Next Generation Lightweight Armor Inspired by Animal Scales

Researchers at Northeastern University鈥檚 College of Engineering combine the properties of fish, snake and butterfly scales into a …Continue Reading

A Rabbit Brings Man a Beer on Cardboard Drink Cart

This bunny is trained to push a miniature drink cart and deliver a beer to its owner. The …Continue Reading

Compression Suits for Camels

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Excellent Animal Camouflage

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Doctor Who Themed Feeder for Squirrels

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LEGO Wheelchair Makes The Tortoise Move Faster

A veterinarian has built a little LEGO wheelchair for this tortoise who struggles a lot moving around, so …Continue Reading

Feather Artwork

The artist creates beautiful intricate feather carvings using a scalpel. The birds might be alive since the canvas …Continue Reading

A Spider Fixing a Leaf

A tiny spider constructing its web inside a leaf with a giant hole, and this is no photoshop. …Continue Reading

Radishes Made Animal Sculptures

Cute animal sculptures made out of Japanese grates daikon radishes, you can check out the recipes on CookPad.

Dog Disguised into A Giant Spider

It is absolutely terrible if a giant, mutant spider chasing after you all the way along the streets. …Continue Reading

The Fish Spits Light

This phenomenon occurs when a translucent cardinalfish accidentally eats a particular tiny crustacean (about 1mm in size) which …Continue Reading

If You Ever Wondered How Animals are Created

Amusing and playful paintings tell stories about how animals’ colorful furs, skins or feathers are created, so, they …Continue Reading

Shocked Animals

When animals get shocked, they turn out to be…this.

Tiny Cart Helps Baby Goat Walk

The joint navel ill makes this adorable baby goat unable to walk with its hind legs. In order …Continue Reading

Table Doubles as A Playground for Cats

Cats will love this stylish table with built-in tunnels that can play in! It is also a regular …Continue Reading

Short Clips about Inflated Animals

A set of hilarious clips that were first created as official trailers for animated film festivals ITFS 2013 …Continue Reading

the Flying Hedgehog

Playful photographs of cute interactions of a cute hedgehog with everyday things are so imaginative and adorable.

Adorable Fluffy Cows

Stylish cows with groomed and styled hair that live on Lautner Farms are cuter than pets, aren’t they? …Continue Reading

Life-sized Origami Elephant

A switzerland-based origami artist crafted a full-scale elephant with a single sheet of paper that measuring 15 by …Continue Reading

Cute Bear Cub in Donut

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Killer Heels

Inspired by Halloween parties and reptiles like alligators, this pair of eye-catching heels might be perfect for ladies …Continue Reading

Adorable Sloth Rings

Everybody likes jewelries and some love quirky ones! Made by hand in polymer clay, this adorable sloth attach …Continue Reading

Ocean Fishes in Pictures

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Rare Two-headed Turtle

A two-headed turtle has hatched at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas which is no stranger to two-headed …Continue Reading

Albino Animals

Isn鈥檛 the world miraculous with these mesmerising albino animals? Their bodies鈥 absence of melanin renders them an esthetical …Continue Reading

Solar Powered Mechanical Cockroach

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Birds of Flower Petals

The colorful birds with their fur of African daisies are created by the gifted artist, Hong Yi, who …Continue Reading

Big-face-animals T-shirts

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Cute Paper Animals

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Realistic Glass Animal Sculptures

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Mechanical Animal Park

The show of mechanical version of the animal world on Barbican stage had a variety of lifelike mechanical …Continue Reading

Fun Animal Seat

With big ears, plush cushion and cute tiny paws, this male rabbit seat will make you extremely cute. …Continue Reading

Animal Footprint Shoes

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Cork Stopper Animals

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LEGO Animals in Bronx Zoo

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Driftwood Horse Sculptures

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Shark Helmet

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Giant Animal Bed Sheets

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Animals in Bowls

Would like to try anything special each morning? Start your unique life with these stunning ceramic bowls by …Continue Reading

Metal Animals Made with Waste Materials

Time again new value is found with old things. With his creative design and good work, Edouard Martinet …Continue Reading

Origami Sculptures

Origami is charming. You see, any common paper can find its values when transformed into a origami sculpture. …Continue Reading

Wooden Animal Track Sandals for Kids

Japan-based Kiko recently delivered these Ashiato sandals to us. With these special shoes on our feet, we鈥檒l leave …Continue Reading

The Mountain Animal T-shirts

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Bathtub Plug Joe the Hippo

Of course nobody would ever feel like to have a bath with real hippo, but they would never …Continue Reading

Rabbit Ears Salad Servers

Do you prefer vegetable salad, just as a rabbit may do? Whatever, having some vegetables is really helpful …Continue Reading

Animal Wine Stopper

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Tree Toothbrush Holder

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Lip Paint

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Snail Ukulele Baritone

The super-cute snail ukulele was specially made for one of the designer’s friends. It uses hard and soft …Continue Reading

Octopus Chair

Maximo Riera has cleverly combined animals with furniture, and the Octopus Chair is just the first piece of …Continue Reading