An Extreme Relax Net over Cliffs

A Utah-based group of athletes recently set up a spider web net over a canyon at a height …Continue Reading

LEGO Wheelchair Makes The Tortoise Move Faster

A veterinarian has built a little LEGO wheelchair for this tortoise who struggles a lot moving around, so …Continue Reading

Feather Artwork

The artist creates beautiful intricate feather carvings using a scalpel. The birds might be alive since the canvas …Continue Reading

Notepaper-like Scarf

A scarf that resembles a long sheet of notepaper with its embroidered lines allows you to draw and …Continue Reading

Wireless Controller

Flow is a programmable peripheral providing seamless, precise, fast, intuitive and flowing experience. It explains the notable design …Continue Reading

Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

This electrical robotic mouse will please your beloved cat and train its natural ability of prey. Artificial intelligence …Continue Reading

Japan’s 2015 New Years Stamp is Absolutely Adorable!

It takes 12 years for the sheep to finally finish knitting the scarf!

Say Goodbye to Messy Spills or Stains

Unique and clever wine glass that shapes as a tumbler successfully avoids any spill or stain even when …Continue Reading

Playful Seesaw Table

Good table manners are required to keep balance when sitting on this fun and fanciful table for its …Continue Reading

Balloon Plug That Seals The Bottle Tight

The plug fits in any bottle and seals it tight because of its innovative inflatable design.

Air Purifier in Case of Fire

Asphyxiations is a major cause of death in fire, this Air Pocket will decrease this by purifying the …Continue Reading

Zipperless Smart Luggage

For a better travel experience, this luggage provides a quicker access to your belongings, a built-in scale, a …Continue Reading

Print A Roll of Pictures from Apple Devices

The old fax machine inspired printer prints “endless” panoramic pictures, long text messages, business cards, stickers or anything …Continue Reading

LEGO Birds

Being a fan of LEGO, an admirer of natural world, a gardener and tree surgeon, this man has …Continue Reading

Spice Pen

Food presentation is so much fun with this worlds’ first and only spice pen that allows you to …Continue Reading

Eclipse Clock

The clock displays the passing of a day by mimicking the process of eclipse. The light totally fades …Continue Reading

Fun Popcorn Maker

Fun popcorn maker that allows you to mix your favorite flavorings with corn kernels in a playful shaking …Continue Reading

Corner Shelf

The shelf looks like a giant bowl stuck in the corner is space-saving and practical for displaying small …Continue Reading

Fashionable Electronic Paper Watch

A design team that focuses on fashion entertainments has come up with an innovative custom-made wrist watch made …Continue Reading

Everyday Objects in Wire Frame Appearance

Wire frame objects are usually seen in computer graphics or on sketch books, which are two dimensional. The …Continue Reading

Kinetic Miniature Paper Architecture

The artist has turned his professional knowledge of how buildings are constructed into movable miniature paper models that …Continue Reading

Automatic Watercolor Painting Machine

When connected with computer, this device will automatically recreate digital artworks into watercolor paintings using ordinary paint tools.

Open Toys for Vegetables

There are 14 components you can download, print and attach to vegetables to create playful toys such as …Continue Reading

360 Degree Adjustable Shelf

One shelf is enough for displaying one or two items and able to change the orientation and degrees …Continue Reading

DIY Marshmallow Shot Glasses

Here’s a tutorial that show you how to DIY yummy marshmallow shot glasses. Three steps only: toast the …Continue Reading

Surreal Pencil Drawings of Lips

Switzerland-based illustrator and artist Christo Dagorov created this unusual series of pencil drawings that transform the texture of …Continue Reading

Warm & Steady Grip

Grippoz are innovative push-rim covers which make it easier for wheelchair users especially in cold winter, they will …Continue Reading

Flexible Stand for Your Tablet

Vyne is a flexible stand that makes it an extremely versatile for tablets of any kind. A cinch …Continue Reading

Water Recycling Flowerpot

The double-hallow structure holds the leftover water after the watering, and then vaporizes it for recycling in sunlight.

Laser-cutting Watch

The carbon fiber laser watch features a beam of blue laser that lasts five to ten minutes before …Continue Reading

Impressive 3D Street Artwork

Trash and recycled materials are turned into beautiful and intricate street artworks that appears three-dimensional.

Oil Expeller

A simply beautiful and stylish set that allows you to make your own utilizing cooking oil of any …Continue Reading

Umbrella with A Hidden Overlaying Shield

In case that your umbrella cover gets lost, which is usually the case, a clever umbrella design that …Continue Reading

A Giant Hood for Taking Breaks

This hood called Nutshell is big enough to cover up your whole head with plenty space to keep …Continue Reading

Impressive 3D Illusion Drawings

The artist uses multiple sheets of paper to create optical illusion drawings of everyday lives of people. They …Continue Reading

Intricate Cookie Designs

Each cookie is covered with flawless details that are too decorative and ornamental to imagine it is a …Continue Reading

A Case Turns Your Smartphone into Instant Camera

Any iPhone or Android phone can transform into an instant camera with this brilliant case which contains a …Continue Reading

Goldfish Tea Bags

The plain tea bags turn into gorgeous goldfish once been filled with colorful herb tea leaves and put …Continue Reading

Amazing Little Flip Books

Little flip books feature adorable little stories that are told by making use of negative space and “compartments”.

Train or BBQ Smoker

This, which sounds and looks like a real old-fashioned steam train is actually a BBQ smoker custom built …Continue Reading

Magnifying Spoon Designed to Detect Contaminants in Food

The spoon with a magnifier is designed to detect whether there’s any petty contaminants such as hair or …Continue Reading

Virtual City Photos Inspired by Their Drinking Culture

Cities around the world vary a lot, each represented by its own distinguished culture. A series of photographs …Continue Reading

Spring Smasher for Nuts

This lovely spring smasher turns cracking nuts into a playful game. It feels like holding a slingshot, aiming …Continue Reading

Root Planter

You will never be bored by these ceramic “beauties” with tall and slender “legs”, not to mention the …Continue Reading

A Pratical Bottle Accessory

If you have to share your bottle of water with others, this innovative gadget that fits to the …Continue Reading

Mini Power for Emergency Situations

People usually won’t notice that the phone’s dying until emergencies. Therefore, having a mini package of power which …Continue Reading

3D Illusion Drawings Pop off Notebook’s Blue Lines

It seems like that the characters are prisoners inside the classic blue-line notebook “prison” and are trying hard …Continue Reading

3 in 1 Lamp

Just change the positions of the aluminum leafs, the lamp will provide 3 different types of light. You …Continue Reading

A Folding Bicycle That Fits into A Backpack

This electric bicycle weighs less than 5kg for its main material of carbon fiber, has a maximum speed …Continue Reading