HEX Curtain

Consisting of several individual petals that each is controlled by an actuator motor (which is aided by a …Continue Reading

Tokio Lighting Unit

Surrounded by dull concrete every day, people nowadays are always looking for something special, bright, smart or weird …Continue Reading

RO Lighting Set

Especially designed for people who may need to row a boat in the dark, the RO Lighting set …Continue Reading

SCRW Stool

Easy to assemble and easy to adjust its height, the SCRW Stool designed by Manuel Welsky is a …Continue Reading

“Daddy Long Legs” Lamp

Daddy Long Legs in the famous novel is obviously different from this table lamp put forward by Produkt …Continue Reading

Extending Camper Vans

Redesigned from a modern Volkswagen T5 Transporter van by a UK company, the Doubleback camper van is both …Continue Reading

LED Light Strips

Although LED technology has already been widely used in our daily life, there’re still some LED related products …Continue Reading

Self-adjusting Robot Pillow

Innvo Labs’ Self-adjusting Robot Pillow is a product that can ensure you a good night’s sleep by automatically …Continue Reading

Programmable Tattoo System

To have or not to have a tattoo is no more a bothersome problem, as you can now …Continue Reading

Flaca Lamp

Flaca, which is Spanish for skinny, is an ultra-thin foldable lamp completely laser-cut from a piece of stainless …Continue Reading

Ultra Flexible Task Light

Work smarter, not merely harder. FLEXiT is an ultra-flexible light that can be wrapped around tubes, bent into …Continue Reading

Ribbon Adjustable Baking Pan

One, two or even ten different shapes of baking pans are not enough to people in deep love …Continue Reading

Adjustable Brass Pencil Sharpener

With an adjustable design, the brass pencil sharpener can produce three kinds of points: a sharp one for …Continue Reading

LEGO Brick iPhone Case

LEGO, LEGO, LEGO, with repeatedly appearing in my vision, that word (and that toy) has already annoyed me …Continue Reading

Expandable Tube Light

What will the next-generation fluorescent lights be like? “D’Light” from H_Design can offer us a possible answer. Made …Continue Reading

Adjustable Radiation Flashlight

Apparently the 2011 Red Dot Design Concept has brought us with many innovative designs, except for those we’ve …Continue Reading

Macro Lens Rubber Band

Time again it proves not everything useful should be high-tech, because quite often we see practical gadgets of …Continue Reading

Adjustable Customized Keyboards

Within quite a few days we’ll step in a new year, so at the same time we should …Continue Reading

Pod Power

Pull and fix to provide your electrical appliances with enough electricity, to use an outlet is just as …Continue Reading

iPhone Lens Dial

Undoubtedly it’s not the first time we introduce some lens accessories for iPhones, but an iPhone Lens Dial …Continue Reading


Sofa is not merely furniture, because it actually has a free soul too, with which the furniture not …Continue Reading

Adjustable Rowing Shoes

From John Ewans Design, the patented Active Tools 2K shoes are created for the sport of rowing. Quite …Continue Reading

Nest Smart Thermostat

Nest is a new thermostat put forward by Tony Fadell, who used to work in Apple Inc. and …Continue Reading

“Lights Up” Floor Lamp

The stability of wood and the elasticity of spring are seemingly two completely opposite characters, however in the …Continue Reading

T Square Hanger

You’ve realized the gadget is a coat hanger? Honestly it doesn’t look like a hanger. However, the T …Continue Reading

Ze o Ze Modular Shoes

An ultra-practical shoe designed by Daniela Bekerman for those who love high heels but still need to wear …Continue Reading

“Polyply” Stand

Everybody loves Apple. We love iPhone, iPad, iPod, and maybe many other things that the Apple Inc. will …Continue Reading

Modular Bathtub

Bathe is a modern and multifunctional bathtub that features several attachments for the users to place their accessories. …Continue Reading

Heated Ergo Tri Grips

Especially designed for people who ride a bicycle all the year, this new Heated Ergo Tri grip features …Continue Reading

Airsketcher Fan

The Airsketcher, which looks the same as ordinary fans, actually has an astonishing function that it can automatically …Continue Reading

Pump Tire

Do you often ride a bicycle? If so, you would feel glad to know this Pump Tire, a …Continue Reading

Moto Grip

Ever embarrassed to hold around a rider’s waist when you’re on a fast-moving motorcycle? Go with this Moto-Grip …Continue Reading

Wall Chair

Things will be totally different if without Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard: before the item is merely a …Continue Reading

Elliptical Machine Office Desk

The Elliptical Machine Office Desk is one of the most-complicated desks we’ve ever met. It is built with …Continue Reading

LCD Magnifier

What’s Maggie? It is an LCD electronic magnifier that can magnify print 11 times its original size. The …Continue Reading

Hello World Display

Valentin Ruhry’s new display is a huge board built with many illuminated rocker switches to show messages. Whenever …Continue Reading

Sasan Magic Carpet

Sasan Magic Carpet is a clever design that offers practical sleeping and seating solutions with its adjustable constructions. …Continue Reading

Catalyst Shelf

Aptly dubbed “Catalyst”, Jiyoung Seo’s shelf triggers user to feel, touch and react with the unit so as …Continue Reading

Goci Foldable Kitchen

Goci’s Foldable Kitchen is one of the best-organized kitchens you can ever find. It mainly consists of four …Continue Reading

New Casual Bench

Italian furniture brand Campeggi’ Casual Bench invites you to experience a stylish and truly relaxing sitting, lying or …Continue Reading

Hive for iPhone 4

Finally the Hive by Jake Waitzman comes to make your iPhone4 more awesome than you’ve ever imagined. It …Continue Reading

33-In-1 Golf Club

So your truck never offers enough space for more than two golf clubs? That no long matters as …Continue Reading

Chain-shaped Coffee Table

Probably one of the happiest things we commonly think of is to find something new everyday- a new …Continue Reading

Rokform Rokstand

Rokform Rokstand is a smart mechanical desktop stand for Apple goodies like iPhones and iPads. Each piece is …Continue Reading

Rubix Transformer Furniture Set

Anything that can change to meet our different needs is undoubtedly always welcome, and right here we’d like …Continue Reading

Lego Computer Boxes

These LEGO Computer Boxes fit in perfect to any homes and offices, and particularly they suit anyone who …Continue Reading


For all those who want their gates to have a unique look but feel upset about designing and …Continue Reading

Chinese Chess Bookshelf

The Chess Bookshelf is in the Chinese traditional style, featuring magnets to hold the chess pieces as unique …Continue Reading


Looking for something to surprise all your friends and guests? Sofa XXXX is rightly the thing you’ll need.

Your Tool, Your Way.

Just admit it that you have always wanted to own something special and different. Good news is that …Continue Reading