Rope Chair

Could ropes support us as powerfully as wood? I may not think that’s possible until I saw Jon …Continue Reading

Food Jewelry

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Ashtray Coffee Mugs

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Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

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Glasses With Moisturizing Function

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Sparkle Foldable Cradle

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5-in-1 Table Game

Foosball, ping pong, backgammon, chess and pool – you can play all those five games with merely one …Continue Reading

USB Pixel Mouse

USB Pixel Mouse, makes mouse a real part of your computers rather than an accessory to them. It …Continue Reading

QuickSmart Back Pack Stroller

Nowadays parents especially the young ones love to go travelling with their small babies, but before that they …Continue Reading

Rainbow Tip Pencil

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Mini Inflatables

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Incredible Packaging Designs

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Pedal-Powered School Bus

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Color Catcher Safely Locks Dyes in the Wash.

Remember your mom telling you never to mix clothes of different colors in the same load? She wouldn’t …Continue Reading

Weed Shelving

Today we’re loving this Weed Shelving, Sergey Saava’s creative work that is shaped like weed and brings into …Continue Reading

Piano Calculator

Sometimes we just want to have a unique calculator, a new one that is different from those on …Continue Reading

Camera Lens Cushions

Hello you camera fans in front of the screen, it is time for you to play with your …Continue Reading

Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

Congratulation that Jake Tyler has found cardboard鈥檚 new function and made a vacuum cleaner with the material. As …Continue Reading

3D Basketball Court

A 3D basketball court seems a little bit ridiculous but it is extraordinarily an awesome idea. Shaped by …Continue Reading

Bath Boat

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Head shelf

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Walls Notebook

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Skateboard House

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iPhone4 DIY Case

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FireText Smoke Alarm

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GATR Inflatable Satellite Antenna

Let GATR’s new satellite antenna solve your troubles with taking these equipments around. They’re inflatable, making them quite …Continue Reading

Wall Chair

Things will be totally different if without Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard: before the item is merely a …Continue Reading

Red Napkin Holder

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Cooling Foam

Pity that the summer makes you hot but happy that this unique foam from Japan will cool you …Continue Reading

Jaguar E-Type Sculpture

On the Goodwood Festival of Speed held in Sussex, UK many visitors were firstly amazed by Gerry Judah’s …Continue Reading

Elecom Nendo Oppopet Wireless Mouse Has A Tail!

Long before, common mouse for computers was named so mainly because the device has a long wire that …Continue Reading

LEGO Concrete Building Blocks

LEGO again. This time the world famous toy company launches these hand cast concrete building blocks resembling standard …Continue Reading

TuboHotel by T3arc

Have you ever experienced a night in concrete pipes? Well, if not, we strongly suggest you have a …Continue Reading

Emotion-Enhancing Eyewear

I’ve heared of many people envying Chaplin’s face that can perfectly express a gamut of emotions and I’m …Continue Reading

Three-leg Folding Stool

Jack Smith’s folding stool is a three-leg one that can collapse for an easy transportation when its seat …Continue Reading

Cactooph Cactus Shaped Toothpick Holder

Aha, the concept is quite interesting: we get a cactooph cactus, remove its spines and use them as …Continue Reading

Arms Chair

This is not merely a chair as we see. It may be our grandmother, comforting us with her …Continue Reading

Catit Design Senses Massage Centre

The Catit Design Senses Massage Centre offers us a good reason why a cat would feel like to …Continue Reading

Phalanstery Module

Bureau Spectacular’s Phalanstery Module lets us to go through an experience of zero-gravity. It is an interesting architecture …Continue Reading

Tape Strip Hooks

Tape Strip Hooks – simple but practical idea to hold your items. With three hooks of different colors …Continue Reading

Theaters Will Hold More People With Ziba’s Folding Seats.

A good designer always tries to see the matter from users’ points of view. When they frequently need …Continue Reading

Draw Working Circuits With Silver-ink Pen.

Jennifer Lewis & Jennifer Bernhard, two professors from University of Illinois, have collaborated with a silver-ink pen that …Continue Reading

SHUVEE Perfectly Refreshes Your Shoes.

However prevailing and fashionable a pair of shoes may be, it is no longer attractive when filled with …Continue Reading

Comb Your Bikes.

There’re many unconstrained imaginations, some bring us with disappointment while some bring happiness. Obviously this Comb-shaped bike stand …Continue Reading

Skull Chandelier

Artist Kelly Lamb’s Skull Chandelier is a hanging light that comes with a special shape of a human …Continue Reading

Inkless Metal Beta Pen

Solid can be used as ink? What a crazy idea! But indeed it is really amazing, because Inkless …Continue Reading

Polara Ultimate Straight Self Correcting Golf Balls

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U-socket USB Wallplug

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Ice Cream the T-shirt Pack

How does your T-shirt taste like? I don’t know what answer you may offer, but I鈥檓 quite sure …Continue Reading

Waterfall Soap Saver

Clever soap saver that effectively lets water run off so that the soap can be kept dry. That …Continue Reading