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End of Life Care Machine

At the end of life, a caressing action from the family or friends may support people to go …Continue Reading

Wall-Mounted Organizer

Surely you have too many items, such as your keys, cellphones, sunglasses and so on, to organize, but …Continue Reading

KOKUYO Tidbit Memo Pads

With many punch lines printed on the paper, this ‘KOKUYO Tidbit’ memo offers us an innovative way to …Continue Reading

Awesome Fire Paintings

As the flame of a cigarette lighter moves on the ceiling, France-based artist Olivier Kosta-Thefaine has created an …Continue Reading

Peel and Stick T-shirt Pockets

It’s undoubtedly difficult for many people to design a unique T-shirt, however it’s really easy for us to …Continue Reading

“Step Up” Shoe Rack

What do you think this wooden ladder is used for? Obviously it’s not made to help you reach …Continue Reading

“Rugbeer” Vending Machine

Nobody can stop the Argentines to love football, because even the vending machines in Argentina are now inviting …Continue Reading

World’s First Underwater Nightclub

The world’s first underwater nightclub is supposed to be located in New York City, with fully-furnished underwater darts, …Continue Reading

Hug Light

A warm hug is the best gift we can ever get from others 鈥 your parents, kids, friends, …Continue Reading

Easy Packaging Tape

Packaging tapes, which are commonly believed rather difficult to remove from boxes, are now pushed forward to a …Continue Reading

Simpson Chairs

The Simpson Family now owns their personal chairs, which are designed by Bangkok-based 56th Studio. Quite impressively, the …Continue Reading

Red Wine Dress

Red Wine Dress is definitely something Lady Gaga would love to own: its fabric was grown and formed …Continue Reading

Time is Money Currency Concept

“Time is money”, Benjamin Franklin’s famous phrase is now used in this new currency idea put forward by …Continue Reading

Human Hair Leaves

Finished by stitching, wrapping and knotting together human hair, these artificial leaves each comes with extremely detailed network …Continue Reading

Open Mirror

Both a mirror and a docking station for your iPhone or iPod, this device allows users to control …Continue Reading

Sparrow Egg Magnet

All are eggs, some are quite good for breakfast while some are pretty ideal for decoration鈥 These eggs …Continue Reading

Vacuum Backpack Climbing Assistant Device

Don’t let your imagination run away from you, no matter how ridiculous it may sound鈥 Just have a …Continue Reading

Chameleon Bandage

Inspired by chameleon, this innovative bandage is supposed to change its color automatically on your skin, to secretly …Continue Reading

Towering Mechanical Forest

In the Bay South garden, Singapore, 18 super trees (11 of them are solar-powered) are planted there to …Continue Reading

Simple Rope Hanger

It’s nearly the hundred times I wanna to say those old things in the past were brought back …Continue Reading

Magnum 500-inspired Smoking Gun Grill

Built by a group of high school students for their welding class, this huge grill has drawn a …Continue Reading

Grey Knight Armored Hoodie

Although armor is originally made for war-use, Chadwick John Dillon still decided to combine it with ordinary coat, …Continue Reading

Underwater Solar Panels

The blue water in sea, which absorbs the red part of the solar spectrum, has long time been …Continue Reading

Gas-insulation Jacket

How to live through a cold winter without needing to wear too much? That’s not such a good …Continue Reading

A Brave Man’s House

On top of Jacobs Hall building on the campus of University of California in San Diego, Korean artist …Continue Reading

Ear Earbuds

What could be much weirder than another pair of ears appearing on your real ears? Sounds interesting and …Continue Reading

Physical Buttons for Touchscreens

Not long ago, we were busy creating touchscreens to offer phone users a new experience; still not long …Continue Reading

Hot Tub Boat

What if we could take a bath in the open ocean, not directly in the sea water but …Continue Reading

Menu Pin Tables

Push and pin, even though that’s what you usually do with drawing pins, this time you can use …Continue Reading

Super-practical 4occhi Eyewear

Regular glasses or sunglasses? Whenever you need to drive out in summer, that question may bother you quite …Continue Reading

Direction-changing Outdoor Bench

Sitting altogether toward the same direction is not that bad, but obviously it鈥檚 much better if we can …Continue Reading

Real Dollhouse

The once-popular dollhouse is finally changed into life-sized house for real people! Rightly in Manitoba, Canada, an old …Continue Reading

Post-it Table

Combining post-it stickers and tables together, Italian team Soup Studio has created this Post-it Table for architects, designers, …Continue Reading

Mushroom Cloud Sculptural Installation

While nearly 99% of mushroom clouds emphasize the word “cloud”, this one made by British conceptual artist Chris …Continue Reading

Bike Tool Handlebars

Cleverly and smartly designed, the inCOG bike tool is a great idea that we may think “why nobody …Continue Reading

Diet Goggles

Tricks, tricks, tricks, that are the main words you may think of once you know something of these …Continue Reading

“In Order to Control” Interactive Typographic Installation

Different from regular projectors that usually create a shadow on walls when there’re people standing in front of …Continue Reading

“Take Out” Storage Furniture

What if we could take a whole drawer out on trip or to the office, rightly use them …Continue Reading

Brain Phone Booth

That day when you used a phone booth in street, I saw your outstanding brain directly鈥 That’s not …Continue Reading

Corning’s New Flexible Glass

Corning company has recently released their new product, an ultra-thin and flexible glass that can bend and roll …Continue Reading

Waveform Necklace

Graduation day is still around, have you already prepared a special gift for your friends or relatives? If …Continue Reading

Sealed Watch

To seal your wonderful moments, to make them vivid forever, that’s rightly the main idea this Sealed Watch …Continue Reading

Satellites that can Dock Together in Space

UK-based Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) Company is now working with University of Surrey to develop a revolutionary …Continue Reading

Palate MP3 Player

What’s the weirdest way you can think of to listen to music? Quite recently a student at Parson …Continue Reading

Floating Balloon Desk

Well, this time a creative reception table was made due to AD agency Boys and Girls’ disagreement with …Continue Reading

Piano Sculpture

Can you believe that these sculptures are made from broken strings and missing keys of pianos? Even though …Continue Reading

Gigantic Alarm Clock Hotels

Rebuilt from an old train station clock tower in Ghent, this hotel in Belgium has a really really …Continue Reading

Upside Down R/C Helicopter Ceiling Fan

Hey, look here guys: a helicopter is landing upside down on your ceiling, to offer you cool comfortable …Continue Reading

Minesweeper Scratch Cards

Windows Minesweeper is a good game that has helped us go through those boring days, and many people …Continue Reading