Food Art

What is your first reaction towards food? Please pull your cellphone to have food disinfection or directly let …Continue Reading

Eggshell Art

Seeing these amazing arts of eggshell shapes, it is hard to imagine that they are truly made daily …Continue Reading

DIY leaf print

I am always fascinated with DIY crafts. This time I want to show you a fall leaf print …Continue Reading

Amazing pencil shaving art

Let鈥檚 enjoy a series of Marta Altes鈥檚 work with pencil shavings. They look simple but a lot of …Continue Reading

Expressive fingers

Fingers can be so much fun! Check out this collection of finger icons, which I am confident will …Continue Reading

Amazing Hand paintings

Is it a pen or finger? The hand illusion is impressive! Painted by a talented body painter Annie …Continue Reading

Brazilian artist use marijuana smoke to make art

Brazilian artist Fernando de la Rocque created a unique way to make art鈥攂y blowing marijuana smoke on paper …Continue Reading

Fun watermelon rain

Another great example that you can have fun with fruits. Now close your eyes and imagine that the …Continue Reading

Creative MacBook Stickers

This is what Snow White would look like after taking a bite of apple. Interesting! This post presents …Continue Reading

Creepy skull carved out of fruits and vegetables

Russian artist Dimitri Tsykalov creates these skull carvings using apples, eggplants, watermelons and cabbages. They are so creepy …Continue Reading

Interesting street art

The grass growing in the crack turns into the pom-poms a cheerleader uses. And the crack in the …Continue Reading

Craig Tracy 鈥 Body Painting

These paintings are part of Craig Tracy鈥檚 first series of bodypaintings, the Nature Series. Craig Tracy is one …Continue Reading

Origami Shadow Art of Actual Faces

Well, I bet most visitors in front of the screen are now focusing their attention on the colorful …Continue Reading

Awesome Fire Paintings

As the flame of a cigarette lighter moves on the ceiling, France-based artist Olivier Kosta-Thefaine has created an …Continue Reading

Human Hair Leaves

Finished by stitching, wrapping and knotting together human hair, these artificial leaves each comes with extremely detailed network …Continue Reading

Mushroom Cloud Sculptural Installation

While nearly 99% of mushroom clouds emphasize the word “cloud”, this one made by British conceptual artist Chris …Continue Reading

Piano Sculpture

Can you believe that these sculptures are made from broken strings and missing keys of pianos? Even though …Continue Reading

Incredible Finger Paintings

Although the time is going forward to a new level, the way we go with art has gone …Continue Reading

Paper Illustration

Using black and white paper, but also more importantly outstanding imagination and perfect handcraft skills, designer Mengyu Chen …Continue Reading

Wooden Pin Heads

With merely wooden pins, sunglasses and some clever lighting, Philip Karlberg has come up with these heads that …Continue Reading

Glass Sculptures

Humans, umbrellas, animals, bottles and other objects, what do you think these extremely detailed sculptures are made from? …Continue Reading

Bubble Building

Beautiful but fragile, the world’s most temporary building is undoubtedly this “Bubble Building” finished by DUS architects. Just …Continue Reading

Creative Salt Installations

Really impressive huge-sized installations finished by Japan-based artist Motoi Yamamoto, and all of them are made of salt鈥 …Continue Reading

Tattoo Posters

A unique poster especially designed for and by Munich tattoo studio “the chaos crew” was recently showcased in …Continue Reading

Steel Wire Portraits

Either far away or close, these portraits finished by Seung Mo Park all seem so delicate and fantastic …Continue Reading

Socks Portrait

Not quite long after her Coffee Stain Portrait of Chinese musician Jay Chou, Shanghai-based artist Hong Yi now …Continue Reading

Video Sculpture

Looking nice and sounding good, the sculpture unveiled at the Canary Wharf in London is composed of 310 …Continue Reading

Flower Matches

Designed by Japan-based artists, these Flower Matches give us another reason why we always love creative designs: each …Continue Reading

Pencil Fence

Outside my yard, there’s always a rainbow鈥 It’s not something away in the air, but really beautiful item …Continue Reading

Art of Matches

Small small matches, big big world, these creative miniature sculptures from Japan are finished with high-level crafting skills …Continue Reading

What’s this?

What鈥檚 this, in your opinion? The answer wouldn’t come to you if you stare at it too closely …Continue Reading

Portrait Finished with Coffee Stains

“Nothing is impossible”, please forgive me quoting that famous but already commonly-used slogan here, because I really couldn鈥檛 …Continue Reading

Tank made from 5016 Egg Cartons

Simply planning to raise some money for charity, Sculptor Stuart Murdoch has created a tank with 5,016 egg …Continue Reading

Pulsing Heart Sculpture

The 2012 Valentine’s Day is almost here. Right in the middle of Times Square New York, there’s a …Continue Reading

Paper Collage Art

Art is an energy-costing and time-costing work: to finish these Paper Collage portraits, artist Nathalie Boutt茅 has spent …Continue Reading

Magnificent Cathedral built with 55,000 LED Lights

During January 26 to January 29, 2012, the spectacular Ghent Light Festival held in Belgium and showcased several …Continue Reading

Cork Stopper Animals

Why haven’t we realized that even the bottle corks may have lives before? Fortunately it’s still not too …Continue Reading

Boat Candles

“Moon river, wider than a mile”, and there’s a boat candle floating on the water鈥 Designed by Slovak …Continue Reading

Miniature Pothole Gardener

Instead of rebuilding the roads damaged by the harsh winter in London, a guerrilla gardener Steve Wheen has …Continue Reading

Dirty Car Art

Why hasn’t anyone thought of the good idea before? Created on the back windows of dirty cars, Scott …Continue Reading

Creative Shoe Sculptures

Have you ever thought that your shoes may have their own thoughts and personalities to express? Whatever answers …Continue Reading

Interactive Painting

A painting is no longer something always keeping still: Scott Garner’s “Still Life” is rightly a painting that …Continue Reading

Mask Origami

Origami is not a new kind of art strange to us, but on the long list of various …Continue Reading

Augmented Reality Ceramics

Never stop your imagination about the augmented reality world: after a series of inventions and designs based on …Continue Reading

You’re the Next Spiderman!

No need of unique genes or flexible movements, everyone nowadays can become the Spiderman, a superhero, simply by …Continue Reading

Painting Made with Light and Plexiglass Airplanes

Sometimes, you eyes may deceive you鈥 This painting on the wall, for example, will completely disappear as soon …Continue Reading

Play with Soot, and Create Awesome Paintings

Fantastic! Who would ever believe that these paintings by French Canadian artist Steven are created using a flame …Continue Reading

Hanging Sculptures Constructed with Buttons

Really unbelievable, but all these fabulous sculptures you鈥檝e seen are truly made with sewing buttons, thousands of sewing …Continue Reading

Paper Birds

Even though it’s almost the hundred times we introduce you some paper art here on I New Idea, …Continue Reading