Victoria Saddle Bag

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FlooW Bike

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Cycle Air Refilling Station

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Camioncyclette Transportation Bike

From Christophe Machete, here comes the Camioncyclette Transportation Bike, which features several large baskets to carry loads up …Continue Reading

Your Signature, Your Bicycle

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Big-Wheeled Folding Bike Has No Chain.

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Creative Horsey Bicycle

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[Video] Robotic Bicycle Partner

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[DIY] USB Bike Generator

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Lazer Urbanize Bicycle Helmet

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Electric Bike Concept

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A Bike with a Spokeless Rear Wheel

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Mini-Sized Bicycle

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Peugeot B1K is a bicycle that doesn’t have a handlebar.

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Light Lane

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Suitcase for Bicycle

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Bionic Memory Foam Armor

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Innovative bicycle seat is good for men

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Bubble bike

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Pneumatic Bike

A new graduate James Breaux designed this bike. The rotating of its crank drives the bike by providing …Continue Reading

Riding on a single wheel

Can you imagine how to ride on a single wheel just by two pedals? Video after the jump

Locust circle bike

No words, just see the picture, you think it鈥檚 a good idea? Absolutely!