Eco-friendly Portable Desk & Book Bag

A desk and a book bag can be luxuries for those kids in poor area. New Bombay-based not-for-profit …Continue Reading

Flexible Lamp for The Bottom of Bags

The same studio that designed the Ostrich Pillow now has created a flexible and portable lamp for your …Continue Reading

Handbag Looks Like Balls

Maybe it鈥檚 the world鈥檚 strangest and boldest handbag because of its similarity to male genitals.

Custom-capacity Bag

This amazing custom-capacity bag can be exactly called as the network sets, and its changing shapes can meet …Continue Reading

Comfortable Sofa Bag for Sleeping

With this bed of sleeping sofa bag, you can always go to sleep or get up as you …Continue Reading

Bean Bag Chair

This bean bag chair with barrel shape can either be used for sitting or leaning on, it can …Continue Reading

Ultra-practical Picnic Bag

This super practical bag is an essential bag to go out for a picnic by putting all delicious …Continue Reading

Fluorescent Bag

It would be very interesting if you shopping wearing shiny fluorescent vest sewn. The vest sewn can be …Continue Reading

Oversized Hula Hoop Bag by Chanel

An oversized bag with hula hoop as its handle! It is different but still looks like Chanel鈥攃asual and …Continue Reading

Are they real?

Yes, they鈥檙e real! They are handbags that look like 2D cartoons. Its unique design and bright colors will …Continue Reading

User-configurable Protective Bag

Traditional camera bags, which utilizes Velcro to create removable and adjustable padded sections, sounds quite practical in theory …Continue Reading

Dubbel Duffel Travel Bag

Dubbel Duffel is a travel bag that can unzip to double its carrying capacity. It greatly meets the …Continue Reading

MIAmobi Cases and Bags Keep You Away from Phone Calls.

It is bothersome that we are always disturbed by some unnecessary SMS and phone calls during work and …Continue Reading

Audio Wrap Bag

Audio Wrap is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bag wrapped with flexible speaker on the surface, …Continue Reading

Creative Laptop Bag that Can Charge Your Computers.

Honestly we seldom see laptop bags redesigned with many new functions, not to mention a bag that actually …Continue Reading

Minimal Backpack

Lighter than paper but stronger than steel, the Minimal Backpack is so tough that it can even be …Continue Reading

Troika Workout Towel Sweat-Trap

When going for an exercise such as jogging, the Troika Workout Towel Sweat-Trap is apparently something helpful. It …Continue Reading

Hobo Lantern

Made of energy-efficient LED light and translucent fibers, the Hobo Lantern is a stylish bag that also doubles …Continue Reading

Boots Bag

Wish you would have a bag that can last for many years or even all your life? Possibly …Continue Reading

Hands Free Umbrella Holder and Bag

Set you hands free in those days with an umbrella! Snatch-resistant, this stylish bag is designed to hold …Continue Reading

Geeky Bag

42 pieces of floppy disks were recently brought together and found their new function, that is, to work …Continue Reading

Dancing Bags Collection

Both bags and jewelry are indispensable items to females. Keeping that in mind, Amalia Matta枚r has created these …Continue Reading

Chic Wardrobe Bags

Considering that the consumers may need more new hangers too after getting more new clothes, DEDE DextrousDesign has …Continue Reading

Jackets And Bags

Jackets and bags seemingly irrelevant to each other, but they do have some relations when Rotem Lewinsohn puts …Continue Reading

Teeth Safely Keep Your Coins.

Need anything unique to keep your coins? Have a try with the Dracula Coin Pouch, which has really …Continue Reading

Japanese-style Eco Bag

Honestly the Furoshiki Bag 2 is neither a promotion nor a new design, but it does bring back …Continue Reading

Crunch Bags

Everybody views the same thing from different angles and product designer Ilvy Jacobs has used unique materials such …Continue Reading

New Blood Collection Bags By Jihye Lee

Though blood collection bag is not an important factor that directly influences our wills of blood donation, who …Continue Reading

SEIL Bag Concept

For years turn signals have been protecting cars and car drivers, but now Lee Myung Su is making …Continue Reading

HOOKED Keeps Your Keys and Coins in Line.

Possibly Winnif Pang is quite keen on fishing and he also makes himself the HOOKED鈩 bag to keep …Continue Reading

Sexy Bags

Wanna to be one in the league of sexy girls? Then you must have the “Pick Your Cup” …Continue Reading

Amazon Tote Bag

Now I really envy you guys living in the Seattle area, not for the sweet-smelling coffee but the …Continue Reading

Cooky Bag

Chiara Nardiello designed the Cooky Bag that can transform into an apron when you unfasten its two zips. …Continue Reading

Bulbo Bag Light

We people, especially the women, are used to taking all kinds of items in one big bag for …Continue Reading

Creative Bags Made From Old Suit

Attractive bags made from recycled suits, making the users seem more fashionable but costing them much less money鈥 …Continue Reading

World’s First Shoot-through Camera Bag

The revolutionary camera bag fits in especially perfect to those travelers who need to keep their cameras safe …Continue Reading

Roll-up Backpack

Not that the conventional backpacks perform bad in holding items, but that we simply need something better to …Continue Reading

DIY: Transform your Hoodie into a Backpack

No matter what you normally do with your old hoodie, the method here will still interest you a …Continue Reading

Papier Collection

Paper bags? Not exactly. Actually, they’re made of Tyvek庐, a synthetic lightweight paper that is quite durable and …Continue Reading

Tassenkast Bags

Luggage-shaped wardrobes? What a brilliant idea! So next time you go on a journey, just take the luggage …Continue Reading

An odd collection of evening bags

OMG, if everyone takes along such an evening bag, it seems as if we鈥檙e attending a fancy ball …Continue Reading

Show off your shopping bags!

Shopping bags are no longer made merely for containing or holding items, and it鈥檚 time to show off …Continue Reading

A T-shirt for kids, a handbag for moms

Another dual function design, but runs in quite a distinct way. Well, I mean, it鈥檚 so nice that …Continue Reading

The locator tells where the luggage is.

Check this out. It鈥檚 a luggage locator, coming with a remote control, which ensures you pick out your …Continue Reading

Start a green life with 鈥楤oo bag鈥

Bamboo is a kind of plant that could adapt to different climates. Generally, it could be harvested every …Continue Reading

Yoke Shopper

The Yoke Shopper makes shopping bags no longer a burden. Except for its superior efficiency聽to carry up to …Continue Reading

Ice Bag

Not all appliances are difficult to use, such as the ice bag. When in use, you just need …Continue Reading

Duplex Packing Bags

We have to admit that No茅mie Cotton has come up with a most needed product. It鈥檚 a common …Continue Reading