Toothpick Sculptures

Guess what, the Empire State, the White House, Eiffel Tower and other well-known architectures you see here are …Continue Reading

Lickety Spoon

Spoons for kids are far more important than serving tools, because a unique and attractive spoon may become …Continue Reading

Unusual Business Cards

Which word will you use to describe your business cards, common, ordinary, or even nothing? We expect the …Continue Reading

Light Up Your Brain!

Commonly we see cartoonists use a lightbulb to present an idea or a thought rushing into the mind, …Continue Reading

Money Origami

I’ve thought of many things I’d like to do if I could get lots and lots of money, …Continue Reading

Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kit

Get one Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kit for your children and then let them know batteries are …Continue Reading

LZF Lamps

A best combination of simplicity and functionality is the main goal of modern designs. Among numerous works created …Continue Reading

Doggles ILS Glasses

Looking forward to a happy vacation to seaside? Then make sure that you’re ready enough- bikini, sun cream… …Continue Reading

Coat Check Chair

If you seldom remember to hang up your coats properly onto racks but instead lay them over chairs, …Continue Reading

Re-Paper Chopsticks

Disposable wooden chopsticks, although deemed to have destroyed a vast amount of trees, are still in great need …Continue Reading

Detailed Paper Art

The lapse of years will never have those famous people like the Beatles and Elvis Presley really wiped …Continue Reading

Rabbit Ears Salad Servers

Do you prefer vegetable salad, just as a rabbit may do? Whatever, having some vegetables is really helpful …Continue Reading


Still miss the classic feel of retro typewriters when we’re already in a digital age? Try this Typescreen. …Continue Reading

Toast Playing Cards

These ingenious Toast Playing Cards make me feel so hungry! 54 large trump cards each looks like delicious …Continue Reading

Razor Graffiti Chalk Scooter

Cycling to make a painting? That’s so interesting an idea. Just as shown in the pictures, this Razor …Continue Reading

Eye Card

Having the same functionality as that of glasses, the eyeCard actually performs much better than regular magnifying devices. …Continue Reading

Banana Art

Surprises always come to us when we view common things from a different point, and quite often new …Continue Reading

Sarah Jane Williams Luggage Collection

With high-quality bridle leather, brass frames and especially the personalized designs, these suitcases by Sarah Jane Williams each …Continue Reading

Peelable Smirnoff Bottles

We now have new Smirnoff Caipiroska to peel. Designed by JWT Brazil, the fruity vodkas come in a …Continue Reading

Communicative Furniture

Tabisso furniture spells out your words! The collection includes chairs, lamps, and other types of furniture, and they’re …Continue Reading

Reading Sculptures

Long-Bin Chen’s Reading Sculptures prove that incredible art can be made with almost everything, even with discarded items. …Continue Reading

Walking Table

Quite often we see new tables coming in unique shapes or featuring distinctive functions, but we seldom imagine …Continue Reading

Edible Candy Pens

You’re someone who is used to having pencils or pens in mouth when using them? Too bad these …Continue Reading

New Zealand Blackboard

Nothing would leave us a much deeper impression of New Zealand than this acrylic blackboard. It rightly comes …Continue Reading

The Original Shirt Plate

Lazy men always need something special and this time they’ll no doubt get crazy with The Original Shirt …Continue Reading

You’ve Got Mail!

Well, well, obviously you’ve got some mails… not from I New Idea or any of your buddies but …Continue Reading

Woolen Soap

Woolen Soap is here! It is handmade and intended for gentle massage and skeen peel. Whenever moisten with …Continue Reading

Coffee Joulies

Although most people know coffee will be more drinkable if it is made with a certain temperature, they …Continue Reading

Creative Inventionland Offices

Inventionland, America’s largest invention factory, is a famous studio especially built for working out creative ideas. Every year …Continue Reading

Fuuvi Pick USB Mini Digital Camera

For almost a thousand times I’ve been dreaming of a smart digital camera that can be directly plugged …Continue Reading

The Real Up!- Floating House from Pixar Movie.

A wild idea. My friends said that when they heard about my dreams of a floating house just …Continue Reading

Auto Ink

Honestly the Auto Ink reminds me of sewing machines. They look almost the same in appearances, but their …Continue Reading

Magnificent Baby

Babies always need special care. Even though they cannot say any words, we can still feel their anger …Continue Reading

“iPad 2 Window”: Virtual Window Design

Lately launched iPad 2 has made everyone to be concerned with tablet computers again, and most people are …Continue Reading

Sandwich Holder

Your hands are too busy to pick up sandwiches or to shove them into your mouth? That’s all …Continue Reading

Watertower of Living

This water tower redesigned by Zecc Architects to change into a delicate apartment has no doubt brought some …Continue Reading

Screwdriver-powered vehicle “EX”

What you’ve seen here is another high-tech three-wheeler? If that’s what you thought, you’re completely wrong. Called “EX”, …Continue Reading

Braille Punch Sticker

Shopping malls, though announcing to be consumer-friendly, seldom stick Braille labels onto their products. Because they don’t have …Continue Reading

Taiwan Scientists Make Bendy E-Readers From Silk.

In ancient China people used to write on silk when there was no paper created, while nowadays researchers …Continue Reading

Swashbuckling Bedrooms

Steve Kuhl is absolutely a greatest father, because he has built so spectacular a bedroom for kids that …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Ok, here is a cat toy walking down the stair, so what do you think this cat would …Continue Reading

Japan Develops Mobile Phone with Human Touch.

Japan often brings us with new telecom products and concepts and this time some designers from this eastern …Continue Reading

Alarm Earphone

Earphone, also an alarm clock! Specially designed for music lovers who are used to wearing earphones to enjoy …Continue Reading

Cheese Building

Aha, a building inspired by cheese?! Although I love cheese quite much, I never imagine that I’ll one …Continue Reading

Chew Leg Cover Toy

Chew Leg Cover is something that can entertain both your dogs and your furniture. It is made of …Continue Reading

Looksoflat Lamp

Ordinary lamps can never go behind desks for finding your because they’re not flat enough to do that, …Continue Reading

Before I Die… In NOLA

What do you think is the most important thing you’d like to accomplish before you die, and what …Continue Reading

Animal Wine Stopper

The animal wine stoppers? What a strange idea! But admittedly it is great too. Any animals here love …Continue Reading

Mushroom Cloud Playhouse

Ok, now everybody may have a chance to live in mushroom cloud. Created by Dietrich Wegner, this mushroom …Continue Reading