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Camera Table Dolly

Good news for photography fans: the Camera Table Dolly is here to make sure your videos don’t come …Continue Reading

Alphabet Furniture

Use as you read, these Alphabet Furniture sets all come with several individual modules but can combine to …Continue Reading

Invisible Ferris Wheel

Can Ferris wheel become invisible, lifting people up and down while never showing its original structure? Said “yes”, …Continue Reading

DARPA’S Nano Robot Spy Hummingbird

Sponsored by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), AeroVironment has created a tiny mechanical flying robot that can …Continue Reading

Eiffel Tower will be transformed into a Gigantic Tree.

With the Christmas Day coming nearer, what’s now popular on the internet isn’t this year’s Christmas tree however, …Continue Reading

Ministar Travel Guitars

“Ministar” is a portable electric guitar featuring both a smart body and a full function. It’s only nineteen …Continue Reading

Spine Staircase

How could we bring a new life into our house? According to Philip Watts Design, we should firstly …Continue Reading

Octopus Earphones

No doubt the nature is always offering good inspirations to designers, and Donghee Suh’s new earphone is just …Continue Reading

Double-locked Crypteks USB Flash Drive

Honestly there are no USB storage devices making me feel safe enough as my data seems completely open …Continue Reading

Car Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Kit

What do you usually do during the boring time caused by traffic jam, to play your iPad, have …Continue Reading

Awesome Collection of Package Designs

After quite a long time without introducing any innovative packaging designs, it’s really exciting to share with you …Continue Reading

Wireless Speaker Light Bulbs

Why are designers so innovative? Almost every time I met some new designs I would ask myself that …Continue Reading

Feelscreen Prototype from Senseg

Time to make a change, within 12 to 24 months Tech Company Senseg will release “Feelscreens” to take …Continue Reading

Creative Business Card for Yoga Instructor

There’re too many yoga centers in your city and you don’t know how to beat others off? Well, …Continue Reading

Tooth Guardian

As a 2011 red dot design concept winner, the Tooth Guardian offers us a good and convenient way …Continue Reading

Scribbled Line People

Scribbled Line People is collaborative work between Ayaka Ito and Randy Church, who have used applications like Flash …Continue Reading

Spiral Burner Cooktop

Why does Alireza Alavi build the conceptual burner with a same shape of mosquito coils? I’ve no idea …Continue Reading

World’s First Swimmable Waterproof Cochlear Implants

America-based Advanced Bionics has recently launched Neptune, “the world’s first and only swimmable, waterproof sound processor” that will …Continue Reading

Vinyl Records Bicycle

Love music, love sport, the stylish Feats Per Minute bike from Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank …Continue Reading

Chromatic Typewriter

Typewriter could only print out words? Oh, man, you seem to have gone out of the date, coz …Continue Reading

Stormproof Matches

Honestly I’ve completely forgotten the invention of matches after the day there is cigar lighter on the world, …Continue Reading

“LandingZone” Dock for MacBook Air

Nowadays industrial designs seem to have gone into a strange circle, which means while someone is trying to …Continue Reading

High-sensitive Near Infrared Ray Camera

There’s new development in the camera manufacturing industry: Camera ‘HS NIR 8k’ by Teledyne DALSA. It not only …Continue Reading

World’s First Elastic USB Cables

It’s never impossible to see robots act as flexibly as human beings, because there’re many more techniques created …Continue Reading

World’s Thinnest CMOS Camera Module

Sharp’s 12.1-Megapixel, 1/3.2-inch CMOS camera module is rightly what many cellphone manufacturers are waiting for, as it would …Continue Reading

Interactive OLED Mirror

Cleverly combining light and shadow together, the giant OLED mirror collaborated by rAndom International and Chris O鈥橲hea would …Continue Reading

Mobislyder Portable Roll Track

Seemingly many manufacturers are designing and producing unique and practical accessories for the iPhone, iPad and other devices …Continue Reading

Exclusive Tourist Tents

The beautiful scenery is not the only reason that encourages us to go picnic in the open air, …Continue Reading

Flexible Squid-Inspired Robot

Robots are no more solid and cold machines as we’ve ever known. From Harvard University, the new robot …Continue Reading

Bacteria Lamp

How are we going to live the future? According to Philips, in the next few years we should …Continue Reading

Your Little Printer

Your Little Printer, unveiled by the Berg, is a smart portable printer that helps you to print out …Continue Reading

Angle Measuring Cup

A good design should be something considering the human’s real needs and trying to accomplish a simple but …Continue Reading

Sexy Pixel Swimsuit

Which is the most eye-catching swimsuit in 2011? Apparently it is the one rightly on the screen. Featuring …Continue Reading

New Reagent Makes Cancer Cells Visible.

The treatment for cancer may soon find a more effective alternative, as scientists from Japan and America have …Continue Reading

Toyota Fun-Vii Conceptual Car

On the Tokyo Motor Show Toyota has unveiled its Fun-Vii concept, a futuristic vehicle that allows the drivers …Continue Reading

DIY Privacy Monitor

Use your head and hands, and then you’ll create something simple but magical, just as this privacy monitor. …Continue Reading

Hug Electrical Outlets

Smart and cute, these electrical outlets not only feature an outstanding appearance, but also come with new functions: …Continue Reading

Glasses Phone Stand

Quite frequently we see common things endowed with new functions or totally changed into other devices when designers …Continue Reading

Vacuum Packed Suitcase

Almost every time before I start my happy journey, I have to painfully struggle with my large quantity …Continue Reading

Giant Animal Bed Sheets

Animals are always the best friends to kids, who not only play with dogs but even sleep with …Continue Reading

Pocket Microscope

Really small and cheap, the seemingly ordinary device actually features a surprisingly 30X magnification, always helping you to …Continue Reading

WILLO Pillow Pots

I never realized people love plants so much that they would like to nestle them in their arms, …Continue Reading

Cyborg Insects

Researchers at the University of Michigan are currently busying with their cyborg insects that would be used in …Continue Reading

Mazda’s Innovative “i-Eloop” System

What is the best car in your imagination? Possibly it should be smart, fashionable, high-tech, high-efficiency but low-cost? …Continue Reading

Cup Noodle Robot Timer

Though many of my friends love cup noodles, they seldom know that the first cup noodle was launched …Continue Reading

Creative Notebook Designs

Magic time鈥 By combining two round plates, one thread and several simple patterns together, D-BROS from Japan has …Continue Reading

Paper Glasses

These glasses are not unnecessary toys as you may have thought, as they can help to focus your …Continue Reading

Skull Helmet

Anything better than these skull helmets for you bad boys? Especially designed for motorcycle riders, these helmets are …Continue Reading

Skateboard Sculptures

There’s no waste in the designers’ mind, because anything old and unused can find their new life after …Continue Reading

Flying Robots will assemble a Tower in France.

Next month at the FRAC Centre in Orl茅ans, France, there will be a six meter high and 3.5 …Continue Reading