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Hyperspectral Camera Made with DSLR

Hyperspectral sensors are usually quite expensive, which keeps many people away from utilizing the hyperspectral image technology. That’s …Continue Reading

“Arrow” Push and Pull Door Handle

“To push or to pull?” Almost every time I need to open a door, I ask myself that …Continue Reading

Transformable “Twist”

Somebody cares quite much about the environment, so they are trying hard to avoid using too many bowls …Continue Reading

Snappily 3D iPhone Photography App

While the whole world fall in love with iPhone, iPhone loudly says “I love 3D”. To show its …Continue Reading

Sod-Covered picNYC Table

Welcome to my personal lawn rightly inside my apartment! Never doubt your own eyes, and I’m not kidding, …Continue Reading

Swingers Bench

Rest on a bench and play seesaw. The “Swingers” chair, an awesome piece of furniture designed for two …Continue Reading

New Carbon Neutral Cement that Mimics Coral

Based on their observations and researches of carol, scientists from Stanford University have developed a new technology to …Continue Reading

Louis Garneau Carbon Pro Team Shoes

Especially designed for professional cyclists who usually need to exercise and contest in different climatic conditions, the Louis …Continue Reading

Icon Spaghetti Measuring Tool

Interesting spaghetti measuring tool from Stef谩n P茅tur S贸lveigarson, offers four different sizes, a “kid” for kids, a “lady” …Continue Reading

Toshiba’s Gamma Camera Can Reveal Harmful Radiation

Toshiba’s latest development is a portable video camera that provides real-time visualizations of radiation hotspots. It is built …Continue Reading

iPhone Carabiner Clip

Aha, iPhone accessories again. This time it is a sturdy clip that can attach onto your iPhones so …Continue Reading

Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks

Speed up, speed up, when using these Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks to enjoy your lunch, you may feel …Continue Reading

Augmented Reality See Through Clothing App

The augmented reality technology has been widely used in various industries, to add more fun into virtual games, …Continue Reading

LEGO Brick iPhone Case

LEGO, LEGO, LEGO, with repeatedly appearing in my vision, that word (and that toy) has already annoyed me …Continue Reading

Stem Food Sprayer

Better food with lemon juice, while better lemon juice with Stem Food Sprayer. The Stem is designed to …Continue Reading

Expandable Tube Light

What will the next-generation fluorescent lights be like? “D’Light” from H_Design can offer us a possible answer. Made …Continue Reading

Stockings can tell Your Attitudes.

Stockings can tell your attitudes, demure, discreet, subtle, playful, sensual, impulsive, seductive, provocative, daring, passionate, cheeky, dangerous or …Continue Reading

Adjustable Radiation Flashlight

Apparently the 2011 Red Dot Design Concept has brought us with many innovative designs, except for those we’ve …Continue Reading

Keyboard Walls

2D or 3D, currently almost all designs are seemingly to face that question. But actually it’s not that …Continue Reading

World’s Smallest Working Heat Engine

Not only designers, but also the scientists are pursuing things claimed to the “world’s first”, “world’s largest” or …Continue Reading

Foldable Hiking Shoes

Foldable, portable and practical, the ‘Radler Trail Camp’ by Timberland is a lightweight and water-repellent shoe quite suitable …Continue Reading

Vest Scarf

It’s a vest, and also a scarf, to keep you warm in the winter in two different ways.

QR Code Christmas Wrapping Paper

So, you’re preparing for the up-coming Christmas and busy with choosing gifts and wrapping papers? Let’s show you …Continue Reading

SEQINETIC Sun-glasses for Winter Use

The cold winter makes you suffer but you don’t know why? Well, according to scientific researches, the reason …Continue Reading

Macro Lens Rubber Band

Time again it proves not everything useful should be high-tech, because quite often we see practical gadgets of …Continue Reading

‘Paint Evolution’ by CuldeSac

Honestly I don’t know who invented brushes, but I know clearly it is Valencia-based designers CuldeSac that will …Continue Reading

Off- Door Handle Concept

Because of higher and higher social pressure pushing us forward to survive, we humans are actually suffering from …Continue Reading

Driftwood Horse Sculptures

Why and how could there be trees that grow into the amazing shapes as horses?! Honestly that’s what …Continue Reading

WHILL Wheelchair Transformer

Wheelchair users, although with the aid of others, may usually get bothered by the difficulty of getting on …Continue Reading

Future Urban Mobility for AUDI

At Design Miami 2011, Denmark-based BIG Architects and Kollision + Schmidhuber & Partner have collaborated to show us …Continue Reading

Adjustable Customized Keyboards

Within quite a few days we’ll step in a new year, so at the same time we should …Continue Reading

Four-inch High Efficient Fuel Cell

Measuring merely four inches thick, this solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) can generate electricity from gasoline to diesel fuel …Continue Reading

Zero Waste Batteries

Though claimed “zero waste” or “no waste”, these earthCell batteries actually are not something decomposing completely in the …Continue Reading

Sand Art Made with Vibrations

Quite surprisingly that sand can dance to create an awesome kind of art, with the aid of vibrations. …Continue Reading

Minimal Backpack

Lighter than paper but stronger than steel, the Minimal Backpack is so tough that it can even be …Continue Reading

Wood Rings Tables

We humans are not consistent with ourselves, as on one hand we try to live in a place …Continue Reading

Air-free Tire Concept

On 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Japan-based Bridgestone has showcased a new type of tire that is both air-free …Continue Reading

Innergie Magic USB Cables

With more and more electrical products coming into our life, our small spaces seem to have been filled …Continue Reading

Klaffi Shelf

Klaffi Shelf is an ideal shelving device for small apartment. Designed by Finnish Eeva Lithovius, the shelf takes …Continue Reading

eSleeper for Cats

As nobody could get something without offering anything, we humans are expected to care about our cats much …Continue Reading

Shark Helmet

Watch out, a shark is nearby to attack you鈥 in a special way of disguising itself as a …Continue Reading

Fossil Soap

While professional archaeologists are concerned about finding fossil dinosaurs, we unprofessional people are just enjoying the fun of …Continue Reading

Camera Table Dolly

Good news for photography fans: the Camera Table Dolly is here to make sure your videos don’t come …Continue Reading

Alphabet Furniture

Use as you read, these Alphabet Furniture sets all come with several individual modules but can combine to …Continue Reading

Invisible Ferris Wheel

Can Ferris wheel become invisible, lifting people up and down while never showing its original structure? Said “yes”, …Continue Reading

DARPA’S Nano Robot Spy Hummingbird

Sponsored by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), AeroVironment has created a tiny mechanical flying robot that can …Continue Reading

Eiffel Tower will be transformed into a Gigantic Tree.

With the Christmas Day coming nearer, what’s now popular on the internet isn’t this year’s Christmas tree however, …Continue Reading

Ministar Travel Guitars

“Ministar” is a portable electric guitar featuring both a smart body and a full function. It’s only nineteen …Continue Reading

Spine Staircase

How could we bring a new life into our house? According to Philip Watts Design, we should firstly …Continue Reading

Octopus Earphones

No doubt the nature is always offering good inspirations to designers, and Donghee Suh’s new earphone is just …Continue Reading