Man-powered Bicycle Elevator

With the help of bicycle elevator, this guy can easily get into his 9m high tree house now. …Continue Reading

the Smallest Folding Bicycle in the World

Kwiggle Bike is a German-made folding bicycle which is only 50*40*25cm in size and weighs 8kg at most …Continue Reading

Rubbee Drive

A friction drive module for most standard bicycles, Rubbee Drive speeds your bike up to 25km/h with its …Continue Reading

The world鈥檚 first flying bicycle

The Paravel tries to revolutionize the way we travel, play and adventure with its world鈥檚 first flying bicycle, …Continue Reading

Bike Holder Lock

This bike lock selects bike holder as the carrier, we only need to step on the holder to …Continue Reading

Energy Return Bike Tire

An American designer has launched this energy return bike tire. The hollow tires use reinforced materials of carbon …Continue Reading

Fluorescent Bike

The risk coefficient of night bike travel is still high with even the front and rear lights or …Continue Reading

Exclusive Bike Trailer

The small trailer is designed for those rental bikes with no baskets in the city. It can be …Continue Reading

Bicymple: bicycle or unicycle?

Bicymple looks like a bicycle with the chain removed. But it is actually a unicycle driven by the …Continue Reading

PostPump 2.0鈥攑ump hidden inside the seatpost

PostPump 2.0 is designed to make cycling more convenient. It is a high-performance floor pump built inside the …Continue Reading

Fairdale鈥檚 Dograck allows you to take your pet for a bike ride

Unique design! Fairdale鈥檚 Dograck allows your pet to experience the thrill of riding a bike! Just not sure …Continue Reading

Bike pedals and lock 2 in 1 help you deter thieves

These are bike pedals that double as locks. How do they work? Simply disconnect the bike pedals, buckle …Continue Reading

Glider inspired gravity bike

This gravity bike has no chain or pedals but can reach a speed of up to 60 mph …Continue Reading

This Is Not Only Combination of Bicycles

Nowadays there is nothing people cannot do, as long as you can image it. We want to move …Continue Reading

Lift Bike Arm Carrier

Lightweight and durable, the Lift bike strap is a clever design that allows you to take your bike …Continue Reading

Natural Fiber Bicycle

The further the world steps forward, the farther we’re kept away from the nature. But fortunately there’re still …Continue Reading

RydeSafe Reflective Bike Decals

RydeSafe Reflective Bike Decals is a project launched by Anthony Clune via the funding website Kickstarter recently. Similar …Continue Reading

Biker Chair

With no wind, no road, or speed, to ride on the Biker Chair may seem bit of boring …Continue Reading

Vinyl Records Bicycle

Love music, love sport, the stylish Feats Per Minute bike from Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank …Continue Reading

Trolley Bike

Quite frequently shopping is a real sweat, as you’ll need to push a trolley to walk all through …Continue Reading

PowerWheel Slows Down Your Bike

Possibly no one will appreciate the design of PowerWheel, except for road cyclists who want to make their …Continue Reading

Weird Vending Machines Around The World

Everybody knows what common vending machines can offer, but they seldom recognize that these machines can also provide …Continue Reading

Heated Ergo Tri Grips

Especially designed for people who ride a bicycle all the year, this new Heated Ergo Tri grip features …Continue Reading

Pump Tire

Do you often ride a bicycle? If so, you would feel glad to know this Pump Tire, a …Continue Reading

Ron Arad for WOW Bikes

With elaborate design, a bike’s wheel frames now present really beautiful shapes of flowers. These unique wheels make …Continue Reading

Epitaph Double-wheel Bicycle

Many popular bikes have come with an attractive appearance, with refined leather seat/grips, delicate frame inserts, or other …Continue Reading

Ian Gilley’s Bike Seat

Ian Gilley’s Bike Seat seems just like an insect’s head but it indeed performs quite well to effectively …Continue Reading

Sperm Bullitt: A Bike for Fertility Clinics

Nordisk Cryobank is one of Europe’s leading sperm banks, and recently they’ve caught more attention than before for …Continue Reading

IT Clips Reuse Your Tyres.

Bike inner tubes usually have excellent flexibility and toughness, however we seldom get a chance to reuse them… …Continue Reading

They’re Bikes, But Better Than Bikes.

Humans seldom want to be too different from others, however they do love to own something quite unique. …Continue Reading

DIY Bicycle Tire Chains

Flying white snow has created us a fantastic world that seemingly almost the same as the one in …Continue Reading

FlooW Bike

It’s really hard for us to associate a carbon fiber body, an optional roof and four wheels with …Continue Reading

Three-Wheeled Conversion Kits

Though simply removing the front wheel and mounting two wheels under the handlebars, design graduate Berk Asal has …Continue Reading

Cycle Air Refilling Station

Although we’ve used to looking for petrol stations for our cars along the roadside, we seldom imagined that …Continue Reading

Camioncyclette Transportation Bike

From Christophe Machete, here comes the Camioncyclette Transportation Bike, which features several large baskets to carry loads up …Continue Reading

Your Signature, Your Bicycle

When seeing Andrea, Regina and Mathilde, I just couldn’t wait to see what the bike would be like …Continue Reading

‘Dynamic Seoul’ Bike Stand Design

An entry of a recent Designboom competition ‘Seoul Cycle Design 2010′, the bicycle rack collaborated by Leon Zhu …Continue Reading

Dreamslide Bicycle Design

It is always good to preview what the bicycles would be like in the next few years, even …Continue Reading

‘Spread Your Love’ Tire Design

What do you think is the most attractive means of expressing or spreading your love? Among various answers …Continue Reading

SEIL Bag Concept

For years turn signals have been protecting cars and car drivers, but now Lee Myung Su is making …Continue Reading

Big-Wheeled Folding Bike Has No Chain.

It is true that the big-wheeled bicycle seems quite odd at the first sight, but you may find …Continue Reading

Ivy Lock For Bikes

When there were no wires or chains, humans used to bind things together or hold something in position …Continue Reading

Creative Horsey Bicycle

Bicycles play an important role in our daily life: they offer an eco way for transportation, our body …Continue Reading

World’s First Flax Fiber Bicycle

Though flax fiber is widely used for suits, have you ever thought of making a bike with the …Continue Reading

Sideways Bike

Among over 3000 bicycles designed for the ‘Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010′, the Sideways Bike by Ireland based …Continue Reading

Foldable Electronic Tricycle

Stylish and compact, this electronic vehicle can easily shift between a bike and a tricycle via simple folding, …Continue Reading

Sergio Garcia’s Tricycles

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[Video] Robotic Bicycle Partner

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[DIY] USB Bike Generator

Since we can produce some energy while riding a bike, why don’t we utilize that to do more …Continue Reading

Etta Commuter Bicycle Concept

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