Kinetic Miniature Paper Architecture

The artist has turned his professional knowledge of how buildings are constructed into movable miniature paper models that …Continue Reading

Moveable Rooms

Semi-mobile dwelling areas constructed with moveable rooms that rotate up to 90 degrees by pushing a button, will …Continue Reading

Tree-like Building

This innovative tree-like tower which spreads its branches as balconies will soon be constructed in Montpellier, France. Designed …Continue Reading

Sliding House

In Margate, there鈥檚 a house looks like it slowly sliding into the street with its front wall and …Continue Reading

Bubble Building

Beautiful but fragile, the world’s most temporary building is undoubtedly this “Bubble Building” finished by DUS architects. Just …Continue Reading

Tree Pod Restaurant

Five meters high from the ground, the dinning pod built on top of a tree is located in …Continue Reading

Floating Cinema in Thailand

Floating Cinema, or Cinema on the Sea, is a creative project finished by Ole Scheeren that is located …Continue Reading

Charles Sowers Studios Windswept

Gone with the wind or not, that is a question. But sometimes how to observe wind is another …Continue Reading

Meeting Rooms in the Air

Soooooo dangerous鈥 That’s just what I thought of the moment I saw this floating office. It is designed …Continue Reading

Lego Church

In Enschede, Netherlands, the local citizens are used to gathering every year to celebrate their good days. For …Continue Reading

Magnificent Cathedral built with 55,000 LED Lights

During January 26 to January 29, 2012, the spectacular Ghent Light Festival held in Belgium and showcased several …Continue Reading

Urban Aviary for Birds

Once realized that more and more bird are getting injured by skyscrapers in cities, an architecture studio “Stone …Continue Reading

Barcelona Rock Hostel Concept

Climbing up the rock 鈥 to live in the Barcelona Rock Hostel designed by Polish architecture firm UGO …Continue Reading

Slide House

The world’s best house for kids seems to have appeared in Japan, designed by LEVEL architects. With an …Continue Reading

Nakagin Capsule Tower Building

What will the futuristic architecture look like? Japan-based Kisho Kurokawa’s “Nakagin Capsule Tower Building” may offer us some …Continue Reading

School on the Bridge

“The Bridge School”, running through an old village in Fujian Province in China to connect the two sides, …Continue Reading

Transparent Church

Church usually means something grave and quite to me, and I seldom imagined that a church could also …Continue Reading

Shelf House

Shelf House for bookworms is located in Osaka, Japan. Once stepping into the house, you鈥檒l see big and …Continue Reading

The World’s First Moving Building

Welcome to the world’s first moving building. The three storey apartment is 40-foot high, weighs 220 tons and …Continue Reading

Russian Space Hotel

Russian Space Hotel makes common people鈥檚 dream of living in space come true. Planned to be opened in …Continue Reading

“CO2 Structure” Construction Materials

“CO2 Structure” is a new construction material developed by Japan-based TIS&Partners. Compared with common materials, the “CO2 Structure” …Continue Reading

Conch Shell Home

Is it possible that the little mermaid wouldn’t become bubbles if she had lived in a fantastic house …Continue Reading

Skateboard House

Not everybody loves skateboard but everyone would love the PAS House designed by Gil Le Bon Delapointe and …Continue Reading

TuboHotel by T3arc

Have you ever experienced a night in concrete pipes? Well, if not, we strongly suggest you have a …Continue Reading

Parasite office

Buildings in Moscow used to have a long distance from others so you may easily find large space …Continue Reading

The Italian Glass House

Everyone loves transparent items, from the Bubble Tent to this Italy-based Glass House. Built by the sea, it …Continue Reading

Creative Inventionland Offices

Inventionland, America’s largest invention factory, is a famous studio especially built for working out creative ideas. Every year …Continue Reading

Cheese Building

Aha, a building inspired by cheese?! Although I love cheese quite much, I never imagine that I’ll one …Continue Reading

A Building On The Water

On an island that is located at the intersection of Lake Huron and Georgia Gulf, there’s a unique …Continue Reading

Architecture That Changes Its Face.

The Kiefertechnic Architecture Showroom in Styria, Austria has solid brick walls but covered with aluminum plates that change …Continue Reading

Indonesian Bamboo Restaurant

We’ll never suggest you go to a restaurant that is constructed from bamboo for dinner, because no buildings …Continue Reading

Fishing Boat Buildings

On Holy Island in the UK, you’ll see some truly old storage sheds with a sharp point built …Continue Reading

It’s A Shell, We’re To Share.

If you have a chance of flying over the forest of Karuizawa, you’ll feel quite surprised and impressive …Continue Reading

Balancing Barn

When coming near the village of Thorington in Suffolk, England, you’ll feel quite surprised to see a large …Continue Reading

Coffee Bar Tips On Its Side

Give yourself a few more seconds to check out another picture after the break, if you couldn’t figure …Continue Reading

Architecture Rings

How close can you be to Paris, New York and Moscow? When came into the same question, my …Continue Reading

The Wave In Vejle

Natural elements like mountains and ocean waves are widely used in the designs of modern architectures, and right …Continue Reading

Shoe House in Pennsylvania

Car House, Rolling House, Slim House, here on I New Idea we’ve introduced many interesting and weird houses …Continue Reading

Red Nest By Paul Coudamy

Would anyone like to live in a mini apartment that measures only 23 square meters? I bet everybody …Continue Reading

Amazing House With Tree Shaped Interiors

The ceilings of Tokyo houses are not always leveled, as the Mount Fuji Architects Studio has designed a …Continue Reading

Zaha Hadid Architects’ Design For A Performing Arts Centre

Possibly in the near future, you’ll see a pile of large paper placed in The Hague, the Netherlands. …Continue Reading

Discovery Channel Shark Building

Discovery Channel’s office building in Silver Spring, Maryland has recently been attacked by a giant shark. But do …Continue Reading

Glass Studio In Japan

There is nothing special about the Light-Filled Glass Studio itself, because we’ve covered many buildings that use transparent …Continue Reading

World’s Tallest Residential Skyscraper

Welcome to World One, the world’s tallest residential tower in the future. It is a 450 meters tall …Continue Reading

Weird Car-shaped House

There’re various ways to show your love for cars, for example, you can frequently have them cleaned and …Continue Reading

Container Architecture From New York

Welcome to New York, and we’d like to show you a truly amazing architecture 鈥 an art studio …Continue Reading

“Roll It” Experimental Housing

How to help the inhabitants enjoy a comfortable and convenient life though living in a minimum housing unit? …Continue Reading

Saatchi & Saatchi’s Conference Room

Conference rooms are also related to art, and one of our examples is the Saatchi & Saatchi’s conference …Continue Reading

What a small apartment, but such a spacious interior!

If you’re planning to decorate your apartments (especially those tiny ones measuring less than 400 square foot), we …Continue Reading