AeroShot Pure Energy

It is all the coffee: someone chooses to boil a pot of coffee, someone prefers to instant coffee, …Continue Reading

Fortune Cookies in Digital Age

Fortune Cookies, emerging in the beginning of 20 century, are dessert with prophetic notes inside. Now since the …Continue Reading

Luxy Vespa Helmet

Girls always wanna to keep in a good condition: their faces are with nice smile, their hairstyles are …Continue Reading

Phill House for Entire Family

Phill, completed by Romanian designers Nuca Studio in Bucharest, is a meeting place for the entire family. It …Continue Reading

Hiding Peephole for Kids

Once viewing the world with the children鈥檚 eyes, we may realize that everything convenient to the adults are …Continue Reading

Gravity Mobile Phone Holder

Round, square, cloud, hand or water drop, although the appearances of cellphone holder keeps changing all the time, …Continue Reading

Auto Parachute

Even though earthquakes, fires and other disasters do not happen frequently, we still should always be prepared. Thus …Continue Reading

Van Gogh “Starry Night” Socks

“Starry Night” is usually known as one of Van Gogh’s popular iconic paintings, but now it has also …Continue Reading

Pavegen Tiles Convert Kinetic Energy into Electricity

We’re used to walking in cities every day, but have you ever realized that each step you make …Continue Reading

“Lights Up” Floor Lamp

The stability of wood and the elasticity of spring are seemingly two completely opposite characters, however in the …Continue Reading

Coffee Wall

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Post-it Watches

Usually we wear a watch to indicate the time, but sometimes we use a watch to remind us …Continue Reading

Sustainable Running Shoe

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Flying Car

Apparently the Terrafugia Transition Flying Car is an advanced vehicle we’ll use in the future. It is literally …Continue Reading

The Kid’s Republic Book Store

Kid’s Republic is colorful bookstore built in Beijing, China for children. From the ground floor to the upper …Continue Reading

Nature Chair

“Life within Objects” is a design that provides us a new way to interact with animals and plants. …Continue Reading

Green Mailbox

Green Mailbox is a wall-mounted mailbox that features a special roof to collect water and irrigate plants automatically. …Continue Reading

Cardboard Cocorico Cooker

Hello little chefs before the screens, we’ve gotten some amazing toys for you: the Cardboard Cocorico Cooker. It …Continue Reading

Elastic Chair

What will you do with 40 elastic bands, to play a game, to handcraft an artwork, or to …Continue Reading

Motorola Motoactv

Good ideas in, good ideas out. After Motorola has been “married” to Google, the company is seemingly to …Continue Reading

Hobo Lantern

Made of energy-efficient LED light and translucent fibers, the Hobo Lantern is a stylish bag that also doubles …Continue Reading

Twist Sharpener

Totally unbelievable鈥 a pen sharpener cannot come with a much simpler design than the Twist! It is constructed …Continue Reading

Folding Wood

Metal seems cold while wood makes you warm? Well, then welcome you to a new age that prefers …Continue Reading

Chopstick Garden

Nature is where we get most things used in daily life, and thus they’re expected to go back …Continue Reading

Led Zeppelin Ladder for Corner

Led Zeppelin is a step ladder especially designed for the corner. It was named after rock band Led …Continue Reading

“Chopp” Chopping Board

Can you believe that the “Chopp” is claimed to be the last chopping board you need to buy?! …Continue Reading

iSlice Slice Box Cutter

We love everything coming with a nice shape. The iSlice Slice Box Cutter features a U – shaped …Continue Reading

Sony Echo

Our ordinary life is constructed with extraordinary stories, and even a chair, a lamp can remind us of …Continue Reading

Nasty Tea Set

Different from most tea sets that emphasize a luxury or exquisite style, the Nasty Set by Jos茅 Paulo …Continue Reading

Alice’s Climbing Wall

I’m another Alice now, experiencing everything that she has ever met in Wonderland with this whimsical climbing wall. …Continue Reading

Flameingo Fire Extinguisher

Slim, slim, slim, seeming everything nowadays is pursuing a good figure, even includes the fire extinguishers. Have a …Continue Reading

Haptic Shoes for Visually-impaired People

Haptic is a navigation shoe especially designed for visually-impaired people. It is equipped with Bluetooth, GPS and a …Continue Reading

SideBySide Handheld Projectors for Multiplayer Games

Disney is a wonderful place full of imaginations, in my mind, thus it’s quite amazing to see its …Continue Reading

Guitar Alarm

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Corner Power Strip

My passion for cleanliness and organization finally drives me closer to this Corner Power Strip designed by Herald …Continue Reading

Pistol Hairdryer

Anything that comes with an outlook nothing to do with its functions is usually interesting. And the Pistol …Continue Reading

Innovative Dustbin by Brendan Ravenhill

Dustpan, trashcan and broom are three necessary things for household cleaning. For quite a long time, they’re designed …Continue Reading

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

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Flat Piano

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Innovative Interface Designed for Visually-impaired People

With the assistance of devices like Braille typewriters, people who have visual problems are now able to use …Continue Reading

Portable Ultrasound Machine

Time again the MobiUS SP1 proves smaller is better, but also more expensive. Wearing a surprising high price …Continue Reading

T猫o Tea Spoon

Yaps I love tea very much, but I never imagined squeezing tea bags to enjoy the ever last …Continue Reading

The Safest Writing Desk

“My Writing Desk” is a workplace put forward by Inesa Malafej, and honestly that’s something I’m looking for. …Continue Reading

Chirp Alarm

Chirp is here to pull you up from your warm bed. The alarm clock comes with two separate …Continue Reading

iPhone Belt Buckle

What is the safest way to keep your iPhones? One answer suggested here is to put it inside …Continue Reading

Xovel Shovel

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Day and Night Posters

Day and Night Poster, just as implied by its name, is a series of unique posters that display …Continue Reading

Floating Orchestra

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HALO Heating Spoon

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Awesome Opera Stage Designs

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