Toaster that can give weather forecast

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Poetic moon-shaped cradle

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Hypnotized lighting

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Aakash Nihalani鈥檚 signature street art

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Top Shining Watch Gift Ideas

[1] It can be a watch, a mobile, and also a camera. Oh, so nice! Price: $132.96 [2] …Continue Reading

Easy-to-use mini-humidifier that floats on water

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Creative rain gutter and downspout

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The world鈥檚 largest QR code in the cornfield

This is the world鈥檚 largest functioning QR code in the cornfield grown by the Kraays in Alberta, Canada. …Continue Reading

Bag-in-Bag wine

Another unique design of boxed wine packaging. Called Bag-in-Bag wine, it comes in white, red and ros茅. Since …Continue Reading

Amazing miniature motorcycles

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Use a hibernating Grizzly bear as your sofa?

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Lovely Hidden beach

A popular tourist destination at Marieta Islands, off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Clear water, the blue …Continue Reading

Are they real?

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Plush Halfling Slippers keep your feet looking hairy and funny

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Tasty BBQ on an iron

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The solar system lollipops

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Draw it yourself-DIY calculator

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Eyes you can eat

Stick these edible eyes to your strawberries to give them a cute face! Made from sweet sugar, it …Continue Reading

Clogged free toilet with PUSHit Toilet Seat

Thanks to PUSHit Toilet Seat, you can solve the clogged problem without a plunger. All you need to …Continue Reading

Dia Calendar: Puzzle pieces that allow you to build your own calendar

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Turning iPhone images into instant photography with the Impossible Instant Lab

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Unique Aquarium Bed

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CURIOUS VASE鈥攄iscover what鈥檚 inside by breaking it

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One handed condom鈥攐pen it with ease

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Unique hand painted bras

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Fun T-shirt

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Creative Ice-cream Ad

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FreshPaper-a simple piece of paper that magically keeps fruits & veggies fresh 2-4 times longer

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DishPlay Puppet rubber gloves

DishPlay Puppet rubber gloves, washing dishes could be fun! They feature faces of husband and wife.And you can …Continue Reading

New Citizen Watch syncs your iPhone via Bluetooth

The second hand of this new Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity can inform you calls, texts or emails by connecting …Continue Reading

Amazing Hand paintings

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Karoto – carrot sharpener & peeler

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Bone Share Audio Jack Splitter

With Bone Share audio jack splitter, you can plug in two earphones and share music with your partner …Continue Reading

Creative egg vase

Marcel Wanders used a latex condom to create the funny shape of the egg vase! He put hard-boiled …Continue Reading

Super suitcase that can charge 16 iPads at once

What? This suitcase can charge 16 iPads and a 13-inch MacBook at once! Simply slide the iPads into …Continue Reading

Earthquake resistant bed that can support up to 65 tons of debris

Created by Shinko Industries in Japan, this bed is incredibly earthquake resistant鈥攊t won鈥檛 collapse when up to 65 …Continue Reading

Innovative Hole Measuring Tape

As a 2012 iF Design Talents Award entry, the Hole Measuring Tape is functional and innovative. It makes …Continue Reading

Clever Air Tube Ear Phone

Unlike normal earphones, Air Tube Ear Phone automatically turns off your music player when you remove it from …Continue Reading

63 Degrees Folding Bench Allows for Easy Storage

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Power-up Your Room with Arcade Light Switch Plate

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Stacked Teacups Bookcase

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Weerol: multifunctional toys that adapt to a child鈥檚 development

Toys are usually useful for a short period of time as children grow up. But Weerol are specially …Continue Reading

Brazilian artist use marijuana smoke to make art

Brazilian artist Fernando de la Rocque created a unique way to make art鈥攂y blowing marijuana smoke on paper …Continue Reading

Innovative Egg Bulb

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Creative Hidden Swimming Pool

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The Paq Chair/Bed by G茅za Csire

The Paq Chair is more than a chair鈥攊t can easily transform into a bed. When its designer G茅za …Continue Reading

Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster by Nostalgia Electrics

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Street Art-Antenna Telescopes

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Buckingham Palace Soldier USB Memory Stick

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Fiery reintroduces the fun of flamb茅

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