Portrait Finished with Coffee Stains

“Nothing is impossible”, please forgive me quoting that famous but already commonly-used slogan here, because I really couldn鈥檛 …Continue Reading

Paper PP Alloy

Paper PP Alloy, developed by the PEGA Design and Engineering, is strong, durable and eco-friendly material that is …Continue Reading

Tank made from 5016 Egg Cartons

Simply planning to raise some money for charity, Sculptor Stuart Murdoch has created a tank with 5,016 egg …Continue Reading

Infinite Cycle of Soap

Love soap but hate waste, designers now bring us with this Infinite Cycle of Soap that allow you …Continue Reading

The “Eye of American” is large enough to live in.

Photographer Dennis Manarchy has a dream, and that’s to go around the United States and capture those Vanishing …Continue Reading

Lensbaby’s new Edge 80 Optic

Lensbaby’s new Edge 80 Optic is a smart gadget that can turn most of their lenses into tilt-controlled …Continue Reading

Singing Pillow

Built with a moisture sensor that detects your tears and a speaker inside, the Sleepy Weepy Pillow will …Continue Reading

Tagg Pet Tracker

Dogs, cats, all your pets are active and naughty, hence you need to keep an eye on them …Continue Reading

Scalado Remover

Developed by imaging technology innovators Scalado, the “Remover” is a smartphone app that automatically highlights and removes unwanted …Continue Reading

Heartbeat Password

Researchers from the National Chung Hsing University in Taichung, Taiwan have claimed that people might soon be able …Continue Reading

Car Stove

A car installed with a wood-burning stove inside?? That sounds really crazy, but that’s innovative as well, indeed. …Continue Reading

Blind Passangers

Well, the brand is obviously not the only or best way to attract others, because these “Blind Passangers” …Continue Reading

Mechanical Music Box

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you”, the classic “Happy Birthday” is now played by this mechanical …Continue Reading

Lunch Book, Lunch Dishes

Sometimes the designers’ ideas are so fantastic but also simple that we really couldn’t stop asking: why nobody …Continue Reading

GoPad for iPad

You cannot bear a while without your iPad? Then let this GoPad help you. It’s a smart accessory …Continue Reading

Sensory Substitution Device that Enables the Blind to See

The movie Star Trek: The Next Generation must have impressed many people for its imaginative device that enabled …Continue Reading

“Record me” Home Recorder

During these days with a cellphone or laptops, we humans are no longer relying on the traditional ways …Continue Reading

Telescope Ring

Guess what this is: it’s a ring, it’s a telescope, and it’s a magnifying glass too. The answer …Continue Reading

Durable Sock Shoes

Socks are no more worn inside shoes, but instead they’re to take the place of shoes. The Swiss …Continue Reading

Lego Church

In Enschede, Netherlands, the local citizens are used to gathering every year to celebrate their good days. For …Continue Reading

Nanoshells trap Light for More Efficient Solar Panels

Nanoshell, a hollowed-out sphere of silicon, is an innovative solution put forward by scientists at Stanford to improve …Continue Reading

Sleeping Band that Fights Wrinkles

Love of beauty is common to all females and they really couldn鈥檛 miss any chance to gain a …Continue Reading

Extending Camper Vans

Redesigned from a modern Volkswagen T5 Transporter van by a UK company, the Doubleback camper van is both …Continue Reading

High-efficiency Commercial Juicer

Obviously this juicer is not designed for everybody, as it comes with so surprisingly high a price of …Continue Reading

Psychedelic Trash Bin

“Cleanliness creates beauty”, with that as a slogan and belief, Mumbai-based designers Nishant Jethi and Aalap Deasi have …Continue Reading

New Data Storage Technology using Ultra-short Heat Pulses

Commonly an external magnetic field is required if we want to store data on a magnetic medium. But …Continue Reading

Natural Fiber Bicycle

The further the world steps forward, the farther we’re kept away from the nature. But fortunately there’re still …Continue Reading

Squid EMG Fitness Shirt

While a personal fitness instructor is most ideal and thus widely needed by people who do exercises at …Continue Reading

Horizontal Shower

What is the best method to relax you after a daytime full of work? The answer must be: …Continue Reading

Strongest Natural Adhesive made by Bacteria

Caulobacter crescentus (as shown in the picture above) is a common water-loving bacteria that is commonly found in …Continue Reading

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What, what music is your iPad now playing? Sometimes the sound of iPad is so low that you …Continue Reading

Pour-Smart Kitchen Knife & Scoop

Life is always the main source that designers and artists find their inspirations, and thus Junjie Piao has …Continue Reading

Wrist Memos

Anywhere, anytime, as long as you need to check out a day’s schedule or a shopping list, you …Continue Reading

Muscles Leggings

Well, the Muscles Leggings seem really weird and ridiculous, but in all fairness they’re much better and more …Continue Reading

Nike Shoes for Prosthetic Running Blades

Designed for competitive athletes who need to rely on 枚ssur’s ‘Flex-Run’ prosthetic running blades, the Nike Company’s 鈥淣ike …Continue Reading

Pesticide made from Cooking Oil

Eco-friendly and crop-friendly, the new pesticide made by Israeli agriculture scientist Samule Gan-Mor is a combination of edible …Continue Reading

Pulsing Heart Sculpture

The 2012 Valentine’s Day is almost here. Right in the middle of Times Square New York, there’s a …Continue Reading

Tofu Bras

Do you love Tofu, a traditional Chinese food made from soybeans? Many people will nod their heads to …Continue Reading

Plasma Torch that Kills Bacteria in Raw Chicken

Well, although chickens are still not safe (because we humans really prefer to eat them), at least people …Continue Reading

Press-to-open Keyring

Though they’re designed for keys, sometime the keyrings are so difficult to handle that you couldn’t slip your …Continue Reading

Cloud Erasers

Whenever talking about something white and pure, both the clouds and erasers will come into my mind. Hence …Continue Reading

Skin Gun that can Heal Severe Burns within Days

Good news to those people who are suffering from severe burns is that they can get their skins …Continue Reading

Mobile Tree Bench

Surely if there’s a tree, there will be a bench, because we may simply convert a tree into …Continue Reading

Indice Bookends

Undoubtedly reading is something intentional or planned: with these colorful Indice Bookends to organize your books, you can …Continue Reading

Mountain Subway

Although I’ve known of many people going to climb a mountain as they might try to live away …Continue Reading

Wireless Electric Car Charging System for Highways

Based on magnetic resonant inductive coupling technology developed in 1894, researchers at Stanford have just developed an innovative …Continue Reading

3D Printed Jaw

Believe me, even when you’re 83 years old, you can still have a solid jaw as that of …Continue Reading

Dress Boat

It’s a dress and it’s a boat, Canada-based designer Jacqueline Bradley’s artwork features a surprisingly perfect combination of …Continue Reading

Descender Skateboard

“Descender”, announced as “the very first of its kind”, is an innovative piece of sport equipment that’s really …Continue Reading

Swap-O-Matic Vending Machine

New good things in and old good things out, undoubtedly we’re now living in a throw-away culture nowadays. …Continue Reading