Fold-up Keyboard for iPad

Logitech’s Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad is a smart portable accessory that looks really cool as well. It attaches …Continue Reading

Silicone Egg Cracker

This silicone egg cracker has come to simplify your home cooks. It looks just like an egg, with …Continue Reading

Zapparel Augmented Reality Clothes

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Custom State Necklaces

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Square iOS Credit Card App Version 2.1

To update its iOS credit card app launched in May 2011, Square recently issued a Version 2.1 app …Continue Reading

The Ready-to-Wear-Away Dress

Always eco-friendly. Being nice and kind to our earth is not merely the duty of everybody living there …Continue Reading

Fun Houses for Kids

These attractive houses are not real ones for you to live in, but actually playgrounds especially made for …Continue Reading

Origami Sculptures

Origami is charming. You see, any common paper can find its values when transformed into a origami sculpture. …Continue Reading

Russian Space Hotel

Russian Space Hotel makes common people鈥檚 dream of living in space come true. Planned to be opened in …Continue Reading

iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer

Shaped like a stapler, the device is in fact a bag re-sealer that helps you seal the package …Continue Reading

No Smoking Pencil

It does look like a cigarette, but the item is actually a pencil. With such an idea, the …Continue Reading

Creative 3D Business Cards

A business card was designed not to represent you, but to become you. Whenever you’re planning to change …Continue Reading


Chocolatea, a creative fusion of tea leaves and cacao, is a quite unique drink that offers you some …Continue Reading

Silicon Glass Used as Data Storage Systems

Researchers from the University of Southampton have recently developed a new type of nanostructured glass that can optically …Continue Reading

Wood Tie

Anyone with a unique personal style or planning to attract other’s attention should have a look at these …Continue Reading

Ron Arad for WOW Bikes

With elaborate design, a bike’s wheel frames now present really beautiful shapes of flowers. These unique wheels make …Continue Reading

Beyond Silence Digital Piano for Hearing Impaired People

For people with hearing problems, the Beyond Silence digital piano is the best thing they may get to …Continue Reading

Virtual Boarding Agents In Paris Airport

Paris Orly airport are now hiring some new types of agents to greet and guide customers to their …Continue Reading

JumpFromPaper Handbags

Chay Su and Rika Lin’s new bags seem just like drawings but they don鈥檛 鈥 they are real …Continue Reading

USB Optical Mouse with Digital Photo Frame

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Super Mario Inspired Products

“Super Mario”, not only as a classic game, but also as daily products like hats, cups or toys, …Continue Reading

Mini Desktop Computers

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Smart String Tape Measure

A metal for measuring, leveling, or straightening is something well-developed that no more needs any improvements. But a …Continue Reading

Solar Roadways Starts with Energy-Generating Parking Lots.

Solar Roadways will soon develop solar parking lots for testing, but their real dream is to build a …Continue Reading

Rose Chairs

Like any sweet and fragrant roses, the “Tenderly” chair designed by Carla Tolomeo are blooming in your room, …Continue Reading

Fat Magnet

For our good health, we’d better remove excess fat that floats on the surface of foods before we …Continue Reading

Apple Patent Application that Guards Against Fingerprints.

Grease and fingerprints on touchscreens have long been a problem that bothers both the users and the Apple, …Continue Reading

Transparent Face Masks

Transparent Face Masks effectively end the spread of bacteria but never end the wearer’s social interaction. Designed to …Continue Reading

Wrist Sensor Turns Your Hand into a Trackpad.

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Mini Airbags that Protects Your Phone if It Falls Down.

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Pond-Washing Aid

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Moto Grip

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Electronic Skin

Researchers from the University of Illinois have exhibited their latest achievement – the Electronic Skin via the Internet. …Continue Reading

“CO2 Structure” Construction Materials

“CO2 Structure” is a new construction material developed by Japan-based TIS&Partners. Compared with common materials, the “CO2 Structure” …Continue Reading

Awesome Cameras

We need a camera, to record beautiful scenes, lovely people, important dates, and many other valuable things. But …Continue Reading

Mobile Lorm Gloves

How could people with disabilities communicate via cellphones? They must have gotten these gloves created by Tom Bieling …Continue Reading

Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

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Hilo Concept Computer

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Closet Lamp

Question marks seem to appear everywhere in our life and now they even come as furniture. Designed by …Continue Reading

Baboo Clips

Usually adults and children are believed to view one same thing from totally different points. To adults, these …Continue Reading

Stitching Concrete

Basically it’s not that difficult to make a stool but very difficult to design one. However, these Stitching …Continue Reading

iTwine Remote File Access USB Device

USB devices? Not exactly, it is actually a design that allows data transfer between two computers connected to …Continue Reading

ONE PASS Wireless Emergency Call System

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Cleanwater Baby Bathtub

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Epitaph Double-wheel Bicycle

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Somnus Sleep Shirt

A clinic test is no longer needed, as Nyx Devices’s Somnus Sleep Shirt is an easy-to-operate T-shirt that …Continue Reading

Origami Table Placements

After meals, fold these table placements into cute animals and hold an animal-themed party with your kids.