ITRI MediRobot

Here’s a smart solution for lifting and transferring patients in a better way: Named as ITRI MediRobot, the …Continue Reading

Human Grasp Assist Device

The Human Grasp Assist Device, or named as K-glove, is an assistant gadget collaborated by NASA and GM. …Continue Reading

‘Find Your Car’ System

How to quickly and conveniently find your car among the hundreds and even thousands ones? The camera-based ‘Find …Continue Reading

Companion Bird Hand Grip

The elderly would find climbing stairs a much easier work with the aid of Companion Bird Hand Grip. …Continue Reading

Swimming Back Boards

Wanna to achieve a better performance in swimming? You need to have a look at the Swimming Back …Continue Reading

[Video] Rex Bionic Legs

Thanks to Rex Exoskeleton and the bionic legs, those who have been leg-impaired can stand up again and …Continue Reading

Neptune Prosthetic Legs Help the Disabled To Swim

Neptune is a functional prosthetic leg designed to help the disabled people swim as well as normal person …Continue Reading

Bed Ladders For The Elderly

Finally there’s a simple but practical item allowing the elderly and those with disabilities to sit up in …Continue Reading

Surinate Bladder Management System

The Surinate Bladder Management System, a medical device that is designed for men who suffer from urinary retention …Continue Reading

“Isonic”: Revolutionary Cane for the Blind

Coming from Primpo Co., Ltd, the “Isonic” cane works more like the visually impaired people’s new eyes, rather …Continue Reading

ExiTool ensures the maximize safety of the drivers.

The ExiTool concept has been designed as an essential safety gadget for car drivers, and the users will …Continue Reading

Self-powered Safe Hump

Whenever asked what road humps are designed for, we will refer to its important functions in reducing traffic …Continue Reading

Parking guider

Finding last available spaces in car park is a tough work and so you need a guider. This …Continue Reading

Visual Assistant Card

Using Debit and Credit Card for shopping is very common for us normal people, but the blind won鈥檛 …Continue Reading

New lane departure warning system from OPEL

The new model OPEL vauxhall insignia cars releasing next year will feature a new safe system. The new …Continue Reading

Walking assistant device from Honda

If you have any problem to walk, I mean maybe your leg muscles are a little bit weakened, …Continue Reading

Blind spot monitoring system from Ford

In order to decrease accident, Ford unveiled a new series of monitoring system which allows you to take …Continue Reading

Tracer HUD

Overspeed is one of the most common reasons of accidents. This Tracer HUD could project your current speed …Continue Reading

Pre-crash safety system from Toyota

Drowsy driving is fairly dangerous, thus, there鈥檙e more and more safety systems in vehicles. However, I bet you …Continue Reading

Around view system from Nissan

Nissan has just launched a new system which could provide bird鈥檚-eye-view of your car鈥檚 position on the road …Continue Reading

Load-bearing exoskeleton from MIT

This is a MIT project funded by DARPA, which could help soldiers to carry more device with less …Continue Reading

New Safety Tech from Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz yesterday unveiled 鈥渋ntelligent driver assistance systems鈥濃攏ew safety technologies that based on video assistance. It could tell intervene …Continue Reading