Edible Cookbook

Edible cookbook made out of fresh pasta that can be read and opened will teach you how to …Continue Reading

If You Ever Wondered How Animals are Created

Amusing and playful paintings tell stories about how animals’ colorful furs, skins or feathers are created, so, they …Continue Reading

Transparent Solar Collectors

This completely transparent solar collector may replace conventional glass windows, the screens of smart phones, vehicle glazing and …Continue Reading

Green Keyboard

Isn’t it easy enough to make everything green, unique, and beautiful?

Clouds Turned into Adorable Cartoons

The artist draws fantastic imaginary illustrations of animals to mimic the various shapes of everyday clouds, creating adorable …Continue Reading

Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings

The artist, who is a perfectionist, creates his artworks in a hyper realistic way. Oil paintings, originally from …Continue Reading

Paper Dolls

Intricate paper dolls wear beautiful costumes are really detailed.

Artist Draws A Dragon from One Stroke

The artist creates so detailed dragon body with only one stroke that is so impressive and you will …Continue Reading

Smart Stickers That Track Your Belongings

These smart stickers come in handy by reminding you where you last left your belongings with built-in wireless …Continue Reading

Whistle Straws

Whistle straws that allow you to make some noise while you sip may add some spicy for your …Continue Reading

Bionic Pants Let You Wear A Chair at Work

A pair of mechanical pants act as a chair that you can wear all the time to ease …Continue Reading

Amazing Body Art

The artist uses human figures as canvas, together with elaborately arranged postures, to create amazing wildlife-themed artworks.

Another Series of Pretty Food Arrangments

It seems that moms love to create cute food arrangements for a healthier diet for their children, like …Continue Reading

Staple City

The construction of miniature office buildings and skyscrapers by stacks of thousands of paper staples seems to be …Continue Reading

A Flying Motorcycle

‘Hoverbike’ combines a helicopter and a motorbike together to create a stable, inexpensive and free vehicle for goods …Continue Reading

Funny makeup on her lips

The artist draws adorable cartoon characters on her lips and when she moves them a little bit, these …Continue Reading

‘Roller Coaster’ for Walking

An all-pedestrian roller coaster that is 45 meters in height with 249 steps to climb provides a panorama …Continue Reading

Romantic Interactive Gadgets for Long-distance Relationships

For long-distance relationships, lovers often express love and affection by sending pictures or messages. Is there any more …Continue Reading

Impressive 3D Optical Illusion Street Art

Large-scale anamorphic street artwork features two impressive LEGO minifig knights standing guard, creating an optical illusion of 3D …Continue Reading

Clever Butter Knife Redesign

The hard cold butter instantly become softer when it’s swept by a knife with a row of small …Continue Reading

New Aquatic Wildlife Painted in Layers of Resin

Except for the containers, almost every part of the paintings are created by layers of transparent resin that …Continue Reading

Self-Inflating Backpack

A self-inflating backpack that doubles as a pillow or unzips as a tiny air mattress is there for …Continue Reading

World’s First Touch-sensitive LED Basketball Court

In Shanghai, China, Nike has created a huge touch-sensitive LCD basketball court with built-in motion sensors tracking every …Continue Reading

An Adorable Tomato for Cameras

The small, portable tomato-shaped beanbag designed for cameras that works as a tripod is much easier to fit …Continue Reading

Spherical Hanging Tent

A spherical hanging tent features a handcrafted canvas structure, steel frame, and a pine wood floor is a …Continue Reading

Cord Disguised as Ivy Plant

An extension cord that looks like an ivy plant with its leaves sprouting out from all sides fits …Continue Reading

Eat & Play Chocolate LEGO Bricks

Eat them or play with them, that’s a ‘serious’ problem. An illustrator makes these edible chocolate LEGO bricks …Continue Reading

DIY Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves

Fill the cracks of a piece of chestnut wood with growing resin to create unique furniture of your …Continue Reading

Smart Workout Garment

A collection of smart workout clothing that analyzing muscle activity, effort, heart and breathing rates in real-time seamlessly …Continue Reading

Baby-shaped Pears

Pears shaped like babies with peaceful closed eyes, mini nose and mouth and daintily crossed hands are grown …Continue Reading

Adorable Egg Separator

Little pig/fish will suck up egg yolks and separate them from the egg whites. Cute, isn’t it?

Cross-eyed Cats

Now you know what on earth the cats are doing everyday, they are practising to entertain you like …Continue Reading

This Guy Blows Bubble Vortexes Underwater!

A French diver possesses an uncanny ability to control water by shooting whirling rings with his mouth. Can …Continue Reading

Sushi Socks

Socks with its patterns knitted by colored threads instead of printed will decorate your bedroom with its delicious …Continue Reading

Self-Folding Origami Robot

This self-folding robot goes from flat to folded and walking in four minutes without any human intervention at …Continue Reading

Windowless Jet

The IXION windowless jet turns its interior transparent using display panels that cover most of the cabin. It …Continue Reading

Imaginative Flying Machine Made from Cardboard

Detailed monochromatic sculptures of imaginary industrial flying machines that are freaky real are handcrafted by sliced cardboard. Amazing!

Hilarious Bubble Soccer

A hilarious, crazy soccer game that can be played by anyone is quite popular out there. Thanks to …Continue Reading

Bodypaint Blend Perfectly into Landscapes

The artist created a series of sophisticated body paintings that blend into NYC’s landscapes to ‘make some observations …Continue Reading

Quirky Facial Fitness Device

You may often take exercise, however, there’s one area of your body that has been neglected, the facial …Continue Reading

Humorous High-fashion Gifs

High-fashion items’ images from online publications are animated into humorous gifs by adding extra settings onto the clothes …Continue Reading

Roly-Poly Donation Boxes

The donation box represents a child in need, it lies flat on the ground, will slowly stand on …Continue Reading

Wind Reactive Color-changing Ink

This form of ink is integrated into layers of fabric and reacts to the different fluctuations in the …Continue Reading

Feather Art

Tiny birds flying out of feathers, together with the hollowed-out remaining part, are beautiful.

Adorable Dream Cars Designed by Kids

Toyota invited kids to draw their dream vehicles and then brought the ideas to life in a tiny …Continue Reading

Goldfish Bubble Wrap

A conceptual colony of goldfish bowls that transformed from the tiny cells of generic plastic bubble warp may …Continue Reading

Ridiculous Diver Necklace

A series of necklaces features fearless divers and climbers that are ready to explore the ‘valley’ formed by …Continue Reading

Miniature Worlds On Everyday Objects

A famous modeler in Japan twists his energy on the construction of miniature worlds on everyday objects. With …Continue Reading

Coffee Making Alarm Clock

Instead of the rude loud noise making by an ordinary alarm, this coffee making alarm clock will gently …Continue Reading

Synthetic Leaf

A thin, flexible synthetic leaf made of silk protein and chloroplasts is able to absorb CO2 and sunlight …Continue Reading