Dynamic Luminous Ceiling Sky

Ever miss the blue sky and white clouds when you’re actually working within your offices? Well for all …Continue Reading

Microsoft Electronic Diabetic Contact Lens

Electronic diabetic contact lens is a development collaborated by scientist from University of Washington and Microsoft Research, which …Continue Reading

Nano Wine

One same cup of wine offers totally different taste, smell, and even color, if it is activated by …Continue Reading

Lit Motors C-1 Self-balancing Motorcycle

My only reason to reject a motorcycle that it is completely exposed to wind, rain, snow, sunshine, is …Continue Reading

Belt Tiles

What else can the belts do for you, except for tightening your trousers? London-based designer Inghua Ting offers …Continue Reading

Optical Illusion Paintings

What have you seen from these Optical Illusion Paintings made by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak, a second picture …Continue Reading

Ring Presenter

Coming from Genius, the Ring Presenter is a sleek version of the company’s Ring Mouse that adds PowerPoint …Continue Reading

NoClean Aquariums

Hard to raise fish, but what’s much harder is to clean the fish bowl, because cleaning the tanks …Continue Reading

Flaca Lamp

Flaca, which is Spanish for skinny, is an ultra-thin foldable lamp completely laser-cut from a piece of stainless …Continue Reading

Fuuvi Bee 8mm Digital Camera

Developed in 1932, the 8mm film was once rather popular around the world and was recorded in the …Continue Reading

GreenZero Chargers

As a newer and cleverer solution to solve the problem of “overcharging”, Bracketron’s GreenZero chargers can automatically shut …Continue Reading

Sensei Chair/Table Set

For small-apartment owners, the space-saving and multifunctional furniture sets are always welcomed, and on their lists there’s Claudio …Continue Reading

Lightning Vest

Surely it’s dangerous to cycle in the evenings no matter what kinds of tools you’ve chosen to avoid …Continue Reading

Sticker Light Bulb

Your eyes are not telling you the facts or truth sometimes, because the Sticker Light Bulb is actually …Continue Reading

PumPing Tap Socket

PumPing Tap is a 2011 red dot design concept winner, which can cleverly solve the problem of wastage …Continue Reading

Seabird Personal Submarine

Claimed “the world’s fastest personal submarine”, the Seabird from AquaVenture features a quite different approach of moving: it …Continue Reading

“BlackBox” SMS Printer

I’ve known of many people, especially those in love, getting used to making a copy of their SMS …Continue Reading

iPad USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive for iPad? You must be kidding, as we all know that the iPad doesn’t …Continue Reading

Cotton Thread turned into Electronic Transistors

Wearable electronics are much closer to us, with the development of new electronic transistors made of cotton thread …Continue Reading

Triangle Tablet

Obliviously Eric Calisto is narrowing the gap between imagination and reality, with his attempt to build a triangle …Continue Reading

T-Shirt Converts Rock Music into Electricity

Certainly we’re all different: some people simply enjoyed the rock music, while some others were converting the music …Continue Reading

MetroChange Charity Campaign in New York

What can people do with their metro cards? Asking that question, some NYU students have come up with …Continue Reading

Ridekick Electric Trailer

A trailer that can accommodate up to 20 kg of articles, a booster that makes bicycles zoom off …Continue Reading

Facebook Shower Curtain

Still thinking about your Facebook while you’re taking a bath? If you do love the Facebook so much, …Continue Reading

Medical Tricorder

“Medical Tricorder” is a medical diagnostic scanner invented by Tech startup Scanadu, which not only allows people to …Continue Reading

Physical Hands Controls the Virtual World

Jayne Vidheecharoen from the Art Center College of Design, California has invented a machine that converts your physical …Continue Reading

3D Fingernail Gun Art

You’ve got anything more attractive than this 3D fingernail gun art, at the very beginning of 2012? No, …Continue Reading

Clipp Table Leg

Install the Clipp to any wood or plastic plates and then you can create your own tables鈥 When …Continue Reading

Innovative Blindspot Design

In order to help the visually handicapped people better find their ways independently, a team of researchers from …Continue Reading

Japanese Vending Machine offers Free Wi-Fi

The beverage or snacks in vending machines seldom attracted your attention? Never mind, as they have now managed …Continue Reading

Human Birdwings

Over one hundred years ago, the Wright brothers invented a practical flying machine that allows humans to fly …Continue Reading

Facebook Bed

How popular do you think the Facebook is? Normally we’re no longer contented with using it for most …Continue Reading

Ultra Flexible Task Light

Work smarter, not merely harder. FLEXiT is an ultra-flexible light that can be wrapped around tubes, bent into …Continue Reading

Suitcase Symphony

Life is music, thus we all love symphony instead of monotony. Keeping that in mind too, a Dutch …Continue Reading

Sexy Sculptures Made of Straws

Nothing unique鈥 Honestly that was my opinion to these sculptures created by Sang Sik Hong, until I was …Continue Reading

Electronic Diaper for Men

Diaper for men? Sounds bit of ridiculous, it is real product recently showcased at the Eco-Products 2011 in …Continue Reading

Car Seat Identification

New method is put forward here to keep your cars away from theft, and it’s the Car Seat …Continue Reading

Bandage that Promotes and Guides Vessel Formation

Recently, an intelligent smart bandage is developed by researchers at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign that can promote angiogenesis …Continue Reading

LEGO Animals in Bronx Zoo

Quite surprisingly we’re informed that in the Bronx Zoo there’re several animals seldom moving or eating but keeping …Continue Reading

Manual Stools

Can you sit on water? Of course you can, but merely in science fictions or in your dreams鈥 …Continue Reading

MIAmobi Cases and Bags Keep You Away from Phone Calls.

It is bothersome that we are always disturbed by some unnecessary SMS and phone calls during work and …Continue Reading

Kinect can Weigh the Astronauts.

Anyone cares about the astronauts’ weight, except for their families? Anyway, the French scientists have claimed capable of …Continue Reading

“Bourrasque” Glowy Sculpture

Constructed with 200 suspended sheets made from an electrically conductive material that lights up when a current passes …Continue Reading

Scribe Bed Desk

In cold cold winter, we’re likely to do almost everything in bed, including studying, working, playing and of …Continue Reading

Princess Headphone Covers

Hello, my friends in front of the screen, have you noticed my cute bun hair? Aren’t they lovely? …Continue Reading

Incredible Detailed Book Sculptures

Mountains, rivers, temples, almost everything we see in daily life would appear in another world constructed by Guy …Continue Reading

Airbag Motorcycle Jacket

To offer motorcyclists a better protection, designer Rejean Neron has put forward a new motorbike suit “Safety Sphere” …Continue Reading

Ribbon Adjustable Baking Pan

One, two or even ten different shapes of baking pans are not enough to people in deep love …Continue Reading

Audio Wrap Bag

Audio Wrap is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bag wrapped with flexible speaker on the surface, …Continue Reading

Foldable Snowshoes

The snowy winter makes you yearn for skiing while its cost is too high? Never mind, you may …Continue Reading