Multiuse Survival Blanket

Simple but practical, Survive Outdoors Longer’s (SOL) “Survival Blanket” costs you only six dollars while offers you much …Continue Reading

World’s Most-powerful Artificial Muscles

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A Roller Coaster without A Roller Coaster

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Pod Power

Pull and fix to provide your electrical appliances with enough electricity, to use an outlet is just as …Continue Reading

Pizza Sleeping Bag

Well, we’re now in a pizza world: when we feel hungry, we eat some pizza; and when we …Continue Reading

Nakagin Capsule Tower Building

What will the futuristic architecture look like? Japan-based Kisho Kurokawa’s “Nakagin Capsule Tower Building” may offer us some …Continue Reading

iPhone Lens Dial

Undoubtedly it’s not the first time we introduce some lens accessories for iPhones, but an iPhone Lens Dial …Continue Reading

World’s Lightest Material

With a density of 0.9 mg/cc, the world’s lightest material is put forward by researchers from UC Irvine, …Continue Reading

‘Gelpoly’ Sheet From Korea

“Gelpoly” is a surface protection and surface ornamentation adhesive film that features an excellent self-tackiness and removing ability. …Continue Reading

Thread and Nail Portraits

Can you believe simply with ordinary thread and nails we can create amazing portraits like these? Completed by …Continue Reading

Wall-mounted Shoe Rack

So you’re living in a small apartment and cannot spare any space to place your shoes? If so, …Continue Reading

Mickey Bulb

Mickey bulbs for Mickey fans. From designer Hong-kue Lee, these LED lights are especially created for kids, to …Continue Reading

Cow Sculptures Made from Used Cars

Almost in every part of the world we can find creativity, which now exists in Finland too. There …Continue Reading

School on the Bridge

“The Bridge School”, running through an old village in Fujian Province in China to connect the two sides, …Continue Reading

LED Nostalgic Clear Bulb

Launched by Japan-based Panasonic, this is the world’s first LED bulb that uses clear glass to show the …Continue Reading

Photo Fabric Dye

Have a new try! Without no darkroom or specialized technical, you can print photos on fabric or wood …Continue Reading

World’s First Eye-controlled Arcade Game

“Your eyes are all you need to save the earth”. That’s what the world’s first eye-controlled arcade game …Continue Reading

‘Artist’ Phone Case Printer

No doubt we people are selfish to some degree, because we really want everything belonging to us is …Continue Reading

Brushes made from Biodegradable Cellulose Acetate

Italy’s largest producer of brushes “Venice” now brings us with its biodegradable brushes and combs made from cellulose …Continue Reading

Secret Passageway Switch

This is a unique electrical switch designed for your books. It is subtly hidden inside your books and …Continue Reading

Robotic Bear Pillow Prevents Snoring

Snoring is something like smoking, as it not only destroys the health of the person who makes it, …Continue Reading

Fabric Made from Milk

Milk can build your clothes? German biochemist/fashion designer Anke Domaske says “yes”. The young lady recently received an …Continue Reading

Foldable Ukuleles

Certainly it’s not the first time we introduce foldable instruments, however Brian Chen’s Foldable Ukuleles still impresses us. …Continue Reading

Toob Full-service Baby Care Station

The ever-best thing for both babies and mothers, Toob is a versatile baby-care station that is composed of …Continue Reading

Parasitic Humanoid System

Scientists from Osaka University applied the augmented reality technology into real life and developed this wearable “Parasitic Humanoid” …Continue Reading

Glass + Glass = Telescup

Not totally the same as the principle that “one plus one is two”, Hong Kong-based designer Li Jianye’s …Continue Reading

Victoria Saddle Bag

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Stay-put Bowls and Spoons

Babies are just naughty, and they never seem to obey what you tell them while still act in …Continue Reading

Microsoft Code Space

As the best thing we’ve ever met until now for us to use the Kinect, Microsoft’s “Code Space” …Continue Reading

Nano SIM Cards

With everything, such as the cellphones and the tablet, turns to become much thinner and lighter than before, …Continue Reading

iDigiTip for Your Finger

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USB Mail Box Alert

Something important is soon coming online, while without a detailed time, so I just keep waiting and waiting …Continue Reading

Air Micro Wireless iPad iPhone Scope

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NASA Developed a Special Black Coating that Absorbs Almost All Light.

Apart from the Black Hole, the new black material developed by NASA may be the most-efficient material to …Continue Reading

Sunken Pedestrian Bridge

Although bridges are usually designed to keep us away from water, I really appreciate the Moses Bridge that …Continue Reading

OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator

Attention, please, those who plan to learn how to fly now would have another choice except for going …Continue Reading

Magic NeverWet Spray

Ross Nanotechnology’s NeverWet Spray is a magic product that makes liquids never stick onto anything it鈥檚 applied to, …Continue Reading

Hole Punch Binder

Everything is gonna to be easy with creative ideas and concepts from genius designers. And this time you’ll …Continue Reading

Nontoxic Flame-resistant Fabric

Traditional clothes, especially those made from synthetic fiber, burns so easily in flame that they usually result in …Continue Reading

Your Clock, Your Time

You’re rightly the person that controls your own time, no matter how fast or slow the real time …Continue Reading

Decagon Tent

You ever dreamed to own a special tent that may work in the same way as your house? …Continue Reading

World’s First Supercomputer Tablet

ASUS is well-prepared to launch the world’s first-ever NVIDIA tegra 3 quad-core tablet, the “Prime”, that can transform …Continue Reading

Fruit Wash Label

Two things, both the labels and water-resistant wax, are really annoying elements that I never want to see …Continue Reading


Sofa is not merely furniture, because it actually has a free soul too, with which the furniture not …Continue Reading

Origami That Folds Itself

The material is really magic, as it can fold up itself automatically once you shine the light on …Continue Reading

Magnetic Measuring Spoon

Colorful gadgets that serve as both a measuring spoon and a fridge magnet to bring you a new …Continue Reading

World’s Smallest Electric Vehicle Made from a Molecule

How small do you think an electric vehicle would be? Scientists from the University of Groningen in the …Continue Reading

Impact Ballistic Clipboard

While we don’t need to take a bullet-resisting device all the time, it is still nice to see …Continue Reading

Airdrop by Edward Linnacre

With several years spent on observing southeastern Australia’s Murray Darling basin, the Swinburne University of Technology student Edward …Continue Reading