9 Cute Cup Mats

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A Closet, Or A Suitcase? Both!

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Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

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Huge Slide

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Arduino Lamp

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Retro TV Mousepad

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The Revenge of the Piggy Bank

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Skybar Wine Glow Cover

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Attachable Battery for iPod and iPhone

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Retractable Tape Cord

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CardSharp Utility Knife

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“PS” Condiment Bottles

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Reading Ruler

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Robot Headphone Splitter

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Metal-Sculpted Scenes

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Graveyard Shift Headphone

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Trousers Can Recharge Your Phones!

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World’s First Mechanical Cellphone

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Camera Armor

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“Balloon + Bomb” Coat Racks

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A-Check by Jung Eun Park

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Solar-powered Tents

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Google Body Browser

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What’s this?

Seemingly like an apparition, what do you think these items are used for?

Parent-child Sprinkle

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Twist Wrench

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Mikro Metal Sculptures

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UCIM Camera by Jung Eun Park

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VW Beetle Sofa

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FlooW Bike

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Boonghand Lock Lighter

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[Video]‘Flower Power’ Solar Windows From Sony

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Cookie Art

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Domino Clock

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Prosthetic Arm

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Bioplastic Rain Poncho

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Hand Paper Shredder

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Life Calendar

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Birdsnest Egg Cup

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Union Political Table Radio

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Crayola Crayon Maker

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