Awesome Bathtubs, Right Here!

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Slip-on Shoelaces

During the last tens and hundreds of years, almost all the designer and manufactures were devoted to improving …Continue Reading

Creative Salt Installations

Really impressive huge-sized installations finished by Japan-based artist Motoi Yamamoto, and all of them are made of salt鈥 …Continue Reading

Solar Shareable Coverall

Whenever we face earthquakes or other disasters, only a shelter cannot provide all the protections and things we …Continue Reading

Tattoo Posters

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Steel Wire Portraits

Either far away or close, these portraits finished by Seung Mo Park all seem so delicate and fantastic …Continue Reading

One Trip Grip

Working hard and shopping hard, ladies today must have been used to those heavy shopping bags and the …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Guessing time again, so what do you think this Teddy Bear is used for? Don’t tell me that’s …Continue Reading

Lazy Football Chair

Can you sit to play football? I can, as long as I have this “Lazy Football” chair designed …Continue Reading

String Lamp

Distinctive and interactive, this lamp from Co.Design is completely different from regular pedant lamps, as it comes with …Continue Reading

Embrace Shaving

Nothing could know better of your face than your hands, and thus designer Marco van Leeuwen has come …Continue Reading

SkyDeck Table

Wherever you go, wherever you stay, this SkyDeck designed by Japanese firm Torafu Architects can always support you, …Continue Reading

Map Fishbowl

An interesting bowl for fish, which wanna to help them go around the world, with the help of …Continue Reading

Water-resistant Coating for Mobile Phone Circuit Boards

Coming from Daikin Industries, the innovative coating developed for cellphone circuit boards is resistant to water and moisture …Continue Reading

Tackits Corkscrew

Easy to push in but difficult to pull out, that’s obviously the common problem of ordinary pushpins. However, …Continue Reading

CELLMACS Sliding and Standing Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Is this a sliding iPhone 5 (or maybe 6)?! Not exactly, since the Apple Inc. hasn’t released any …Continue Reading

Finger Scan Door Lock

It is definitely not the first time we see fingerprint scanners used in product designs, but the Grabit …Continue Reading

Inverted Umbrella

Rainy days, romantic days, many couples are fond of hanging out on a wet day to experience something …Continue Reading

Drink Notes

This is mine, and that is yours, with the aid of these Drink Notes, we’ll never pick up …Continue Reading

Hold Chair

Hey, chairs, have you successfully held the tables? … To make cleaning floor an easy work, Malaysia-based designer …Continue Reading

SMS Text Messaging Notebook

You know that the Short Message Service has been there for 20 years? Well, time passes away so …Continue Reading

Light Bubble

Turn on a bulb, to display the interesting process of a bubble getting bigger and then disappearing… Really …Continue Reading


Keeping mountain bikes always in a good condition is a hard work, especially when you need to face …Continue Reading

Tape Scissor

Combining two separate tools rightly in one, the Tape Scissor is a brilliant scissor with a built-in tape …Continue Reading


Instead of organizing earphone cords around your ears, we now strongly suggest you wear them as bracelets, with …Continue Reading

ITRI MediRobot

Here’s a smart solution for lifting and transferring patients in a better way: Named as ITRI MediRobot, the …Continue Reading

Landscape Dinner Set

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Tokio Lighting Unit

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3D Vision Stickers for Glasses

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Gokey Wrist Band

Only one key in the pocket, usually we do that when outside for a walk or jog just …Continue Reading

Light Glove

Undoubtedly wearing light on hand is much better than holding light in hand: it not only offers bright …Continue Reading

Oil-absorbing Nanosponge

By adding boron to carbon while growing nanotubes, researchers from Rice University and Penn State University have developed …Continue Reading

World’s First Lick-able Wall Paper

Does the elevator’s wall of an office building located in Great Portland Street, London taste good? Possibly, as …Continue Reading

Standing Broom

Nothing to do with magic tricks, the Standing Broom is designed to stand up by itself merely with …Continue Reading

Lipstick Flask

Hello my ladies, you now can play a trick with others while enjoying wine from your Lip Stick! …Continue Reading

Socks Portrait

Not quite long after her Coffee Stain Portrait of Chinese musician Jay Chou, Shanghai-based artist Hong Yi now …Continue Reading

‘Citylight’ Concept

Exercise to power, the ‘Citylight’ Concept is an innovative design that attaches exercise equipment to streetlights and thus …Continue Reading

Heat-sensitive iPhone 4S Backing

Turn your iPhone into a chameleon 鈥 that’s rightly what the self-adhesive laser cut backing is trying to …Continue Reading

iPhone Shutter Grip

Since iPhone is never called or described as a smart portable camera, it must have certain limitations that …Continue Reading

Map Sunglasses

Well, however cool and attractive it is to wear American map shaped sunglasses, we still need to reject …Continue Reading

“Double-Bubble” Concept Aircraft

“Double-Bubble”, a futuristic aircraft developed by MIT, is announced to be a super-efficient passenger travel that may guide …Continue Reading

User-configurable Protective Bag

Traditional camera bags, which utilizes Velcro to create removable and adjustable padded sections, sounds quite practical in theory …Continue Reading

‘LAUNDRY PURE’ Laundries without Detergent

Exhibited on “Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (2012 MIECF)” held at Macao, China, the “LAUNDRY PURE” …Continue Reading

Folio Shaped Tissue Box

Here and there, this Folio Shaped Tissue Box could be placed anywhere, serving as a book stand or …Continue Reading

Big Eye Robotic Rings

Cute and smart, these new rings developed by Keio University from Japan are robotic, capable of moving automatically …Continue Reading

Titanium Straw

Made of food grade titanium, these straws are tasteless and odorless, completely safe to your health. But the …Continue Reading

Tree Pod Restaurant

Five meters high from the ground, the dinning pod built on top of a tree is located in …Continue Reading

Interactive Plants

Famous for their advanced designs and technologies in the field of robotic objects, a research group from Keio …Continue Reading