Black & White TV

These pictures may let you consider them as mini old-fashioned TVs mistakenly. In fact, these are interesting deck …Continue Reading

Intimate Chopper Partner

The chopper will easily stick some knife stuff when doing cooking, such as garlic, green onion and so …Continue Reading

Mini Lipstick Flagon

You take this as a lipstick, it actually is a mini flagon with the capacity of about a …Continue Reading

123 light

123 light is so called precisely because of this lamp is covered in the three-stuff — 2 iron …Continue Reading

Concise Hange

This hanger is really the most concise one I have seen ever before! Propped up by so few …Continue Reading

Space-saving Tripod with Y-Tube Column

This kind of the tripod uses Y-tube column to replace the original bulky cylindrical axis to make the …Continue Reading

World’s First 3D Printed Architecture

A Dutch architecture firm intends to use huge 3D printer to complete the floor project of such extremely …Continue Reading

Woven Cars

The craftsman from Nigeria named ojo obaniy is really a talent! He makes a unique advertising for his …Continue Reading

Battery Family

How to make different types of batteries be used between each other? There is a simple solution called …Continue Reading

Small Cabinet with FROG

This is a small wooden cabinet that can be used for a variety of purposes. The designers have …Continue Reading

Fluffy Man-eating Sofa

This big ball of fluffy sofa comes from a very interesting story: A boy likes teasing fish-balls in …Continue Reading

Electromagnetic Field Charger

A German designer has created an electromagnetic field charger, which can black into certain frequency of electromagnetic wave. …Continue Reading

Wrangler Launches Lady Moisture Jeans

The Wrangler will launch lady moisture jeans first in industry. Such kind of jean fabric adds many moisturizing …Continue Reading

Fast Saddle Lock

The saddle can be locked on rear wheels by rotating it backward, the lock embedded in the saddle …Continue Reading

Deformed Plastic Board for Drying Bowls

If your small kitchen has no space to place cutlery dryer, you can replace by using this deformed …Continue Reading

Stinging Cactus Sofa

Would you imagine the pain stinged by cactus thorns when seeing these cactus? Take easy, these life-like cactus …Continue Reading

Wall Rolling Printer

The printer takes the largest space among the office equipment but with the lowest frequency of use. The …Continue Reading

LOMO Launches Scanner of Film Negatives

LOMO has launched a scanner of film negatives, allowing photographers to quickly transfer the negatives into color negatives, …Continue Reading

Self-service Cloud Machine

The artist has tied a cloud machine to a huge weather balloon, when it reaches a certain height, …Continue Reading

Simple Gesture Camera

The entirely simple gesture camera is preferred by MUJI. It has no buttons, you can take photos just …Continue Reading

Lock in A Steel Pipe

Most of the people will prepare a steel chain lock in order to prevent theft. This steel cable …Continue Reading

Rocker Chair

The so called Swingers of rocker chair designed by designers Cho Neulhae and Jaebeom Jeong is very interesting. …Continue Reading

3D Book

The artist Jodi Harvey-Brown said that the book we like to read can be appeared in reality! So, …Continue Reading

Your Way for Winter Is Out-of-style

How do you keep warm in winter? ! Do you have any other ways besides wrapping yourself layer …Continue Reading

Eggshell Art

Seeing these amazing arts of eggshell shapes, it is hard to imagine that they are truly made daily …Continue Reading

Hiyoshi Resident: An Ideal Box

The hiyoshi resident designed by Japan EANA design firm is a typical case of compact living space. This …Continue Reading

Tile Juice Squeezer

The wall tiles are seemingly no different with the ordinary ones, but they have unique features. That is, …Continue Reading

Cute Pig Lamp

Why quite a number of energy-saving light bulbs are in spiral shape? In fact, they are specifically designed …Continue Reading

First Electronic Public Library

Bexar town of San Antonio in U.S. will have the world’s first library with no paper books, it …Continue Reading

Glass Floor Shared by Many Venues

A German company has developed a glass floor that can be replaced venue wire-frames freely, the glass is …Continue Reading

Over-sized Glasses Mirror

Some people like to check themselves carefully in the mirror so as to ensure other people see their …Continue Reading

Cute Dogs

One of the major benefits to keep pets is that you can toss it anywhere when you are …Continue Reading

Beach Workbench

Work is actually a hard task, what kind of the environment will make you work overtime voluntary? ! …Continue Reading

Shiny Yoda Tattoo

The yoda tattoos look like common tattoos. However, when they鈥檙e shown in a dark environment, or when night …Continue Reading

Kite Makes Photography for You

Kepler is a kit on the kite, it can seize the smaller camera or iPhone in between, and …Continue Reading

Colorful Eyelashes

The exaggerated false eyelashes are manual products made of high-quality glass beads and ultra-fine glass beads line. They …Continue Reading

Landscape on Needle Eye

The miniature landscapes produced by Microscopic artist Nikolai Aldunin in needle eye with his hands is really amazing. …Continue Reading

Shadow of the Colossus Cool External Hard-drive

The appearance is from the well known Japanese game Shadow of the Colossus. Although it has shocked design, …Continue Reading

Straw Goblets

Brandy Pipe has offered a long straw to help release the aroma and taste hidden in brandy.

Balloon Dress

Japanese artist Rie Hosokai has designed these complex costumes by using inflated balloon, which has gradually become a …Continue Reading

Steep Cup

Generally, when we do not use the cup, the dust in the air will fall inside, and the …Continue Reading

Dandelion Mice

The photos are shot by photographer Matt Binstead about little mouse climbing to dandelion.

Aircraft Hotel

Boeing 747 is transferred into a modern luxury hotel. Entering from the entrance, there鈥檚 a bar, a cafe …Continue Reading

The Funnest Card Slot Wallet in History

The card wallet designed by two American designers focuses on the entertainment and leisure. The rectangular card slot …Continue Reading

Novel Design of Umbrellas

The common umbrella seems to be designed only against vertical falling raindrops. While the raindrops will hit you …Continue Reading

Photorealistic Sketches

The surrealist sketch was completed by Italian artist for nearly 200 hours. The sketch shows light of the …Continue Reading

Built-universal Functions of Technology Vest

This ordinary vest focuses on integrated functions. The vest has enough inner pockets used for holding various electronic …Continue Reading

Montage Photo

The emergence and application of image processing software has greatly changed our traditional concept of photography. The following …Continue Reading

Irradiative Timing Pins

Stickers were invented to remind people to complete the tasks, but they will be inefficient when there are …Continue Reading

Ready-made Curtain Set

This ready-made curtain set simplifies work of hanging curtains to the extreme in an elegant way, it has …Continue Reading