Keyboard Pirates鈥 all aboard your keyboard!

This is a simple but creative design! These little guys are hilarious to look at. And they make …Continue Reading

Peel and Stick T-shirt Pockets

It’s undoubtedly difficult for many people to design a unique T-shirt, however it’s really easy for us to …Continue Reading

Sealed Watch

To seal your wonderful moments, to make them vivid forever, that’s rightly the main idea this Sealed Watch …Continue Reading

Drink Notes

This is mine, and that is yours, with the aid of these Drink Notes, we’ll never pick up …Continue Reading

iPhone Shutter Grip

Since iPhone is never called or described as a smart portable camera, it must have certain limitations that …Continue Reading

Map Sunglasses

Well, however cool and attractive it is to wear American map shaped sunglasses, we still need to reject …Continue Reading

Folio Shaped Tissue Box

Here and there, this Folio Shaped Tissue Box could be placed anywhere, serving as a book stand or …Continue Reading


What’s the easiest way you can think of to turn a car into a house? My suggestion is …Continue Reading

RO Lighting Set

Especially designed for people who may need to row a boat in the dark, the RO Lighting set …Continue Reading

Aqueduck Faucet Extender

Possibly most designers should apologize to kids, because they usually forget to make things convenient to children but …Continue Reading

Bandai Smartpet Robot Dog

Congratulations guys, your iPhones are no longer merely a smartphone from now on, as they can turn into …Continue Reading

iPhone Money Clip

Obviously no one could keep iPhone away from our life, as there’re really many items especially designed for …Continue Reading

Lensbaby’s new Edge 80 Optic

Lensbaby’s new Edge 80 Optic is a smart gadget that can turn most of their lenses into tilt-controlled …Continue Reading

Blind Passangers

Well, the brand is obviously not the only or best way to attract others, because these “Blind Passangers” …Continue Reading

GoPad for iPad

You cannot bear a while without your iPad? Then let this GoPad help you. It’s a smart accessory …Continue Reading

Pour-Smart Kitchen Knife & Scoop

Life is always the main source that designers and artists find their inspirations, and thus Junjie Piao has …Continue Reading

Muscles Leggings

Well, the Muscles Leggings seem really weird and ridiculous, but in all fairness they’re much better and more …Continue Reading

Press-to-open Keyring

Though they’re designed for keys, sometime the keyrings are so difficult to handle that you couldn’t slip your …Continue Reading

Xappr Gun for Smartphones

Although I think smartphones are already cool enough, some people are just trying to make them cooler: for …Continue Reading

ISI Desk Clamp

Design easy and use easy, Devraj Bhadra’s ISI Desk Clamp is an innovative concept that offers us a …Continue Reading

Photorito Lens Wrap

You love your camera lens so much that you even want to eat it? Well, of course nobody …Continue Reading

Princess Headphone Covers

Hello, my friends in front of the screen, have you noticed my cute bun hair? Aren’t they lovely? …Continue Reading

LightPad Device for Smartphones

Despite smartphones’ outstanding functions and large screens, perhaps you still find it not exciting enough to watch films …Continue Reading

Stockings can tell Your Attitudes.

Stockings can tell your attitudes, demure, discreet, subtle, playful, sensual, impulsive, seductive, provocative, daring, passionate, cheeky, dangerous or …Continue Reading

Adjustable Customized Keyboards

Within quite a few days we’ll step in a new year, so at the same time we should …Continue Reading

“LandingZone” Dock for MacBook Air

Nowadays industrial designs seem to have gone into a strange circle, which means while someone is trying to …Continue Reading

Mobislyder Portable Roll Track

Seemingly many manufacturers are designing and producing unique and practical accessories for the iPhone, iPad and other devices …Continue Reading

Skull Helmet

Anything better than these skull helmets for you bad boys? Especially designed for motorcycle riders, these helmets are …Continue Reading

iPhone Lens Dial

Undoubtedly it’s not the first time we introduce some lens accessories for iPhones, but an iPhone Lens Dial …Continue Reading

iDigiTip for Your Finger

What is iDigiTip? Basically it’s a digital accessory, but exactly it’s a magical gadget that offers you better …Continue Reading

UP by Jawbone

Wanna to get a better control of your physical condition? Jawbone’s UP wrist is the ever best capable …Continue Reading

Skeleton Hanger

Crazy, the designer now hires some human skeletons to serve us! The Halloween is already gone, but seemingly …Continue Reading

Cellhandle Never Drops Your Phone

Never drop your cellphones again, with the Cellhandle. It features a strong sucker to stick onto the back …Continue Reading

Troika Workout Towel Sweat-Trap

When going for an exercise such as jogging, the Troika Workout Towel Sweat-Trap is apparently something helpful. It …Continue Reading

iPhone Tripod Mount and Stand

Your iPhone certainly promises a good quality of photography, but you couldn’t always hold it by hands especially …Continue Reading

K眉at Bottle Lock

Until now I can still remember the shock expression appeared on my buddy’s face when I locked my …Continue Reading

Face Sunglass

Quite interestingly, the ‘Face Sunglass’ reminded me of a mask commonly used in factories the first time I …Continue Reading

Multiuse U-magnet

We need handles almost everywhere and “Your Magnet” is rightly a multiuse u-magnet for almost everything. It features …Continue Reading

“Polyply” Stand

Everybody loves Apple. We love iPhone, iPad, iPod, and maybe many other things that the Apple Inc. will …Continue Reading

Penclic Mouse Soon Comes to North America.

Welcome the Penclic Mouse to America and Canada. As a pen-shaped mouse that ensures the users a comfortable …Continue Reading

PowerWheel Slows Down Your Bike

Possibly no one will appreciate the design of PowerWheel, except for road cyclists who want to make their …Continue Reading

Polly Tights

Designers spent large amounts of time adding something humor into tights, and finally come up with these weird …Continue Reading

Big Big Cursor

These two Big Big Cursors are touchscreen-friendly stylus especially designed for your tablets. Seemingly bit of different from …Continue Reading

Sony’s “Lenticular Sheet” Enables Glasses-free 3D

Till now, the International Funkausstellung Berlin 2011 has brought us many surprising designs and products, and today we鈥檇 …Continue Reading

Tattoo Stockings

Although many people love tattoos very much, they seldom want to try that because a tattoo will never …Continue Reading

Custom State Necklaces

To wear your states on necks and bring them around the world? What a fantastic idea. But some …Continue Reading

iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer

Shaped like a stapler, the device is in fact a bag re-sealer that helps you seal the package …Continue Reading

Creative 3D Business Cards

A business card was designed not to represent you, but to become you. Whenever you’re planning to change …Continue Reading

Wood Tie

Anyone with a unique personal style or planning to attract other’s attention should have a look at these …Continue Reading

JumpFromPaper Handbags

Chay Su and Rika Lin’s new bags seem just like drawings but they don鈥檛 鈥 they are real …Continue Reading