MacBooks With “Shake-to-Undo” App

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LG’s Clip-on 3D Glasses

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Weird Vending Machines Around The World

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Cideko Air Keyboard

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Heated Ergo Tri Grips

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Strong Artificial Bone Made from Fish Scales

A research group from Tokyo Institute of Technology have recently developed artificial bone using fish scales. In early …Continue Reading

Big Big Cursor

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Sony’s “Lenticular Sheet” Enables Glasses-free 3D

Till now, the International Funkausstellung Berlin 2011 has brought us many surprising designs and products, and today we鈥檇 …Continue Reading

Airsketcher Fan

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Breathalyzer Jacket

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Water Purification Rain Coat

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Multifunctional HDTV

German LCD maker HANNspree recently launched its Lounge TV 70 on International Funkausstellung Berlin 2011, which is announced …Continue Reading

Brainwave TV Controller

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‘KE-Chair’ For Vulnerable People to Escape

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iPhone Flask

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Creative T-shirts

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Mobee’s Magic Numpad

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‘Personal 3D Viewer’ Head Mounted Display

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HD-15 High-Definition Electronic Earplugs

Etymotic Research’s HD-15 High-Definition electronic earplugs is the ever-best gadget that can both protect your ears from loud …Continue Reading

Epson’s Retro Photo Printer

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EV 3 Wheel Vehicle for Wheelchair

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Wacom Inkling

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gScreen 17鈥矰ual Screen Laptop

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Face Shelving

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Creative Cutting Boards

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Pump Tire

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Tattoo Stockings

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Palette Interactive Interface

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Big Ear Mobile Case

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New Vehicle Charger To Power Your House

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Sony’s Subtitle Glasses

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Frolicat Bolt Laser Cat Toy

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Mini Digi Greenhouse Compact Camera

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ChopIN Board

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Brain Cap Turns Your Thoughts into Motion.

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FunBath For Kids

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Fold-up Keyboard for iPad

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Silicone Egg Cracker

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Zapparel Augmented Reality Clothes

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Custom State Necklaces

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Square iOS Credit Card App Version 2.1

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The Ready-to-Wear-Away Dress

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Fun Houses for Kids

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Origami Sculptures

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Russian Space Hotel

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iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer

Shaped like a stapler, the device is in fact a bag re-sealer that helps you seal the package …Continue Reading