Air Hockey Game on iPad

Experience the excitement of playing air hockey on iPad! This game allows you to hit the puck with …Continue Reading

The Lampbrella

It is a street lamp with umbrella which is designed by Mikhail Belyaev. It can be installed anywhere …Continue Reading

Baby in Table

This is a table in which a baby can enter and sit on. It is designed to hold …Continue Reading

Playing With The Moon

This series of unique and inspiring moon photos is created by Laurent Laveder, who is a landscape astrophotographer …Continue Reading

Paper artwork eyelashes

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Using raw vegetables for hair styling

Can you use raw vegetables in hair dressing? The answer is yes. Japanese artist Takaya created an original …Continue Reading

Impossible Photography

The photo is named “Go your own road” from Erik Johansson, who is a creative photographer from Gothenburg, …Continue Reading

Butter Knife Automatically Getting Heated

Having a delicious breakfast with butter and bread is not easy. You should cut the butter, heat it, …Continue Reading

Magnetic Sheet Shaped in Poker

The magnetic sheet made by an Israeli designer, Avihai Shurin, is shaped in different suits 鈥 heart, club, …Continue Reading

Ninja Time Watch by Andy Kurovets

This concept watch designed by Andy Kurovets has no hour hand or minute hand. It indicates time by …Continue Reading

Snooze equips your iPhone with a huge snooze bar

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USB Gets Fat When It鈥檚 Full

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Portraits with each person as a single pixel

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RoboChair, Wall Art, 2 in 1

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An Umbrella That Can Play Music

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The House Inside a Hill 鈥 Villa Vals, Switzerland

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The Mark Brothers: Cable Labels

Have you ever bothered with finding the right cable behind your TV or Desktop computer? Now the Mark …Continue Reading

Sanwa View-master for 3D videos

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Watch Sculptures: Moments in Time

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Tilting Ping-Pong table extra fun

Playing Ping-Pong is popular in many cultures. But this Ping-Pong table is unusual. It can tilt on a …Continue Reading

Drinking Like A Sir

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CARD by SwitchEasy is a Cool Party Buddy

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A Pouf and Pacman combination

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The UP Coffee Table

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Tetris Light

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Recycled Light Bulb Oil Lamp

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DIY High Heel Cupcake

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DIY eggshell candle

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Silly watch! You are not a tie!

Yes, this is a watch which is designed like a tie. Isn鈥檛 it so adorable?

Bird cage clock

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Digging Handtool for Your Kids

If your kids like to play sand in the backyard, this digging handtool will be a good choice …Continue Reading

How the Sun Plays Basketball

Look, the sun scores in basket ball. Isn鈥檛 it a great picture idea? You can also use this …Continue Reading

A Real Personal Computer

Dimovi, a retrofit lover, adapt the LCD display screen to be invisible. He uses the inner Polaroid taking …Continue Reading

Door Stop shaped in Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream cone is dropped on the floor鈥 But you don鈥檛 need to clean it before my mom …Continue Reading

Capturing the moments when the bubble bursts

One amazing thing about taking pictures is that you can capture a wonderful image. But to freeze the …Continue Reading

Japanese Matchstick, Romantic

If you like to use matchstick not lighter, this design will provide you a fantastic world of fairy …Continue Reading

The Life of a Notepaper

Before you using this notepaper, it is a young man with thick hairs. But after you tear the …Continue Reading

Cell Phone Charger Shaped in Credit Card Serving with 25% More Battery

Generally, charger of a cell phone is able to endure for one day. But what if the phone …Continue Reading

Kit for Rolling Pizza

Use the jagged dough cutter to cut your pizza first so that you can roll up it. Then …Continue Reading

Different ways to liven up a burnt out light bulb

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Google Nexus Q鈥攖he social streaming media player

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Book Bed

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Innovative caps for cutting down on aluminum waste

Only 50% of the 131 billion aluminum cans used in the US are recycled. DesignNobis has come up …Continue Reading

Washer & Toilet 2 in 1 for Saving Water

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House & car all in one

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A 鈥淢arry me鈥 cup

Trying to come up with an original idea to propose? Then this cup would definitely make your proposal …Continue Reading

Cup Enliving Your Mouth

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Fuuvi Megane Eye Glasses that double as a handy camera

Is it just another pair of fashion glasses? No, it has no lens. It is a digital camera. …Continue Reading

Enjoy the projected night sky at your bath time

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