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Smart Bowlboard

Smart Bowlboard makes food preparation easier and more enjoyable. It helps organize your chopped ingredients in the embedded …Continue Reading

The Flowering Tree Hanger

The tree hooked hanger is beautiful yet practical, symbolizing the harmony of marriage鈥攖wo family trees coming together.Since the …Continue Reading

Bookcase with a Pull-Out Ladder

It is so cool to have a bookcase like that. It is tall with a secret step ladder …Continue Reading

A wonderful styling for the ones who like ballet

It is so boring for the ones who like ballet to wear the white skirt. So this colorful …Continue Reading

The funniest thing for April Fools鈥 Day

It is so cool to make the funniest idea in the April Fools鈥 Day. This chair has two …Continue Reading

Do you know if you stay indoor or outdoor?

With this table with the tree serving as the table stand, this will make you feel like staying …Continue Reading

Wonderful anniversary ideas for the old

So it is too old for you to make a romantic anniversary? This 鈥渋t gets better with age鈥漣dea …Continue Reading

Photo and number to memorize your important day

You can just arrange the photo relevant to the important person on the important day, such as their …Continue Reading

Beach cover up? Dress?

It is exceptionally easy to transform your ordinary beach cover up into a chic dress.Start making one for …Continue Reading

Cool birthday theme

It is so bored to work out a cool idea in other鈥檚 birthday? Just have this number-shaped ice …Continue Reading

Excellent food dispenser saving your space

Such dispenser hung on the wall can save your space in the kitchen, it only fits for dry …Continue Reading

Railing Planter for Urban Lifestyle

The Green Planter offers a simple yet stylish way to grow plants on your balcony or fence. It …Continue Reading

Wall Plates

You can decorate your room as original as you wish. Simply arrange some beautiful plates on the wall …Continue Reading

The Swing Dining Table

This swing dining table has an exceptionally cool structure. It suspends eight chairs so you can swing freely. …Continue Reading

The Orbit Washer鈥擶ashing Clothes without Water

The Orbit Washer isn’t an ordinary washer. Instead of using soap and water, it gets rid of dirt …Continue Reading

Face Shaped Shelf

This is a simple but original way to organize your books on the shelf. Since it is shaped …Continue Reading

Wonderful pull-out dining room

It is just fantastic to have a pull-out dining room, and it can not only save the space …Continue Reading

A building with shelves for other buildings

How cool this building is! There are shelves for other buildings. What purpose does this building have? It …Continue Reading

Cool fan umbrella

It is so hot in summer, but it is impossible to bring air-conditioner outside, so this umbrella fan …Continue Reading

Stylish Lamp Lamp Bulb

This lamp offers you a simple but stylish way to brighten your room. It has no fuse and …Continue Reading

Everybody feel this way

Everybody experience this, when you completely cover you body with the quilt, you would feel too hot, when …Continue Reading

Fantastic Swimming Gloves

The swimming gloves are made of silicone and resemble frogs鈥 claws when you put them on. With their …Continue Reading

Smart Rinser Toothbrush

Normally you would use a cup or bend down to rinse when brushing your teeth. But this innovative …Continue Reading

Mini Bottle USB Memory stick

Is it just a miniature glass bottle? Take a closer look. The cork is a memory stick. What …Continue Reading

Eco-friendly Solar Street Charge

Your cellphone battery just runs out while you鈥檙e walking down the street. Here is the perfect solution for …Continue Reading

iPhone Controlled Mini Helicopter

Take your remote controlled helicopter experience to the next level. Use your iPhone to let this little guy …Continue Reading

Fantastic fan-cooled trousers for summer

Too hot to wear a pair of pants in summer? Check these pants out. They are equipped with …Continue Reading

Hi-Fi Handbag for music fans

Handbags are normally for holding things, but this handbag is special. It built in a 3000milliW stereo amplifier …Continue Reading

The cool engagement ideas

Before engagement, you would be so bored to think how to make a surprising scene there, but in …Continue Reading

Tattoo in white ink

It is pretty cool to have a tattoo on your body, but not everyone has the gut to …Continue Reading

Ultrathin Boom-box

Thinner, thinner and thinner, nowadays people are really concentrated in designing and owning items that are thin enough, …Continue Reading

Stick Humidifier

Anytime, anywhere, this portable humidifier put forward by Knobz Design can help you easily make the air refreshing. …Continue Reading

Origami Shadow Art of Actual Faces

Well, I bet most visitors in front of the screen are now focusing their attention on the colorful …Continue Reading

Umbrella Phone Charger

Kenneth Tong’s umbrella is the most different one you can ever find, in the most WTF way ever …Continue Reading

Movie Film Sticky Notes

Turn your own life into part of movies, you merely need these transparent Movie Film Sticky Notes. They …Continue Reading

USB Powered Cooling Strap

A cooling contraption especially created for your feet and shoes? Though sounds bit of ridiculous, the gadget is …Continue Reading

Japan Shouting Vase

Are you emotionally stressful and feel no where to relax? It does not work through shouting in public …Continue Reading

Your exclusive 鈥渉anging garden鈥

In the era when the price of land is extremely expensive and the land is rare, it is …Continue Reading

Flashing protective helmet used at night

There is danger to ride a bike at night, and flashing protective helmet used at night is good …Continue Reading

RC Amphibious Car

Is it too dull to play remote control car on land in hot summer? Do you want to …Continue Reading

Cloud Cities

Cloud Cities, sounding quite romantic and attractive, is a pod-like building designed by Tom谩s Saraceno for the Metropolitan …Continue Reading

End of Life Care Machine

At the end of life, a caressing action from the family or friends may support people to go …Continue Reading

Wall-Mounted Organizer

Surely you have too many items, such as your keys, cellphones, sunglasses and so on, to organize, but …Continue Reading

KOKUYO Tidbit Memo Pads

With many punch lines printed on the paper, this ‘KOKUYO Tidbit’ memo offers us an innovative way to …Continue Reading

Awesome Fire Paintings

As the flame of a cigarette lighter moves on the ceiling, France-based artist Olivier Kosta-Thefaine has created an …Continue Reading

Peel and Stick T-shirt Pockets

It’s undoubtedly difficult for many people to design a unique T-shirt, however it’s really easy for us to …Continue Reading

“Step Up” Shoe Rack

What do you think this wooden ladder is used for? Obviously it’s not made to help you reach …Continue Reading

“Rugbeer” Vending Machine

Nobody can stop the Argentines to love football, because even the vending machines in Argentina are now inviting …Continue Reading

World’s First Underwater Nightclub

The world’s first underwater nightclub is supposed to be located in New York City, with fully-furnished underwater darts, …Continue Reading