LomoKino Movie Camera

The LomoKino Movie Camera is here! From Lomography, the new camera maintains the classic appearance of LOMO cameras …Continue Reading

Epson Launches World’s First BPA-free Recycled Thermal Receipt Paper.

You know that many receipts from ATM or the stores are found to contain harmful substance Bisephenol-A (BPA)? …Continue Reading

Rainbow Wood

Using an old marbling technique, Pernille Snedker Hansen of Snedker°Studio has created a new series of flooring wood …Continue Reading

What’s this?

It seems like a smart container, what do you think the item is used for?

“Local Bike” with a Cargo Container

Several years we were trying to make everything as simple as possible, endowing every device with only one …Continue Reading

Nomad Brush for iPad

iPad is expected to do many more things for you, including serving as a painting plate? Then you …Continue Reading

Invisible Glass

Light appearing on your cellphone screen or laptop screen annoys you from time to time? Get rid of …Continue Reading

30-degree Slope Bowl

Another design that we would say “why nobody has come up with it earlier”… It is the 30-degree …Continue Reading

Skeleton Hanger

Crazy, the designer now hires some human skeletons to serve us! The Halloween is already gone, but seemingly …Continue Reading


It’s nearly impossible to accompany our kids or parents everywhere, so we really need something that can always …Continue Reading

“Olly” Internet Smellit Device

Each time I’m viewing a web page relating to gastronomy, I just feel it sad that I cannot …Continue Reading

Clever LEGO Clock

Time is a mystery, while Hans Andersson’s LEGO Clock makes time more complex and mystical. Named as “Time …Continue Reading

TwoFaced Window

I’m fond of house cleaning, but seldom including the window cleaning. You know, though it’s easy to make …Continue Reading

LED Light Display for Cars

A light signal isn’t functional enough to help you communicate with other drivers? Well, possibly the LED Light …Continue Reading

Sexy Buns

The sexiest buns we’ve ever seen come from bread manufacturer Kohberg, who released pink-colored and bra-patterned package bags …Continue Reading

Virtual Ping Pong

The main reason why I don’t play Ping Pong is that I can barely touch the ball with …Continue Reading

Cellhandle Never Drops Your Phone

Never drop your cellphones again, with the Cellhandle. It features a strong sucker to stick onto the back …Continue Reading

Luxury Bandages

It’s a pity that not everybody can get something from Gucci, Chanel, Burberry or Louis Vuitton? Now things …Continue Reading

Foldable Paper Cover

While we frequently see foldable paper animals, flowers or something else, have you ever met a foldable paper …Continue Reading

No-Spill Mill

Hello you housewives, what about your dinners today? What, the pepper fall onto the table again?! Well, you …Continue Reading

Convenient Holder by Giha Woo

Highly organized… As somebody who wants everything kept in a good order and also to have them convenient …Continue Reading

Troika Workout Towel Sweat-Trap

When going for an exercise such as jogging, the Troika Workout Towel Sweat-Trap is apparently something helpful. It …Continue Reading

Virtual Video Screen Glasses for iPad

When iPad, iPod, iPhone and other products from the Apple Inc. are changing the world, the Virtual Video …Continue Reading

Babushka Paper Portrait

Is there anything cannot be accomplished with paper? As the development of paper art is quickly pushed forward, …Continue Reading

iPhone Tripod Mount and Stand

Your iPhone certainly promises a good quality of photography, but you couldn’t always hold it by hands especially …Continue Reading

EZSAVE Lockdown USB 3.0 2.5″ HDD Enclosure

How to ensure the safety of your data stored within a hard disk drive? Our suggestion is to …Continue Reading

Transparent Church

Church usually means something grave and quite to me, and I seldom imagined that a church could also …Continue Reading

Nikon DSLR Costume

The Halloween 2011 is coming, so have you gotten something special to surprise your guests? If not, see …Continue Reading

Prop Laptop Stand

A bigger scissor? Of course not, as the gadget is actually a laptop stand that is both affordable …Continue Reading

Nest Smart Thermostat

Nest is a new thermostat put forward by Tony Fadell, who used to work in Apple Inc. and …Continue Reading

AeroShot Pure Energy

It is all the coffee: someone chooses to boil a pot of coffee, someone prefers to instant coffee, …Continue Reading

Fortune Cookies in Digital Age

Fortune Cookies, emerging in the beginning of 20 century, are dessert with prophetic notes inside. Now since the …Continue Reading

Luxy Vespa Helmet

Girls always wanna to keep in a good condition: their faces are with nice smile, their hairstyles are …Continue Reading

Phill House for Entire Family

Phill, completed by Romanian designers Nuca Studio in Bucharest, is a meeting place for the entire family. It …Continue Reading

Hiding Peephole for Kids

Once viewing the world with the children’s eyes, we may realize that everything convenient to the adults are …Continue Reading

Gravity Mobile Phone Holder

Round, square, cloud, hand or water drop, although the appearances of cellphone holder keeps changing all the time, …Continue Reading

Auto Parachute

Even though earthquakes, fires and other disasters do not happen frequently, we still should always be prepared. Thus …Continue Reading

Van Gogh “Starry Night” Socks

“Starry Night” is usually known as one of Van Gogh’s popular iconic paintings, but now it has also …Continue Reading

Pavegen Tiles Convert Kinetic Energy into Electricity

We’re used to walking in cities every day, but have you ever realized that each step you make …Continue Reading

“Lights Up” Floor Lamp

The stability of wood and the elasticity of spring are seemingly two completely opposite characters, however in the …Continue Reading

Coffee Wall

Coffee shakes you up and wakes you up in the morning? Then why not let a coffee machine …Continue Reading

Post-it Watches

Usually we wear a watch to indicate the time, but sometimes we use a watch to remind us …Continue Reading

Sustainable Running Shoe

Basic is classic, and that’s why we’re pursuing everything that comes with a simple design but also full …Continue Reading

Flying Car

Apparently the Terrafugia Transition Flying Car is an advanced vehicle we’ll use in the future. It is literally …Continue Reading

The Kid’s Republic Book Store

Kid’s Republic is colorful bookstore built in Beijing, China for children. From the ground floor to the upper …Continue Reading

Nature Chair

“Life within Objects” is a design that provides us a new way to interact with animals and plants. …Continue Reading

Green Mailbox

Green Mailbox is a wall-mounted mailbox that features a special roof to collect water and irrigate plants automatically. …Continue Reading

Cardboard Cocorico Cooker

Hello little chefs before the screens, we’ve gotten some amazing toys for you: the Cardboard Cocorico Cooker. It …Continue Reading

Elastic Chair

What will you do with 40 elastic bands, to play a game, to handcraft an artwork, or to …Continue Reading

Motorola Motoactv

Good ideas in, good ideas out. After Motorola has been “married” to Google, the company is seemingly to …Continue Reading