Human Hair Leaves

Finished by stitching, wrapping and knotting together human hair, these artificial leaves each comes with extremely detailed network …Continue Reading

Mystery Garden of Steel Cut Plants

London-based artist Zadok Ben David has created a unique garden full of 12,000 painted stainless steel cut plants …Continue Reading

Driftwood Horse Sculptures

Why and how could there be trees that grow into the amazing shapes as horses?! Honestly that’s what …Continue Reading

World’s Most-powerful Artificial Muscles

Welcome to learn about another world’s best invention and this time we’ll show you new artificial muscles that …Continue Reading

Metal Animals Made with Waste Materials

Time again new value is found with old things. With his creative design and good work, Edouard Martinet …Continue Reading

3D Printer Can Manufacture Artificial Blood Vessels

With 3D technology processing by big steps, now 3D printers can manufacture many more amazing things than we …Continue Reading

Strong Artificial Bone Made from Fish Scales

A research group from Tokyo Institute of Technology have recently developed artificial bone using fish scales. In early …Continue Reading

Origami Sculptures

Origami is charming. You see, any common paper can find its values when transformed into a origami sculpture. …Continue Reading

Incredible Packaging Designs

Will a product’s unique packaging catch your attention and finally make you to buy it? Honestly I’m a …Continue Reading

Old Bikes As City Decors

Several years after discarded on street, one old bicycle recently finds its new functions: to work as a …Continue Reading

Toothpick City

With his deep love and passion towards his hometown San Francisco, artist Scott Weaver has spent 35 years …Continue Reading

Toothpick Sculptures

Guess what, the Empire State, the White House, Eiffel Tower and other well-known architectures you see here are …Continue Reading

Money Origami

I’ve thought of many things I’d like to do if I could get lots and lots of money, …Continue Reading

Detailed Paper Art

The lapse of years will never have those famous people like the Beatles and Elvis Presley really wiped …Continue Reading

Banana Art

Surprises always come to us when we view common things from a different point, and quite often new …Continue Reading

Reading Sculptures

Long-Bin Chen’s Reading Sculptures prove that incredible art can be made with almost everything, even with discarded items. …Continue Reading

Crayon Sculptures

Crayons are magic: sometimes they bring with them some creative art works such as the drawings by kids, …Continue Reading

Cigarette Ash City

The relationship between the cigar ash and cities is complex but also thought-provoking: the artistic city is constructed …Continue Reading

Paper Sculptures

Many designers nowadays prefer to create something with paper, such as Cheong-ah Hwang and his Paper Sculpture Series. …Continue Reading

Creative 3D Match Sculptures

Two reasons make these sculptures special: they’re all constructed with colorful matches that we seldom saw before; and …Continue Reading

Metal-Sculpted Scenes

Christmas is almost here… Before you get candies and nuts from the Santa, you’ll firstly receive some gifts …Continue Reading

Ten Awesome Paper Sculptures

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Mikro Metal Sculptures

Often a delicate sculpture announced to be made with a large amount of materials, but these Mikro Metal …Continue Reading

Mixed Media Sculptures

Italian artist Franco Recchia is a man with great curiosity. When taking apart old computers, he suddenly realized …Continue Reading

Amazing Underwater Sculptures

Believe Jason deCaires Taylor and the I New Idea, the underwater world is much more attractive after it …Continue Reading

Fantastic 3D Paper Art

Though paper art is quite familiar to everybody, who would ever imagine that the soft material can create …Continue Reading

Awesome Art From Toilet Paper Rolls

Beauty could be found everywhere and everybody could create new beauty if they have an inventive and abundant …Continue Reading

Pencil Tip Micro Sculptures

Connecticut-based artist Dalton Ghetti must have great skill in sharpening a pencil, as he has hand-carved these awesome …Continue Reading

Amazing Ribbons That Resemble Animals

Better presents than those involving packaging are obviously gifts with such cute animal shaped ribbons rather than regular …Continue Reading

BMW Car made from Stone

It is BMW Z4. You’re totally right. But have you noticed something different the BMW car has compared …Continue Reading

Papercut Bodyparts

Thanks to Floortje Bouwkamp and Nine Fluitsma, you can “feel your skin what a thing it is and …Continue Reading

Luxurious Farm Tools

Canadian-born sculptor Cal Lane has long been in deep love with art, and her devotion to sculpturing finally …Continue Reading

The City Constructed From Metal Staples.

Even the tiny and ordinary metal staples would become as attractive as the Empire State Building, if they’re …Continue Reading

Mirror Dress

We often look into the mirrors to find ourselves and others, but a street performer from Los Angeles …Continue Reading

Surprisingly Amazing Leaf Carvings

Leaf carving is a kind of well-known folk art聽from China. Just as its name implies, leaf carving is …Continue Reading

Push-pin Portraits

Anything could be changed into an art work when the inspirations occur to the designers. Look at these …Continue Reading

Chocolate Theme Park is to open in Beijing on 29th, January.

What, you haven’t heard of the Chocolate Theme Park? You must be kidding, right? The Chocolate Wonderland Park …Continue Reading

Dew Drop

鈥楧ew Drop鈥 is an artificial leaf that assists to water your plant, with water that is extracted from …Continue Reading

What couldn鈥檛 a potato do?

What couldn鈥檛 be artistic, if the most common potatoes have been turned into art works? Via a series …Continue Reading

Artificial meat has been developed in a laboratory for the first time

Will you buy artificial meat (usually described as soggy pork) if it is on sale, I mean, the …Continue Reading

Giant Light Canons

In 2006, the famous Chinese director Yimou Zhang has amazed the whole world with the classic 鈥淚mpression of …Continue Reading

Artificial sunset

This romantic sunset is constructed from colored Plexi-glass, fiberfill and lights. What鈥檚 more it is controlled by a …Continue Reading

Self-mending rubber

It sounds like magic, however, it is really! Created by Ludwik Leibler,a chemistry professor of France National Center …Continue Reading

Matchstick F1

What can you do with 956,000 matchsticks? In the opinion of Michael Arndt, it is a F1car! He …Continue Reading

Speaking Robot

This robot from Japan could mimic the speaking way of human by its silicone tongue and a motorized …Continue Reading

Prosthetic hand drives blue feeling away

You feel lonely? You feel blue? Just hold this prosthetic hand. It might give you some happiness.

Cheap artificial leg

This is a winner of INDEX AWARD 2007, it support your move just by its own elasticity. Plus, …Continue Reading

Muscle hands from Shadow

This artificial hand could be operated by 40 independent air muscles. It鈥檚 just like real hand. Video after …Continue Reading

Control artificial hand by your mind

Researchers from John Hopkins University claim that they have develop new system allowing artificial hand being controlled by …Continue Reading

Amazing artificial fingers

This artificial fingers, named x-finger, could simulate real fingers vividly just without any help of computer. You don鈥檛 …Continue Reading