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Innovative Copper Sculptures

Sculptures on the squares, pavements and parks are more than just artworks, they can be playful and interacting …Continue Reading

3D Street Art

Three-dimensional street artworks play wonderful 3D illusion tricks that will fool your eyes.

Dog Disguised into A Giant Spider

It is absolutely terrible if a giant, mutant spider chasing after you all the way along the streets. …Continue Reading

Adorable Teddy Bear Toast Stamp

A little device for transforming your everyday toast into adorable teddy bear with playful expressions that will light …Continue Reading

The Fish Spits Light

This phenomenon occurs when a translucent cardinalfish accidentally eats a particular tiny crustacean (about 1mm in size) which …Continue Reading

Mini Garage Shaped Key Holder

A cute garage shaped key holder allows you to ‘park’ your keys into it, no need to hunt …Continue Reading

Scented Waffle/Donut Coin Purse

The purses look delicious and smell tasty as well, you’ll have to resist every urge to bite them! …Continue Reading

Cliff House

A house that dangles precariously from a cliff in the Southwest coast of Victoria, Australia, provides unparalleled views …Continue Reading

French Fry Bed

A ‘delicious’ bed in the Ronald McDonald french fry shape with ‘fry’ pillows that can be pulled out …Continue Reading

Collapsible Flying Car

As a fully working prototype of the 3rd generation of ‘aeromobil’, the hybrid aircraft which combines the existing …Continue Reading

A Valve for Soda Bottles

This valve eases the act of twisting a bottle by replacing the regular cap with a handle. Clever!

Realistic Animal Drawings

The artist reveals the tools used to create such stunning hyper-realistic drawings by placing them surrounding the artwork, …Continue Reading

Intricate Feather Paintings

Intricate animals portraits painted on fragile feathers brings the artwork as well as the drawing experience one step …Continue Reading

Ice Cream Cake Village

Nendo has cooked up a snowy wonderland ice cream cake for h盲agen-dazs, ‘villages’, with a variation in color …Continue Reading

A Peaceful Post-futuristic World

This series of sci-fi paintings shows a calm and tranquil everyday life in post-futuristic world, unlike the cold …Continue Reading

Adorable Minimum Illustrations

Several strokes, together with everyday objects as the settings, this series of illustrations are simple and cute.

Upgraded Water Bike for Aquatic Cycling

This is a further development of the ‘water bike’ project, with a bicycle attached onto an inflated base …Continue Reading

Miniature Silhouetted Figures Interacting with Urban Landscape

The artist attaches miniature silhouetted people onto the windows of his apartment, through the transparent glass, the figures …Continue Reading

A4, A5 & Letter-sized Water Bottle

An innovative ‘paper thin’ water bottle that fits into a briefcase is so sleek that enables you to …Continue Reading

An Autonomous Drone Delivery Service Developed by Google

The last two years of the team has been spent on an autonomous drone system that delivers goods …Continue Reading

Greedy Pick

An item that shaped as a half-piggy turns any container into a cute saving box!

DIY Mirror & Table

A sleek and gorgeous table can be constructed following the tutorial below, and it doubles as a mirror …Continue Reading

42 Butterflies of North America

An animated chart of 42 species of butterflies of North America with maps and notes that point out …Continue Reading

LED Paddleboards for Launching out at Night

By lining the paddleboards with a strip of LED lights, one can see the route better with the …Continue Reading

Library Cake

The baker reproduced an interior section of a public library in a multi-tiered birthday cake. Looking from the …Continue Reading

Paper Clip Sculptures

Creative humans and animals sculptures are so original because of its unique texture made out of thousandes of …Continue Reading

Soft Nest Chair

Featuring with an easy storage and a soft texture, Nest Chair is more than a comfortable chair, it …Continue Reading

Adorable Topiary Sleeping Bird

The topiary sculpture of a large sleeping bird in a botanical garden in Nantes, France is so adorable …Continue Reading

Edible Cookbook

Edible cookbook made out of fresh pasta that can be read and opened will teach you how to …Continue Reading

If You Ever Wondered How Animals are Created

Amusing and playful paintings tell stories about how animals’ colorful furs, skins or feathers are created, so, they …Continue Reading

Transparent Solar Collectors

This completely transparent solar collector may replace conventional glass windows, the screens of smart phones, vehicle glazing and …Continue Reading

Green Keyboard

Isn’t it easy enough to make everything green, unique, and beautiful?

Clouds Turned into Adorable Cartoons

The artist draws fantastic imaginary illustrations of animals to mimic the various shapes of everyday clouds, creating adorable …Continue Reading

Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings

The artist, who is a perfectionist, creates his artworks in a hyper realistic way. Oil paintings, originally from …Continue Reading

Paper Dolls

Intricate paper dolls wear beautiful costumes are really detailed.

Artist Draws A Dragon from One Stroke

The artist creates so detailed dragon body with only one stroke that is so impressive and you will …Continue Reading

Smart Stickers That Track Your Belongings

These smart stickers come in handy by reminding you where you last left your belongings with built-in wireless …Continue Reading

Whistle Straws

Whistle straws that allow you to make some noise while you sip may add some spicy for your …Continue Reading

Bionic Pants Let You Wear A Chair at Work

A pair of mechanical pants act as a chair that you can wear all the time to ease …Continue Reading

Amazing Body Art

The artist uses human figures as canvas, together with elaborately arranged postures, to create amazing wildlife-themed artworks.

Another Series of Pretty Food Arrangments

It seems that moms love to create cute food arrangements for a healthier diet for their children, like …Continue Reading

Staple City

The construction of miniature office buildings and skyscrapers by stacks of thousands of paper staples seems to be …Continue Reading

A Flying Motorcycle

‘Hoverbike’ combines a helicopter and a motorbike together to create a stable, inexpensive and free vehicle for goods …Continue Reading

Funny makeup on her lips

The artist draws adorable cartoon characters on her lips and when she moves them a little bit, these …Continue Reading

‘Roller Coaster’ for Walking

An all-pedestrian roller coaster that is 45 meters in height with 249 steps to climb provides a panorama …Continue Reading

Romantic Interactive Gadgets for Long-distance Relationships

For long-distance relationships, lovers often express love and affection by sending pictures or messages. Is there any more …Continue Reading

Impressive 3D Optical Illusion Street Art

Large-scale anamorphic street artwork features two impressive LEGO minifig knights standing guard, creating an optical illusion of 3D …Continue Reading

Clever Butter Knife Redesign

The hard cold butter instantly become softer when it’s swept by a knife with a row of small …Continue Reading

New Aquatic Wildlife Painted in Layers of Resin

Except for the containers, almost every part of the paintings are created by layers of transparent resin that …Continue Reading

Self-Inflating Backpack

A self-inflating backpack that doubles as a pillow or unzips as a tiny air mattress is there for …Continue Reading