delicious! I can鈥檛 tell you how much I would enjoy eating …Continue Reading

Super Cool All-over Spike Design Bra

Here鈥檚 a bra covered with spikes. It looks so cool that you can wear it on the outside. …Continue Reading

Flossis climbing over the Roggendorf House

Here in Duesseldorf, Germany, a climbing contest is taking place. And the contestants are called Flossis and designed …Continue Reading

Creative billboard Ad

Amusing billboards that use electric wires to represent nose hair! You need Panasonic nose hair trimmer because 鈥榯rimming …Continue Reading

Light up this brain candle

Have you seen a brain in a jar? Here is one! But instead of a laboratory specimen, it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Expressive fingers

Fingers can be so much fun! Check out this collection of finger icons, which I am confident will …Continue Reading

Keyless with Lockitron

Lockitron is an Internet connected lock that allows you to lock or unlock your door form your phone. …Continue Reading

Bicymple: bicycle or unicycle?

Bicymple looks like a bicycle with the chain removed. But it is actually a unicycle driven by the …Continue Reading

鈥楾he Statue of Apple鈥

We all know about the Statue of Liberty. Now let鈥檚 meet the Statue of Apple, who is holding …Continue Reading