Cheese Pencils

Cheese Pencils are interesting packaging design for The Deli Garage’s cheeses. Also come along with them is a …Continue Reading

Pose Camera Case

It’s so astonishing that this soft camera case would double as a tripod or camera mount too. To …Continue Reading

Wearable Blood-Flow Sensor

The ultra-compact wearable blood flow sensor is an invention of a research group from Kyushu and Tokyo Universities. …Continue Reading

Floating Pot

You’ve ever seen a flower pot that can move up and down automatically? Meet your surprise with this …Continue Reading

Moustache Glasses

Moustache may be anything. It is a magic weapon for men to improve their personal attractiveness, and on …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Of course it seems like a handbag, but what could this be, if it is something else? Exert …Continue Reading

Snow in a Can

No doubt you’re the one who can control the weather, but merely the snowy weather at the moment. …Continue Reading

Animals in Bowls

Would like to try anything special each morning? Start your unique life with these stunning ceramic bowls by …Continue Reading

Tablecloth? Table!

This white “tablecloth” is a new piece of furniture launched by German architectural studio Graft Architects. It breaks …Continue Reading

FlipIt USB Charger

With more and more electronics on my table, there’re actually less and less power outlets to plug them …Continue Reading

Electric Eye Massager

With battery-powered vibrations and gentle heat, the device is an ideal gift for ladies who want to improve …Continue Reading

Heart Carafe

Surely people would seem undecided whether to drink or not, if they’re using a weird carafe like this …Continue Reading

Soft Fish Bowl

Psalt Design must be kidding us, because the new fish bowl now brought to us is so soft …Continue Reading

Shelf House

Shelf House for bookworms is located in Osaka, Japan. Once stepping into the house, you鈥檒l see big and …Continue Reading

Tail Stool

Cute designs are always popular. This stool, put forward by Y Zin Chang, is rightly something we would …Continue Reading

Fantastic Paper Wigs

Paper can be crafted into anything. Anything you can ever imagine, such as the wigs. They’re beautiful, each …Continue Reading

Vampire Bottle Opener

Be careful, the vampire is coming鈥 It’s not to bite you, but to bite open your bottles! Look …Continue Reading

ShirtShuttle Case

ShirtShuttle is a creative gadget that helps you to keep a clean and neat shirt. It consists of …Continue Reading

Daft Coke

At the beginning of this year, Coca Cola and Daft Punk have collaborated to issue a limited edition …Continue Reading

Ze o Ze Modular Shoes

An ultra-practical shoe designed by Daniela Bekerman for those who love high heels but still need to wear …Continue Reading

Push Plug

Amazing鈥 I mean, these plugs come with really cute look that can make us smile. Additionally, they also …Continue Reading

Creative Bed Sheets

You know that we spend almost one third of our life on sleeping? Thus we should get some …Continue Reading

Cin Cin Glasses

In China, the bride and groom are expected to drink “cross-cupped wine” from one another’s glasses on their …Continue Reading

“Polyply” Stand

Everybody loves Apple. We love iPhone, iPad, iPod, and maybe many other things that the Apple Inc. will …Continue Reading

VV-Talker Talking Device for Deaf Children

Children with listening disabilities usually have big difficulty learning to speak, but fortunately this VV-Talker Talking Device can …Continue Reading

Hug Chair

Hug Chair, just as implied by its name, is an innovative piece of furniture especially designed for clingy …Continue Reading

Art of Camouflage

Camouflage can be anything. To animals, it is an essential skill; and to artists, it is conception and …Continue Reading

Modular Bathtub

Bathe is a modern and multifunctional bathtub that features several attachments for the users to place their accessories. …Continue Reading

Foldable Canoe

Surely we don’t need to take a canoe all the time, but if we could do that, why …Continue Reading

Sling Shot Camera

Sling Shot Camera is an interesting concept put forward by Sung Young Um and Jung Eun Yim, which …Continue Reading

Unusual Collection of Rings

Ring is everything. It is usually a symbol of love, an emblem of affection in family, and also …Continue Reading

Holga Camera Smiles to Shot.

Please keep smiling for your photo, I mean, not only you need to smile, but also your camera …Continue Reading

Magnetic Polish

London-based Nails inc. has launched these magnet polish products that can create a stereo image on your finger …Continue Reading

Ear MIKI Earphone Concept

If you’re looking for something smart to help you manage your earbuds, the Ear MIKI Earphone is rightly …Continue Reading

iWood Laptop Blackboard

iWood is the first but best your kids can ever get鈥 Well, even though it is made of …Continue Reading

Penclic Mouse Soon Comes to North America.

Welcome the Penclic Mouse to America and Canada. As a pen-shaped mouse that ensures the users a comfortable …Continue Reading

CUUM Electronic Wastebasket

Ever felt it bothered to bend down to pick up those dust particles on the floor? Calm down …Continue Reading

Charging Tap

You may get bit of promiscuous, because the concept hub designed by Qi Weijia looks really the same …Continue Reading

Piiiig Extendable Bank

Soooooo Cute! This is a magic piggy band that will grow fatter and longer with more and more …Continue Reading

Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

Bookmarks and dictionaries are two necessary tools for bookworms, and obviously the item shown here has cleverly combined …Continue Reading

Awesome Paper Sculptures

Let us enjoy the beautiful scenery of Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal and American cities now, with these fantastic …Continue Reading

Radiation-detecting Bracelet

Everybody knows that we’re surrounded by radiation all the time, but where is it? The radiation is invisible, …Continue Reading

Flower DSLR Camera Cap with Hood

The Flower Hoodcap is an amazing design concept that combines lens cap with lens hood for a DSLR …Continue Reading

Glasses-shaped Bag Hangers

So these pairs of glasses are quite cute, right? However they鈥檙e not made for your eyes, but for …Continue Reading

Player & Tape Concept

What a bundle of contradictions is a man! Surely we’re all pursuing modern products with high technology, but …Continue Reading

“Bendch” Design

“Bendch” is a creative combination of a billboard screen with bench. Used as advertisement platform in public places …Continue Reading

EZ Opener

Along with the improvement of many designs, it is really hard for people to put forward better and …Continue Reading

Interactive 3D AR Screen

Composed of gesture recognition software connected with a 3D depth sensor, a real time 3D video capture module …Continue Reading

“Sphero” Robotic Ball

The “Sphero” is the world’s first robotic ball that can be controlled by an iPhone or Android device. …Continue Reading

Cush Case

Cush is a laptop sleeve that doubles as an ergonomic work station. When folded, its neoprene interior can …Continue Reading