Humorous print advertisements

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Basket tree in France

This is a basket tree in France. It allows people of different ages to play basketball together by …Continue Reading

Cannon Popcorn Maker

With this Cannon Popcorn Maker, now you can make popcorn by yourself, isn鈥檛 it so cool? And popcorn …Continue Reading

House Sparrow Nest Eggs Magnet Sticker + Paperweight

These very cute eggs have a Strong Magnet Sticker at the bottom so that it can help you …Continue Reading

CuteZcute Seaweed Nori Punch Decorating Tool

This super easy and super cute CuteZcute nori cutter set includes 3 deluxe designs of seaweed punchers. You …Continue Reading

144-Hour Candle

Wow, this 144-Hour Candle is so cool! It is made out of beeswax and is easy to use. …Continue Reading

Spiral Egg Holder for 12 Eggs

Doesn鈥檛 this stylish egg holder look like a modern art? It has a Base, the Main Pole and …Continue Reading

Sushi Smartphone Stand

Well, these aren鈥檛 real sushi, the world famous Japanese food, but smartphone stands. Do they look so yummy? …Continue Reading

Luscious Lip Straws

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Swimming at your own balcony

A 30-story tower will be built in Mumbai, India with each balcony being a swimming pool. You can …Continue Reading

Hilarious art of bent object

Check out how Terry Border revives everyday objects by attaching bent wires as their hands and feet. They …Continue Reading

Awesome Leg Hair Font

Guess what it is! Hairy leg.You are halfway right. Take a closer look. These are letter fonts made …Continue Reading

One SQM house in Berlin

Pay one Euro per night and stay at one SQM house-the smallest house in the world- and wake …Continue Reading

IBM augmented reality (AR) shopping app

IBM is developing a new augmented reality(AR) shopping app which will make in-store shopping much easier. Instead of …Continue Reading

Bowser Beer healthy drink for dogs

Get your furry friends their own beer! Bowser Beer looks like beer on the outside, but it is聽 …Continue Reading

Hiding chest

This chest can play hide & seek with you! It鈥檚 specially designed to look like one of those …Continue Reading

Every leaf traps CO2

Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran created the delicate leaf art and each one of them traps carbon dioxide released …Continue Reading

Yummy National Flag

Sydney International Food Festival offers you something special–yummy national flags. The ingredients used range from fruits and vegetable …Continue Reading

Creative Facebook Timeline Designs

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Funny Pac-Man Ukulele

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Funny Egg and Food Art

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Fashion Tights That Feature a Man Climbing Up the Back Seam

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鈥淭he Dark Side Of Water鈥 鈥 The Minimal Identity of blk.

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Funny KFC Bone Art

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Best Cookie Packaging Ever

This is the famous Japanese Black Melonpan. Isn鈥檛 the packing so creative? Would you give it a try?

Famous Paintings Recreated Using Thousands of Torn Magazine Scraps

This recreation of Van Gogh鈥檚 famous painting is made by the Brazilian-born Brooklyn-based artist Vik Muniz, using cut …Continue Reading

The Book That Can鈥檛 Wait

鈥淭he Book That Can鈥檛 Wait鈥 is printed with ink which will completely disappear within two or four months …Continue Reading

Three beloved Street Art Photos

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Fantastic book dissections

What? These are creations made by dissecting old books with surgical tools. It must require a lot of …Continue Reading

Seedbomb vending machine

Seedbomb offers you a simple way to beautify your city. They are made up of clay, compost, and …Continue Reading

Interesting Graffiti

Two painted聽 children聽 are riding on a real bike? Interesting. Created by Ernest Zacharevic, it is a landmark …Continue Reading

crab cake that doesn’t taste like crab

Guess what it is. Well, I gave away the answer in the title. It is crab cake–cake that …Continue Reading

3D sandcastle printer

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Creative stone art

A laughing face carved out of stone.Awesome!The Japanese artist Hirotoshi Ito turned stones of different sizes into everyday …Continue Reading

Pedestal adjustable bowl holders for big dogs or small ones

Feeding your dog has never been this easy!With Pedestal, you can simply press the button to move the …Continue Reading

Designed to win: sprint shoes that improve performance by 3.5%

A brand new designed sprint shoe can improve athletic performance by 3.5% (0.35seconds) , which is significant for …Continue Reading

Rock-paper-scissors robot that beats human beings 100% of the time

This is a robot that can win rock-paper-scissors with a 100 percent winning rate. Human being plays one …Continue Reading

Extra comfort HoodiePillow

Enjoy the extra comfort provided by HoodiePillow! It offers quiet when you need to be focused on reading …Continue Reading

Expressive Mr. Button

Mr. Button and his family are expressive and so much fun!Simply sew them them on your clothes with …Continue Reading

Removable prints-your eco-friendly style

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Functional FlyGrip

FlyGrip allows you to use your smart-phone in an even smarter way!You’d fall for it once you secure …Continue Reading

Death Star in a ping-pong ball

In the movie Star Wars, Death Star is a super space station packed with all kinds of powerful …Continue Reading

State 鈥搊f-the-art Columbia University Medical Center

A new landmark will be seen on the campus of Columbia University. As a 14-storey tower, its south …Continue Reading

Urban cabin with a hanging nest

Bright colors, a hanging nest bed, spherical window that doubles as bookshelf. Here is the lovely urban cabin …Continue Reading

Eggasus: Eggshell scooter

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Kiss Me Meter Breath Tester

No more worries about your breath when you are about to kiss him! Discretely take out this breath …Continue Reading

Shadow Art 鈥 The Reality That We Imagine

Everyday objects can manipulate to cast incredibly realistic shadows. The artists featured here are Kumi Yamashita, Fred Eerdekens, …Continue Reading

Temperature regulating shirts with spacesuit technology

Want to wear a shirt in the summer that can keep you cool? MIT students offer a solution …Continue Reading