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Wooden Motorcycle

Detailed wooden replica of IZH-49 motorcycle’s every part was carved out of wood and then assembled into this …Continue Reading

Vibrant Paper Plants

Vibrant paper plants look so fresh and bring the tropics to you! No maintenance, and always beautiful.

Art on Train Tracks

Artworks interacted with the horizontal lines of train tracks make the originally dull gray stones and tracks come …Continue Reading

Shocked Animals

When animals get shocked, they turn out to be…this.

Textile Moths & Butterflies

Sophisticated and vivid insects like moths and butterflies created by various textiles and embroidery techniques are too large …Continue Reading

Paintings of Minimalist City Scenery

These paintings of minimalist scenes of Los Angeles are photography alike for their realistic light and colors. The …Continue Reading

Jean Shorts Underwear

In summer, you wish to wear less but look presentable as well, a collection of jean shorts underwear …Continue Reading

Childhood Themed 3D Sculptures & Paintings

With a sculpture popping out of the painting, the artist has a distinct style of expressing his feelings …Continue Reading

Mega Hammock

With the total weight rating of 1,000 pounds, Mega Hammock is big and strong enough to hold at …Continue Reading

Smart Projection Watch

A wristwatch that projects not only dial, but also notifications or updates of Facebook, Twitter, reminder, weather or …Continue Reading

Inflatable Sailing Dinghy

It’s terrific to play with water in summer, especially go boating. Despite the fact that you couldn’t have …Continue Reading

Expressive Faces with Shoes

An artist visualizes various pairs of shoes with faces inspired by heroes in movies or other popular icons …Continue Reading

Autodesk’s New System for Instant Animation

Autodesk’s new system brings your still illustrations to life in an instant by applying “kinetic textures” whose “emitter”, …Continue Reading

Stainless Steel Wire Wind-blown Fairies

Sculptures of wind-blown fairies clutching dandelions, clinging to trees, and seemingly suspended in midair created by stainless steel …Continue Reading

A Hammock for Feet

If you’ve no idea where to rest your feet when working at a desk, here’s a simple solution, …Continue Reading

‘Kiddie Art Series’

You may wanna dig out the sketches you drew in your childhood and repaint them just as the …Continue Reading

Silly GIFs about How to Draw Animals Using Body Parts

An illustrator illustrates a series of gifs showing you how to draw animals using body parts, it’s silly, …Continue Reading

Beautiful X-Rayed Toys

Discover the beauty and get better understanding of the toys we used to play with by observig them …Continue Reading

A Interactive Shadow Picture Book

Motion Silhouette is an interactive Japanese children鈥檚 book that includes pop-up silhouettes in-between pages. Different moving images are …Continue Reading

The Fox’s Den Made out of Paper and Leather

The Fox’s Den is a unique window display for the luxury brand Herm猫s’ Barcelona store. It is made …Continue Reading

Chainmail Running Shoes

For better running experience and less possibility to get injured, the chanimail shoes may be a wise choice. …Continue Reading

Winne-the-Pooh for Bottles and Glasses

This adorable collection designed for Disneyland Japan tells funny stories about winne-the-pooh and his little friends, including bottle …Continue Reading

A Little Bit Fun on The Streets

Street art does not have to be large murals on the facades of buildings, it can be as …Continue Reading

Handle Your Phone

An iPhone case enhances the mobile experience with a long handle attached to ease your wrist and arm …Continue Reading

Exaggerated Paintings on Book Spines

The artist creates whimsical artworks on the spines and covers of salvaged books collected from libraries. The mixture …Continue Reading

Air Purifying Drone

With a giant pinecone, the personalized drone rotating up in the air, it is possible to keep your …Continue Reading

Posters & Logos Recreated with Bicycle Parts

Use bicycle parts as the pigment, the artist recreates ironic posters and logos in a “chain” style. She …Continue Reading

The Vintage Keyboard

This typewriter is actually a mechanical keyboard for tablets, a romantic design to add some vintage vibe in …Continue Reading

World’s First Smart Electric Skates

It’s a pair of wearable mobility with smart functions such as speed control, route tracking and wireless control. …Continue Reading

Whimsical Drawings on Bathroom Mirror

Girl draws whimsical drawings on her bathroom mirror with herself being the background, posing to merge in the …Continue Reading

Google’s Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset

The Google cardboard headset allows anyone to DIY a virtual reality experience by holding a smartphone in front …Continue Reading

Activate This Tag via A Phone Call

The all-printed electronic tag powers itself by harvesting cellphone signals and then reveals its images. That means an …Continue Reading

Portable Solar Sound System

A portable solar panel that generates enough power to play music on you devices even provides another 8 …Continue Reading

Old Bottles Filled with Intricate Sand Images

The amazing antique sand images in bottles are created more than one hundred years ago, the intricate pictures …Continue Reading

Barcode Cable Winder

Everyday objects can be fun if added with some design, this small accessory that clean up the clutter …Continue Reading

Transforming Tea Bags

Stressing symbols on the tea bags turn into calm ones once the tea is dissolved. A brilliant ad …Continue Reading

Attach Anything onto This Silicone Pad

Once you adhere this silicone pad to any vertical surface, you can attach anything from a pencil, keys …Continue Reading

Cube Transformers

Magical cubes transform into various different geometrical shapes and patterns, awesome transformers in the origami world!

Modern Style Push Mower

Small in size, easy to use, and modern in style, this lovely push mower is no similar to …Continue Reading

Optical Illusion Painting

A painting creates an optical illusion that changes its perspective as you move aroud it, you might think …Continue Reading

How to Make An Entire Watermelon Jell-O

This is probably the biggest Jell-O you can DIY for a party in hot summer and its plain …Continue Reading

Realistic Miniature Clay Food

Tiny sculptures of delicious food inspired by treats we usually have are made with polymer clay, moulded with …Continue Reading

Tiny Figures’ Big Adventures

You can’t be tired of miniature scenes with delicious food and tiny figures in it, for they are …Continue Reading

Play Tetris on Your Chest Wearing This T-shirt

This T-shirt integrates a playable Tetris that is powered by four AA batteries and fitted with 128 LEDs …Continue Reading

Cookie Monsters

Disgusting creature cookies made from caramel, strawberry, syrup and pastries.

Tool Pen

A versatile pen features a couple of regular tools in it, helping you to get rid of those …Continue Reading

Amphibious Camper

Being either attached or detached to a vehicle, this camper allows you to travel on both land and …Continue Reading

Colorful Shoes Made from Plastic Trash

Three guys utilize washed up plastic rubbish along the banks of Thames river to reproduce new pairs of …Continue Reading

A Tool to Draw Ellipses

An ellipse is more geometrically complex than a circle or a line, so the designer combines a compass, …Continue Reading

Murals That Interacting with Objects in The Streets

Those witty murals are having fun with ordinary objects in the streets, they have quite a sense of …Continue Reading