Sinking Boat?!

Please do not search for any on-line news about recent shipwrecks before you finish with the article, because …Continue Reading

Ji Ga Zo Puzzle

Ji Ga Zo is not an ordinary puzzle as what it looks. It can present anything you’d like …Continue Reading

Skin Cooler

Only in 40 seconds, this 2.5cm (1″) diameter cooling device will cool down your skin to an ideal …Continue Reading

Whale Tissue Holder

Sometimes, the whales do not spout water but face tissues…

Creative T-shirt Shop

Guru celebrated the Valentine’s Day in quite a unique way: it asked 11 artists to design several interesting …Continue Reading

ORBO Watches, Cute Fat Watches.

A series of watches designed by Zach Weiss to indicate time, temperature, weather and other information with eye-catching …Continue Reading

The Heart Drum

My heart beats faster than a drum beats, and with a smile, I鈥檓 saying: “I love you, and …Continue Reading

Bullet Hole Painting

We never welcome bullets or guns as they usually represent war and violence, but the case will change …Continue Reading

Anatomical Model? Sleeping Bag!

Frightened to death… one may have that experience if suddenly sees this Anatomical Model Sleeping Bag. But I …Continue Reading

Creative Helmets

With design and art pacing towards sleek and slim look, some designers are heading in the opposite direction …Continue Reading

Creative House Made From PVC Pipes

Some materials usually seem so common that we seldom though to make them into something more creative. But …Continue Reading

Teddy Bear Bloodbag

Dunne & Raby makes bloodbags a little more user-friendly… by endowing them with a Teddy Bear appearance. Okay, …Continue Reading

Vitra Kuubo Office Meeting Table

Here鈥檚 an office meeting table from Naoto Fukasawa, and this time the well-known Japan-based designer has built the …Continue Reading

Movable Chair

Just admit the fact that this Movable Chair is really a great design! A chair that can move …Continue Reading

Multi Lines

Doing away with annoying cords found on tables and floors, these Multi Lines make themselves part of the …Continue Reading

LED Ropes

This particular lamp is named as the “LED Rope.” It’s designed by Christian Haas to bring light into …Continue Reading

Keyboard Slippers

A geeky way to walk around. The Keyboard Slippers, we’re geeks. They’re available for $29, in red, black, …Continue Reading

Can Cars

Use our intelligence. We should do this because we can create innovative or even magical things with our …Continue Reading

Weapon Notebooks

Notebooks with a war theme, stand firm against war while appeal for a world with only peace.

Toy Racks

My little nephew Tony owns much interest in toy cars, and his cars used to lie around everywhere …Continue Reading

Intelligent Library Bookmark

This Intelligent Bookmark is designed as a reminder that indicates the date by which your books must be …Continue Reading

World’s Largest Touch Screen

Students in the University of Groningen will soon take their courses in a 3D theater. The new classroom …Continue Reading

Smile Training Apparatus

Smile and say hello. With this training apparatus worn on your face, you’ll be forced to smile no …Continue Reading

Contra Sweater

Put on the Contra Sweater and start your game! Cool!

Glider Camera Concept

Develop different and unique photos with the Glider Camera and you can view your world from a new …Continue Reading

NoteSlate Electronic Paper

Electric paper is not a new concept to us, but this NoteSlate tries to transform the way we …Continue Reading

Gold Standard Noteblock

Gold Standard Noteblock with amazing golden color as real gold… Pity it just seems like real gold, and …Continue Reading

Electric Nose Lift

Everyday you need to spare only three minutes with the Beauty Lift High Nose and the handy beauty …Continue Reading

OAT Shoes Could Become Trees.

Can you believe this, these OAT shoes will biodegrade and sprout trees after you throw them away? If …Continue Reading

Piano Lamp

Shaped like a piano and also named as a piano, these LED lamps allow you to produce a …Continue Reading

Touchscreens Made of Carbon

Why pay more for touchscreens when you can actually spend less money on them? Designed by Fraunhofer Institute, …Continue Reading

Solar Wind Bridge Powers 15000 Homes.

Obviously a bridge could do more things than we would ever think of. According to Italian designers Francesco …Continue Reading

Lip Paint

What have you seen, lively crabs, smart foxes, cute pandas, and other kinds of animals? Not exactly, because …Continue Reading

Shell House

Javier Senosiain鈥檚 Shell House must have been the envy of all their neighbors, friends, and you guys in …Continue Reading

Plant Necklace

Very interesting design鈥 we can offer the plants with sufficient carbon dioxide as we breath, ensure them enough …Continue Reading

Esper Domino

The theory is that we usually need clever design and careful work if we’d like to successfully have …Continue Reading

Colorful, Simple, Mobile!

Simple but practical cellphones will always easily find their supporters and consumers… especially when they’re endowed with easy-to-use …Continue Reading

Street Flyer

Street Flyer by Dr. Carsten Mehring seems more like an over-sized three-wheeler. But instead of sitting on the …Continue Reading

1鈩搃mit Faucet Saves Water.

Many of my friends have frequently complained that they couldn’t mange to save water simply because they cannot …Continue Reading

These Beds, Not Bad.

“What will your ideal bed be like?” Whenever asking ourselves that question, most people may think of two …Continue Reading

Round Round Land Cup

Probably inspired by most people’s habit of spinning a cup when they enjoy coffee or tea, designers have …Continue Reading

Transparent TV Concept

Transparency is obviously a main trend of modern designs and we’ve come up with transparent cellphones, transparent shoes …Continue Reading

Virtual Master Fishing

An innovative apparatus especially designed for indoors entertainment, featuring a virtual fishing experience with the aid of unique …Continue Reading

Delicious Food Shoes

When delicious food is used on shoe designs, the results seem still amazing.

Bird Nest Bed

Even though it may be quite difficult to fly like a bird, it is really simple to live …Continue Reading

Canine Treadmill

Specially designed for your dogs to keep a good figure, the Canine Treadmill has arrived. Available on Hammacher …Continue Reading

Boyfriend in a Bottle

Valentine’s Day is soon coming. So what have you prepared for your girlfriends? If you’ve gotten no idea, …Continue Reading

Waste Folder

Waste Folder is a recyclable bin that you can take everywhere, as it usually keeps in a compact …Continue Reading

Chinese Chess Bookshelf

The Chess Bookshelf is in the Chinese traditional style, featuring magnets to hold the chess pieces as unique …Continue Reading

Goods Display In Supermarket

If all goods display held in supermarkets is designed and built to be as cute and funny as …Continue Reading