A Keyless Keyboard

A pair of curved hard plastic cuffs may replace common keyboards in future, typing the letters you want …Continue Reading

Paper-made Origami Razor

Made from waterproof paper, this origami razor takes full use of the sharp paper cut. It can be …Continue Reading

Manhattan Skyline Inspired Dish Rack

A flexible silicone dish rack named ‘Inception’ inspired by the iconic skyline in New York City and the …Continue Reading

Snorlax Bed

The Snorlax coming from the Pokemon may let you sleep tighter.

A Mug with A Hoop

A mug with a hoop enables you to practice your basketball skills as well as have fun playing …Continue Reading

A Rice Cake Looks Like A Water Droplet

In Japan, this kind of dessert is usually yellow in color, while this special rice cake looks like …Continue Reading

Steam Ship Steaming Lid

A bright blue silicon lid shaped as a steam ship lets steam coming out of the pot via …Continue Reading

Realistic Wooden Lobster

With movable limbs and joints, the Japanese artist’s creation of wooden lobster sculpture is so impressive that it …Continue Reading

Illustrations of Animal Spirits

A Russian artist creates a series of fantastic and ethereal illustrations of animal spirits in whimsical natural scene, …Continue Reading

Tactical NeckTie with Laser Pointer

Equipped with removable pouches to store cards, notes or other necessities and a laser pointer, this tactical necktie …Continue Reading

An Extra Set of Arms

Now you can strap an extra set of smart robotic arms that only weighs 10 pounds on your …Continue Reading

Intricate Wire-birds

The artist utilizes copper and steel wires to create a series of birds sculptures. The disorder, hollow out …Continue Reading

Holograms Coming to Smartphones

We see lots of holograms in sci-fi movies, how about they coming to real life, say, to smartphones? …Continue Reading

Portable Multi-tool Axe Head

Titanium-made light weight axe head is capable of various chopping, cutting and sawing work. By adding a fallen …Continue Reading

Solar Roadways

One day solar panels may replace tiles on the roads, generate electricity, light the road with LEDs and …Continue Reading

The Fondue Slipper

The fondue slipper perfectly fits into your foot for its innovative dipping process. Just dip your foot into …Continue Reading

Fast Running Robot Inspired by Velociraptor

A team at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has created a velociraptor-inspired running robot …Continue Reading

This Stove Turns Wood into Electricity

When cooking in an open fire, it’s smart to take full advantage of it by transforming the extra …Continue Reading

A Prosthetic Leg for Climbers

A prosthetic leg for rock climbers designed after carefully examining how climbers’ legs move features an elastic pivot …Continue Reading

Cute Elephant Trunk Ice-cream Cones

The Zou-No-Hana Cafe in Yokohama, Japan sells cute elephant trunk ice cream cones. Chocolate eyeballs, waffle cone ears …Continue Reading

Laser Therapy For Teeth

This laser therapy may replace dental drills and filling forever by utilizing infrared laser light to stimulate natural …Continue Reading

Fantastic Fluorescent Body Paintings

The artist paints stunning nature scenes directly on female bodies, integrating the body contours into the delicate settings …Continue Reading

Eco Off-grid Beer Cooler

For a long time, people store fresh food underground for the natural low temperature. This three-feet long well-shaped …Continue Reading

Self-driving Car

This adorable mini autonomous car has no steering wheel or gas/brake pedals, it is entirely controlled by computer …Continue Reading

Tiny Cart Helps Baby Goat Walk

The joint navel ill makes this adorable baby goat unable to walk with its hind legs. In order …Continue Reading

Bamboo Weight Calculator

The idea of using the tenacity of bamboo to weigh may be less accurate, however, more fun.

Color-Changing Clock

Time is always ticking, just as a color steadily changes its hues. You can read the time not …Continue Reading

Crazy Transforming Sofa

We’ve seen lots of safa go into beds, it’s still hard to believe this simple, small regular couch …Continue Reading

A Lovely Bus

What a lovely bus with so many adorable vantage windows, it’s perfect for a summer trip along the …Continue Reading

AR Touchscreen Generated by Thermal Touch

This thermal touch tech enables you to interact with the world just like you do your tablet. A …Continue Reading

Napkin Portable Dining Table

A wearable portable dining table for two to work as napkins by wearing on users’ necks for easy …Continue Reading

Solar-powered Watch

The watch harness the energy of the sun’s rays to power its razor-thin solar panel and one hour …Continue Reading

Portraits on The Insides of Eggshells

Despite their fragility, eggshells are capable of being canvases for paintings or engravings. These delicate nude portraits drawn …Continue Reading

Eco-friendly Portable Desk & Book Bag

A desk and a book bag can be luxuries for those kids in poor area. New Bombay-based not-for-profit …Continue Reading

All Foam Headphones

‘Headfoams’ are world’s first all foam, mono-body set of headphones crafted from a single piece of EVA foam, …Continue Reading

Window Travel Pillow

A neck pillows can really lessen the discomfort when you traveling on the train or on the plane, …Continue Reading

Miniature Scenes Built with Figures & Everyday Objects

fun and imaginative photos are created by cleverly placing miniature figures and everyday objects into whimsical scenes, exploring …Continue Reading

Characters Themed Incredible Face Paintings

A makeup artist turns herself into incredible characters using her excellent makeup skills.

Chocolate Boxes Shape as Bunnies

Charming chocolate packaging that features an adorable bunny look cleverly transforms the paper rabbit’s ears into a substitution …Continue Reading

Removable Indoor Slide

It transforms staircases into slides and folds up when not in use, making it quick and easy to …Continue Reading

Cool Gif from 2D to 3D

Plain 2D engineering drawing gradually turns into a cute three-dimensional kettle!

Gorgeous Surprise-inside Cakes

This book titled Surprise-Inside Cakes reveals skills to make cakes with gorgeous ‘insides’. The baker cleverly integrates lovely …Continue Reading

Intricate Body Paintings on Pregnant Bellies

Artists paint intricate paintings onto the bellies of pregnant women, making pregnancy more fun for expectant moms and …Continue Reading

Fast Robot Arm Catches Flying Objects

Fast-moving objects are hard to catch even for humans, while this robot arm manages to catch both balanced …Continue Reading

Fiber-like Supercapacitors Could Be Woven into Clothing

By looking into the structures graphene and carbon nanotubes could build, researchers has developed a fiber-like supercapacitor that …Continue Reading

Flexible Lamp for The Bottom of Bags

The same studio that designed the Ostrich Pillow now has created a flexible and portable lamp for your …Continue Reading

The World’s First RC Running Robot

OutRunner is the world’s first remotely controlled legged robot that runs up to 20 mph on various terrain …Continue Reading

Sustainable Bamboo Balance Bikes for Children

For kids from 18-months through 5-years-old, the bamboo-crafted balance bike is lightweight, eco-friendly and super durable, nice for …Continue Reading

Playful Pancakes

A stay-at-home dad works together with his two kids to create playful pancakes with just some pancake batter …Continue Reading