An Aerial Laser Display That Projecs 3D Objects in Mid-Air

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2D Lamps Appears to Be 3D

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Simple Trick to Get 3D-looking

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Turn Your iPhone into a 3D Camera&Viewer

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Adorable 3D Paper-cut

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Voice Activated 3D Printer

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3D-printed Flexible Filament Dress

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3D Origami

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3D Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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World’s First 3D Printed Architecture

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3D Book

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World’s First 3D Photo Gallery

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Realistic 3D Sketches

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3D Printer for Special Customized Wound Bandage

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3D Vision Stickers for Glasses

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3D Chocolate Printer

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3D Color Animations

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3D Curtains

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3D Ribs Dress

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3D Cabinet

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Snappily 3D iPhone Photography App

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Keyboard Walls

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Scribbled Line People

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Lumix Dual-lens 3D Camera

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Escaping Elements

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3D Land Art

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Magnetic Polish

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Interactive 3D AR Screen

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3D Printer Can Manufacture Artificial Blood Vessels

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3D Food Printer

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Sony’s “Lenticular Sheet” Enables Glasses-free 3D

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The World’s First 3D Printed Plane Is Here From the University of Southampton.

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Biased Bookshelf

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