Inflatable Life-Saving Bangles

Even the strongest swimmers can find themselves in an emergency situation and in need of help. This Self …Continue Reading

Canned Air From Your Favorite City

Photographer Kirill Rudenko has came up with a strange idea: canned air from famous cities such as New …Continue Reading

Ingenious Hammock-Like Cat Crib Perfectly Blending in Small Homes

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Making Recycling a Fun and Convenient Routine : GO Recycle Bin

Designed by Hong Kong-based retailers Goodss Passion, GO Recycle bin is a really smart idea. It adds humor …Continue Reading

The Fun Way to Recharge Your Batteries: Solar Powered Sun Lounger

This tech-friendly solar powered sun lounger is designed by architecture students at MIT. You can recharge yourself and …Continue Reading

USBCELL: USB rechargeable battery

Recharging the battery has never been this easy. Simply connect USBCELL to any powered USB port and no …Continue Reading

TshirtOS: Programmable and Machine washable T-shirt

TshirtOS is the world鈥檚 first programmable and machine washable T-shirt. Developed by CuteCircuit, it has a built-in LED …Continue Reading

Cute rabbit couch

Rabbit couch is designed with 鈥榯hinking of a rabbit frolicking in the heart of city,鈥 according to its …Continue Reading

Touch the plant and the light color or intensity changes

The Aura lamp is a special lamp. Touching the plant changes the color or intensity of the light …Continue Reading

Fairdale鈥檚 Dograck allows you to take your pet for a bike ride

Unique design! Fairdale鈥檚 Dograck allows your pet to experience the thrill of riding a bike! Just not sure …Continue Reading

Water Light Graffiti system鈥攚ater illuminates LED lights

Spray water on this Water Light Graffiti system and see the LEDs instantly light up! Awesome! Created by …Continue Reading

Using a bank note to balance your wobbling table?

Here is a real-size and PVC printed bank note used for balancing your table. Designed by Enrique Luis …Continue Reading

Super hot coffee machine

This is an unusual coffee machine. Every drop of the coffee comes through two hot girls. Wondering what …Continue Reading

Bodyscapes by Allan Teger

These creative images were created by American photographer Allan Teger. He photographed these images by placing miniature figures …Continue Reading

Super Angry Birds鈥攖he PC and Mac version of angry birds

Created by CIID students Andrew Spitz and Hideaki Matsui, Super Angry Birds is a force feedback USB controller, …Continue Reading

Awesome Image Heart Sun

The photographer of the image is unknown and it looks photoshopped, but it is definitely stunning! Hope you …Continue Reading

Trees cut out of money

Trees exquisitely cut out of paper money? Awesome! Created by Yuken Teruya from New York, this series of …Continue Reading

Unique perfume bottles 鈥揤an Der Lichaam aromatherapy

We have come across many well designed perfume bottles, but anatomical heart, brain and lung illustrations on the …Continue Reading

Twist Hairdryer

The twist is a hairdryer that combines two forms鈥 straight and the 鈥楲-shape鈥. You can easily switch its …Continue Reading

Cute seasoning shakers

How adorable these seasoning shakers are! They are not only functional but also look great in your kitchen. …Continue Reading

鈥淚 like your kitchen glove鈥

Designed by Enrique Luis Sardi, this oven looks like Facebook ‘Like’ button. Made of cotton fabric with thermal …Continue Reading

Kaikuuu01鈥攖he wireless music streaming table

Kaikuuu01 looks like an ordinary table, but it can play music wirelessly from your iPhone via Apple鈥檚 AirPlay. …Continue Reading

Awesome Rainbow Bridge

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and violet. A rainbow is reflected on the water under the Siying …Continue Reading

Creative wobble bottle opener

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Animal head clothes hangers

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Keyboard Pirates鈥 all aboard your keyboard!

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Deep Sea Diver Loose Tea Strainer

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Lid sid鈥攍etting off steam

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Eat finger foods with Trongs

Practical and playful, Trongs let you enjoy eating finger foods like buffalo wings without getting your hands messy. …Continue Reading

CSM Automatic Toilet

With CSM automatic toilet system, you know for sure the toilet seat is clean. Before you use the …Continue Reading

Charge Card鈥攖he Slimmest Charging and Data Cable for iPhone and Android

Shaped like a business card, Charge Card is actually a USB cable for iPhone. As thin as 0.1″ …Continue Reading

Ice cream bouquet

The beauty of the ice cream bouquet is stunning! These hand-blown ice cream canap茅 glasses were created by …Continue Reading

Bug light your first pet lamp

Unique design! The 鈥榣egs鈥 attached make the lights look like bugs. Surely they will bring a smile on …Continue Reading

HOPPED UP Beer Glass鈥’Bottoms Up!’

This hand-blown beer glass is specially shaped like a beer bottle. The bottle cap is made of silicone …Continue Reading

Crashing porcelain action characters

Amazing images! Want to know how these images were captured? German photographer martin klimas dropped these porcelain figurines …Continue Reading

‘Sushi bazooka’ makes perfect sushi rolls

If you鈥檝e tried to make sushi rolls with a bamboo mat and found that they came loose when …Continue Reading

Warm shoestrings shoe dryer

Introduce to you a new concept of electric shoe dryers鈥攚ith shoestrings being the dryer themselves. The shoestrings should …Continue Reading

World鈥檚 Most Expensive Nail Polish contains 267 carats of black diamonds

鈥楢ZATURE Black Diamond Nail Polish鈥 is the most expensive nail polish in the world! Containing 267 carats of …Continue Reading

Super cool acrobat laundry pegs

Unique laundry pegs! Each of them looks like a daring acrobat performing on a string. Cool! Price: 17 …Continue Reading

鈥楲iquiGlide鈥欌擭on-stick coating makes emptying the bottle a breeze

Developed by MIT researchers of Varanasi Research Group, 鈥楲iquiGlide鈥 is a 鈥榮uper slippery 鈥檆oating that makes emptying your …Continue Reading

Cat Tunnel Sofa

If you are a cat owner, you would love this sofa. Designed by Korean product designer, Seungji Mun, …Continue Reading

鈥楰URATAS鈥欌攔obot that you can ride and battle in

Have you ever dreamed about riding a robot? Japanese robotics expert Wataru Yoshizaki of Suidobashi Heavy Industry and …Continue Reading

The World鈥檚 Smallest Gun by SwissMiniGun

Produced by SwissMiniGun, it is the world鈥檚 smallest revolver. Measuring 2.16-inches (5.5 cm) in length, it has all …Continue Reading

鈥楧og Parking鈥 by IKEA Germany

As pets are not permitted in the stores except guide dogs, IKEA Germany has developed 鈥榙og parking鈥 outside …Continue Reading

Automatic fingerprint fading screen protector for iPad

How would you like your iPad screen protector to be fingerprint free? 3M has recently launched a unique …Continue Reading

OpenAir鈥攜our workstation on the go

Designed by San Francisco-based designers, Nick+Beau, OpenAire is a laptop case that can magically turn into a portable …Continue Reading

鈥楥LEAR鈥 鈥搕ransparent paint that transforms any surface into an erasable board

鈥楥LEAR鈥 is a new product launched by paint making company IdeaPaint. Transparent and odorless, it can be applied …Continue Reading

Creative Fried Egg

Fried egg that looks like the Yin-Yang symbol? Interesting! Photographed by Shannon Calvert, 鈥渆ach image is a single …Continue Reading