Self-adjusting Robot Pillow

Innvo Labs’ Self-adjusting Robot Pillow is a product that can ensure you a good night’s sleep by automatically …Continue Reading

Electronic Ink for Future eBooks

With eBooks becoming more and more popular these days, the technology of electronic ink is gradually improved too. …Continue Reading

Paper Birds

Even though it’s almost the hundred times we introduce you some paper art here on I New Idea, …Continue Reading

Earthquake-proof Table

The effective measures to fight against earthquake continued to improve, and here comes the Earthquake-proof Table, a collaborative …Continue Reading

AcceleGlove can Spell American Sign Language Out on Screen

To most people, it’s really a very hard work to learn and understand sign languages, unless they can …Continue Reading

Tool Tank

Tool Tank, just as its name implies, is a portable gadget that offers three different kinds of tools, …Continue Reading

Intel Nikiski Laptop with Transparent Touchpad

Exhibited during the CES 2012, Intel’s Nikiski is a laptop built with a transparent touchpad that can serve …Continue Reading

Paper Book-like E-reading System

Missing the old days during which you can flip through your paper book pages? You can do the …Continue Reading

Funnel Wall Plays Music during Rain

Located in Dresden, Germany, the small colorful house is built with some funnels on the wall and they’ll …Continue Reading

“Sono” Wireless Sonography System

Coming from Hannes Harms, the “Sono” is a concept of a mobile and wireless sonography system. It enables …Continue Reading

Wearable LED TV

Anytime, anywhere, watch what you鈥檇 like to watch, and that鈥檚 rightly the thing David Forbes’ Wearable LED TV …Continue Reading

Liquipel’s Invisible Hydrophobic Gadget Coating

Still worrying about the problem that your expensive cellphones may get destroyed when water goes into it? Stop …Continue Reading

Urban Aviary for Birds

Once realized that more and more bird are getting injured by skyscrapers in cities, an architecture studio “Stone …Continue Reading

BodyMedia FIT Armband

“FIT” armband developed by BodyMedia and IBM is a body-tracking gadget that not only knows how unhealthy you …Continue Reading

Smart Fabric Seat Covers

One possible new tendency for car manufacturing announced at the beginning of 2012 is the smart fabric seat …Continue Reading

Amazing Packaging Tape Portraits

“Challenge” is an important keyword whenever referring to artists, who seem to have been challenging all the time …Continue Reading

SpareOne Mobile Phone

What can one AA battery do? Although there’re many answers to that question, the most surprising one in …Continue Reading

OLPC XO-3 Tablet Computer for Kids

OLPC XO-3 is a tablet computer designed by San Francisco studio Fuseproject for the “One Laptop Per Child” …Continue Reading

Silhouette CAMEO

Basically an outstanding paper-cut artwork is always related to the masterly craftsmanship, while sometimes it is actually all …Continue Reading

Incredible 3D Fish Paintings

Can you figure out whether these fish are true or fake, if without a closer observation (in fact …Continue Reading

Full Surface Inductive Cooktop

Thermodor’s Freedom full-surface adaptive induction unit is a revolutionary cooktop for this year’s CES. It has a 6-inch …Continue Reading

Programmable Tattoo System

To have or not to have a tattoo is no more a bothersome problem, as you can now …Continue Reading

Solar Pills

Ever felt that you’re in lack of sunshine? If so, you may have a try of Sunset Laboratories’s …Continue Reading

Tree House Bedroom

A house never blocks you away from the nature, coz the nature is rightly inside your house! Especially …Continue Reading

Fjarill Drawers

Danish designer Jakob Joergensen has created the Fjarill Drawers, a distinctive piece of furniture with drawers opened in …Continue Reading

Sand Bowls

Can the movement of sand get kept forever? Well, that’s obviously not a question at all, since we …Continue Reading

Self-Sanitizing Computer Keyboard

Yes, I know my computer keyboard is full of harmful micro-organisms here and there, but who else’s are …Continue Reading

Magnetic Soap Holder

Something old but classic is back and what we’re to argue today is this Magnetic Soap Holder, which …Continue Reading

Belkin Wemo Home Automation System

Belkin’s Wemo home automation system is a smart device that allows you to control the electrical outlets of …Continue Reading

Tamaggo 360-imager

With CES 2012 finally opened today, many innovative gadgets will soon spread on the internet within the following …Continue Reading

iShower Bluetooth-enabled Shower Speaker

Announced to debut at CES 2012, the iShower is a Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker that can connect to iPad, …Continue Reading

Transformable Stand Sleeve for iPad

Love playing with your iPad, but never mind what kind of sleeve or stand it is using? No, …Continue Reading

Chocolate Planet

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, all those eight planets of our solar system have …Continue Reading

Running RC Garbage Can

Well, seemingly there’re no excuses for a messy room anymore, because the dustbin can now walk to you …Continue Reading

X Hanger

Made from powder-coated, bent steel, the X Hanger designed by Kfir Schwalb is merely a single piece while …Continue Reading

Seed Faces

Plant melons and get melons, sow beans and get beans, then what will we get after these Seed …Continue Reading

Modern Office on Wheels

A car, also a moving office, the transformed Mercedes-Benz is deemed as one the most extravagant offices around …Continue Reading

Touch-sensitive Gloves for Prosthetic Arms

We’ve already encountered many high-tech equipments that are helpful to people who have lost their limbs during a …Continue Reading

Tear-Stimulating Goggles can Relive Your Dry Eyes.

After a whole day spending with the computers, our eyes usually get dry and tired, but fortunately that …Continue Reading

Spiral Cellar

As there is extremely limited space for designing and decorating in our houses, we may avert our eyes …Continue Reading

Barcelona Rock Hostel Concept

Climbing up the rock 鈥 to live in the Barcelona Rock Hostel designed by Polish architecture firm UGO …Continue Reading

World’s Smallest Microphone

Wait, wait, what you’ve already seen from the image isn’t the world’s smallest microphone we’re here to argue. …Continue Reading

Biker Chair

With no wind, no road, or speed, to ride on the Biker Chair may seem bit of boring …Continue Reading

Mystery Garden of Steel Cut Plants

London-based artist Zadok Ben David has created a unique garden full of 12,000 painted stainless steel cut plants …Continue Reading

Dynamic Luminous Ceiling Sky

Ever miss the blue sky and white clouds when you’re actually working within your offices? Well for all …Continue Reading

Microsoft Electronic Diabetic Contact Lens

Electronic diabetic contact lens is a development collaborated by scientist from University of Washington and Microsoft Research, which …Continue Reading

Nano Wine

One same cup of wine offers totally different taste, smell, and even color, if it is activated by …Continue Reading

Lit Motors C-1 Self-balancing Motorcycle

My only reason to reject a motorcycle that it is completely exposed to wind, rain, snow, sunshine, is …Continue Reading

Belt Tiles

What else can the belts do for you, except for tightening your trousers? London-based designer Inghua Ting offers …Continue Reading

Optical Illusion Paintings

What have you seen from these Optical Illusion Paintings made by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak, a second picture …Continue Reading