LCD Smart Recycling Bins in London

As the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games are soon to begin, the London government is now busying …Continue Reading

RcSuperhero Flying Mechanism

Hey, what’s that up in the sky? Is it a superman? Not really, as it is RcSuperhero flying …Continue Reading

BangBang Handle

BangBang handle, a unique door handle rightly in the same shapes as pistols. Hence whenever you open the …Continue Reading

Magic Mirror Displays Your Insides

With its concept and technology becoming more and more widely accepted and used, the augmented reality technology has …Continue Reading

Magnificent Cathedral built with 55,000 LED Lights

During January 26 to January 29, 2012, the spectacular Ghent Light Festival held in Belgium and showcased several …Continue Reading

Cork Stopper Animals

Why haven’t we realized that even the bottle corks may have lives before? Fortunately it’s still not too …Continue Reading

“Hide-and-seek with the Missing” Floor Design

Utilizing a photochromic screen-print composition, designer Solenne Morigeaud has constructed the “Hide-and-seek with the Missing” floor that will …Continue Reading

Dictionary Desk Pillow

Quite commonly we say that there’s valuable knowledge in books, but sometime there’s a comfortable soft pillow inside …Continue Reading

Nanotube Paint that can Spot Structural Defects

A new paint made of carbon nanotubes and fly ash is announced as a cheaper and easier way …Continue Reading

Laser-guided Bullet that can Steer Itself

The future of weapons is indeed quite unpredictable as scientists are developing and launching new devices with at …Continue Reading

Warm-kept Base Layer Fabric made from Coffee Beans

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Magnetic Tool Holders

Those days you carefully kept your various tools in drawers or cabinets have already passed, and from now …Continue Reading

“Watpack” Pet Shelter

“Watpack” is a pet shelter concept that can be molded into various desired shapes to offer your pets …Continue Reading

Ultimate-battlefield PC Case

Let our opinion become clear and unbiased now: PC games actually can offer something more important than the …Continue Reading

Cute Outlet Stickers

White, square, square, white, why is every outlet so similar to others? Can’t they have their own personalities? …Continue Reading

“Rex” Robotic Exoskeleton

With a long 8 years’ development and improvement, the New Zealand-based Rex Company have finally come up with …Continue Reading

Apple Secure Magnet Patent

“Secure Magnet” is one of Apple’s new patent applications. It works in quite a similar way as the …Continue Reading


MITI System’s micro-needle is a medical instrument that can function in both beauty and medical fields. It is …Continue Reading

North Face Avalanche Airbag Apparel

Avalanche airbags backpacks? Not any more, as we now have these avalanche airbag clothing developed by The North …Continue Reading

Foldable Guitar

Because it’s not the first foldable guitar we’ve ever seen or introduced here, this one from designers Shlomi …Continue Reading

Boat Candles

“Moon river, wider than a mile”, and there’s a boat candle floating on the water鈥 Designed by Slovak …Continue Reading

Scented Jeans

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“Mobileye” Driver Safety Solution

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a driver’s inattention is one of the main factors …Continue Reading

Bass-powered Medical Implants

Researchers from the Purdue University have created a Bass-powered medical implant that can utilize sound waves as an …Continue Reading

Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Pepper Grinder

“Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world”, even though Archimedes’ Lever Law indeed …Continue Reading

Miniature Pothole Gardener

Instead of rebuilding the roads damaged by the harsh winter in London, a guerrilla gardener Steve Wheen has …Continue Reading

Retro-styled Wallpapers

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Rozetkcus Wall Socket

Based on clever design and accurate arrange, the Rozetkcus Wall Socket comes with 9 points to allow you …Continue Reading

Material that Vanishes when Shot with Microwave Energy

Traditional methods to make real-world objects invisible are usually based on materials that route incoming light around the …Continue Reading

Argus One Airship Design

Argus One, named after the Greek god Argus who was the all seeing god with one hundred eyes, …Continue Reading

Waterfalls Restaurant

Located in Villa Escudero of Quezon Province, Philippines, the Waterfalls Restaurant is quite well-known for its delicious local …Continue Reading

Tardis Safe is Unlocked with Your Smartphone

Tardis, used to be the Doctor Who time machine police box made famous by the British television show, …Continue Reading

Bondi Multiuse Hanger

Bondi is a smart little hanger with astonishing multi functions. According to your real needs, the Bondi can …Continue Reading

Quantum Dots that Could Increase Fiber Optic Bandwidth

Quantum dots, tiny particles made of semiconductor crystals, have reached a new level of development since the Japan-based …Continue Reading

Scientists from California Create Star Matter

Scientists of the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in California have succeeded to create super-hot solid plasma burning at …Continue Reading

Dirty Car Art

Why hasn’t anyone thought of the good idea before? Created on the back windows of dirty cars, Scott …Continue Reading

ISI Desk Clamp

Design easy and use easy, Devraj Bhadra’s ISI Desk Clamp is an innovative concept that offers us a …Continue Reading

LED Light Strips

Although LED technology has already been widely used in our daily life, there’re still some LED related products …Continue Reading

World’s Smallest Train Made from DNA

Researchers from Oxford University and Kyoto University have recently collaborated to develop the world’s smallest train, which is …Continue Reading

Creative Shoe Sculptures

Have you ever thought that your shoes may have their own thoughts and personalities to express? Whatever answers …Continue Reading

Stunning Alien Predator-themed Motorcycle

Using discarded car and bicycle parts he collected everywhere, Bangkok-based artist Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn has created a perfectly-detailed Predator-inspired …Continue Reading

Transformable Tube Chandelier

Chemistry and art are two separate words that seemingly would never have any connections, but designer Pani Jurek’s …Continue Reading

Water-powered Alarm Clock

Wanna to be pulled out of bed in a natural and mild way instead of the annoying digital …Continue Reading

Magnetic Soap

Researchers from the University of Bristol have developed the Magnetic Soap by dissolving iron in a range of …Continue Reading

Robot Baby

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Interactive Painting

A painting is no longer something always keeping still: Scott Garner’s “Still Life” is rightly a painting that …Continue Reading

Mask Origami

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PocketString Device

Daily practice. That’s the No. 1 principle you need to keep in mind if you ever dream to …Continue Reading

Shoe Tree Tulips

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Scosche Cellphone Control Device

Texting or emailing with your cellphones during your driving is actually a very dangerous thing which may kill …Continue Reading